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Navigating The Complex Waters of Insurance Executive Search: A Strategic Guide

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Crafting the Future: The Significance of Selecting the Right Insurance Executive In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business environment, securing the right insurance executive is more than a mere hiring decision —it’s a pivotal investment in the company’s future.

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Revolutionizing Auto Insurance: How InsurTechs are Lowering Auto Insurance Costs with Usage-Based Policies


Usage-based insurance, often referred to as UBI, has shot to popularity due to its immense potential for insurers when it comes to customization and cost savings. In-car technologies and the surge in connected cars significantly contribute to the growing market size of usage-based insurance. percent between 2023 and 2032.


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Brian Bell Navigates the Evolving Insurance Space to Provide Maximum Client Value Across Industries


With nearly three decades of experience directing commercial lending, corporate finance, and insurance for leading brands, Perficient’s Insurance Principal, Brian Bell, stands at the forefront of our financial services practice. Brian believes insurance serves a noble purpose and is a great source of pride.

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Beyond the Hype – Real strategies for success with Embedded Insurance


At the ITC 2022 InsurTech Conference, Embedded Insurance was everywhere. Industry experts predict that 40% of insurance will be embedded in the next 10 to 20 years. Hippo is a notable InsurTech success for embedded insurance. A closer look at these two examples is required to understand the contributing factors to their success.

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Data Science Fails: Building AI You Can Trust

AI has the power to transform countless industries — including the healthcare, banking, insurance, and public service sectors, to name just a few — by introducing new efficiencies and revealing new opportunities for companies to solve problems.

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Claims Processing in the P&C Insurance: Technology Solutions and Innovation


58% of insurance customers believe that faster claims processing is a critical factor in their overall satisfaction. Streamline P&C insurance claims processing with our innovative solutions.

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Tenable Cyber Watch: DHS Tracks New Ransomware Trends as Attacks Drive Up Cyber Insurance Claims, and more


What’s with the surge in cyber insurance claims and what does ransomware have to do with it? Ransomware causes a jump in cyber insurance claims. Curious about the newest ransomware trends detailed in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s “Homeland Threat Assessment 2024” report? Here’s what’s happening in cyber.

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