Application Architecture

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Eggplant Injects AI Into Application Testing

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Application Monitoring Using Stagemonitor

This article covers important steps to monitor a typical Java application using Stagemonitor tool, Kibana as a dashboard viewing tool and Elasticsearch as a data processing engine. The post Application Monitoring Using Stagemonitor appeared first on

OpenLegacy, Boomi Simplify Legacy Application Integration

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The Essential Guide to Building Analytic Applications

Embedding dashboards, reports, and analytics in an existing application presents some unique opportunities—and poses unique challenges—to software teams. Download this eBook to hear 16 product experts share insights on business intelligence, UI/UX, security, and everything that goes into building a successful application with analytics at its core.

Book Review: Designing Data-Intensive Applications

Henrik Warne

What a great book Designing Data-Intensive Applications is! In a document model, joins are shifted from the database to the application. But in general, only the application can define what is valid or invalid data – the database only stores the data.

Why Legacy Application Development is a Challenge

Enterprises seeking to modernize their legacy mainframe applications often cite the key reason as not being able to evolve quickly enough to support the changing needs of the business. The post Why Legacy Application Development is a Challenge appeared first on

How to Modernize Mainframe Applications

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Operational Database Application Support

Cloudera Engineering

This blog post gives you an overview of the languages, frameworks, and applications supported by Cloudera’s OpDB. Cloudera’s OpDB offers advanced features such as filters and counters; and supports various popular languages that enable you to build applications for varied use cases. .

F5 Networks Surfaces Application Insights

F5 Networks, at its Agility 2020 online event today, unfurled Beacon, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that enables IT teams to better monitor and troubleshoot applications using telemetry data collected from networking equipment from both F5 and third-party sources.

How to Choose the Best Embedded Analytics Solution to Modernize Your Application

If you are looking to modernize your application to improve competitiveness, then one of the quickest wins you can have is to embed sophisticated analytics that will wow your existing and prospective customers.

Speaking the Language of Applications

The post Speaking the Language of Applications appeared first on I arrived early to a meeting, and the pleasant security guard at AT&T suggested I take a look at their innovation museum while I wait.

An example of a micro frontend application

Martin Fowler

After all the theory about micro frontends, Cam now digs into an example of how JavaScript integration can work with a simple application. more…. skip-home-page

Critical Factors for Successful Cloud Native Application Development


Cloud Native Application Development is gaining more prominence and popularity as enterprises across industries adopt newer ways to scale up their business. It’s changing the way we think about developing and deploying software applications. Modernize Application Architecture.

List of Top Mobile and Web Applications Built on Java


Java is the most popular programming language that is widely used to build mobile and desktop applications. From mobile phones to enterprise servers, applications of Java are used everywhere. Many applications are developed using this popular language called Java.

Serverless and Containers: How to Choose the Right Application Strategy

Speaker: Tolga Tarhan, Senior Vice President, GM AWS Services at Onica

When it comes to the modern tech stack, one of the fastest changing areas is around containers, serverless, and choosing the ideal path to cloud native computing. How do you as a technology leader point your team in the right direction, especially given how quickly this is evolving?

What Are AWS Application Patterns?

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AWS 88

Predictions 2020: Application Trends, Opportunities and Challenges

The post Predictions 2020: Application Trends, Opportunities and Challenges appeared first on Without wheeling out all the usual clichés, 2019 has been another whirlwind of disruptive innovation and opportunity–with plenty of challenges to tackle and circumvent along the way.

Microservices vs Monolithic Application


Monolithic Application In a monolithic application, all modules are developed in a single code base. In a monolithic application, if we bring changes in any one of the modules then we need to redeploy the entire application with all modules.

Achieving Application Health Through Integrated APM

Performance and availability mean everything to application users at both the enterprise and consumer level. The post Achieving Application Health Through Integrated APM appeared first on

From Build to Buy: The Path to Better Analytics for Your Application

Speaker: Ardeshir Ghanbarzadeh, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Logi Analytics

Making the transition from building your analytics in-house to investing in a third-party embedded solution can be complicated.Watch this webinar with Ardeshir Ghanbarzadeh, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Logi Analytics, for tips on making the transition as smooth as possible, and getting on the right path to better analytics for your app!

The Importance of Progressive Web Application Development


Progressive web app development services are looking to take advantage of new features supported by browsers – like service workers and web app manifests that allow users to upgrade web apps to progressive web apps in a native application. Web Application Development

Application Managed Services: Maximize The Value of Your Applications

Apps Associates

If your company … Continue reading "Application Managed Services: Maximize The Value of Your Applications". The post Application Managed Services: Maximize The Value of Your Applications appeared first on Apps Associates.

The Hidden Costs of Developing a Mobile Application

The Crazy Programmer

More and more companies are realizing just how valuable a mobile application can be for their businesses. This price may sound a bit staggering for those just getting started with the process, but a lot more goes into the process of building an application than just design and development.

Mobile 139

Application Performance Management for DataOps

Over the years, application performance management (APM) tools have been utilized typically to measure and monitor the performance of software such as web applications. The post Application Performance Management for DataOps appeared first on

Microservices: The Dark Side

Speaker: Prem Chandrasekaran

A few years ago, Barclays embarked on a journey to migrate its legacy services to a modern tech stack with the objective of achieving a high level of scale, resilience, and reliability. During the incremental, iterative move towards an ecosystem of focused, distributed services, it’s fair to say that the company discovered the challenges of distributing objects. Join us for an episode you can’t miss if you’re finding it a lot harder to architect in practice than in theory, and learn how you can shed light on the dark side of microservices.

Application Support and Filling Gaps with Flexibility

Apps Associates

College gap year, spark plug gaps, offensive line gaps, financial stock gaps… There are many different types of gaps out there, but there is one that not all consumers of SaaS applications recognize. Gaps in application support.

Application Infrastructure

James Shore

This week, it's isolating and testing application infrastructure. Application infrastructure is all the external systems your application interacts with: networks and services; file systems and databases; and global state such as the computer's clock and your application’s process.

Application Errors: Are They Costing You More Than You Thought?


You can figure out how much errors cost when they crash your application, but what about other errors and issues that are caught and known? The application has crashed. It takes a few hours (or even days) and some new grey hairs, but eventually the application is up and running again.

Challenges and Obstacles to Application of GDPR to Big Data


How to Package and Price Embedded Analytics

to Lift Value and Revenue01 Today’s organizations are embedding analytics in commercial software applications at an exponential rate. 2017 State of Embedded Analytics Report, 93 percent of applications offer some form of embedded analytics capabilities. application into.

Open Application Model: Build the Next Generation of Cloud Native Applications

Ryan Zhang

Back in October 2019, Microsoft and Alibaba Cloud jointly announced The Open Application Model which is a standard, platform-agnostic way to describe cloud and edge applications. For example, each microservice in an application is described as a component.

Using machine learning to improve dialog flow in conversational applications

O'Reilly Media - Data

In this episode of the Data Show , I spoke with Alan Nichol , co-founder and CTO of Rasa , a startup that builds open source tools to help developers and product teams build conversational applications.

The Challenge of Securing Open Source Applications

As enterprises have increased their reliance on applications over the years, there has been a significant rise in the use of reusable software components such as third-party libraries and open source code.

The Future of Web Application Development


Progressive Web Apps make it clear that the future of web based applications should involve replacing native applications. However, the future of web application development does not stop there. The post The Future of Web Application Development appeared first on KitelyTech.

5 Early Indicators Your Embedded Analytics Will Fail

Updating your application’s dashboards and reporting features. application’s dashboards and reports tend. Why do application teams find themselves in. Consider this: 68 percent of commercial applications. their application knows how painful. And application.

APM and Application Stability: Where Two Monitoring Roads Merge and Diverge

In software development, application performance management (APM) is one of the grown-ups in the room. The post APM and Application Stability: Where Two Monitoring Roads Merge and Diverge appeared first on