Managing Storage in Kubernetes

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This temporary nature would have us assume that storage would be difficult to manage. Kubernetes allows you to natively create and manage storage decoupled from pods. In order to provide storage to our pods, we have to place the disk in the same region as our cluster.

Managing Storage in Kubernetes

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This temporary nature would have us assume that storage would be difficult to manage. Kubernetes allows you to natively create and manage storage decoupled from pods. In order to provide storage to our pods, we have to place the disk in the same region as our cluster.

Kubernetes Storage: Dynamic Volumes and the Container Storage Interface

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In this two-part article, Platform 9 Kubernetes engineer Jay Vyas introduces the key concepts and components in the Kubernetes storage architecture, to build up a conceptual storage model which is technology agnostic. Part 1: Kubernetes Storage Deep-Dive: . Cold storage.

Strategic storage is intelligent


Analytics and AI-based decision-making, the complexities of multicloud computing, and data growth unpredictability drive the need for intelligent storage. Storage

Data Storage

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The post Data Storage appeared first on I'm Programmer. Programming Funny Images Programming Jokes data storage SQL Data StorageSQL Humor. 1 of 5. SQL Clause SQL Clause. So true! So true! SQL vs NoSQL Database - Most Popular Databases in the world. link] ? link] ?.

What the Container Storage Interface Means for Storage Evolution

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A blog post by Saad Ali , senior software engineer at Google, drew considerable attention early year when Ali first described Kubernetes GA in “ Container Storage Interface (CSI) for Kubernetes GA. There are thus different kinds of storage systems, databases, etc. —

How to use Local Storage for Caching in AngularJS 1.6


Local Storage and Caching in AngularJS 1.6. Let’s get to the fun stuff, Local storage in AngularJS 1.6 ! Window Local Storage is an HTML5 web api that can be used to store data in the browser. An awesome developer created the angular-local-storage module for AngularJS 1.6

The History of Computing, Part 2: Storage

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HIMSS19: A Dell EMC Storage Perspective

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The Dell EMC storage team recently had the honor of being at HIMSS19 in the Sunshine State. PowerMax, the world’s fastest storage array[1] with 10M IOPS[2] and 150GBps throughput[3], was highlighted at HIMSS19 as the storage array of choice for EHR deployments with a dedicated kiosk and.

Tutorial: Dynamic Provisioning of Persistent Storage in Kubernetes with MiniKube

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In the previous article , Platform9 Kubernetes engineer Jay Vyas deep-dived into the constructs of Kubernetes storage, and what the different types of storage are good for. We discussed dynamic provisioning, Storage Classes and CSI external storage.

Pure Storage’s Evergreen Storage Program – A Marketing Solution to Engineering Problems

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Pure Storage (“Pure”) makes a lot of noise about their Evergreen Storage program. Data Center Opinions Storage Dell EMC

Transparent Hierarchical Storage Management with Apache Kudu and Impala

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When picking a storage option for an application it is common to pick a single storage option which has the most applicable features to your use case. For that reason, there is a need for a solution that allows you to leverage the best features of multiple storage options.

Enterprise Storage Providers Address Cloud Native Operations

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This article is part of a multipart series on cloud native storage. The enterprise world is certainly ready for cloud native storage. Therefore, there’s little surprise that storage is maturing in order to embrace these demands. Cloud Native Storage

A Science to Dell EMC Storage

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Discover our fun series that will ignite the data storage conversation with your customers. The world of data storage is a confusing place – it is easy for organizations to invest in solutions that aren’t up to the task. Opinions Storage

Cloud Storage Services for Cloud Native Applications

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This article is part of a multipart series on cloud native storage. Cloud storage is vital to the work of cloud native applications, so choosing from a large portfolio of cloud services can be difficult. Third-party SD-WAN providers are also part of the hybrid cloud storage ecosystem.

Your Own Personal WiFi Storage

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As received, the device has firmware 2.000.022 and you'll definitely want to upgrade to the latest firmware right away: Make sure a small USB storage device is attached – it needs local scratch disk space to upgrade. Storage.

Massive Storage Innovation Designed for the Data Era

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Data Center News Storage Dell EMCDell Technologies World 2019 is finally here and I couldn’t be more excited. This event means a lot to me personally.

Why to Cloud Storage and HIPAA Compliant

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In this article you ll learn about the importance of cloud storage and HIPAA compliance

Qumulo Scales Distributed Storage for Collaborative Online Video Editing

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When Qumulo first launched back in 2015, the company was said to be working to solve the problem of how to scale data, rather than scale storage, with its Qumulo Core, a scalable, data analytics platform that gives enterprises a view of their data and storage resources.

PowerVault ME4 Storage: Benefits for Everyone

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Entry-level that gives your customers more When they’re in the market for storage, companies on tight budgets and with limited in-house IT capabilities often feel the need to accept compromises. Data Center News Partners Servers Storage

SQL VM & Azure Storage


At the moment the database files (mdf, ldf & filestream) are stored on Premium SSDs, but I have been asked if we can use BLOB storage instead. And if we can use BLOB storage, would we be better with one big BLOB, or 20 smaller BLOBs (128GB) one for each database We have a Server that runs 20+ databases that for most of the time do nothing, but then have lots of activity.

How T-Mobile Deployed Portworx for Flexible Storage

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Portworx is the leading provider of persistent storage for containers and is used in production by healthcare, global manufacturing, and telecom members of the Fortune Global 500 and other great companies. Kubernetes Storage Sponsored The New Stack Makers

Adding Lustre Storage to the HPC Equation

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When it comes to high-performance computing applications, there is basically no such thing as too much data storage. Who doesn’t need more storage? Data Center Opinions Storage High Performance Computing

Leveraging Veeam Cloud Tier Storage for Backup and Replication


A major feature that many organisations have been anticipating is Veeam Cloud Tier – a long-term data retention solution that supports cloud storage such as Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage. Uncategorized Amazon Backup Cloud Storage Microsoft Replication Veeam

Azure file system storage


I am looking at Azure at the moment and have come across the file system storage option, which is an SMB3 share. When I browse to it I get prompted for a user name and password. Is there anyway I can stop it doing this by being able to configure the file system to accept access from specified users? Thanks

How Storage Software Layers Facilitate Cloud Native Development

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This article is the first of a multipart series on cloud native storage. You need storage — every function needs to be able to access some kind of storage. When apps fail, it’s often the storage causing problems,” explains Irshad Raihan , director of product marketing at Red Hat.

Why Cloud Native Storage Requires Tightly-Coupled Containers and Microservices

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patents and patents-pending in the areas of computer systems, distributed storage, data deduplication and encryption. Storage and Data Management. Rethinking Storage Architecture. The Linux Foundation sponsored this post. Nir Peleg.

Dell EMC Storage Fuels Health IT Transformation at HIMSS19

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Which is why Dell EMC Storage will be at HIMMS in booth #3159 showcasing our PowerMax array. PowerMax is the world’s fastest storage array with true end-to-end NVMe, multi-controller architecture, READ MORE. Data Center Opinions Storage

Cloud Storage Cost Comparison: AWS vs. Azure vs. Google


Today, we’ll take a brief look at cloud storage cost comparison from the three major cloud service providers. Cloud service providers offer many different cloud pricing points depending on your compute, storage, database, analytics, application and deployment requirements. Blob Storage.

DataGravity: Data aware storage


The DataGravity Discovery Series allows IT professionals and business users to unlock the value of their data through data aware storage. The post DataGravity: Data aware storage appeared first on

Azure Storage Account Networking: When to Use Firewalls and Service Endpoints

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Recently, when building content for one of my upcoming courses, Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies – Exam AZ-300 , I found the Microsoft documentation wasn’t immediately clear on the exclusivity of Storage Account Firewalls, and Service Endpoints. Storage Account Firewalls.

Customers and Partners Help Dell EMC Storage Finish Strong in 2018

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As 2018 comes to an end, we can all look back on it as a very successful year for Dell EMC Storage. Data Center Features Storage Dell EMC Innovation Networking Partners PowerEdge

Dell EMC Unity Midrange Storage Advances Data Reduction, Data Protection, and Management in Latest OS Update

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I assure you, it just looks that way as we provide you with latest updates to Dell EMC Midrange Storage. Data Center News StorageI know what you may be thinking – that I’ve seen this Dell EMC Unity blog before.

Veeam Performance w/ Amazon Storage Gateway vs S3 Object storage


Hi all I've been using Veeam for a long time to backup ESXi environments, with offsite storage of the Backup Copy jobs using the Amazon Storage Gateway. I realize that there are significant structure differences in the underlying storage, as well as the costs involved. Now that they support direct use of Amazon S3 buckets for backup repositories, I was wondering if anyone has benchmarked the two technologies to compare performance.

We Won’t Grow Tired of This: Dell EMC Leads PC, Servers and Storage Revenue, Yet Again

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Dell Technologies is a data-driven company, and the past few weeks have been gratifying for us as IDC has released its latest worldwide trackers for PCs, servers and enterprise storage systems. Features News Servers Storage Customer