How machine learning impacts information security

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The O’Reilly Data Show Podcast: Andrew Burt on the need to modernize data protection tools and strategies. They list important changes to the information landscape and offer suggestions on how to alleviate some of the new risks introduced by the rise of machine learning and AI.

Information Security Spending: Don’t Be Fooled by Overconfidence

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Spending on information security continues to increase, but those gains may decelerate as companies become more confident in their security posture. Sentiment about security may be due to increased spending in previous years.

How Certifications Can Help You Land a Position | Hacking In to Cybersecurity

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Welcome to Hacking In to Cybersecurity, an all-new series dedicated to helping you, the reader, get a leg up on the competition when trying to break into the cybersecurity career field. The blogs will consist of introducing you to some techniques you can use to help to land a security position, as well as covering some concepts that anyone considering joining the career field should know about. How Hiring Managers Find the Best Candidates for a Cybersecurity Position.

3 Ways to Improve Information Security in the Workplace

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In the new digital world where everything is shared and connected, there is a growing concern about information security and integrity of the data you keep. While we know that there is no such thing as an unbreakable system, we can use some ground rules to improve data-security.


How to Package and Price Embedded Analytics

struggle to integrate analytics into their products, business models, and pricing strategies in a way that meets a range of user. With this approach, you turn features off and on through visibility controls, conditional logic, and your application’s security model. Use this information.

Don’t Forget Victimology as a Cybersecurity Strategy


Technology and IT principles play an undeniable role in cybersecurity defense, but criminological security principles should not be overlooked. Category: Information Security Leadership Insights Technology and IT principles play an undeniable role in cybersecurity defense, but criminological security principles should not be overlooked.

Top 7 Tips for Scaling Your Artificial Intelligence Strategy

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There Are Top Seven Tips for Scaling Your Artificial Intelligence Strategy. In just the last few years, a large number of enterprises have started to work on incorporating an artificial intelligence strategy into their business.

Getting Started with Cloudera’s Cybersecurity Solution

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A quick conversation with most Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) reveals they understand they need to modernize their security architecture and the correct answer is to adopt a machine learning and analytics platform as a fundamental and durable part of their data strategy.

Context Conversations preview: Election security

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When it comes to election security, it’s hard not to think of the United States as a proverbial dumpster fire. And while some states are taking steps to secure their voting processes, many are not. Why current funding to secure U.S.

Fostering Public-Private Collaboration on Cybersecurity


Improved cybersecurity communication and collaboration between public and private sector organizations has been a goal—or perhaps a dream—for many years. cybersecurity security strategy threat intelligence sharing

Israel’s cybersecurity industry is a unicorn. Here’s why

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Fewer attendees, perhaps, expected him to reference the Hollywood action movies of Jean-Claude van Damme, who happened to be sitting in the front row for the highest-profile speech of Israel’s largest cybersecurity conference. Cybersecurity is a true blood sport,” Netanyahu quipped.

Honeypot Security System Strategy


Sweeten your security strategy with a honeypot security system Implementing honeypots and honeynets as part of your network intrusion prevention/detection process We’ve all heard the old saying that you can attract more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Whitelisting, blacklisting, and your security strategy: It's not either-or


Security, Information Security, Information Security (Info Sec Windows vs. Mac. AWS vs. Azure. Kubernetes vs. Swarm. If you work in IT, these are some of the big decisions you may need to make at one point or another in your career.

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Things To Do Right Now About Your Cybersecurity Workforce Crisis


Intel Security has released Hacking the Skills Shortage , a report revealing the current cybersecurity workforce crisis. The shortage in cybersecurity skills has done measurable damage to companies. Additional key findings of the survey include: 82% of respondents reported a shortage of cybersecurity skills. 9 out of 10 respondents say that cybersecurity technology could help compensate for skill shortages. Bob Gourley.

Here Are the Top Cybersecurity Insights for Public Sector


A new global study conducted by Ponemon Institute explores cyber risk in the public sector: What are the top priorities for public sector cybersecurity leaders in 2019? Cybersecurity in public sector: five insights you need to know. High schools teach information security courses.

The What and Why of a Unified Security Strategy

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These days, you have no shortage of options and strategies to choose from when deploying an application. That is why it’s useful to embrace the concept of a unified security strategy. This means putting in place the tools and processes you need to secure any and all environments.

2017 in cybersecurity and privacy news

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From rampant ransomware to the Equifax breach to geopolitical machinations, it’s hard not to be a cynic about the past 12 months of security and privacy news. And not all federal cybersecurity decisions this year were necessarily harmful to consumers.

A guide to modern mobile app development strategy

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A guide to modern mobile app development strategy. This is informed by the fact that close to 90 percent of the population, which translates to 6 billion people, have access to mobile phones. Here is what you need to know about mobile app development strategy.

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The best patch management strategy for 2019


How do you keep all your systems patched against the never ending onslaught of security vulnerabilities? Patch Central Security antivirus email security patch management patch strategy risk assessmentPatch management causes headaches. Just ask any IT manager or sysadmin!

Why a Reactive Security Strategy Costs Companies Millions Each Year


With each new threat, digital security companies are learning to react more quickly and put out countermeasures for these malicious programs, but in the time between a piece of malware’s release into the wild and the release of the solution, it can cost companies a staggering amount of money.

We Need A National Cybersecurity Strategy That Everyone Can Implement


In a few months we’ll have a new Administration in Washington and a chance to update our national security policies. So it’s good time to reflect on what we might want to do differently for cybersecurity. A quick search on the Internet will reveal many national cybersecurity initiatives. The quick answer is that we don’t have a national cybersecurity strategy that everyone can implement. A national cybersecurity strategy is well within our reach.

How architecture evolves into strategy

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A look at the roles of architect and strategist, and how they help develop successful technology strategies for business. Before we do that, though, let's cover some historical context that informs how we think of the role. Adding security reduces performance.

Inform Your Cybersecurity Strategy With Lessons From July 1861


CTO Cyber Security Cyber War Internet of Things News smart cityWhen I was the Director of Intelligence for DoD's first joint cyber defense organization (JTF-CND) our Commander (At the time, Army Major General Dave Bryan) and our J5 (Marine LTC Mike Davis) organized a visit for the senior staff to the Manassas Battlefield Park of Virginia. The purpose was not just team building, but to [.].

Prepare for The Cyber Threat : What Executives Need to Know to Manage Risk


Cybersecurity is one of the most high-profile topics for organizations today and one of their biggest sources of risk. Conducting a holistic review of the organization to identify areas of vulnerability and improve network security is a proactive measure that no organization should overlook.

How to fight cybercrime in 2019: Risk leaders must unify their approach


More troublesome still, the risk landscape is changing so fast that risk leaders barely have time to ponder what their response strategy should be before their needs change once again. Security, Information Security, Information Security (Info Sec), Special Coverage: RSA Conference 2019, RSA ConferenceEach day, news headlines remind us that enterprises are rife with risk.

Main Street Cybersecurity: 10 Cost Effective Strategies for confronting Ransomware


As we usher in the new year of 2018, we are confronted with an ever-expanding network-borne threat landscape especially from ransomware. Ransomware is a type of malicious software which is used by malicious actors to encrypt systems or data. When the ransom is paid the key is in some cases provided to unlock the data. […].

A foundational strategy pattern for analysis: MECE

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As lists are the raw material of strategy and technology architecture, MECE list-making is one of the most useful tools you can have in your tool box. MECE, pronounced "mee-see," is a tool created by the leading business strategy firm McKinsey.

Primer: The next act for security theater

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The day after DefCon concluded this year, a prominent cybersecurity researcher and hacker known as the brain behind hacks featured on hit TV show Mr. Robot offered his resignation as the head of its security operations. Why are Androids less secure than iPhones? Security theater.

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7 tips for scaling your AI strategy


Read Clint Boulton list 7 tips for companies to scale up their AI strategy on CIO : Pilot projects of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies proliferated in 2018, as many enterprises tested machine learning (ML) algorithms and an array of automation tools to cement relationships with customers, improve network operations or augment their cybersecurity postures.

How enterprise mobile apps are changing IT strategy?

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How enterprise mobile apps development changing IT strategy. The post How enterprise mobile apps are changing IT strategy?

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The Report The Cybersecurity Commission Should Have Sent To the President and President Elect


On 1 December The Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity issued their key deliverable, the report on Securing and Growing The Digital Economy. For policy-makers new to cybersecurity the introduction recaps issues the nation has been dealing with for quite some time now.

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Customers Need a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure For a Resilient, Adaptive Cybersecurity Strategy – Partners Can Help

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In 2017, there were more than 5,000 publicly disclosed data breaches, according to Risk-Based Security. The implementation of sweeping regulations, as well as the damaging effects of financial penalties and brand reputation, have elevated the need to protect and secure data.

Blame Replaces Strategy: Enterprise IT War Rooms Causing Incalculable Losses

The post Blame Replaces Strategy: Enterprise IT War Rooms Causing Incalculable Losses appeared first on Blogs Enterprise DevOps IT war rooms network operations securityThe concept of a “war room” is time-honored.

What the New U.S. Intelligence Strategy Says About Cyber Threats


The United States intelligence strategy for 2019 has been released, covering seven specific themes. Here’s how the United States Intelligence Community will deal with cyber threats: “Despite growing awareness of cyber threats and improving cyber defenses, nearly all information, communication networks, and systems will be at risk for years to come. Cyber Security News

Experts on U.S. National Cyber Strategy (cont’d)

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strategy around four main pillars: the first pillar includes securing federal networks and information, securing critical infrastructure, fighting cybercrime and seeking improved incident reporting. ingenuity, and focusing on building a more robust cybersecurity workforce.

Symantec Government Symposium 11 March 2014 at the Renaissance Hotel Washington DC


By Bob Gourley DC seems to have a cyber security related event every week. Here are details from the invite: Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to join 1500 IT leaders and innovators on March 11 to collaborate and discuss the top issues in IT security and management.

AI brings speed to security

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Survey results indicate incident response times improve with AI-based security services. Twenty percent of IT professionals who rely on traditional security measures said their teams can detect a malware infection or other attack within minutes, according to the survey.

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Is Unpatched Software a Security Risk?


It doesn’t matter how much work you put into cybersecurity awareness within your company if you have any vulnerabilities in your system, software, or strategy. Read more » The post Is Unpatched Software a Security Risk?

Internet Two Seeks Chief Cyberinfrastructure Security Officer


Chief Cyberinfrastructure Security Officer. Position Summary: The Internet2 Chief Cyberinfrastructure Security Officer (CCSO) is the leader responsible for establishing the cyberinfrastructure security strategy and direction for Internet2′s global infrastructure programs. The CCSO reports to the Vice President for Network Services and will have responsibility for security across all Internet2 infrastructure programs. By Bob Gourley.

Backups | Roadmap to Securing Your Infrastructure

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As information security professionals, it may not be our job to manage system backups, but it is our job to realize the importance backups have in the realm of information security. From a security standpoint, what should we consider when looking at backups?