How to Protect Your Small Business from a Hacker Attack

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Data breaches and compromised websites frequently used to spread malware can be risky for your business; including small businesses. In fact, small or medium-sized businesses are likely to suffer more consequences of cyber-attacks than large enterprises.

What Small Businesses Need to Know About CRM

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What Every Small Businesses Need to Know About CRM. Customer relationship management (CRM) software is designed to streamline your business’ interaction with customers and prospects. At this point, there is no excuse for any small business to not us a CRM system.

A Guide to Getting Started with CRM Systems for Small Businesses

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A Guide to Getting Started With CRM Systems for Small Businesses. Launching a small business takes tremendous planning and strategy, but growing that business requires even greater attention to detail and research. How to Choose the Right CRM for Your Business.

GoDaddy Highlights Small Business Cybersecurity Paradox


Earlier this week, reports said two researchers from Bloomsberg University of Pennsylvania made their case for safe harbor rules and overall easing of regulatory penalties for small businesses hit by a cyber attack. Their argument, reports in the Wall Street Journal said, is that small businesses are held to the same standards as large corporates […].

FTC Offers Small Businesses Free Cybersecurity Resources


Dark Reading provided a good overview of an initiative of interest: The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) newly launched national initiative to educate small business owners about cybersecurity threats and defenses began with a “listening tour” last year. What it learned became the foundation for the agency’s new Cybersecurity for Small Business website and related resources, which […].

FTC Launches New Cyber Security Tools for Small Business


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has launched a resource to raise awareness about the vital role cybersecurity plays for the 32+ million small businesses in the US. This effort was part of the National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) in October, which has been recognized every month since 2003. The NCSAM was established with the collaboration […]. Cyber Security

9 essential cybersecurity tips to protect your small business


Read Jareth’s tips on how small and medium businesses can protect themselves from hackers on Security Boulevard : As a small enterprise owner, it’s easy to fall into the trap of assuming that cybercriminals won’t target you. After all, why would anyone waste their time going after your business when there are much juicier fish […].

How Your Small Business Can Begin To Use Big Data


While big data can seem like an intimidating term when you are running a small business, it can be a very useful tool to drive your business’s success. Big data, as a term, encompasses many sources of information, some of which you may already use. Big data has many benefits to offer you, from a […]. Big Data CTO News

How To Know Whether Your Small Business Will Reap Big Benefits From AI Adoption


Find out from Serenity Gibbons how even small and medium enterprises can benefit by adopting AI in their business practice on Forbes : As a small business owner, have you dismissed artificial intelligence as a technology whose daunting complexity is rivaled only by the price tag that comes with it?

Top 3 Cloud Computing Hosting Providers For Small Business


Today will explain you top 3 cloud hosting providers for your business. Top 3 Cloud Hosting Providers For Small Business. These are top 3 cloud Cloud Hosting Providers for your business.

Small Businesses Are Fearless in the Face of Security Threats

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That’s the stance a shocking number of small business owners in the U.S. In a survey of 341 business leaders conducted by Bredin. Most of the small business owners polled by the research firm, 68% in fact, were not concerned about getting hacked. Small Business Computing ). Even if a business doesn’t depend on IT to survive, there are still the issues of reputation impact, liability, the loss of trust, etc. What, me worry?

Amazon Storefronts is a new retail hub exclusively for US small businesses


It has launched a whole new section called Amazon Storefronts that will feature products only from small and medium enterprises. Amazon is doing something which should be positive for mom and pop stores in the US. Amazon said that Amazon Storefronts will be featuring around 1 million plus products from more than 20,000 SMEs. along with […]. Cloud Computing CTO News Amazon

7012 Regs and Cyber insurance on collision course with small business


This two-part article isn’t intended to fan the flames, but rather to give the context behind the regs, provide meaningful definitions for practical use, offer probable implications for industry, and set out why the seemingly most reasonable solution for businesses may be the most dangerous to them.

CTOvision Named To BizTech’s List Of Top 30 Must-Read Blogs For the Small to Mid-sized Business


We are pleased to report that CTOvision has been named to BizTech's list of the top 30 "Must-Read" blogs for small to mid-sized businesses, ranking as number 2 of 30. The small to mid-sized market includes all firms under 2000 people in size, which is 90% of the businesses in the U.S.

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Integrate Your Customers into the Innovation Process with Co-Creation


Blog big ideas blog business communities ideas innovation small business small ideasCustomer integration and alignment can lead to transformation that exceeds your expectations. The more your customers realize you are committed to listening and delivering their needs and requests, the more they want to be involved and the more they value your brand. Today, customers have more know-how and request simple solutions more often.

Pursuing DoD Business? Here is what is driving major USN procurements


The following is a recap of Navy Gold Coast 2014, a Small Business Procurement Event. . Attendees were treated to some great presentations 11-13 Aug 2014 in San Diego as the Navy provided their assessment of upcoming opportunities to interested small businesses.

Security News: @Invincea Raises $16 Million in C-Series Funding Led by Aeris Capital and Dell Ventures


By Bob Gourley Announces Acquisition of Sandboxie to Expand Global Reach, Small Business Footprint and Consolidate the Two Leading Brands in Burgeoning Virtualized Containment Solutions Market.

USN Quarterly Industry Day at Charleston: What you need to know to compete


CTO Cyber Security DoD and IC Events Government Research Startup News Tech Trends Charleston Commanding Officer Executive director Government Events Small business SSC LANT United States Department of Defense Wall Street Call me lazy, but I really like it when I attend a Government presentation and they include some information on exactly and precisely WHAT upcoming opportunities are available for Industry. Details! What quarter? Contract type? How much?Of

Innovators, Integrators and Tech Vendors: Here is what the government hopes they will buy from you in 2015


Everyone knows it can be very hard to do business with the government. CTO Cyber Security DoD and IC Government Organizations Research cloud Cloud Computing IBM information technology NASA Office of Management and Budget Small Business Administration Social Security Administration United States Department of Veterans Affairs But you can take steps to make it easier to serve. The most important thing to do, in my opinion, is to be informed on government mission needs.

5 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Increase Data Security


Business data is more than propriety information. Most small businesses hold customer credit card information on file and maintain electronic employee records, as well as manage their banking online. And a breach of this data disrupts basic operations and damages your reputation not to mention probably costing you thousands of dollars. Symantec, in fact, recently released […].

Picking The Best Password Managers: Advice meant to share with friends and family


This post provides information on password managers for personal and small business use. Please share with any business associates, friends or family you think can benefit from these tips. Password managers automatically remember and fill in passwords for you. And they do that with an architecture designed to deliver this convenience with more security. You […]. Cloud Computing CTO Cyber Security News

Bringing Windows Server Software Defined (WSSD) to Small and Midsize Businesses

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Dell EMC Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct Ready Nodes are now available in configurations tailored to the needs of small and midsize businesses. The survey also found that 60 percent of small businesses attribute increased revenue to technology. [1]

FingBox Gives You Network Superpowers: Network security that contributes to physical security


It is also perfect for small businesses. FingBox is a fantastic device that I recommend everyone put in their home. Features of the FingBox help you track the status of your network and the many devices connected to it. It also enables you to set alerts and receive notifications when device status changes. You can […]. Artificial Intelligence CTO Cyber Security Cyber War News

Main Street Cybersecurity: Can Email Be Safe?


Working with a small business owner based in Pennsylvania last month, a question arose that serves as the title for the second article in the “Main Street Cybersecurity” series- “Can Email Be Safe?” When I heard the question, all the standard canned responses came to mind. But, upon further thought later that evening, it struck […]. CTO Cyber Security

A Beginner’s Intro Guide to Performing Your Own Cyber Security Audit


Cybersecurity remains vitally important to small businesses and private individuals alike. Every business is different, but all should understand their particular nightmare scenarios and take action to mitigate those threats. Once a hacker accesses information they are not supposed to have they can cause all sorts of damage. You know that. But how do you […]. Cyber Security Cyber Threats cyber security SMB

The Case for Small When You Are @Scale – #SAFeSummit 15

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We suggest our clients focus on: Systems thinking Quarterly business planning or shorter Small business chunks so you can release quickly Creating the right environment for teams to work in Acceptance Test-Driven Development A flow-based mindset In over a decade of doing Agile at scale, we’ve found the most important concept to be that of … Continue reading "The Case for Small When You Are @Scale – #SAFeSummit 15".

Congress Impressed by Mobile Medical Apps - CTOvision


Recently, the House of Representative's Small Business Committee's Subcommittee on Health and Technology held a hearing As more mobile medical apps are developed, they are finding their way into our government.

How Content Management Systems Dominate an Industry (And Why We Love Them)

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Web-based businesses and entrepreneurs rely on many products and services to help them generate leads, close sales, and handle customer service. One of these crucial, modern business investments is a content management system. Which platforms are entrepreneurs and businesses using?

Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx) Holds 18 Feb Townhall in Mountain View: Great way for tech CEOs to learn more about serving DoD missions


To better understand the resources available to you and introduce key local California contacts, join DIUx, the DoD’s Office of Small Business Programs, and the U.S. Bob Gourley.

Understanding the Core Principles of Lean Development

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The quest for perfection in the business world is a never-ending journey. An efficient business process not only means reduced losses but also increased customer satisfaction rates. As mentioned earlier, achieving a perfect business environment that is waste-free is almost impossible.

How NOT to do Social Media Marketing (and 5 ways to get better at it!)


Invest in your business, consider the ROI. Imagine spending $200 a month on Facebook ads, Google ads or a LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator ($65/month for individual account, $100/month for a team of 10+) to get more sales leads for your business. Accept when you’re doing things for your business versus just to have fun. If you’re a solopreneur or a one-person business, you may not have the resources to buy advertising on Instagram or Facebook to find leads.

How to Attract More Clients to Your Design Business

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This love for design sparks a business idea — a way to monetize our design skills. Online Visual Tools : Many small businesses need basic images for their social feeds. Don’t let competition deter your business ideas and goals.

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Choosing the Right CRM Platform for Your Business

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Choosing the Right CRM Platform for Your Business. A customer relationship management (CRM) system is imperative to improve your business. It is important to note that not all CRM programs are ideal for each business.

SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic Briefs Current and Future Business Opportunities (and tries to redefine history)


Over 400 Industry representatives met in Charleston on 30 July 2014 for the Small Business Industry Outreach Initiative Symposium (SBIOI) where SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic (SSC LANT) briefed their current and future opportunities.

You Need To Know How Disruptive Artificial Intelligence Is?

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These sort of displacements lead to disruptive business models. The rise of the fully automated business. You Need To Know How Disruptive Artificial Intelligence Is?

Top websites to follow

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Business & Startups. ———————————————————————————— Business Insider. Reddit Business & Entrepreneur.

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Primer: What DDoS attacks could mean for IoT

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Over the following years, government agencies, political parties, corporations, schools, and even small businesses increasingly found themselves in the crosshairs of DDoS attacks. When a headline screams something like “worst DDoS ever,” it’s often accurate.

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Your old router could be a hacking group’s APT pawn

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Protecting routers, the central points of Internet access for most homes and small businesses, remains an incredibly important but challenging task, says Joshua Meyer, an analyst at Independent Security Evaluators, which tests the security of computers, Internet-connected devices, and networks.

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Software Defined Perimeter, Cloud Security Alliance: Coca-Cola Case Study


Do Small Businesses Need NDAs? On September 30 th Sierra Ventures hosted their 9th CIO summit in Palo Alto, CA. One of the many topics coved at the event was software defined perimeter and cloud security alliance. Coca-Cola was used as a case study.

Cognitio’s Prime on DIA E-SITE Berico Technologies Exhibiting At DoDIIS Worldwide 23-26 Aug 2015


Berico Technologies is a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) that develops and delivers software solutions for the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, select Federal Civilian agencies, and commercial customers. Berico is an E-SITE small business awardee (included in the elite group of bidders achieving the highest scores). Berico is the premier E-SITE small business team, committed to delivering mission-focused cost effective solutions.