Why consumer education is needed in the digital insurance age


For the insurance sector, this has brought forth both new market opportunities and new market confusion. The insurance sector has leveraged digital for new ways of working, and that has proven to be especially valuable in light of […]. Insurance digital insurance

10 ways insurers can — and should — adapt their business models now


The insurance industry is in the midst of a brutal stress test, due to the current environment. Some insurance products may become uneconomical. And many insurers will come under pressure to reduce their spending. Insurance

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Insurance Technologies: 13 Disruptive Ideas to Change Insurance Companies with Telematics, Blockchain, Machine Learning, and APIs


Have you ever tried to check your insurance claim status? While some insurance carriers have made significant modifications courtesy of disruptive digitalization (we’ve already discussed this topic in our whitepaper), most companies trail behind. Insurance Carrier.

10 cyber insurance selling points


Read Elana Ashanti Jefferson list top ten reasons why companies, small and big, should buy cyber insurance on Property Casualty 360 : In a move that reflects the growing urgency for companies, organizations and institutions worldwide to proactively face down and mitigate cybercrime, Beazley, a longtime cyber insurance market leader, announced recently that it has […].

Data Science Fails: Building AI You Can Trust

The new DataRobot whitepaper, Data Science Fails: Building AI You Can Trust, outlines eight important lessons that organizations must understand to follow best data science practices and ensure that AI is being implemented successfully.

Influential National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Moves On Cyber


Cybersecurity practitioners and policymakers have long been discussing the potential positive benefits of smart insurance policy and standards to reduce risk. Of the many actions and activities we see in the insurance world today, the news of NAIC involvement is seen as particularly interesting. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) is the U.S. NAIC members form the national system of state-based insurance regulation in the U.S. By Bob Gourley.

How technology and professional trends are shaking up insurance


These trends resonate strongly across the insurance industry, which has undergone significant change […]. Insurance digital trendsAt the start of the year, DXC Technology issued its 2020 predictions for the future of work, which show renewed focus on technology to drive growth while ensuring the right environment for the teams and leaders to take companies into the future.

Insurance App Development – Adding Value To Your Customers


An Insurance mobile app is a must-have nowadays, and these are not just words, we can prove it! This holds true and blue to all business areas, and insurance is no exception. Thus, the insurance mobile app came into. Undeniably, mobile apps are advantageous to both the participants in the process- clients and the owner and employees of the insurance firm. The Demand For Insurance App. Advantages Of The Insurance App For Users. But what is pet insurance?

Re-thinking The Insurance Industry In Real-Time To Cope With Pandemic-scale Disruption


The Insurance industry is in uncharted waters and COVID-19 has taken us where no algorithm has gone before. Today’s models, norms, and averages are being re-written on the fly, with insurers forced to cope with the inevitable conflict between old standards and the new normal. .

How Omni-Channel Digitization is Transforming Insurance Industry


Insurance, ever since it began, has always been a seller’s market. The post How Omni-Channel Digitization is Transforming Insurance Industry appeared first on ShepHertz App42 Blog. App42 MA General Blogs digitization of insurance sales force automation for insurance omni channel insurance insurance digitization platform insurance salesforce automation digital transformation in insurance insurance marketing automation sales force automation tools

Why You Should Maintain Workers’ Compensation Insurance

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One thing you should not skimp on if you have employees is purchasing workers’ compensation insurance. Most statutes provide a timeline for this and give the employer and the insurer the right to specify the medical professionals an injured worker must first consult.

Survey data shows insurance consumers are clamoring for better digital experiences


That’s certainly true when it comes to insurance, as evidenced by the findings of our recent consumer survey. Based on responses from more than 2,000 individuals in the United States, the 2020 DXC Insurance Survey Report presents […]. The post Survey data shows insurance consumers are clamoring for better digital experiences appeared first on DXC Blogs. Digital Transformation Insurance

Do You Lose Your Life Insurance When You Leave Your Job?

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In a job where an employer offers life insurance to employees, signing up may be a no-brainer. But the truth is that a sponsored group life insurance has its limitations as much as it has great benefits. As long as you keep the job, the insurer will guarantee a basic amount as cover.

Redefining insurance claims service in the digital age


For both of these insureds, the world has just spun out of control. And now, in the midst of this upheaval, each of them must also file an insurance claim. Insurance digital claimsA high wind just brought a tree down on a customer’s house. Meanwhile, another customer watches helplessly as his basement fills with water. For many […].

Cyber Insecurity: A Boon for Insurers


Do you have good cyber insurance? An explosion in perceived cyber threats will lead to an explosion of attention to managing cyber risk, and that attention means booming business for cyber insurers. Randy Milanoff , a lawyer for insurance provider White & Williams, compares the Target data breach to ten Super Bowl advertisement for cyber insurers. By ShannonPerry. We’ve written plenty about data breaches.

Risky business: Why a rapidly changing insurance landscape necessitates a bold approach


The business of insurance is to define, evaluate and mitigate risk. But risk is becoming less predictable, and customer expectations for the purchase and delivery of insurance are changing. InsuranceThat puts added pressure on the industry to appropriately assess and cover risk, while also taking advantage of the growing opportunities that result from changing global […].

Outcome-Based Claims Assignment: The “New Grail” of Insurance


If you’re a commercial insurer, how do you evaluate your claims personnel? How do those evaluations impact your decisions on how to deploy individual adjusters? AI Across Industries

Why is test automation the next big game-changer in the insurance industry?


In a world where technology is creating on-demand and bespoke experiences, the insurance industry is ready for disruption. Application Testing insurance Quality Assurance Software Testing Test Automation insuretech bfsi

Machine Learning: Unlocking the Next for Insurers


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Tips to Reduce Insurance Costs for Your Business

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As a business owner, you know that it’s important to protect the business that you have put so much into by having appropriate insurance coverage. Controlling insurance costs is possible in some ways, though, including by following these tips. Choose the Right Insurance Company.

Automated Rollback the Ultimate Application Release Insurance Policy

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What they were really asking is “what type of insurance policy can an automation tool due to get the system back into a working state after an issue has been detected?”. Sometimes in IT certain terms take on a life of their own. They push past their original meaning and become something different, rollback is one of these terms. In the language of enterprise IT, “rollback” means getting the system back into a working state.

How Cloud Systems Can Help Re-Invent Insurance Brands

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This article was originally published on Insurance-Edge.Net on June 11, 2020. With global Insurtech revenue expected to top $10 billion by 2025, traditional insurers must start examining ways of modernising their systems to remain relevant for today’s digital-savvy customers.

Fascinating Examples Of How Blockchain Is Used In Insurance, Banking And Travel


Blockchain technology promises to revolutionize many aspects of how we do business and, if you believe the blockchain hype (of which there is plenty), may even be as disruptive as […].

Managing Identity and Access for Insurance Catastrophe Teams


… The post Managing Identity and Access for Insurance Catastrophe Teams appeared first on Intelligent Identity and Smarter Security - Saviynt. Blog #Cybersecurity #IGA #informationsecurity #infosec #privacy

The Immediate Technology Insurance Companies Need to Keep Customers


This is especially true in the insurance space where phone calls and emails are heavily relied upon for tasks such as gathering photos to resolve claims, reaching out to existing customers to renew policies or scheduling appointments. There are some insurance companies, however, that have become early adopters of texting, which means they’ve already taken the steps to offer customers a better experience throughout the insurance process. Text message use cases for insurers.

Figuring Out the Best Way to Get Your Business Insured

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One such step is to purchase adequate commercial insurance. You must find out the best way to get your business insured; otherwise, you could end up underinsuring or even over-insuring your company. Continue reading to learn how to go about insuring your business. As such, the first step to insuring your business adequately is to identify all the risks it faces. Determine the Kind of Insurance Policies You Need. Business Interruption Insurance.

Complying With Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Security Rules


The post Complying With Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Security Rules appeared first on CTOvision.com. CTO Cyber Security Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act Health Insurance Portability and Accountability ActHIPAA was enacted in 1996, and by April 2005 security standards were required to be in place for most covered entities. In 2013 key portions of this law were updated.

Why Women are Smashing the Glass Ceiling in the Insurance Industry

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Individual Plans vs. Employer Health Insurance

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Telematics and the Digital Makeover of the Insurance Industry


Most industries have taken to this change like a knife through butter, with an example being the insurance industry. By automating several of their processes, the industry has been able to save a lot of time and costs which is a complete win for both the insurer and the insured. Our focus right now is on ‘Telematics’, the technology that has brought the insurance companies closer to their customers.

5 Ways to Save Money on Business Insurance

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Surviving and Adapting to COVID-19, Part 1: Healthcare and Insurance


Other industries like grocery, healthcare, insurance, and manufacturing of essential goods are seeing skyrocketing demand. The COVID-19 outbreak is causing complex repercussions as it spreads at unprecedented speed, overwhelming healthcare systems globally and affecting all other industries. The global health emergency coupled with an oil price war has triggered an economic downturn.

The Relationship between AR Tech and Insurance


Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that involves the use of digital content such as music, text, video and pictures to enhance a real world environment. It is important to point out that this technology does not entirely replace the real world like the virtual reality technology. In this case, a mobile device is normally […]. Artificial Intelligence CTO News Artificial intelligence

Insurtech: present and future of insurance companies


During this session, Oscar de Paz and Nieves Malagón from AXA talked at length about the importance of undertaking an innovative strategy in the insurance sector, using their own experience with the AXA Opensurance program as a point of view, which rests upon four main pillars: new business models, new distribution models, user experience and the job’s future. There’re lots of new possibilities in adopting these new technologies for insurance companies. On Demand Insurance.

“Covering” Your Career Trajectory: Climbing up the Insurance Industry Ladder

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But if you have been eyeing up a career path in the insurance industry, what is the best trajectory? The insurance industry is a very mobile one. But it’s a perfect place to start your insurance career trajectory by doing the grunt work.