Anaxi Delivers Project Management App for DevOps

Anaxi, a provider of project management software designed specifically for DevOps teams, has made its web application generally available. The post Anaxi Delivers Project Management App for DevOps appeared first on

Demystifying Crucial Phases of Project Management

With competition becoming more intense for development companies, project management is becoming a more integral part of every project. It’s no longer limited to the actual creation of a new project.

Project Manager -Junior Tester

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The post Project Manager -Junior Tester appeared first on I'm Programmer. Programming Funny Images Programming Jokes bug SDLC Tester

Clubhouse, Project Management Software for Engineers

The New Stack

Like many software tools, Clubhouse , one of the latest project-management systems, was borne of frustration. “I Unlike more generic project-management tools like Asana or Trello , it’s hyper-focused on engineering and product teams, he said.

Why “Build or Buy?” Is the Wrong Question for Analytics

At the same time, product managers are responding to. This inevitably stalls projects and delays time to revenue. development of components, project management. your analytics project will inevitably take away from work. WHY “BUILD OR BUY?”

8 Useful Tips to Become a Successful Project Manager


Project Managers generally handle projects on a large scale depending on the company they work for. Be it a successful manager or a veteran; it is highly unlikely that every task will go according to one’s plan. Understanding the project as a whole.

Big Data Project Management: What’s In & What’s Out?


Here’s something to think about when you're planning a big data project: are you planning a project or a program ? Here's a simple distinction: A project typically has a beginning, middle, and end. Projects. Managing Data-Intensive Programs and Projects: Selected Articles.

Asana: Enterprise grade project management


The post Asana: Enterprise grade project management appeared first on Asana is an efficient way to keep tasks organized when working as a team. They seek to enhance teamwork without email.

Project Manager or Product Manager: what’s the difference?


What responsibilities do product and project managers share? How is product management different from project management? Fred from nTask answers important questions to highlight differences between Product and Project Management. The titles Project Manager and Product Manager are often misunderstood or confused with one another. Even a Product Manager can also take up certain responsibilities of the project management.

Role of the Project Manager on an Agile Project


As companies progressively adopt Scrum as the preferred project management method over traditional waterfall method, the subject of ‘role-mapping’ becomes more critical. People often try to find synergy between the roles of a traditional Project Manager with that of a Scrum Master.

New Study: 2018 State of Embedded Analytics Report

Companies no longer have the time or luxury to treat analytics as a standalone project. product management, product development, software engineering, IT, and executives from both commercial. 2018 STATE OF. EMBEDDED. ANALYTICS. REPORT The Sixth Annual Review of Embedded.

Agile Project Management: Importance of the retrospective


Agile project management , agile software development , agile methodology , agile transformation , agile adoption – all these words are buzzwords! However, when teams become more efficient, the risk of fail rises because teams start to miss important steps in agile project management and one of them is sprint retrospective. This article explores why Sprint Retrospectives are always an essential part of team development and project management.

The Tip of the Spear II: Connecting Big Data Project Management with Enterprise Data Strategy


Managing data is not the same as analyzing it. Making the data analysis process – the tip of the Big Data spear -- effective and efficient is where good project planning and management come in. Data are often generated and managed in system- or mission-specific siloes.

You Need a Hero: The Project Manager


For every tech project or business, there's inevitably the “client” and the “programmer”. This someone, this hero, is the project manager. In this entertaining article, Ethan James gives his insights as to why you, the developer, and you, the client, should invest in a project manager.

Why Big Data Project Management Can Be So Difficult


When it comes to the management of big data, therein lies the challenge. Along with the challenges of project management and handling big data solutions, new software is being designed all the time which helps companies with project tracking and data management. The project management software available today is superior to anything used in the past when it comes to amassing and analyzing data. How to Manage the Big Data. Rick Delgado.

Agile 2018 – Linear Scalability of Teams: The Holy Grail of Agile Project Management


At 2pm on Monday, I presented "Linear Scalability of Teams: The Holy Grail of Agile Project Management." The post Agile 2018 – Linear Scalability of Teams: The Holy Grail of Agile Project Management appeared first on Scrum Inc. Scrum@Scale is a sponsor of Agile 2018. I am signing books and taking photos at our booth. A link to the slides is below. Agile 2018 S@S.

Software Costs Estimation In Agile Project Management


One of the hardest things to do in software development is to determine how long and how much it will take to deliver a new software product. Should it be so hard? The answer is not straightforward

The Ultimate Introduction To Agile Project Management


In this article, Toptal Head of Projects Paul Barnes teaches about behaviors, frameworks, techniques, and concepts supporting agile project management in software development Simply calling something Agile isn't particularly helpful. The word, even in a software context, means different things to different people or organizations. There are many facets, definitions, implementations, and interpretations.

Why Hiring Top Web Developers is a Good Idea

Blogs Business of DevOps Leadership Suite devops teams project management web developers web developmentWeb developers are a great addition to every organization.

Heilmeier’s Catechism


It’s a good exercise to answer these questions for an individual research project, too, both for yourself and as a way to convey to others what you hope to accomplish. Or when you want to execute a marketing or sales project that relies on a new technology. Heilmeier Catechism.

3 Undeniable Reasons To Get Your ScrumMaster Certification Now


According to the PMI Project Management Salary Survey – Tenth Edition [1] , PMI certifications positively impact your marketability, leverage your credibility, and garner a higher salary. 1 “Earning Power Project Management Salary Survey 10th Edition.”

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3 Undeniable Reasons To Get Your ScrumMaster Certification Now


According to the PMI Project Management Salary Survey – Tenth Edition [1] , PMI certifications positively impact your marketability, leverage your credibility, and garner a higher salary. 1 “Earning Power Project Management Salary Survey 10th Edition.”

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How To Increase Your Team Productivity With Kanban


Becoming more productive – without overloading your team – is the core goal of effective project management. Kanban is a system for managing the flow of work items through a process. Big, sweeping changes in management often face pushback and poor team engagement.

11 Must-Have Agile Tools for Software Teams


Whether it’s software development or project management, leading an agile team is not an easy task at all. If you’re looking for an all-in-one project management software to be used by agile teams or remote teams, ProofHub is the answer. ProofHub lets you plan, organize, collaborate, and deliver agile projects without much effort. Why ProofHub: Simplify the way you manage tasks by defining their flow. Clear insights on how projects are running.

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IT jobs explained with a broken lightbulp

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Programming Funny Images Programming Jokes Backend developer Content Marketing front end developer IT jobs Lead Generation Project ManagerThe post IT jobs explained with a broken lightbulp appeared first on I'm Programmer.

15 Useful Team Management Software for Maximizing Team Productivity


Simple tools and team management software can come in handy when it comes to boosting the productivity of a team. The job of this article is to equip you with knowledge; giving you information onteam management software recommended for an enhanced productivity. There are certain features that are necessary to maximize your team’s effort, they include the following; work scheduling, data storage, reporting & analytics, communication & collaboration and project management.

5 Reasons Why You Need Agile Scrum Master Training


These are the professionals who can manage teams and processes for better productivity. If you are an experienced professional in a management role looking to add more flair to your job role, then we have some valuable information for you.


Why The Right Change Often Feels Wrong

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Someone with leadership skills might correctly identify a new direction, but it takes someone with people management skills to help them through the transitions that the new direction demands. ask berkun Culture Management Philosophy Project Management Relationships

The Unbreakable Product Owner: a SuperHero in software development


However, often a PO must take a decision that may change the project or even mark the product with respect to succeeding or failing probabilities. Agile web and app development Agile project management agile software development Software developer

Issue Management : 5 Tips to help you manage Team-work related issues


An Issue management software is a great deal of help in planning, reporting and tracking issues on time. Sometimes as a project manager , you are confronted with non-technical issues, that fester and affect your Team’s performance. Good management leads by example.

Interesting facts about software development: statistics 2018


In this part, you will also find the most popular programming languages and project management tools. And the last chapter focuses on performance management and code quality. You will see the causes of delivery problems from a developer and manager point of view. After that comes prioritization and increasing the number of people working on the project. To know more about the most popular tools for project management and communication, click here.

Do You Embrace Agility?

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Agile Project Management Business Technology Trends Business-IT Strategies Collaboration+Teams Digital Transformation Innovation IT Management agile teams agile-management business-agility collaboration digital disruption digital transformation survey teams

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How to Handle Part-time Team Members in a Scrum Team


Agile frameworks have come across as the go-to guide to designing and carrying out projects to meet project planning goals and exceed customer expectations. However, there may be scenarios when exceptions need to be made due to project requirements or unforeseen scenarios.


Are engineers more creative than designers?

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Which means many of the conflicts between designers and engineers are about bad management, the lack of a leader providing shared goals that unify these traits towards a common cause. ask berkun Design Management Project Management Software/Web development the best tool to help people work better together

I'm Programmer is a centralized platform for teams to manage every detail of their work, from high-level roadmap planning to the specifics of day-to-day tasks, while building a culture of transparency. Creating and managing project’s milestones.

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Agility in Remoteness: The Resourcing Perspective


Agility is hailed as the modern project savior. With the early ‘90’s witness to a series of projects crashing, project managers were tasked with going back to the drawing board to see what caused things to go amiss. What makes agile a success is when your staff know instinctively how to upskill for niche projects. One of the many duties of a project manager is to repurpose teams by their experiential confidence, advisory and skills prowess.

A Conversation about Project Management and Social Media by Dennis McDonald

elsua: The Knowledge Management Blog

A Conversation about Project Management and Social Media by Dennis McDonald

elsua: The Knowledge Management Blog

4 web development and technology trends in 2018


Project Management Blockchain desktop mobile trends virtual reality VR WebWeb development is in constant transformation. Advancement in technology brings out new platforms, frameworks and programming languages each year.

Uncle Bob Martin challenges software industry to Grow-up

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This is because project managers have used Scrum certification to regain control of teams. “Agile was never intended for this and there’s no way you can take a 200 person project and run it in an agile way”. The State of Software talk by Robert C. Martin.