The Industrialization of High-Performance Computing


Uncategorized artificial intelligence cloud services Data Analytics enterprise infrastructure High Performance Computing Performance Intensive Computing SupercomputingCompanies can no longer rely on “human computers” for their R&D initiatives.

Interview Performance Does Not Equal Job Performance

Professor Beekums

This is a conversation I had when I was interviewing a few years ago: Interviewer: “Yeah, a lot of candidates actually have trouble with this problem because it never shows up in the software we write.” ” Me: “…so why is it part of the interview?”


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4 Ways to Simplify Cloud Performance Monitoring

The post 4 Ways to Simplify Cloud Performance Monitoring appeared first on Application Performance Management/Monitoring Blogs Cloud Management DevOps in the Cloud Enterprise DevOps apm automation cloud cloud performance monitoring observability

Measuring DevOps Performance

The post Measuring DevOps Performance appeared first on Blogs DevOps Practice mean time to restore measuring DevOps Operations performance site reliability engineering software delivery performance SRE

Data-Driven Performance Feedback Helps Teams Improve Customer Outcomes

Speaker: Mickey Mantle, Founder and CEO at Wanderful Interactive Storybooks | Ron Lichty, Consultant: Interim VP Engineering, Author, Ron Lichty Consulting, Inc.

In this webinar Mickey Mantle and Ron Lichty will teach you why its important to have data driven performance reviews, the most effective way to use data in performance reviews, and how this data helps to align your employee proficiency with your company goals.

Measuring Scrum team's Performance

However, as we know, velocity is a terrible metric to measure success of Scrum or performance of the team. As I mentioned before, velocity, for example, is not the best metric to measure performance. There are a lot of high expectations associated with implementation of Scrum.

Desktop High-Performance Computing

Dzone - DevOps

devops dotnet aws ecs high-performance computing devops zone aws cdkEver since Amazon Web Services debuted in 2008, builders of complex engineering software systems have had increasingly powerful ways to scale heavy computational workloads in the cloud.

Writing Useful Performance Reviews: Delivering the review

Puppies, Flowers, Rainbows and Kittens

This article is the final in my series on valuable performance reviews. All the work preparing and writing the performance appraisal can go to waste by delivering the review poorly. Think of the performance reviews you have received during your career.

A Balanced Approach to Performance Assessment

CEO Insider

The performance management process — and conducting performance reviews in particular — is often a source of frustration for leaders. The post A Balanced Approach to Performance Assessment appeared first on CEOWORLD magazine.

DevOps Unbound: Observability and Performance Testing

The post DevOps Unbound: Observability and Performance Testing appeared first on Continuous Testing DevOps Practice DevOps Unbound observability performance testing

What E-Commerce Performance Metrics Are CTOs Monitoring?

In this eBook, Danny Miles, CTO of Dollar Shave Club, reveals an efficient framework for thinking about and prioritizing the performance metrics that matter most to him, providing a blueprint for fellow e-commerce CTOs to follow as they evaluate their own business.

Defining High-Performance Culture


The metrics you use to define ‘high performance’ will drive your team members’ behaviors. To build a high-performance culture, you have to define what high performance is. What does high performance mean?

Best Practices for Application Performance Testing

When done properly, software application performance testing determines if a system meets certain acceptable criteria for both responsiveness and robustness. The post Best Practices for Application Performance Testing appeared first on

How to Provide More Meaningful Performance Feedback

Let's Grow Leaders

If you knew your manager really cared about you and had your best interest at heart, would you want them to give you meaningful performance feedback? The post How to Provide More Meaningful Performance Feedback appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders.

JMeter-Performance Testing


Apache JMeter is a tool that can be used for load testing to analyse and measure the performance of web applications, mobile applications, HTTP requests, web services, database etc. Uncategorized InnovationM JMeter-Performance Testing

Optimize the Performance of Your Serverless Functions

Run mission-critical applications on serverless without sacrificing visibility.

How to Reset Performance Expectations for Better Results

Let's Grow Leaders

The start of the year is the perfect time to reset and refresh performance expectations. Outstanding performance starts with clear performance expectations —a shared understanding of what success looks like. Start Here to Reset Performance Expectations.

How to create high-performing Scrum teams ??

In a way, the goal is to get your team to high-performing stage where the benefits of teamwork starts to really show. Tools and practices for high-performing Scrum Teams. Scrum Masters are accountable for the effectiveness of the Scrum Team.

Performance Issues: Looking Beyond the Infrastructure

In most cases today, resolving performance issues will require architecture changes or code refactoring Imagine you’re a software reliability engineer with your service-level objectives clearly laid out on your Grafana dashboard.

Trust is the key to high-performing (remote) teams


The post Trust is the key to high-performing (remote) teams appeared first on Xebia Blog. socio-technical Teams High Performing Teams Remote working Team PerformanceBy Pim Smeets & Evelyn van Kelle A real team is more than just a collection of individuals?.

2021 Dresner Advisory Services Business Intelligence Market Study

Every year Dresner reviews the state of the BI market as it stands today. This 12th annual report breaks down customer perceptions of BI and how well each vendor performs. See for yourself how all the major BI vendors stack up.

What to Do When a High-Performer Quits (With Video)

Let's Grow Leaders

Everyone is watching how you respond when a high-performer quits. When a high-performer quits, it can feel like your world is imploding as you scramble to keep the work going AND find the right unicorn to fill that spot. Start Here When Your High-Performer Quits.

Cracking Production Performance Issues With Open Source Observability

I would like to share a recent case study on our organization,, which battled a very serious performance issue, the solution for which turned out to be a small change in code but with a huge impact on all of our HTTP endpoints in our platform.

Forming, storming, norming and performing for Agile teams

And in the final phase, Performing , teams really begin to work together well, achieving an ever increasing level of peak performance. . He labelled these phases "forming, storming, norming, and performing.” Performing.

How to Hold a Better Performance Improvement Conversation

Let's Grow Leaders

You sit down for an earnest performance improvement conversation. The post How to Hold a Better Performance Improvement Conversation appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. Winning Well performance improvement performance managementHas this ever happened to you?

Cloud-Scale Monitoring With AWS and Datadog

In this eBook, find out the benefits and complexities of migrating workloads to AWS, and services that AWS offers for containers and serverless computing.

WebSocket vs HTTP Protocol – Which is Better in Performance?

The Crazy Programmer

The post WebSocket vs HTTP Protocol – Which is Better in Performance? Both the WebSocket and HTTP are robust communication protocols, mainly utilized in client-server communication.

Sentry Extends Application Performance Monitoring Tool

Company CEO Milin Desai said incorporating Google Web Vitals metrics into Sentry Performance Monitoring will become crucial as Google makes good on a pledge to rank websites […]. The post Sentry Extends Application Performance Monitoring Tool appeared first on

Sentry Adds Application Performance Monitoring to Platform

Sentry has extended the reach of its agentless monitoring platform to now track performance issues in addition to surfacing errors in code. The post Sentry Adds Application Performance Monitoring to Platform appeared first on

Leading Performance Conversations without Losing Your Cool

Let's Grow Leaders

It’s easy to take things personally and get upset when you need to lead a tough performance conversation. Leading a Performance Conversation without Losing Your Cool. 2:00 – Why leading a performance conversation without losing your cool is a vital leadership skill.

Monetizing Analytics Features: Why Data Visualizations Will Never Be Enough

into everything from daily driving performance (Progressive, State Farm) to home. MONETIZING ANALYTICS FEATURES: Why Data Visualizations. Will Never Be Enough. Go beyond basic embedded dashboards to diferentiate your. application and maximize the value of embedded analytics.

Benchmarking Machine Learning Performance at Dell Technologies

Dell EMC

When it comes to training and inference workloads for machine learning models, performance is king. Faster system performance equates to faster time to results. But how do you objectively measure system ML training and inference performance?

Measuring Software Delivery Performance using the Four Key Metrics of DevOps

Agile Alliance

In this paper, we collect new and study existing evidence on the impact of agile transformations on organisational performance across teams, programs, and portfolios. The post Measuring Software Delivery Performance using the Four Key Metrics of DevOps first appeared on Agile Alliance.

?? Richard Kasperowski: Core Protocols for High-Performance Teams

Richard Kasperowski is an author, teacher, speaker, and coach focused on team building and high-performance teams. Richard is the author of two books: High-Performance Teams: The Foundations. Core Protocols, High-Performing Teams — Related Posts.

Crushing Performance

The Daily WTF

Two weeks later, the client called back, irate over the fact that the new server performed terribly compared to their old one. Next time you're struggling to replicate error, crash and performance issues in your apps - Think Raygun ! Many years ago, Sebastian worked for a company which sold self-assembled workstations and servers. One of the company's top clients ordered a server as a replacement for their ancient IBM PS/2 Model 70. The new machine ran Windows NT Server 4.0

How to Package and Price Embedded Analytics

PRICE 22 Pricing for Value This exercise can get you started, but it is best performed along with third-party intelligence gathering. HOW TO PACKAGE & PRICE EMBEDDED ANALYTICS. Practical Frameworks to Monetize Embedded Analytics Table of Contents Embedding Analytics to Lift Value and Revenue.

Modernize your performance testing: 6 tips for better apps

TechBeacon Testing

But it's not just developers who are struggling to keep up with constantly changing software: This evolution is forcing test engineers to modernize their performance testing practices—and to let go of old methodologies that can't keep up.

Poor application performance can be fatal for your enterprise, avoid app degradation with application performance testing


It is important that enterprises aggressively work towards getting their application performance testing efforts on track to ensure that all the individual components that go into the making of the app provide superior responses to ensure a better customer experience.

How to go from performance tester to performance engineer

TechBeacon Testing

Companies are increasingly recognizing the value of performance engineering, which goes well beyond performance testing. These organizations now require the capability to fix performance issues whenever and wherever they exist—and they're willing to pay a premium for those skills.

Writing Useful Performance Reviews: Making a raise recommendation

Puppies, Flowers, Rainbows and Kittens

This article is part three of my series on writing valuable performance reviews. Determining compensation is a crucial part of performance management. In some companies, the manager creating and delivering the performance review has little input in the compensation decision.

Serverless and Containers: How to Choose the Right Application Strategy

Speaker: Tolga Tarhan, Senior Vice President, GM AWS Services at Onica

When it comes to the modern tech stack, one of the fastest changing areas is around containers, serverless, and choosing the ideal path to cloud native computing. How do you as a technology leader point your team in the right direction, especially given how quickly this is evolving?