Autonomous Networks: The Future We Need Now

This same line of thinking should be applied to managing the network or system infrastructure. While network operators face the same challenges as […]. The post Autonomous Networks: The Future We Need Now appeared first on

Kentik: Cloud Native Applications Need Network Analytics

Moving everything into the cloud seems to have taken the spotlight from the network. As the internet is ubiquitous, who worries about the networks? Kentik has a notion that in the age of cloud native, network analytics are as important as ever.

Network Maintenance Mode: Improving Your Network and Improving Your Life


If you’ve ever worked in network operations, you undoubtedly have a few crazy stories about network outages and the unusual hours you had to work to resolve them. No, the network Gods seem intent on things failing in the middle of the night or when traffic is close to its peak.

Query Your Network Like a Database

Network process automation is an often-overlooked component of DevOps. Incorporating DevOps philosophies toward networking, or DevNetOps, can lead to even greater process improvements and more flexible deployments. Blogs DevOps Practice DevNetOps GraphQL network automation OpenConfig

Strategic Networking is Key for Women Professionals

Women on Business

Networking business networking Career Development career networking Personal DevelopmentWe've Moved! Update your Reader Now.

DevOps Chat: DevOps and the Programmable Network with Cisco DevNet

Network technology has undergone its own transformation in parallel with cloud infrastructure, how we create software and the adoption of DevOps. SDN, NFV, virtual network appliances and an ever-expanding suite of APIs make network and security technologies much more accessible to developers.

Networking: The DevOps Community Deserves Better

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History of Networking, Part 1

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Focus on High-Level Policy Requirements to Accelerate Network Processes for DevOps

Network operations traditionally has been the missing piece in DevOps processes. Network management has lagged behind server and workload automation. But once we shift how network devices are […].

DevOps and Networking: Working to Achieve Nirvana

If there’s an outage or even a hiccup in the performance or network service, it’s on the network and application teams (not the cloud provider) to fix it. The post DevOps and Networking: Working to Achieve Nirvana appeared first on

Managing Your Multi-Cloud Network


As a network or security operations professional, it’s your job to make certain the move goes smoothly. Therefore, before making any large-scale changes, you need to establish a sound network security model that allows for a successful migration. So you’re moving to the cloud!

F5 Networks Acquires NGINX to Meld NetOps with DevOps

As part of an effort to better align DevOps and network operations (NetOps), F5 Networks plans to acquire NGINX, a provider of widely employed open source loading balancing software. The post F5 Networks Acquires NGINX to Meld NetOps with DevOps appeared first on

Network Automation with Ansible

Armughan Ahmad - Dell EMC

DevOps is an operational model that helps businesses achieve agility, efficiency and as of late networks are also becoming part of this model. Data Center Opinions Networking

VMware Brings NSX Network Virtualization into DevOps Realm

At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 conference, VMware moved to bring network virtualization into the realm of DevOps by adding support for a declarative programming model and JSON data formats to version 2.4

Tools for generating deep neural networks with efficient network architectures

O'Reilly Media - Ideas

Wong and his collaborators are building solutions for enterprises, including tools for generating efficient neural networks and for the performance analysis of networks deployed to edge devices.

30 network security Twitter feeds to follow


Tech Zone email security hacking infosec malware network security network security Twitter feeds patch managementTwitter is where information is updated within seconds, especially in the information technology industry.

Networking Events With Pizzazz

Strategy Driven

Your band deserves to have networking events in style. And, let’s face it most networking events are dull as dirt, with the same format over and over again. Networking events do typically offer a drink on arrival – included in the ticket price, but you can be smarter here.

ICT.Social – A Social Network for IT Professionals

The Crazy Programmer

It offers a profile page for each member, personal chat option, tagging of members, and other similar features that a social network has. The post ICT.Social – A Social Network for IT Professionals appeared first on The Crazy Programmer.

Social 105

What’s Preventing Disaggregation in Networking?

The New Stack

Adam’s background of supporting networking products as a vendor, paired with his operational experience running large-scale data center networks gives him a unique perspective on how to build reliable, resilient, and easy-to-use products. So What Is the Legacy Networking Model?

Building Amazing Apps, Part 3: Optimizing the Network

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Network Awareness Using ARPwatch | Roadmap to Securing Your Infrastructure

Linux Academy

This topic of network awareness is dear to my heart — not because of what it does but because it is network-based and I started out in the IT field as a network engineer, so networking holds a special place for me. What do I mean by “network awareness”?

Are you ready to power up your business network?


Network configuration used to be a never-ending task for IT admins. Configuring each branch office network would have required manual setup and most likely, an on-site technician to do it.

Barcelona Pancake Podcast: Service Mesh and the Evolving Network

The New Stack

Pere Monclus , vice president and CTO, networking and security, VMware ; Alex Williams, founder and editor in chief of The New Stack, moderated this panel, with the help of Libby Clark, editorial director, of The New Stack, the other guests on hand included, in addition to Levine: Sponsor Note.

Analyzing 50k fonts using deep neural networks

Erik Bernhardsson

Training a neural network. Now, let’s train a neural network that generates characters! I built a simple neural network using Lasagne/Theano – check out the code here. To start with, let’s recreate real font characters with characters generated from the network. These are all characters drawn from the test set , so the network hasn’t seen any of them during training. All we’re telling the network is (a) what font it is (b) what character it is.

Importance of Docker Network Drivers

Linux Academy

Building a reliable network is essential to long-term application delivery via Docker. First, it’s important to understand the overall architectural framework Docker uses — the Container Networking Model (CNM). Second, we’ll focus on the various types of network drivers. These bolster security in data transference and make assembling and maintaining a Docker network less daunting. What Is a Docker Network Driver? Types of Docker Network Drivers.

Network Teams: Keys to Cloud Migration Success


As enterprises integrate their networks with their public cloud strategies, several best practices for network teams are emerging. Network teams should assess the network requirements of every application before it migrates to the cloud. Final Thoughts on Cloud Networking.

Making Complex Cloud Networking Manageable


How Network as a Service removes the complexity of cloud networking. Now, with the arrival of sophisticated Network as a Service offerings, that’s finally possible. The post Making Complex Cloud Networking Manageable appeared first on Megaport.

Operating your Network with Intent-Based Networking


This blog is the third in a series highlighting Apstra's participation in Networking Field Day 19. Data Center Transformation Intent-Based Analytics Intent-Based Networking NFD19 VMware ServiceNow Grey Failures

Dell EMC and the 5G Network Transformation

Armughan Ahmad - Dell EMC

Data Center Opinions Cloud Networking

How Microsegmentation Differs from Network Segmentation


Microsegmentation as both a term and a network security concept has been in the playbooks for years. Its main purpose is to reduce the network attack surface by limiting east-west communication through the application of granular security controls at the workload level.

Cisco Unleashes the Capabilities of the New Network

Bringing software skills and software practices to networking and IT with Cisco Certifications and DevNet News Summary: Evolution of Cisco’s professional certification program embracesboth the network professional and now the software developer into one community to create the IT team of the future.

Power Up Your Network, from Edge to Core to Cloud

Armughan Ahmad - Dell EMC

And when it comes to the network, power truly is the name of the game. Networking News Dell EMCAnother Dell Technologies World is upon us! With it comes the opportunity for us to share the power of our portfolio with customers, partners, media and analysts from around the world.

Five Networking Tips for Entrepreneurs

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Networking is one of the lesser appreciated talents that the world’s most successful entrepreneurs have mastered. Knowing how to network is a fine line between making friends and actively seeking out business partnerships. Be proactive about networking.

Open Cloud Networking-Redefined


Networking vendors have long touted distinct routers and switches with different LAN/WAN interfaces for different customer use cases.

LAN 67

Is your network bandwidth used properly?


Is your network bandwidth used properly? In most cases, when users complain that their network is slow, there is a high chance the network bandwidth is overloaded. […].

HTTP/3 Replaces TCP with UDP to Boost Network Speed, Reliability

The New Stack

This time more fundamental changes to networking infrastructure may be required to take advantage of the better performance over poor connections and mobile networks, but for most developers, the change will be transparent. That makes QUIC more robust in poor network conditions.

3 Paths to Reduce the Network Attack Surface


With each passing year, companies’ networks grow. Consequently, the network attack surface grows proportionally. Stopping or limiting network sprawl seems impossible given today’s business requirements. To reduce risk, defenders must shrink the network attack surface.