Data architecture vs backend architecture

Erik Bernhardsson

Of course, backend architecture is a bit more mature, and there’s about 1,000 blog posts about best practices. A modern tech stack typically involves at least a frontend and backend but relatively quickly also grows to include a data platform. This typically grows out of the need for ad-hoc analysis and reporting but possibly evolves into a whole oil refinery of cronjobs, dashboards, bulk data copying, and much more.

Why architecture should emerge?

After watching the movie, it got me thinking about architecture in a complex environment. What is the perfect architecture? Perhaps more importantly, when do you know an architecture is perfect? . If you think your current architecture or codebase is future proof, think again.

What is neural architecture search?

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However, neural network architectures themselves are typically designed by experts in a painstaking, ad hoc fashion. Moreover, specialized NAS methods are not actually fully automated, as they rely on human-designed architectures as starting points.

Evolutionary Architecture book published

Martin Fowler

Over the last year or so, three of my colleagues: Neal Ford, Rebecca Parsons, and Pat Kua, have been working on the book "Building Evolutionary Architectures". The book is now done and available. It's does a great job of capturing what we at ThoughtWorks have learned about this topic over the last decade or so. I was honored that they asked me to write the foreword.

Serverless Architecture

Coding Dojo

The post Serverless Architecture appeared first on Coding Dojo Blog. All Posts Tech Talks API Gateway AWS code coding frameworks serveless serverless architectureAs a developer, there is perhaps nothing greater than seeing a project that you developed fully functioning. You fought through … Read more >>.

Angular 2 Application Architecture

I'm Programmer

Angular 2 Application Architecture – Building Redux-like apps using RxJs. The most common example is the acclaimed unread messages counter issue in Facebook, that lead to the formation of the Flux architecture (see here the original talk ). When is a Flux-like architecture needed ?


The Programmer's Paradox

Architecture, for software, is a combination of the underlying technology choices and the higher level organization that encapsulates the many peices of a big system from each other. A good architecture draws 'lines' through the code, providing the high level encapsulation between components. An architecture can be documented, but if the lines are clear and consistent in the code base an experienced programmer can pick it up directly from reading the source. architecture

Big Data Architecture Workshop

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The post Big Data Architecture Workshop appeared first on Cloudera Engineering Blog. Training application architecture applications architecture Big Data cloudera hadoop training cloudera training Cloudera University data analysis Data Science Internet of Things IoT scalable applicationsSince the birth of big data, Cloudera University has been teaching developers, administrators, analysts, and data scientists how to use big data technologies.


The Programmer's Paradox

When and why do you need an architecture? Small stuff requires little architecture and medium systems most often crystallize along some crude architectural lines without much intervention. If you are going to build something large and you start without an architecture, what you will wind up with is a large series of disconnected and/or overlapping pieces that are impossible to stabilize. So what is an architecture? How does one describe an architecture?

Microsoft.NET Application Architecture guidance


Microsoft’s developer division and the Visual Studio team have just released Microsoft.NET Application Architecture Guidance eBooks which are covering several areas: Microservices Architecture. Let’s take the definition from Wikipedia: Microservices is a variant of the service-oriented architecture (SOA) architectural style that structures an application as a collection of loosely coupled services.

Tools for generating deep neural networks with efficient network architectures

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Continue reading Tools for generating deep neural networks with efficient network architectures The O’Reilly Data Show Podcast: Alex Wong on building human-in-the-loop automation solutions for enterprise machine learning.

Steeltoe: Modernize.Net Apps for a Microservices Architecture

The New Stack

The post Steeltoe: Modernize.Net Apps for a Microservices Architecture appeared first on The New Stack. Pivotal sponsored this post. David Dieruf. David is a part of the tech marketing team within Pivotal, bringing a focus of.NET related technologies.

O’Reilly Software Architecture 2018


We are excited to announce our Senior Consultant, Fahran Wallace is speaking this year at O'Reilly Software Architecture 2018. Continue reading O’Reilly Software Architecture 2018 on application architecture architecture Programming

Apiumhub software architecture meetups in Barcelona


This year we moved to a new office in Plaza Urquinaona, where we have an awesome room for organizing Apiumhub software architecture meetups. So, this autumn we started a series of Apiumhub meetups about software architecture and software development. 1st software architecture meetup: MVP & FRP. as an approach for a cleaner and purer frontend architecture. MVP & FRP for a controllerless architecture. What does a good software architecture bring us?

Revisiting “Serverless Architectures”

Mike Roberts

I started writing “ Serverless Architectures ” in May 2016. I added a section on “ Globally distributed architectures ” … take a read and see what you think. :) In the testing section here I added explicit reference to testing-in-production and monitoring driven development?—?two

The Power of the Architecture-driven Organisation


The Power of the Architecture-driven Organisation. Project Datatron: Architecture-driven Collaboration. This in turn was exacerbated by a lack of communication between the Producer and Consumer teams as well as a lack of end-to-end ownership of the architecture.

Highlights from the O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference in London 2018

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People from across the software architecture world came together in London for the O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference. Stefan Tilkov looks at common software architecture pitfalls and explains how they can be avoided.

Auth0 Architecture: Running In Multiple Cloud Providers And Regions

High Scalability

Core service architecture. This is article was written by Dirceu Pereira Tiegs, Site Reliability Engineer at Auth0, and originally was originally published in Auth0.

The Power of the Architecture-driven Organisation


In this blog post we take a brief look at the ways in which technical architecture can influence an organisation, and vice versa. Continue reading The Power of the Architecture-driven Organisation on Uncategorized architecture consulting organisationNot all problems have a purely technical solution.

Discover the Benefits of Android Clean Architecture


It’s easy to get entangled in spaghetti code, fuzzy responsibilities, and opaque architecture. Join Toptal Android Developer Tomasz Czura as he guides you through the process and the reasoning behind creating clean architecture on Android It is just as easy to write crisp, clear code that is just as easy to write, maintain, and update with a little forethought.

Edge Computing: The Driving Force in New Architecture Innovation

Armughan Ahmad - Dell EMC

A lot of announcements try to position their existing products for edge deployments and few try to innovate for purpose built edge architectures. The companies that drive real architecture innovations for new distributed paradigm of edge computing and integrate it.

Agile Architecture: It’s Not a Free-for-All


I’ve been thinking about Agile architecture recently, since a seasoned consultant friend (Payson Hall of Catalysis, Inc.) Agile architecture principles are the same as for Agile in general – where there is lots of planning. In this way, the architecture can evolve with intelligence.

Software Architecture Conference, March 16-19, 2015 Boston, MA (20% Discount Code)


The O''Reilly Software Architecture Conference is a new event designed to provide the in-depth professional training that software architects and people working on software architecture need to support the success of their businesses. By Bob Gourley.

Architecture options to run a workflow engine

Bernd Rucker

In this blog post I will look at possible architectures using them. To illustrate these architecture I use the open source products my company provides( Camunda and ) as I know them best and saw them “in the wild“ at hundreds if not thousands of companies.

Twitter Drawings: “Agile Means No Architecture”

Cory Foy

A short Twitter Drawing following up from my blog post about how great teams work: Following up on [link] I recorded a short video around the idea that "Agile means no Architecture" #twitterdrawings — Cory Foy (@cory_foy) March 12, 2018

Getting Started with Big Data Architecture

Cloudera Engineering

What does a “Big Data engineer” do, and what does “Big Data architecture” look like? The post Getting Started with Big Data Architecture appeared first on Cloudera Engineering Blog.

Better Android Apps Using MVVM with Clean Architecture


In this article, Toptal Freelance Android Developer Abhishek Tyagi shows how to combine MVVM with Clean Architecture—the latter as described by Robert C. Keeping your Android codebase maintainable as your codebase grows can be a challenge. Martin—to write decoupled, testable, and maintainable code

Applying Clean Architecture to Ruby on Rails: First Impressions

The Plain Programmer

On the team I work with at Nav we’ve got three different projects running that have all been experimenting with Clean Architecture. In many ways Clean Architecture feels like a refinement of Domain-Driven Design, but that is an oversimplification.

Applying Clean Architecture to Ruby on Rails: Green Fields

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This is the second installment in a short series on my experiences applying Clean Architecture to Ruby on Rails. They can be really good environments to try out new architectural approaches. Drawbacks Clean Architecture has a lot to offer.

Avoiding Business Stasis by Modernizing Ops, Architecture & More


Ramp up more teams after sequencing the apps that will be modernized from an existing services architecture ? Hybrid deployment enabling flexibility for incremental transformation of the architecture What self-service, transparent deployment looks like. Architecture ?


Building, Benchmarking, and Tuning Syslog Ingest Architecture at Vodafone UK

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In this post, learn about the architecture and performance-tuning techniques and that got it there. The post Building, Benchmarking, and Tuning Syslog Ingest Architecture at Vodafone UK appeared first on Cloudera Engineering Blog.

Architectural Tenets of Deep Learning

Keith Manthey - Dell EMC

This has more to do with focusing on only one aspect of their architecture, say GPUs. As such, I will spend a little time writing about the 3 fundamental tenets for a successful Deep Learning architecture. Lately, I have spent large swaths of my time focused on Deep Learning and Neural Networks (either with customers or in our lab). One of the most common questions that I get is around underperforming model training with regard to “wall clock time.”

Exploring SMACSS: Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS


In this article, Toptal Freelance Front-end Developer Slobodan Gajic gives us a run-down of the idea and benefits behind Jonathan Snook's architectural wisdom CSS is notorious for getting messy quickly as a website scales. While frameworks like Bootstrap can help, SMACSS takes a different approach, as a set of solid organizational guidelines.

Inside Santander’s Near Real-Time Data Ingest Architecture

Cloudera Engineering

Learn about the near real-time data ingest architecture for transforming and enriching data streams using Apache Flume, Apache Kafka, and RocksDB at Santander UK. The post Inside Santander’s Near Real-Time Data Ingest Architecture appeared first on Cloudera Engineering Blog.

Call for Papers: Architecture + Agile: The Yin & Yang of Organizational Agility

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Organizations are also grappling with what the introduction of agile execution approaches means to longer term, big picture perspectives such as strategy formulation and architecture. Core to this discussion is the relationship between architecture and its role in overall organizational agility, as well as how it guides and relates to agile execution approaches. How does business / enterprise architecture enable overall organizational agility from strategy through execution?

Designing Fraud-Detection Architecture That Works Like Your Brain Does

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To design effective fraud-detection architecture, look no further than the human brain (with some help from Spark Streaming and Apache Kafka). The post Designing Fraud-Detection Architecture That Works Like Your Brain Does appeared first on Cloudera Engineering Blog.

The O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference Call for Participation


Friends at O’Reilly Media have just alerted me to a call for participation in the O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference, which will be held 17-19 March in Boston MA (see: [link] ). More info is below: The O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference Call for Participation. New architectural styles. Effective techniques for existing architectures. Integration architecture. Intersection of architecture and…. Architecture

Building Lambda Architecture with Spark Streaming

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The versatility of Apache Spark’s API for both batch/ETL and streaming workloads brings the promise of lambda architecture to the real world. The post Building Lambda Architecture with Spark Streaming appeared first on Cloudera Engineering Blog. Few things help you concentrate like a last-minute change to a major project.

Implementing SOLID and the onion architecture in Node.js with TypeScript and InversifyJS

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In this article, we are going to describe an architecture known as the onion architecture. The onion architecture is a software application architecture that adheres to the SOLID principles. The onion architecture. The onion architecture also follows this principle.

MVC 56

The New Hadoop Application Architectures Book is Here!

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We are very happy to announce that the new Apache Hadoop book we have been writing for O’Reilly Media, Hadoop Application Architectures , is now available as an early release! Hadoop Application Architectures Book is Here!’">Read