The ‘Chocolate Sauce’ Design Heuristic

Strategic Tech

A trip to the supermarket can teach you a lot about designing software systems and shaping teams to build them… I was recently in need of some chocolate sauce. As software architects, we have to make the same challenging choices.

Pitfalls of Agile Transformations


In the First Round Review article I'm Sorry, But Agile Won't Fix Your Products , Adam Pisoni, co-founder and former CTO of Yammer, contends that “While SCRUM did manage to rein in impulsive managers, it ended up being used more to exert tighter control over engineers’ work.”

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The Top Tech Conferences You Don’t Want to Miss in 2019


They provide the opportunity to receive expert guidance on managing technical teams and learn about best practices for hiring (and retaining) talented developers, engineers, and designers. O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference.

Founder Challenges with Startup Development Teams and CTOs


I''m spending more of my time recently working with non-technical startup founders who are having challenges with their software/web/mobile development teams. These are often the same things that cause a founder to reach out to me about helping their CTO, VP Engineering, tech team, off-shore development, etc. This means that early software architecture can sometimes not work as well as the startup moves forward. Technical Direction. Technical Leader.

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