Sat.Feb 10, 2024

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Rise of the Robots: Breakthroughs in Humanoid Robotics and the Dawn of Embodied AI

Ooda Loop

Is your head still spinning from all the AI news of late? It will all seem so quaint when the useful humanoid robots arrive.

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How To Use Squid Proxy To Access Services In Another VPC Using Private Service Connect


This blog uses a Squid Proxy VM to access services in another Google Cloud VPC. Clients connect to the Squid Proxy VM using Private Service Connect. This prevents overlapping IP address issues and reduces networking complexities such as peering and routing. Solution overview Clients connect to Destination VPC-services via the Squid Proxy using: curl -x [link] [link] While Squid can be used as a transparent proxy , this blog uses an explicit proxy for simplicity’s sake.