New to International Real Estate? Real Estate Attorney Explains How to Navigate These Markets

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Real Estate, let’s put the disparities in perspective by focusing on the three gorillas in this space. I would like to focus on three key differences for investing in New York City real estate when compared to cities such […].

SmartZip Brings Real Estate Data to the Blockchain with Chainlink


Through this new Chain Link node, SmartZip can supply their proprietary real estate data including property prices, rental […]. SmartZip is excited to announce that they will join Chainlink’s market-leading decentralized oracle network by launching their own Chainlink node.


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Property Managers and Real Estate Professionals Flock to Texting


Timely communication is critically important for real estate agents and property managers. Real estate agents and brokers are using texting to accelerate sales while reducing phone tag. Best Practices property managers Real Estate texting software

Top 5 Secrets All Real Estate Investors Should Know

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Digital cost management of real estate projects increasingly cloud-based


Project management in the real estate industry and especially controlling are currently subject to drastic changes in the course of digitalization. Access to current data in real time and by multiple users with appropriate access rights keeps these systems fast and up-to-date.

Commercial Real Estate Technology: Transforming A Traditional Industry


Having spared no industry or individual, Commercial Real Estate (CRE) has also been impacted and the way tech has helped to accelerate this field in the midst of a global pandemic is compelling.

How to Create a Real Estate App?


The real estate domain has been high on the list of user interests for a long time. Today software for real estate helps to handle and process a large amount of information, arrange meetings and properties, get necessary reports in two clicks.

4 Common Reasons Why Careers in Real Estate Fail

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There’s a reason why so many people go into the real estate business— it’s an incredibly promising and fulfilling career that, if executed correctly, can bring a lot of wonderful opportunities. A clear plan of action is the best way to become a top real estate agent.

How 8 New York Startups Are Shaking up Real Estate

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We recently explored why New York is drawing record amounts of venture capital , and it seems that influx of funding has led to a boom in PropTech – or property tech – that is sending reverberations throughout the real-estate industry. Here are eight of the New York startups that are shaking up real estate. Founded by real estate professionals, VTS is touted as the commercial real estate industry’s top leasing and asset management system.

3 Real Estate Marketing Tips for 2021

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Most real estate firms now invest heavily in targeted Facebook ads, in order to capture an increased audience in specific locations. The same cannot be said for Facebook Live, however, which can be leveraged immediately and to provide free, real-time tours of marketed properties.

4 Ways to Maximise Real Estate Investing

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Chances are that real estate investments are a major part of every conversation. But beyond the water-cooler conversation, how can you get the most out of your real estate investments? One of the most common vehicles is the US-based Real Estate Investment Trusts or REITs.

The Growing Impact of Millennials in Real Estate

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How To Help Your Customers Money Go Further When They Invest In Real Estate

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As a real estate agency or freelancer, you will want to make your clients as happy and as satisfied as possible. Looking at the real estate marketing trends will help you identify where is hot and where is not to buy.

Proptech: the disruption of real estate


Real Estate Technology or Property Technology is often referred to as RE Tech or PropTech. Basically, it is a use of technology in the real estate industry to make transactions more efficient. The wave of disruptive solutions using innovative technologies recently entered a significant sector of the world economy: real estate. Augmented reality use in real estate . The post Proptech: the disruption of real estate appeared first on Apiumhub.

E-viewing The Development Cost Of A Real-Estate App Like Fam Properties


These days, the only way to market your real estate business is to flee from generic web pages, partner with the best app developers in Dubai and have your own real-estate app. . Besides, you have to be mindful of all ins and outs of real estate app development.

Going Digital in Real Estate: How to Do It Right

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The real estate industry is experiencing massive changes in the digital era. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the ways real estate businesses can go digital and reap large rewards! Anyone interested in venturing into the real estate industry needs to be educated.

A Beginners’ Guide to Investing in Real Estate

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Investing in real estate is a dream many share. Before you research how to invest in real estate , you must do the groundwork and get a significant amount of savings behind you. Nobody should go into real estate investment without a strategy — a plan on achieving success.

CEO Spotlight: Interview With Real Estate Mogul God Nisanov

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God Nisanov is a prominent real estate investor and developer, known for regularly appearing on Forbes lists (#617 for the Billionaires of 2019). Along with Zarakh Iliev, Nisanov owns Kievskaya Ploshchad Group of companies that is ranked #74 of the top 100 private companies in Russia by the Forbes with such projects as largest wholesale […]. CEO Insider

Why A Great Website Design Is Important For Your Real Estate Business?


Sending a real-estate email newsletter or drip sequence needs a fair amount of work. Listen: You can build lists of thousand of peoples around you in your real estate newsletter. Everlasting Impacts Of Phone Number On Real Estate Website Design.

Seven marketing and business strategies for real estate agents

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Being a real estate agent is no different to working within any other industry: you’ll need to market yourself and your brand so you can be successful. So what should you add to your marketing and business strategies to be a good real estate agent?

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Real Estate App


In this article, we will list the benefits that a real estate business can get from developing a real estate application. How much does it cost to create an app for your real […].

Top 7 Tips to Ensure Employee Satisfaction in Your Real Estate Brokerage

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If you want to attract the best of the best real estate agents to your brokerage, it’s crucial to ensure employee satisfaction. For those in need of ideas to bolster real estate recruitment, can help.

Email Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

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Potential real estate clients are of high value. Independent real estate agents and large, well-established realty firms and businesses are equally invested in reeling in potential clients at the first chance they have. As you can already tell – as if you don’t already know – the worth of a potential real estate client is nearly priceless. Here are a handful of solid tips for all real estate agents when it comes to email marketing.

How The Real Estate Healthcare Sector Is Changing With The Trends

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Regardless of these challenges, the healthcare real estate market has remained resilient. The Healthcare industry is booming as far as real estate investments are concerned. What are the further optimization techniques that you can use in healthcare real estate?

Property Investment 101: What Is a Real Estate Broker?

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Which is exactly why you may need a real estate broker. Let’s take a deeper dive into what is a real estate broker and how they can help you. What Is a Real Estate Broker? Real estate agents must work under a real estate broker.

Title Your Real Estate Career Should Enhance Your Life, Not Define It

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Volatility and uncertainty are two words that clearly define the current state of the real estate market. Plus, considering that the real estate market is more than capable of recreating this situation a hundredfold, newbies must proceed with this new career with caution.

Property Management Technology Trends 2021


A look at how the use of latest property management technology trends are helping real estate firms to thrive through the post-pandemic season. The real estate market globally is predicted to touch $ 4,263.7

How to Develop Your Team Like a Real Estate Investor

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When you’re thinking through your strategy and approach to team development, it can help to think like a real estate investor. Successful investors in real estate or any other sector think through their goals and then develop a portfolio of investments to align with them. There are five basic moves that real estate investors make that can also provide a framework for leaders who are thinking through how to develop and leverage their teams.

Digital Disruption in Real Estate: 3 Companies Transforming Property Transactions


Digital disruption has hit the real estate industry, where innovation is redefining how buyers, sellers and traditional players interact. In this article, we present three real estate companies executing innovative digital business strategies and transforming the real estate industry in the process. Digital Disruption in Real Estate. One look at that list, and it’s no wonder real estate is currently experiencing tremendous innovation.

Price Forecasting: Applying Machine Learning Approaches to Electricity, Flights, Hotels, Real Estate, and Stock Pricing


Now that we know a typical price prediction project roadmap, let’s explore real-world examples from the energy sector, travel and hospitality industry, and real estate. So, it’s challenging for data scientists to forecast flight or accommodation prices because they can’t learn about each company’s pricing strategy or up-to-date information about their inventory or real demand for specific dates. Real estate: predicting property prices for agents, investors, and buyers.

Real Estate Valuation Using Regression Analysis – A Tutorial


Traditional approaches to valuing real estate can lean towards the qualitative side, relying more on intuition over sound rationale. Linear regression analysis, however, can offer a robust model for using past transactions in an area, to provide better guidance on property valuations

How to Understand and Appraise Private Real Estate Fund Investing


The extent of investing in real estate for most individuals is in the bricks and mortar of their own house. For braver investors, there are a range of other options, the most notable being private real estate offerings. Similar to PE and VC funds, these structures can allow for tailored investments in skilled management teams undertaking complex projects

Iridius Capital Is Headed Back To The Office ? Founder And CIO G.S. Jaggi Shares How And Why

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Jaggi, known as “Jaggi”, is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Iridius Capital, a real estate firm based in Tucson, Arizona. Jaggi and Iridius Capital invests in real estate across all major real estate asset classes and has acquired or developed $1.5B

15 WordPress Themes to Build a Mobile-Friendly Real Estate Site

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The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate SEO


Real estate brokers cannot afford to pass on incorporating real estate SEO into their marketing strategy. This guide provides 7 ways your real estate business can earn traffic leads using real estate SEO. City] real estate. City] real estate listings. City] real estate agent. Videos and pictures are vital to all websites, especially real estate websites.

Learn about the Penalties for Mortgage and Real Estate Fraud in Florida

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There has been a substantial rise in the number of cases related to real estate fraud over the past couple of years, particularly as the real estate market has started to flourish once again. The reason for this increase in real estate fraud is mainly because the pay off is substantial for the scam, but the penalties for this crime are also extremely harsh. Understanding Real Estate Fraud. Penalties for Mortgage and Real Estate Fraud.

Real Estate App Features – Digitalizing The Industry


Since the last two years technology has already cemented its footprints in the real estate industry. As per the Real Estate Technology Sector summary 2018 year-end review by GCA Altium, the total growth for equity funding in the real estate sector was reaching 84% year-over-year. Undoubtedly, this exponential drift has carved path for radical changes in the industry and therefore turns the real estate a thriving industry as e-commerce and fitness.

20 SMS Templates for Mortgage Loan Officers


Contact a referral from a real estate agent. Best Practices Mortgage Real Estate texting strategies

Dell EMC Brings Real Innovation to a Real Estate Leader

Dell EMC

Rental real estate is a trillion-dollar-a-year market and this Dell EMC customer has the largest database of lease transactions in the country. RealPage specializes in helping property management firms handle everything from rentals and leasing to marketing and accounting on a variety of properties including apartments, single-family homes, vacation rentals and commercial real estate. Chances are, if you’ve ever rented an apartment, you’ve interfaced with RealPage.

How to Become a Successful Property Developer

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It takes a bit of risk and lots of hard work to break even in the real estate market. Entrepreneurship business management Commercial Real Estate Property Management strategydrivenProperty development is an exciting way to start your business.