How Superheroes Personify Retail

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Retail connected retailI watched The Incredibles movie with my son at the weekend, and was reminded of a powerful session I saw at the Gartner Symposium in November.

BBC on Retail Robots


This is a great video because it captures the state of robotics in the retail industry. It starts off with developments pioneered by Amazon in their warehouse and fulfillment centers, and also includes the safety devices used by humans who need to interact with these dangerous robots.

Retailers have Shape up - or Ship Out

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Retail“Excess inventory will kill a business. It doesn’t just cost money; it hides real problems that are lurking in the shadows of the business.”.

IoT offers Retail Stores a Lifeline

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Retail IoTRecently, Britain's high streets suffered their significantly as sales plunged by 2.7 per cent compared with last year, following four months of poor results.

11 Proven Ways to Turn Your Culture into a Culture of Innovation

Kate Morris, CEO of online retailer Adore Beauty, once said: “So many. 11 Proven Ways to. Turn Your Culture Into. a Culture of Innovation 2 // 19Spigit: 11 Proven Ways to Turn Your Existing Culture Into a Culture of Innovation 1 2 94% of senior executives in a research study by McKinsey said.

Retail Ecosystems Require Cooperation… and APIs

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A retail ecosystem exists when companies work together to satisfy the needs of consumers. Integration & APIs Retail

Retail "Body Parts" Work Together to Survive

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The anatomy of the retail industry is similar to the human body; in retail, employees are the backbone and technology is becoming the beating heart. Retail connected retail

What does Freedom as a Service mean to Retailers?

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Retailers have long been constrained, rather than empowered, by technology and data. This is why I feel Software AG’s new tagline, Freedom as a Service , beautifully encapsulates what we do for retailers around the world. Digital Transformation Retail cumulocity Iot

Retail Trends for 2019

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DevOps and Retail: Transforming Brick-and-Mortar to Brick-and-Click

Brick-and mortar-retail is rapidly transforming with the digital age. As physical storefronts turn digital, it’s safe to say that traditional retail is quickly becoming a mesh of “brick-and-click.” ” So, how are retail giants surviving in this new landscape?

5 Ways Retailers Can Increase Sales

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Managing Your Business business management retail strategydrivenIf your business has experienced a dip in sales, the first thing you must do is research why this might be.

5G will create the ultimate retail customer experience


Every retailer is striving to create the best customer environment. 5G will connect everything, so retailers can expect to receive massive amounts of valuable data. For retailers, 5G will mean: In-store analytics, so retailers can spot trends early or make predictions on merchandise.

The New Frontier for Retail – “Everywhere Commerce”

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While digital transformation has affected all aspects of our lives, retail is among the industries that have seen the greatest impact over the years. Yet, contrary to the naysayers, I believe that the brick-and-mortar retail store has the potential to survive and thrive.

Back to the Store – New Opportunities for Retail ISVs


With the change in consumer palettes for healthier food options, smaller convenience stores and retail outlets are seeing a surge in demand for healthy, organic, hot and cold food, and grocery choices.

Big Data in Retail – Top 4 Trend Predictions for Retail in 2018


Retailers are in a tough situation. With a lot of consumers shifting preference towards online shopping, retails can’t be complacent. The post Big Data in Retail – Top 4 Trend Predictions for Retail in 2018 appeared first on SQream - GPU Data Warehouse. Big data Industry Insights AI Chatbot explanatory analytics IoT predictive analytics RetailWe think.

Agile Retail: Using Scrum to out Amazon, Amazon


Agile Retail: Using Scrum to out Amazon, Amazon. The dominance of online retailers like Amazon, Jet and, Zappos, has disrupted tradition brick and mortar retail companies far and wide. So how do retail companies survive? by Joe Justice.

5 Ways IoT is Revolutionizing the Retail Sector

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The Internet of Things has made a significant impact on the retail industry This article outlines 5 ways IoT is revolutionizing the retail sector

Inspired to Drive Digital Transformation in Retail

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This presents significant opportunities for retailers to innovate. Retailers are prioritizing their actions to recognize the fundamental shift in consumer shopping desires and patterns. We live in a time of unprecedented change, characterized by digital transformation.

Tips for Retailers to Start 2019 on the Right Foot


Internet retailer’s 2018 survey on site search and KPIs — first ever to look at correlation between search and business performance — is a neat compendium of trends that have been shaping user experience in the e-commerce industry.

How Retailers Use Artificial Intelligence to Innovate Customer Experience and Enhance Operations


percent of all retail sales (2.3 eCommerce share of total retail sales worldwide from 2015 to 2021. To remain competitive, retailers must allow in-store customers to enjoy the benefits of online shopping. Challenges in the retail industry.

Making Your New Retail Shop A Hit

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Many entrepreneurs consider opening up a retail shop. So how do you make sure that your new retail shop is a hit? Let’s hope these tips help you when it comes to making your retail shop a hit.

The Future of Retail is Mobile – Infographic

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Identity is Security: Retail Therapy


It also revealed a different kind of retail therapy is happening in the hacker community, with around 10 billion of those attempts targeted at retail organizations. The post Identity is Security: Retail Therapy appeared first on SailPoint. Austin is the place SailPoint calls home, but this week there were some interesting conversations to be had about the cybersecurity industry in our hometown.

The Future of Retail is in the Cloud

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Shoptalk , one of retail’s biggest conferences, is descending on Las Vegas in early March. The conference brings retailers and innovators together to create the future of retail based on the latest trends, technologies, and business models.

The Phygital Wave in Retail: Benefits and Challenges Involved

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Amazon Books is a chain of retail bookstores, owned by Amazon. In 2018, Amazon Books had a total of 17 stores, with plans to expand to more locations. The eCommerce giant has a strong presence online but it has its physical presence for books.

The Internet of Things for Grocers and Retailers


This technology opens up many opportunities for retailers to transform the store employee and consumers’ journey. When shoppers checkout using a loyalty card, shopping habits are tracked by retailers. The post The Internet of Things for Grocers and Retailers appeared first on Getronic

Omni-channel retailers: Top 3 companies with successful customer experiences.


In an era where the traditional brick & mortar is almost dead, retailers are creating more and more omni-channel practices to make the customer experience more engaging. Photo: Retail Gazette. Photo: Retail Leader.

How to Start a Successful Retail Business

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The retail industry is the practice of selling goods to the public for their direct use, not for resale. Many people dream of starting their own business in retail. Starting a successful retail business can be challenging, but like other challenges, it can also be very rewarding.

Dead or Alive and Kicking? Big Data Helps Retail Revive


So, is Amazon killing retail? With over a thousand US retail stores having recently shuttered, many analysts are predicting the apocalypse for brick-and-mortar shopping. For retailers, information has become a game-changer, and perhaps even a life-saver.

How to Run a Retail Store That Outsells the Competition

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If you own a retail business and you aren’t satisfied with just being part of the bunch, then you’re probably looking for some tips to go about out-selling the competition and really carving your mark in the industry. Entrepreneurship entreprenuership retail store strategydriven

How To Attract Customers And Boost Retail Sales

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You just finished reading How To Attract Customers And Boost Retail Sales ! The post How To Attract Customers And Boost Retail Sales appeared first on StrategyDriven. Marketing & Sales business management marketing and sales retail strategydriven

The New Reality for Retailers: Science Fiction No More

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How Dell Technologies is empowering retail surveillance with best-in-class AI and computer vision to capture brand new customer opportunities and maximize value. Why is surveillance so important for retail?

How to Succeed in a Retail Career

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Are you thinking of starting a career in retail? Many people find that working in retail is rewarding and there are many opportunities out there. The retail industry has a lot to offer someone that is willing to work hard and keep their nose to the grindstone.

Tips For Managing Retail Staff Effectively

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If you are a retail manager or store owner, then you’re probably already aware of the difficulties in managing staff. Retail managers get put under a lot of pressure, and the job isn’t for everyone. You just finished reading Tips For Managing Retail Staff Effectively !

It’s On You Retailers to Get Out of Your Performative Struggle


Successful retailing is definitely based on retailers’ performative struggle. For retailers, performativity is about winning customers. Successful retailing is definitely based on retailers' performative struggle. Top Six Practices for Retailers.