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2024 Enterprise Storage Trends


2024 Enterprise Storage Trends Adriana Andronescu Thu, 12/07/2023 - 08:59 Here are seven storage trends that Infinidat has identified heading into 2024. #1: Reliance solely on backup is no longer enough to secure storage systems.

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Apache Ozone – A Multi-Protocol Aware Storage System


Navigating this intricate maze of data can be challenging, and that’s why Apache Ozone has become a popular, cloud-native storage solution that spans any data use case with the performance needed for today’s data architectures. One of these two layouts should be used for all new storage needs.

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Quick Guide to Azure Storage Pricing

Azure Storage is a cloud-based storage service from Microsoft Azure. It provides a scalable, secure and highly available data storage solution for businesses of any size. Azure Files […] The post Quick Guide to Azure Storage Pricing appeared first on

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The Industry’s First Cyber Storage Guarantee on Primary Storage


The Industry’s First Cyber Storage Guarantee on Primary Storage. Guarantees are hugely important in the enterprise storage market. Global Fortune 500 enterprises have gravitated to Infinidat’s powerful 100% availability guarantee, helping make Infinidat a market leader in enterprise storage. Evan Doherty.

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Optical Storage Devices – Examples, Types, Advantages

The Crazy Programmer

In this article, we will study the concept of optical storage devices and their types. As the name suggests, optical storage devices are used to store information using patterns of dots. We will take a look at six major optical storage devices which have proved highly useful for storing large data. Optical Storage Devices.

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Cloudera Operational Database (COD) Performance Benchmarking: Comparing HDFS and Cloud Storage


Support for cloud storage is an important capability of COD that, in addition to the pre-existing support for HDFS on local storage, offers a choice of price performance characteristics to the customers. We tested for two cloud storages, AWS S3 and Azure ABFS. These performance measurements were done on COD 7.2.15 CDH:

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Storage Options in Google Cloud

Cloud That

Persistent Disks (Block Storage). Filestore (Network File Storage). Cloud Storage (Object Storage). One of the fundamental resources needed for today’s systems and software development is storage, along with compute and networks. Persistent Disks (Block Storage). Filestore (Network File Storage).