10 Exceptional Strategies For Extraordinary Executives

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My such experience has inspired this article, 10 exceptional strategies for extraordinary executives. Teams win because they have an internal communication strategy. The post 10 Exceptional Strategies For Extraordinary Executives appeared first on The Executive Hub.

Creative Reframing - Strategies


This video goes over two main strategies that can be used with the method, namely, Backing from Solutions to Needs and What's Unchangeable about This Problem. . .

Top 7 Tips for Scaling Your Artificial Intelligence Strategy

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There Are Top Seven Tips for Scaling Your Artificial Intelligence Strategy. In just the last few years, a large number of enterprises have started to work on incorporating an artificial intelligence strategy into their business.

How Not to Sabotage Your Multi-Cloud Strategy


This, in turn, has led IT leaders to embrace a multi-cloud strategy—whether that’s deploying a combination of cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure and Google, or extending private data centers to […]. The post How Not to Sabotage Your Multi-Cloud Strategy appeared first on DevOps.com.

Your 2-Part Metrics Audit for High-Value Products

Speaker: Sam McAfee, Product Development Consultant, Startup Patterns

Adobe Strategy Revolves Around DevOps


The post Adobe Strategy Revolves Around DevOps appeared first on DevOps.com.

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A guide to modern mobile app development strategy

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A guide to modern mobile app development strategy. As a CEO, if you want your brand to get closer to your consumer, mobile application development should be part of your short-term or long-term business strategy. Here is what you need to know about mobile app development strategy.

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How to Create Your AI Strategy


The answer is to create an organization-wide Artificial Intelligence Strategy that prioritizes the business’s goals and iterates where AI technology can be used to achieve those goals more quickly or completely. Leverage the Right People to Execute Your AI Strategy.

OKRs: A Simple But Awesome Strategy to Get Stuff Done


They are strategies used to perform those tasks. By adopting this popular Google strategy, you too can tremendously foster growth and success within your organisation. The post OKRs: A Simple But Awesome Strategy to Get Stuff Done appeared first on Organisational Mastery.

HPE Extends Hybrid Cloud Computing Strategy


The post HPE Extends Hybrid Cloud Computing Strategy appeared first on DevOps.com.

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Measure the Immeasurable: Beyond Vanity Metrics

Speaker: Sari Harrison, Product Management Instructor, Product School

Strategy as a Problem Solving Process

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“The old paradigm of strategy departments and planning cycles has been overthrown by agile and rapid team-based problem solving, providing better solutions and better organization alignment to implement.” Decision-Making business management business strategy

Google Revamps Hybrid Cloud Strategy


The post Google Revamps Hybrid Cloud Strategy appeared first on DevOps.com.

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The best patch management strategy for 2019


Patch Central Security antivirus email security patch management patch strategy risk assessmentPatch management causes headaches. Just ask any IT manager or sysadmin! How do you keep all your systems patched against the never ending onslaught of security vulnerabilities?

A simple, effective test automation strategy


In my whitepaper I wrote about different types of testing and what to consider when choosing a test automation strategy. The post A simple, effective test automation strategy appeared first on Xebia Blog. More than a few readers asked how to put this advice into practice, and a good friend inspired me to write another blog post about it. DevOps teams automate everything. When you’re getting started with test automation, it’s […].

What Is (and Isn’t) Product Management?

Speaker: Steve Johnson, VP of Products, Pragmatic Institute

Spring Cleaning at OverOps: How (and Why) We Changed Our DB Cleaning Strategy


Instead, this prompted us to rethink our migration strategy. Posted by Aviv Danziger, one of the full stack developers on OverOps’ R&D team. There comes a time in the life of any application that small things we let slide become unignorable issues.

How architecture evolves into strategy

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A look at the roles of architect and strategist, and how they help develop successful technology strategies for business. Your architectures, and your strategies, must be similarly flexible in order to endure. Strategy is the art of creating power. The History of Strategy.

Get Off The Strategy Merry-Go-Round

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Global Practice Chair, Strategy N2Growth. Most organizations, and even most strategy consultants, are using strategic planning frameworks built for business models that were designed during the industrial age. IT’S TIME TO INNOVATE STRATEGY. STRATEGY INNOVATION.

A Business Blog Should Be 20% Of Your Marketing Strategy

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Entrepreneurship Marketing & Sales Online Marketing and Website Development business blog business management Marketing and Sales online marketing and website development strategy driven

A Simple Framework for Complex User Goals

Speaker: Hannah Stegen

Multicloud Strategies Are Important for Developer Ergonomics

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A large advantage comes with a multicloud strategy: you’re ready and able to make the jump to new technologies and platforms as they become available and viable for your business, without lag. We can look to the leaders of the industry today to see multi-cloud strategies that work.

Honeypot Security System Strategy


Sweeten your security strategy with a honeypot security system Implementing honeypots and honeynets as part of your network intrusion prevention/detection process We’ve all heard the old saying that you can attract more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Momentum strategies

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Basically I wanted to know whether momentum strategies work well for international stock indexes. I spent a bit of time putting together a strategy that buys the stock index if the return during the previous n days was positive, otherwise doesn’t do anything. I ran this strategy for a basket of approximately 20 stock markets. It doesn’t matter which window size we use, we still make a little bit more money from a momentum strategy: Returns for each strategy.

3 Alternative Marketing Strategies

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Companies need to undertake a marketing strategy so that consumers are aware that the firm exists, and more importantly, so that the dollars keep rolling in. Make sure that more traditional marketing methods also remain in your marketing strategy.

The Magic of Intent: Start Knowing The Goals of Your Users

Speaker: Terhi Hanninen, Senior Product Manager, Zalando, and Dr. Franziska Roth, Senior User Researcher, Zalando

Strategy Driven – A Reality Check

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Most modern organizations claim to be strategy-driven. The Oxford dictionary defines strategy as “a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim.” We should never confuse the two – having a physical document does not mean that you have a strategy.

Anatomy of an enterprise-scale AI strategy


Read Maria Korolov takes a look at how organizations can develop a holistic AI strategy honed for business results on CIO : When it comes to AI, companies typically test the waters proof of concepts or small-scale use cases, taking advantage of vendor offerings, such as new features in their existing SaaS platforms.

The Essential Digital Strategies

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The reality today is that despite seemingly endless advances and a steady river of emerging technologies , many of the key insights, strategies, and lessons in the digital age have still yet to be discovered. What Are the Top Digital Strategies Today? Strategies.

Develop Strategies to Quickly Respond to Future Challenges with Critical Uncertainties


This complexity should also be taken into account when defining the strategies?—?the to predict the future, strategies are commonly defined in a way that ignores this reality. It helps to develop strategies for dealing with a range of plausible yet unpredictable futures.

Build Delightful Products with Customer Validation

Speaker: John Little, Head of Product Marketing, Centercode

Strategy, Capability & Really Bad Advice

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By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. I just finished reading an article where the author (a self professed innovation guru) recommended strategy be aligned with capability, and that to allow ambition to exceed capability is a nothing short of a recipe for disaster.

How to Formulate a Killer Marketing Strategy

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If you think that there is even a slight chance that your business could be performing better, you should explore whether a rethink of your marketing strategy might be the answer. Here are some simple tips to help you devise effective marketing strategies every time.

9 creative recruitment strategies to hire developer on a budget

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While everyone is looking to get that developer worth million dollar bucks, there are few creative recruiting strategies to hire great talents, let’s discuss them below. The post 9 creative recruitment strategies to hire developer on a budget appeared first on HackerEarth Blog.

The Dos and Don'ts of a Rebranding Strategy


Rebranding requires a lot of strategy. Some companies have done it well, others have flopped. Learn what works and what doesn’t in this list of lessons gathered from those who have rebranded

Ask the "Right" Questions: Your Analytics-Guided Product Strategy

Speaker: Yoav Yechiam, Founder and Head Instructor, productMBA