Strategic Continuous Testing: Integrating Test Automation into the SDLC

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test automation automated testing continuous testing test driven development testing automation testing challenges testing development“Automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.”. Bill Gates.


Why Incorporate CI/CD Pipeline in Your SDLC?

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devops automated testing sdlc ci/cd pipelineThe software development community, like the human species, has undergone certain evolutionary changes to find out what’s most suitable for them.

SDLC 110

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Continuous Testing Success With Automation and Effective Frameworks

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Continuous Testing , a term that started to increase in popularity in mid-2019, has made its way into many of today’s CI/CD processes used in the SDLC, but what exactly does the phrase mean?


Your Continuous Testing Capabilities and Challenges [4-minute survey]

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Continuous testing isn’t just about automation or CI/CD pipelines — it's synonymous to testing throughout the SDLC. Our upcoming report will explore continuous testing capabilities, challenges, and emerging approaches in 2020 and beyond.


The Software Development Life Cycle: Benefits, Stages, And Models

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The SDLC can be implemented in numerous ways. Regarded as the crucial consideration before approaching the actual software development process, the software development life cycle (SDLC) defines the industry standard and shapes the segments within the project.

Difference Between Smoke Testing and Regression Testing

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Here are the differences between smoke and regression testing. Software code development and software testing form an integral part of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). software testing regression testing software testing types smoke testing

Software Compliance Teams Can Learn a Lot from DevSecOps

Blogs DevOps Practice DevSecOps Doin' DevOps Enterprise DevOps compliance testing devsecops integrated development environment sdlc software compliance software development life cycleMany argue that application security should be the responsibility of a security team.

13 Ways For Your Functional Testers To Do More Than Just 'Testing'

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Thirteen reasons why you should do more than just test. Functional testing of a web application or a website is one of the most essential phases of the SDLC. Providing a scalable infrastructure for cross-browser testing on the cloud , we realize that offering a SaaS platform to our audience with even with a minor bug may lead to a devastating outcome, and not only for us, but also for our customers.


[Webinars] CI/CD security testing, shift left, code quality in M&A


Learn about application security testing in CI/CD pipelines, how to scale responsiveness with a secure SDLC, and why software quality matters in tech M&A. The post [Webinars] CI/CD security testing, shift left, code quality in M&A appeared first on Software Integrity Blog.


New OverOps Reliability Dashboards Deepen Code-Level Visibility Across the Entire SDLC


Through the new Jenkins integration , QA teams can see all new anomalies introduced by any release in test or stage, and automatically assign it a severity based on its potential impact to the code.


What Developers Really Think About Pentesting

Feature-building is often our favorite part of the job, and really, it’s the fundamental outcome of the software development life cycle (SDLC). A developer in their natural habitat is often spotted in a state of deep concentration, coding awesome features to tight deadlines.


Why Software Testing Remains a Bottleneck

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He is the force behind software testing innovations such as model-based test automation and the linear expansion test design methodology. For software testing, this brings us to an inflection point. And it’s reporting on low-level test failures (e.g.,

JDA Software: Extending their SDLC to remediate open source issues


Smart organizations in the business of building software need to use a mix of application testing tools to ensure their code is high-quality and secure. The post JDA Software: Extending their SDLC to remediate open source issues appeared first on Software Integrity Blog.


DevSecOps and the Problem of Machine-Scale Data

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Now that new regulations and consumer awareness have made privacy and security a priority, the industry’s recognized that they need to be built into the SDLC. devops cloud security devsecops encryption data protection sdlc policy devsecops process application secuity

Agile 69

QA Engineering Roles: Skills, Tools, and Responsibilities in a Testing Team


Most often, software testing job titles are designated QA (Quality Assurance) or Tester. expertise: Senior QA Testing Specialist. Other variations of QA-related job offerings are QA analyst, QA engineer, automation engineer, test automation developer, etc. Testing in DevOps.

Trajectory After Liftoff


We spent the day sharing, discussing, and learning how different teams test in production, utilize progressive delivery methods, gain observability, experiment, continuously deliver, and incorporate chaos engineering into their dev cycles, among other things.

Threat model at scale: How to go from policy to execution


Most teams attack the problem from the bottom up, using a horizontal software development lifecycle (SDLC) mindset such as security requirements, threat modeling, code scanners, etc. Every organization wants to be cyber-resilient.


The Key to Leading the 5G Race: Automated Testing in DevOps

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Gonçalo Jara is leading test automation services in the Nokia Software Core Services & Care, Portfolio Lifecycle Management team and is based in Lisbon, Portugal. As such, a key element of DevOps’ success that cannot be overlooked is continuous, automated testing. Gonçalo Jara.


Publication Release: DevSecOps Trend Report

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Security, like any other part of software development, is iterative; it takes rounds of testing and attention to detail from all stakeholders involved in order to eliminate vulnerabilities. security devops devsecops appsec sdlc

Developers: Fuzzing, Symbolic Execution with Regression Testing Offers App Resilience

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Dynamic Analysis (such as protocol fuzzers, Interactive Application Security Tools- IAST, vulnerability scanners) are useful in the context of acceptance testing, but the application of these tools requires an understanding of when in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) they can be applied.


Does Robotic Process Automation Work as a ‘Tech Hack’ for Software Test Automation?

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In a very similar vein, many organizations are now considering using robotic process automation (RPA ) to automate software testing: a “tech hack” for software testing, of sorts. It’s usually relatively easy to automate some fundamental test scenarios (e.g.,

Advancing Enterprise Productivity With Orchestration in DevOps

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The utilization of an effective DevOps strategy has accelerated the performance of businesses with its ability to develop, test, and deploy software at a much higher velocity than legacy enterprises.


Software Engineering Daily: Feature Flags with Edith Harbaugh


Edith shares insights around implementing feature flags, how they can be used to better control product releases, and how they can be used for testing and validation. A slow rollout to an increasing population of users allows you to test your software in multiple real-world environments before it goes live to everyone. A system of A-B testing different versions of your software lets you see how different flavors of that software can perform against similar audiences.

Software Development Life Cycle?—?The Ultimate Guide [2020]


It’s also essential that your team adheres to the proper SDLC model. This guide will be like the ultimate tutorial to SDLC. We’ll start by “What’s the definition of SDLC” and then transition to the different phases of the software development life cycle and its models.

Patch now or pay later: Report


To prevent data breaches, practice these two fundamentals: shift left (perform application security testing early and often in your SDLC), and always patch.


How OverOps Can be Used as a Learning Platform for Junior Developers


The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). There are many forms of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in use across the industry today. Figure 1 (above) is a common SDLC used in many companies. The application is tested using automation before deploying to customers.

SDLC 218

Mutual Interdependence: The New Normal


You accomplish this by increasing the frequency at which code is committed, built, tested, and deployed—steps that used to happen at the end of a project when it was ‘code complete.’ Maybe that person should be more involved in testing, validating, and releasing the feature they worked so hard to build. They are either setting up the tests themselves, or working closely with their QA team to make sure that feature is delivered without delay.

Continuous Development: ‘Times Are a-Changin’


In 2014, I left VMware for GitHub, and I was in awe of how they sometimes released multiple updates per day using practices like automated testing and continuous integration, short-lived branching, and continuous deployment. When we test them out we should measure the impact we’re having on our users. Continuous Delivery DevOps continuous delivery SDLC waterfallOriginally published on The New Stack on January 7th, 2019. .

Everything You Need to Know About the 4 Stages of Software Reliability


Continuous Reliability is the idea of balancing speed, complexity and quality by proactively and continuously working to ensure reliability throughout the software delivery lifecycle (SDLC).

Static vs Dynamic Code Analysis: How to Choose Between Them


It tests not only your fundamentals, but your ability to react to different, unexpected situations. In which stage of the SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) can we use Static code analysis? In which stage of the SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) can we use Dynamic code analysis?

Security Integration Throughout Software Development Lifecycle Is a Pipe Dream

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DevOps is closely associated with automation, but only of a particular part of the SDLC — the building and deploying applications. A note of caution — the survey actually saw a decline in automated scanning in the testing and quality assurance (QA) phase of the SDLC.

Integrating Security into Build Processes Signals DevSecOps Tipping Point

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Companies start adding security into the testing phase and then usually integrate security as they deploy applications into production. Yet, adding “security” to testing and deployment also increases friction between security and developer teams.


Here’s All You Need To Know About Quality Assurance Certifications


Creates an environment for robust testing. Apply automated testing that helps fasten the entire process. Allocate time appropriately Prioritize bug fixes that are based on software usage Form performance testing room and dedicate security Simulate customer accounts.

Security with Snyk in the CircleCI workflow


CircleCI is committed to helping developers automate their workflows leading to time savings, increased predictability, and relevant insights into their software development life cycle (SDLC). Consider your current method for incorporating security concerns into your SDLC.


Metrics Matter: The 4 Types of Code-Level Data OverOps Collects


At the foundation of this framework is the concept of Continuous Reliability (CR) , or the notion of balancing balancing speed, complexity and quality by taking a continuous, proactive approach to reliability across the SDLC. All the data in the world means nothing if it’s not the right data.

How DevSecOps Helps the U.S. Federal Government Achieve Continuous ATO

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DevSecOps incorporates security activities into the software development lifecycle (SDLC). Government agencies deliver higher performing and better quality applications by embedding automated security controls and tests into their pipelines. CloudBees sponsored this post.


Cloud Native Best Practices: Security Policies in CI/CD Pipelines

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With the continual leftward shifting movement of traditional DevOps responsibilities, organizations can now detect security issues earlier in the software development lifecycle (SDLC).