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Data protection activists accuse ChatGPT of GDPR breach


With regard to information generated by ChatGPT, noyb alleges there is no legal redress for so-called “hallucinations,” or wrong answers provided by artificial intelligence (AI) large language models, when it comes to personal information. The impact of this on enterprises using the tool could be huge.

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Internal Chat GPT: Enhancing Efficiency and Security


Our team recently built a POC for Internal ChatGPT that offers a secure and efficient way for companies to leverage the power of chatbots while maintaining control over their internal data. What Does Our Internal ChatGPT POC Do? The Internal ChatGPT proof of concept was developed on Azure’s OpenAI chat interface.

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Chat GPT 4: Know all about the latest version of popular chatbot ChatGPT


When ChatGPT was first introduced in November, 2022, there were mixed feelings about the technology. However everyone agreed that ChatGPT was the next technological revolution in the making. Afterall OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, has successfully trained a chatbot to converse in the way humans did. What Is Chat GPT 4?

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OpenAI connects ChatGPT to the internet


OpenAI’s viral AI-powered chatbot, ChatGPT , can now browse the internet — in certain cases. OpenAI today launched plugins for ChatGPT, which extend the bot’s functionality by granting it access to third-party knowledge sources and databases, including the web. Time will tell whether they’re sufficient.

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LLMOps for Your Data: Best Practices to Ensure Safety, Quality, and Cost

Speaker: Shreya Rajpal, Co-Founder and CEO at Guardrails AI & Travis Addair, Co-Founder and CTO at Predibase

Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT offer unprecedented potential for complex enterprise applications. However, productionizing LLMs comes with a unique set of challenges such as model brittleness, total cost of ownership, data governance and privacy, and the need for consistent, accurate outputs.

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Volkswagen is bringing ChatGPT into its cars and SUVs


Volkswagen is getting into the ChatGPT game. The German automaker announced Monday at CES 2024 in Las Vegas plans to add an AI-powered chatbot into all Volkswagen models equipped with its IDA voice assistant. For drivers who want an AI-based chatbot to read researched content out loud to them, of course.

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One year later, ChatGPT is still alive and kicking


ChatGPT, OpenAI’s viral AI chatbot, turns one today. A year ago, OpenAI released ChatGPT as a “low-key research preview” — reportedly spurred in part by an intense rivalry with AI startup Anthropic.

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