Derive value from analytics and AI at scale

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Continue reading Derive value from analytics and AI at scale Ziya Ma discusses how recent innovations from Intel in high-capacity persistent memory and open source software are accelerating production-scale deployments.

How Financial Analytics Can Transform Your Business

IT Convergence

CFOs are embracing advanced analytics to increase efficiency in finance processes and partner with the business for actionable insight. Financial Analytics Modern Finance AnalyticsModern finance has evolved beyond the traditional financial statements and reports.

A Look At Our New Business Platform: Introducing Dashboard Analytics

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Dashboard Analytics Coming Soon! To make these questions easier to answer, I’m happy to introduce our first phase of analytics. There are multiple analytic components we will be launching in April. Business Platform analytics dashboard analytics

What Are Predictive Data Analytics?


Read more » The post What Are Predictive Data Analytics? Uncategorized AI analytics business intelligence data analytics machine learning ML predictive analytics SMBsWe’re in the midst of a data revolution. Each day we create 2.5

Predictive Analytics 101: Your Roadmap to Driving Key Product Decisions

Speaker: Sriram Parthasarathy

Predictive analytics is an increasingly common buzzword with many forms. What does predictive analytics really mean? You'll learn: The definitions of common industry terms including predictive analytics, advanced analytics, and more.

Smarter cities through Geotab with BigQuery ML and geospatial analytics

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Continue reading Smarter cities through Geotab with BigQuery ML and geospatial analytics Chad Jennings explains how Geotab's smart city application helps city planners understand traffic and predict locations of unsafe driving.

Importance of Advanced Analytics in Healthcare

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There are huge volumes of data traversing through healthcare systems worldwide In this article we examine the importance of advanced analytics in healthcare

A Look at Real-World Data Analytics Success Stories


As more organizations turn to data analytics as an integral part of their growth strategy, many leaders may harbor some doubts. How will data analytics work in the real world when it comes time to make critical business decisions?

Large-Scale Health Data Analytics with OHDSI

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Data analytics is increasingly being brought to bear to treat human disease, but as more and more health data is stored in computer databases, one significant challenge is how to perform analyses across these disparate databases.

Using machine learning and analytics to attract and retain employees

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In this episode of the Data Show , I spoke with Maryam Jahanshahi , research scientist at TapRecruit, a startup that uses machine learning and analytics to help companies recruit more effectively. Continue reading Using machine learning and analytics to attract and retain employees

Products for Product People: Best Practices in Analytics

Speaker: Andrew Wynn, Senior Product Manager, Looker

But proper data analytics solutions take work to deliver - it's not as simple as just building a dashboard. Learn product analytics best practices from Andrew Wynn, Product Manager at Looker. How Looker incorporates analytics in their product development process.

7 Benefits of Operational Analytics


Let’s go ahead and take a look at what the benefits of operational analytics are. Benefits of Operational Analytics. With the help of operational analytics, you can identify areas that need streamlining, helping you to save more money, be more efficient, thus resulting in better profits. That’s a steep increase compared to customer analytics which only drives about $38 billion in profits. How has operational analytics helped your business?

Adding Cloud to Your Analytic Ecosystem


Brian Wood explains what should be considered when adding cloud to your analytic ecosystem

GoodData: Collaborative Analytics


They provide advanced analytics for driven organizations to create new revenue streams. The post GoodData: Collaborative Analytics appeared first on Analysis Analytical Tool Companies Big Data Company GoodData

Minding the Analytics Gap


In response, XL produces increasingly complex analytics, and demand for analytical insights progressively permeates the organization. They are not comfortable making decisions based on analytical approaches that they do not fully understand.

Iterate Your Way to a Top Analytics Product Experience

Speaker: Richard Cheng, Associate Product Manager, Mark43

How efficient intelligence and analytics will benefit your users. How to quickly and effectively embed professional-grade analytics in your product experiences. Mark43 is on a mission to bring public safety data management into the 21st century.

Using Machine Learning in Oracle Analytics Cloud to Predict HR Attrition

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This was true for many years but it is beginning … Continue reading "Using Machine Learning in Oracle Analytics Cloud to Predict HR Attrition". The post Using Machine Learning in Oracle Analytics Cloud to Predict HR Attrition appeared first on Apps Associates.

Awesome Analytics with (Sponsored)

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As I’ve become more experienced as a developer and a businessman, I’ve realized that analytics are the best way to make decisions… and money. changed my perception of what I could expect from an analytics service: easy to record, easy to consume, and easy to trust.

Red Owl Analytics: Next generation analytic platform


This is an update of our write-up on Red Owl Analytics. We cover them in our special reports on Analytical Tools , Big Data , and Security. Analysis Analytical Tool Companies Big Data Companies Company CTO CTOvision Disruptive IT List DoD and IC Security Companies

Yotascale puts predictive analytics into cloud ops


Tackling increased complexity in the cloud space, startup Yotascale offers a predictive-analytics-driven platform for optimizing and managing cloud application operations. The post Yotascale puts predictive analytics into cloud ops appeared first on Yotascale.

The 5 Levels of Analytics Maturity

SOPHISTICATED PRODUCT DIFFERENTIATORS Do the analytic offerings in your application make you stand out from the crowd? your offerings fall on the analytics maturity scale—and learn how sophisticated capabilities. 1.But Analytics Are a Long-Term Differentiator.2 embed analytics.

How To Democratize AI in Popular Analytics Tools Part 1


To fully exploit AI’s potential across the enterprise, organizations should democratize DataRobot automated machine learning models in their existing analytics tools, processes, and apps.

Application of advanced analytics and machine learning in the banking industry

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Banks have always been custodian of customer data, but they lack the technological and analytical capability to derive value from the data. On the other hand, fintech companies have the analytical capabilities and, thanks to payments services directives, they now have access to valuable data.

New in Cloudera Enterprise 6.0: Analytic Search

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Analytic Search appeared first on Cloudera Engineering Blog. CDH Search analytics Apache Solr Cloudera Search Hue solr sqlIt has been a long and patient wait for Apache Hadoop 3.0 to mature. A major new version of the storage layer obviously impacts all our integrated components, including Apache Solr and all our integrations with the rest of the platform, commonly referred to as Cloudera Search.

Kemp Adds Predictive Analytics to ADC to Advance DevOps

Kemp this week enhanced the automation and predictive analytics capabilities it makes available within its application developer controller (ADC) as part of an effort to ease deployment of applications across multi-cloud computing environments.

How to Package and Price Embedded Analytics

HOW TO PACKAGE & PRICE EMBEDDED ANALYTICS. Practical Frameworks to Monetize Embedded Analytics Table of Contents Embedding Analytics to Lift Value and Revenue. 21 Get On the Embedded Analytics Revenue Escalator.23 About Logi Analytics and Software Pricing Partners.25

A Technical Overview of Cloudera Altus Analytic DB

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A few weeks back, we announced the upcoming beta of Cloudera Altus Analytic DB for cloud-based data warehousing. Architecture of Cloudera Altus Analytic DB. The post A Technical Overview of Cloudera Altus Analytic DB appeared first on Cloudera Engineering Blog.

Disrupting Everything in BI Analytics


This year we spoke to over 300 customers and partners about how Qlik, integrates with Cloudera’s modern platform for machine learning and analytics optimized for the cloud, makes it easy to extract and analyze data to help organizations make data-driven decisions.

Best Mobile Analytics Tools Comparison


Analytics plays an essential role in marketing activities strategy. With analytics tools, you can measure the number of downloads, the amount of money they brought you, even the most recent opinions on your app.

How to build analytic products in an age when data privacy has become critical

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Privacy-preserving analytics is not only possible, but with GDPR about to come online, it will become necessary to incorporate privacy in your data products. It turns out there are some new tools for building analytic products that preserve privacy. Business intelligence and analytics.

5 Early Indicators Your Embedded Analytics Will Fail

that you’re at risk for an analytics emergency. Analytics Will Fail5 Table of Contents Introduction. an Analytics Emergency.3 For companies that embed analytics, their. The embedded analytics are left. emergency analytics situations? embed analytics.

Three Trends for Modernizing Analytics and Data Warehousing in 2019


Data analytics priorities have shifted this year. Don’t blink or you might miss what leading organizations are doing to modernize their analytic and data warehousing environments. Natural Language Analysis and Streaming Data Analytics. Modernizing Analytics and Data Warehousing.

Managing Analytic Workloads with Cloud


Brian Wood discusses the intricacies of managing analytic workloads in the cloud

New in Cloudera 5.15: Simplifying the end user Data Catalog for the Self Service Analytic Database

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Self-service BI and exploratory analytics are some of the most common use cases we see our customers running on Cloudera’s analytic database solution. Analytic Database CDH Cloud Cloudera Navigator Hue Impala Analytic DB Analytics database Data Catalog impala Self Service BI sql

When Three Worlds Collide: HPC, Analytics and AI

Armughan Ahmad - Dell EMC

High-performance computing, data analytics and artificial intelligence are converging, and that’s good news for today’s enterprises. If HPC, data analytics and AI are so different, then.

Monetizing Analytics Features: Why Data Visualizations Will Never Be Enough

MONETIZING ANALYTICS FEATURES: Why Data Visualizations. application and maximize the value of embedded analytics. Data Visualizations Have Gone From Rare to Ubiquitous 1 If DataViz Is Old News, What’s the Future of Analytics? rethink how they ofer analytics in their products.

How AI and Blockchain Impact Big Data Analytics in the Healthcare Industry

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A technological revolution is on in healthcare This article outlines how AI and Blockchain technology impact big data analytics in the healthcare industry

Predictive Analytics Tools Can Create a Better Workforce

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Understanding What Predictive Analytics Is. Predictive analytics (PA) is well known in many business arenas but has never entered Human Resources until recently. Predictive analytics examines data or content to answer the question “What is likely to happen?’’

Analytics of Things: An Introduction


Analytics of Things is what will grant the Internet of Things (IoT) its power to transform. The post Analytics of Things: An Introduction appeared first on Experion Technologies. Digital Analytics of Things Internet of Things

Empowering Analytics: Detecting Fraud In Hybrid Datasets


The webinar is entitled "Empowering Analytics: Detecting Fraud In Hybrid Datasets". The fight against fraud in government can now leverage the same powerful methods used to fight fraud in the commercial sector, by applying analytics across hybrid datasets. Please join in this webcast, as Bob and Steve highlight the top use cases and how organizations can look for new types of fraud and counter the tactics of its perpetrators by leveraging big data analytics.

Why “Build or Buy?” Is the Wrong Question for Analytics

IS THE WRONG QUESTION FOR ANALYTICS Introduction.1 When to Build Your Own Analytics. 9 About Logi Analytics. 12 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1The question of embedding analytics in an application has. edge they can gain by offering embedded analytics in their. Analytics.