7 Ways to Introduce DevOps in Your Work Culture


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How SRE Creates a Blameless Culture


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Toxic meeting culture

Erik Bernhardsson

But thinking back I think there was a number of things that absolutely completely sucked about the meeting culture. Rather than focusing on how to run meetings better, let’s try to backtrack the issues back to the organizational culture that created this mess? I suspect the biggest losers of these poorly run meetings are (a) introverts (b) people who combine lots of different signals into a single conclusion (aka foxes ) (c) people with language or cultural barriers.

Culture, Not Changing Much in DevOps


One of the things that has bemused me from day one of the DevOps movement is how culture is viewed with an odd dichotomy. DevOps wants to change culture. Cultures that are resistant […]. The post Culture, Not Changing Much in DevOps appeared first on DevOps.com.

Build a Successful and Results-Driven Sales Culture

Speaker: Gary Galvin, CEO, Galvin Technologies

Likewise, it’s even more important to shape your sales culture into one that is positive, accountable, and metric-driven. Gary Galvin will help you define metrics to drive success, empower your sales team, and create a culture driven by results and accountability.

Changing the Culture by Changing Habits

Agile Alliance

By Jutta Eckstein and John Buck We hear people often say that an Agile transformation implies a culture change and that this culture change refers actually to a change of the mindset.

Why Ethics are Essential for a Strong Team Culture

Strategy Driven

Building a team culture that is magnetic or lasts means better productivity, positive engagement, and higher retention. However, what has been largely overlooked by many business leaders is the essential foundation for a culture that sustains and thrives: Ethics. The Culture Fad.

How to create a DevOps testing culture: 3 keys to success


DevOps, DevOps Culture, DevOps Culture, Application Testing, STAREAST Conference 2019When people talk about DevOps, they're usually referring to the automation of the build and deployment process and to infrastructure as code (IaC). These are the most popular topics in DevOps because many organizations have separate departments, each with people and processes overseeing the different tasks.

Corporate Cultures – Common Cultural Evaluation Misperceptions

Strategy Driven

In identifying organizationally shared values and beliefs, there are several common misperceptions that result in an invalid understanding of the actual corporate culture. The post Corporate Cultures – Common Cultural Evaluation Misperceptions appeared first on StrategyDriven.

Changing the Status Quo: How to Create a Culture of Accountability in your Org


NEW POST] Changing the Status Quo: How to Create a Culture of Accountability in your Org [link] pic.twitter.com/di2EAA6DQt. Culture of Accountability. It is time for a change…in culture. Today, there is little dispute that software is indeed eating the world.

How To Build Data-Informed Products

Speaker: Tim Herbig, Director, iridion

Do you just do it anyway, because your company's product culture requires that you have those numbers? How to create a product culture which is data-informed , not data-driven.

Your Most Important Business Strategy Is Culture

Strategy Driven

How healthy is the quality of your business culture? When I engage business leaders in discussion about their culture, most shrug their shoulders. Our culture is OK,” most of them say. The reality is that most leaders don’t pay attention to the quality of their culture.

Corporate Cultures – Overcoming Cultural Resistance to Change

Strategy Driven

The firm hand of culture drives what, how, and why work gets done. Consequently, attempts to change established policies, processes, or practices will meet with a degree of cultural resistance. Change Management Corporate Cultures Management & Leadership Premium

Cultivating A Great Company Culture

Steve Farber

It’s not surprising that an organization’s culture often is compared to a garden. After all, culture and cultivate share the same root word. The key to creating a great culture, then, is obvious: Cover it in manure, soak it with water, and pray for sunshine. Define your culture together. An organization’s culture is found in the behaviors of its employees and the values that drive those behaviors. Value cultural fit.

Corporate Cultures – Driving and Anchoring Cultural Change

Strategy Driven

Business leaders often talk about changing their organization’s culture… but what does that really mean? For most leaders, changing their organization’s culture is about changing how their employees make decisions and perform work.

How King Crushes New Product Development using Data-Driven Insights

Speaker: Ian Thompson, Head of Business Intelligence at King, and Zara Wells, Strategic Customer Success Manager at Looker

Taking a "human approach" to creating an organization wide data culture.

Enterprise Automation – 6 Ways Technology Is Improving Company Culture


These days, everyone seems to be talking about company culture. While enterprise automation may seem unrelated to company culture at first glance, we believe that technology is indispensable for those who are looking to improve their corporate culture.

Creating a compelling culture

Lead on Purpose

Whether you recognize it or not, the organization you work in has a culture. Top leaders understand the importance of culture and work to ensure their … Continue reading → Leadership Purpose Trust abundance character compelling competency culture servant leadershipBig or small, every company has beliefs and values that drive its core philosophy.

The Benefits Of A Winning Company Culture

Strategy Driven

A company’s culture says a lot about who they are, what they value, and what their beliefs are. For this reason, any business should take the time to really think about what their company culture is and how to ensure it’s pervasive throughout their business operations and employee behavior.

Culture By Design 2.0

N2Growth Blog

Company culture is passed down from generation to generation of personnel through myth and legend. In fact, company culture is so deeply embedded into every organization that it often appears impossible to change. Culture By Design 2.0. Corporate CultureThere is no doubt!

3 steps to creating a culture that retains your best employees

Strategy Driven

The key to overcoming all of the above issues is culture, because as Peter Drucker famously said: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. This simple fact, disheartening as it might seem, is exactly the information we need to change our company culture.

Building a Culture of Excellence: Tom Peters


It is safe to assume that every CEO would have priority building a culture of Excellence because ultimately excellence drives growth and makes a company memorable. In a world that is obsessed with complexity, Tom Peters advocates simple things to enable a culture of excellence.

Scaling Company Culture


However, very few organizations put thought into how they will scale their company culture. If you do not make an effort to preserve this company culture, even as change represents the only norm, then you may lose one of the factors that made your business special to begin with. In this article, we will offer useful ideas that can help you retain the company culture that got you where you are. Make culture an item of discussion. Consider culture before hiring.

Creating a Culture of Empowerment for Girls in Southeastern Ontario


When it comes to gender-based inequality, the issues facing girls and young women take shape in different ways. A disproportionate number of girls will experience sexual-based violence and discrimination in their lives.

Corporate Culture Is No Joke!

N2Growth Blog

You may have read my 3 part-series on Culture By Design. The response was so overwhelming that I thought it may be worth offering one more piece on the subject of corporate culture. What are the reasons for culture transformation failure? Corporate Culture Culture Jim Kerr

Core Components Of Company Culture

Strategy Driven

The company culture. But what exactly makes up a company culture? The most important part of a company culture, and of a business in general, is the goal behind the business. Great company culture is about realizing that good ideas can come from anywhere.

Is “Culture” Just a Buzzword?

Nathan Magnuson

“What we really need around here is a culture.” Not many things can top being part of a great team with a great culture. contrasted different theories of organizational culture. Do leaders create culture or does culture exist independently?

Creating a Leadership Culture

Nathan Magnuson

What organizations desperately need is not just a point-of-view on leadership, they need a leadership culture. I define a leadership culture as a place in which leaders are routinely and systematically produced. Here are five keys to creating a leadership culture.

[2018 Dev vs. Ops Survey] Why is DevOps Culture Creating Chaos in Enterprises?


2018 Dev vs. Ops Survey Results Why is DevOps Culture Creating Chaos in Enterprises? There has long been a divide between development and operations teams.

Survey 150

Positive Vacation Workplace Cultures Benefit Employees and The Business

Steve Farber

Make it crystal clear that everybody is expected to take time off, and create a culture in which they are backed up (not criticized) for that decision. Don’t let this culture get a foothold at your place of work.

Corporate Cultures – Survey Analysis Approach

Strategy Driven

Interpretation of cultural surveys requires application of strong statistical analysis methods and knowledge-based results aggregation. The post Corporate Cultures – Survey Analysis Approach appeared first on StrategyDriven.

The Critical Importance of Creating a Cloud Culture

A Cloud Guru

The full-scale adoption of any cloud platform demands equal parts strategic fortitude, engineering rigor, and cultural transformation.

Business Politics Landscape – Cultural Shaping of an Organization’s Business Politics Landscape

Strategy Driven

All organizations are political to some degree with their culture defining the predominant, acceptable political practices – the organization’s political landscape. Buy access to Cultural Shaping of an Organization’s Business Politics Landscape for just $2!

Customized Company Culture

Steve Farber

When you’re building a culture that matters, the mission matters. And it needed all of the franchisees and their team members to buy into and live a shared culture. So he was just the leader to create a unique cultural personality–a non-traditional approach to the mission, vision and values that drive an organization. Here are three things he and his team did that you and your team can use to build or strengthen your unique cultural personality: 1.

La culture peut manger la stratégie… mais l’expérience utilisateur dévore la culture


La citation « La culture d’entreprise mange la stratégie au petit-déjeuner » (culture eats strategy for breakfast) est attribuée au théoricien du management Peter Drucker. Et cette déclaration s’est montrée juste dans bien des déploiements de stratégies, même lesplus élaborées … Tombées à l’eau après seulement quelques semaines de leurs lancements, ces stratégies ont échoué, […]. Leadership and Success Workplace

Organization Culture is a Reflection


Trying to change an organization’s culture is much like that too. Culture of an organization is a reflection – a by-product – of what people within the organization do. Culture itself cannot be created – it just happens as a result of doing the right things.

Culture Management: It’s a Thing

Talent Anarchy

It is now time that we take the same approach with workplace culture. Culture is a part of every organization (like finance), and there is increasing agreement that it has a direct and powerful impact on competitiveness, performance, and bottom-line results. culture Guest Post

Culture by Design: The Essentials

N2Growth Blog

Last week, we published the first installment of our 3-part series on company culture. In that first piece, we began to demystify a concept that I’m calling culture by design. Culture by design principles. Culture baseline. Culture vision story.

Organizational Accountability – Evaluating Organizational Culture, part 3

Strategy Driven

When evaluating an organization's culture, it is important to understand that variations likely exist vertically among personnel levels and horizontally across divisions, departments, and workgroups.

How to Create a Workplace Culture Your People Will Love

Talent Anarchy

The operating system of most organizations is written into its culture. Good or bad, workplace culture is what shapes how we do things, including how we interact with and treat our coworkers. At the heart of workplace culture is values. culture workplace culture