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Zartico secures $20M to help tourism offices promote local destinations


Despite representing 10% of the world’s GDP, the tourism industry has been one of the last to embrace big data and analytics. Using it, customers can see where visitors to a location migrate and move at the street level and track the tourism effects on locally owned businesses. Image Credits: Zartico. social media posts and web pages).

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Bandwango raises $3.1M to power tourism- and experience-focused deals


You might think that a startup whose primary customers are tourism bureaus would have had a pretty rough 2020, but CEO Monir Parikh said Bandwango ‘s customer base more than doubled in the past year, growing from 75 to 200. The startup had previously raised only $700,000 in funding.).

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Purple Elephant Ventures, Kenya’s tourism-focused startup studio, raises $1M pre-seed funding


A Kenya-based venture studio with a focus on tourism, Purple Elephant Ventures (PEV), has raised $1 million pre-seed funding to build the next generation of startups that use technology to modernize the tourism sector. I think what’s exciting for the team is all of the possibilities to digitize tourism for a greener future.

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Ugly lawns, alien tourism, and more wild headlines

The Hustle

Kentucky’s latest tourism campaign is targeting aliens. The now-global competition began in Gotland, Sweden, in 2022 as a way to promote water conservation, and has helped the Scandinavian town reduce its water consumption by 5%. Linguistics specialist Dr.

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AI-Driven Tourism Development: Coforge BPS' World Tourism Day Insights


In the travel sector, AI is revolutionizing administrative and customer service functions, and this article explores its diverse applications and the transformative impact it has on the operations of travel companies.

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Space Perspective raises $7M for its plan to ferry tourists to the edge of space


Space tourism startup Space Perspective has raised a new $7 million in seed funding, from investors including Prime Movers Lab and Base Ventures. Watch World View explain its unique approach to space business and tourism. World View appointed Ryan Hartman as CEO in 2018, replacing Poynter in the top spot.

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How Starlink transformed tech operations for Journey Beyond


The launch of satellite internet provider Starlink has been operationally transformative for Journey Beyond, one of Australia’s premier destination tourism companies, and it’s driving a new era of progress and innovation. When Starlink came, the game changed,” explains Madhumita Mazumdar, GM of ICT at Journey Beyond. “We

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