Trends in Blockchain for 2022

Blockchain is hot right now. Blockchain is no longer only relevant to cryptocurrency, either—blockchain-based applications are emerging to support many other scenarios that require decentralized data storage and accessibility.

What is Blockchain Technology?


Read David Hamilton explain all the nitty-gritty of blockchain technology on Its been almost ten years since Satoshi Nakamoto first introduced Blockchain technology to the world in his 2008 […].


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Making Blockchain-Based App Dev More Accessible

Blockchain has many potential uses cases outside of cryptocurrency. The post Making Blockchain-Based App Dev More Accessible appeared first on Business of DevOps DevOps and Open Technologies Features Blockchain blockchain development cryptocurrency Ethereum NFTs

Enterprise Blockchain Adoption Hinges on DevOps

There is a lot of excitement around blockchain right now, for a good reason. Gartner predicts that by 2023, organizations using blockchain smart contracts will see a 50% increase in their data quality.

JFrog Launches Blockchain Project to Secure Open Source Software

At its swampUP event, JFrog today launched Project Pyrsia, an open source project that uses a blockchain platform and Sigstore Cosign and Notary V2 cryptographic signature software to secure software packages.

Amazon Launches Ethereum for Managed Blockchain


Two years after announcing the general availability of its fully-managed blockchain service, Amazon has extended it with Ethereum support. Using Ethereum on Managed Blockchain, developers can easily instantiate Ethereum nodes without […].

Beyond APIs: Blockchain Interoperability


Read Brian Platz take a look at the interoperability in blockchain technology on Forbes: Sharing content on Twitter and LinkedIn is easy. Maybe too easy, some argue, given the popularity […].

Unlocking Enterprise Blockchain Potential with Low-Code Capabilities

Since the rise of Bitcoin more than a decade ago, companies have been trying to harness the potential of blockchain technology for enterprise applications. In this connected age, blockchain can provide […].

Chainlink: Bringing data to the decentralized world of blockchains


Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Cloud Computing Companies ChainlinkChainlink (LINK) is an Ethereum token that powers the Chainlink decentralized oracle network. This network allows smart contracts on Ethereum to securely connect to external data sources, APIs, and payment […].

The Blockchain Market at a Glance


The evolving blockchain product offers more robust and capable application tools critical to patch existing vulnerabilities. IoT and the Edge blockchain IDC Market Glance Internet of Things

How Blockchain Plays into Digital Transformation


Explore how blockchain can support enterprises' digital transformation with IDC's Lucas Mearian. Cloud blockchain cloud digital transformation featuredBy 2022, 70% of orgs will have accelerated digital technology use.

AI and Blockchain — Double the Hype or Double the Value?


AI and Blockchain both are topics covered often with breathless hype. Read Ronald Schmelzer’s article in Forbes covering the combination of AI and Blockchain: Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a market […]. Artificial Intelligence AI blockchain Cognilytica hype

Article: Solutions for Testing Blockchain: Private Blockchains, Permutations, and Shifting Left

InfoQ Articles

Blockchain is an emerging software architecture that has the potential to be a big disruptor in the industry. Artifacts & Tools Frameworks Agile Blockchain Testing Quality Process Development Culture & Methods article

Why the Public Versus Private Blockchain Debate Is the Wrong Conversation

When blockchain burst onto the scene in 2009/2010, we watched as Bitcoin forever disrupted our monetary system. As the technology hits critical mass—a recent Deloitte survey showed a 2000% increase in interest in blockchain since its inception—the revolution has forked into two sides.

7 Predominant Blockchain Technology Trends To Watch In 2019


Blockchain Trends in 2019 : The Blockchain technology , also termed as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), enables secure transaction over a distributed network. The blockchain technology eliminates the need for third-party verifications since all the parties share the ledgers over the distributed system. The enhancement in the use of blockchain technology results in the arrival of new blockchain trends every year. Federated Blockchain.

Blockchain in Plain English


We hear a lot about Blockchain these days, but how many people know what it's really about? In an attempt to make this definition as simple as possible, blockchain automates trust. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency CTO NewsIt’s a software architecture that allows non-trusting parties to record transactions without requiring a trusted governing authority. In other words, it does away with [.].

U.S. Elections: Will Blockchain Help?


Read Ceecee Wong take a look at how blockchain technology can help in the forthcoming US Presidential Elections on CDO Trends : With only ten more weeks left before Election […].

How Blockchain Can Boost the Security of Mobile Application

OTS Solutions

How Blockchain Can Boost the Security of Mobile Application. If you are wondering how Blockchain technology can enhance the security of mobile application, you are in the right place. For you to be able to enjoy maximum benefits, of Blockchain, get a proper understanding of all the functionalities and how it is fit for mobile applications. Some Mobile Application Development companies depend on Blockchain technology to offer better app security.

7 Predominant Blockchain Technology Trends To Watch In 2019


Blockchain Trends in 2019 : The Blockchain technology , also termed as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), enables secure transaction over a distributed network. The blockchain technology eliminates the need for third-party verifications since all the parties share the ledgers over the distributed system. The enhancement in the use of blockchain technology results in the arrival of new blockchain trends every year. Federated Blockchain.

Blockchain ‘has significant use cases for 5G’


Jiang Wei, the chairman of China Telecom Blockchain and Dig­i­tal Econ­omy Joint Lab­o­ra­tory, explained in an interview published on a Chinese news portal, Cebnet, that blockchain technology has significant use […].

The Graph Protocol is exploring new blockchain integrations, including Bitcoin


Crypto startup The Graph has announced it is exploring providing support for additional layer-one blockchains, including Bitcoin, Polkadot and NEAR.

Blockchain Technology: The future of startups


Blockchain technology market has been predicted to shoot up from 4.9 These numbers are deemed to grow higher as most of the industries will continue adopting blockchain technology in future. What is Blockchain Technology? How does Blockchain work? Blockchain

Will blockchain revolutionize the Internet of Things?


Read why Megan Ray Nichols says that blockchain technology can be used to revolutionize the Internet of Things on Euro Scientist : Here is an interesting convergence no one is talking about – blockchain technology and Internet of Things. Blockchain technology is essentially a secure, distributed ledger that can serve as the foundation for many systems. […]. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency CTO Internet of Things News

How to Create Bug-Free Blockchain Apps

While all developers strive for bug-free code, it’s particularly crucial in a blockchain deployment where sensitive data or other confidential info is being exchanged, such as in health care or finance. The post How to Create Bug-Free Blockchain Apps appeared first on However, some businesses have learned that lesson the hard way. Cryptocurrency exchange Binance recently revealed a devastating security breach that resulted in a loss […].

Blockchain Capital Unveils New 10 ‘Bold’ Crypto Predictions for 2021


News Blockchain CapitalWith the year winding to a close, analysts are dusting off their crystal balls – in an attempt to peek into the future and discover what 2021 has in store […].

Blockchain: The Strong Backbone for Businesses


Read Vinod Sharma’s article about how blockchain can offer a strong backbone for business on Finextra Blog : What is Blockchain Technology? How one blockchain can have Infinite possibilities & opportunities in hand in this red ocean market world. Blockchain as on date is a mystery story for many (Including my self). Blockchain and Cryptocurrency News

The blockchain beyond bitcoin

O'Reilly Media - Data

Taking blockchain technology private for the enterprise. Blockchain technologies have been made popular by the creation of bitcoin, but how exactly can a blockchain benefit an enterprise? A blockchain provides an immutable store of facts. Some even refer to these uses of a blockchain as enterprise resource planning (ERP) 2.0. The foundational pieces that comprise a blockchain model are already in place in one fashion or another within most enterprises.

Has Blockchain Hit The Wall?


Read why Martin Boyd says that blockchain technology seems to have hit a brick wall on Forbes : It was 4 o’clock in the morning and I had just spent […].

How the Pandemic Is Pushing Blockchain Forward


Read why Remko van Hoek and Mary Lacity say that CoronaVirus pandemic is actually helping in adapting blockchain technology on Harvard Business Review : Because blockchain technologies are uniquely suited to verifying, securing and sharing data, they’re ideal for managing multi-party, inter-organizational, and cross-border transactions.

Blockchain and Interoperability: key to mass adoption


De Meijer says that the key to blockchain’s success is its interoperability on Finextra : Blockchain‘s potential for improving business processes, providing transactional transparency and security […]. Read why Carlo R.W.

How Blockchain is Reshaping Market Research


Read Jasal Shah’s article about how blockchain is reshaping the market research sector on CXO Today : The most significant fallout of cryptocurrency crash of 2018 was that decision-makers across industries sat up to take notice of the blockchain technology.

Blockchain Enables Anarchy


Everyone’s talking about blockchain. Blockchain is an inherently decentralized structure. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency CTO NewsEveryone’s hailing its potential to revolutionize everything from banking and insurance to supply chain management and capital formation. And, indeed, the potential exists to reinvent all of those things, but there are some scary implications as well. In particular, distributed ledger technology (DLT) is inherently [.].

The Impact of Blockchain Technology on Financial Services

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The Impact of Blockchain Technology on Financial Services. Blockchain development has created substantial changes in the financial sector and how people conduct financial transactions. The blockchain technology appears to be permanent and is the power behind decentralized currencies. There are obstacles that must be resolved before blockchain can become the standard for financial services. The Speed and Accessibility of the Blockchain.

The keys to blockchain interoperability (and why it matters)


So too will interoperability between disparate blockchains […]. Banking & Capital Markets blockchain interoperability

Renault Rolls Out Blockchain-Based System For Auto Industry Compliance


Carmaker Renault Group said it has developed a blockchain-based system allowing manufacturers to certify the regulatory compliance of vehicle components from design through to production.

How Blockchain Can Improve Manufacturing In 2019


Read why Louis Columbus says that blockchain technology is best suited for manufacturing sector on Forbes : Blockchain’s greatest potential to deliver business value is in manufacturing. Increasing visibility across every area of manufacturing starting with suppliers, strategic sourcing, procurement, and supplier quality to shop floor operations including machine-level monitoring and service, blockchain can enable […]. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency CTO News

8 ways blockchain will change finance & accounting


Blockchain is rapidly evolving from hype to high-value technology with real-world applications in business. In 2017, blockchain began making its way onto the roadmap of business process services. Business Processes accounting blockchain financeNow it is emerging in full operational deployments and disrupting fundamental business processes related to buying and selling and converging into mainstream accounting technology used to record […].

Blockchain: hype vs reality


Read Stuart Burns take a look at the hype of blockchain technology on Computer Weekly : Industry experts believe blockchain is a technology that has the potential to affect the business of most IT professionals in the next five years. Analyst Gartner has forecast that by 2023, blockchain will support the global movement and tracking […].

Chainlink Integration Connects Filecoin to Smart Contract-Enabled Blockchains


The integration will enable a bidirectional connection between the Filecoin Network and smart contract enabled blockchains such as Ethereum.

A blockchain platforms comparison


The buzz around blockchain has already created a global industry that aims to develop and capitalize on the huge potential of this technology. Blockchain started as a public permissionless technology. Since then, other types of blockchains have been created, each for its own specific set of use cases. Public/permissionless blockchains are open, decentralized and slow. […].