Here’s All You Need To Know About Quality Assurance Certifications


The quality management systems of app development companies monitor and analyze their performance. Various quality assurance certification can ensure the work quality of any firm. What is Quality Assurance? What is the Purpose of Quality Assurance?

DevOps Model: The Role of Quality Assurance Redefined

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The point is that this model is far more complicated to apply compared to Agile and other popular forms of SDLC because the role of each department undergoes significant changes. devops qa quality assurance devops and qa qa consultant qa role reinventing devops

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Difference Between Smoke Testing and Regression Testing

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Software code development and software testing form an integral part of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Software code is developed by developer teams while software testing is usually performed by quality assurance (QA) teams.


Software Development Life Cycle?—?The Ultimate Guide [2020]


The Ultimate Guide [2020] [link] The software development life cycle is about producing high-quality software promptly. It’s also essential that your team adheres to the proper SDLC model. This guide will be like the ultimate tutorial to SDLC. What are the different SDLC Models?

Security Integration Throughout Software Development Lifecycle Is a Pipe Dream

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DevOps is closely associated with automation, but only of a particular part of the SDLC — the building and deploying applications. A note of caution — the survey actually saw a decline in automated scanning in the testing and quality assurance (QA) phase of the SDLC.


Why Cloud Native?

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For better or worse, the traditional software development life cycle (SDLC) has been disrupted by the arrival of the cloud. Full Cycle Development: Disrupting the SDLC Within the traditional approach to the SDLC, engineers were specialised and often worked in silos.


The Pursuit of Getting It “First Time Right” (FTR)


Home Go to Guest Posts Disclaimer The Pursuit of Getting It “First Time Right” (FTR) Building quality involves cost. You spend efforts and energy on preventing the errors (prevention cost) and then checking your work (appraisal cost).