Learn Google Cloud by Doing with New Google Cloud Training!

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Ready to learn Google Cloud by doing? From new courses to new labs, we have a ton of exciting new Google Cloud updates at Linux Academy ( where you can get the most Google Cloud training on this planet! ). Google Cloud Sandboxes.

8 Google Cloud Security Best Practices

Palo Alto Networks

If you’ll be at Google Next this week in San Francisco, stop by booth S1739 and check out a demo of how we help secure public cloud environments. Google has been making some great inroads with their cloud expansion. You can’t assume Google will secure the cloud for you.

Google Cloud Platform: The Basics for Absolute Beginners


Google Cloud Platform provides powerful tools and services. Why should you pay attention to one of the leading cloud service providers? The post Google Cloud Platform: The Basics for Absolute Beginners appeared first on DevOps.com.

Your Handy Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Cheat Sheet

A Cloud Guru

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a big, sprawling platform, and finding your way around can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you’re just wading in for the first time. Google Cloud Platform GCP

Applying Zero Trust to Google Cloud Environments

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Mobile workforces and cloud applications are not inside the trusted part of the network. As part of our customers’ journey to the cloud, we believe that the same Zero Trust philosophy toward security is mandatory, whether that means building their own applications in the cloud with IaaS and PaaS services or consuming pre-built cloud applications through SaaS. How does this help secure Google Cloud APIs?

Introducing Google Cloud Hands-On Labs by Linux Academy

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Linux Academy is the industry-leading hands-on lab cloud training platform with unique hands-on labs that are not found anywhere else. Recently, we expanded the hands-on lab platform to include: instant labs , instant terminal , Cloud Playground , and Cloud Sandboxes. Today, I’m excited to announce our brand new hands-on lab offering for Google Cloud. Google Cloud is rapidly becoming a must-have tool in the enterprise toolbox.

Context: LaunchDarkly’s Trajectory, Google Cloud Next

The New Stack

Then later in the show our own Alex Williams , founder and publisher of The New Stack, and Joab Jackson , TNS managing editor, discussed the news coming out from Google Cloud Next in san Francisco this week. Then in the second half of the show, we talk about the Google Next conference.

Anthos Announced | Google Cloud Next 19 | Day One Recap

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Google Cloud Training Architect, Matthew Ulasien reporting to you from Google Next 2019 with the Linux Academy Google Cloud team. On day one, Google Cloud announced some new initiatives that could fundamentally change how we approach technology, especially how to migrate to the cloud. The other big announcement was that of the first cloud integrated, open source ecosystem. Google Cloud Platform Anthos Google Cloud Next

How Google Cloud Run Combines Serverless with Containers

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One of the most exciting launches from Google Cloud Next 2019 is Cloud Run , a serverless environment based on containers and Kubernetes. Cloud Run comes across as a clusterless and serverless container execution environment. What Problem Does Cloud Run Solve?

Google Cloud Functions with Terraform


Google Cloud Functions is the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) function-as-a-service offering. When using Hashicorp Terraform to create your infrastructure, it was previously not possible to create Google Cloud Functions. Cloud Function Resource.

Big Data & AI News | Google Cloud Next 19 | Day Two Recap

Linux Academy

Joe Lowery here, Google Cloud Training Architect, bringing you the news from the Day 2 Keynote at the Google Cloud Next ’19 conference in San Francisco. Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, introduced Traffic Director, the new global traffic management service for VMs and containers as well as Cloud Run, which allows you to run any container in a serverless environment. Cloud SQL for Microsoft SQL Server and Managed Services for Active Directory.

Steps To Install WordPress On Google Cloud Compute Engine


So why don’t you try cloud hosting where you will be charged only for what you use. Today in this article will explain to you how to install WordPress site on Google Cloud. Steps To Install WordPress On Google Cloud Compute Engine. WatchDown.com.

How Google Cloud Run Combines Serverless and On-Demand Kubernetes

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Google’s new Cloud Run service is a serverless platform built on Knative , the runtime environment that extends Kubernetes for serverless workloads, and the Functions Framework , which Google is also open sourcing for Node.js Where to Run Cloud Run.

Serverless: Everything You Need to Know About Google Cloud Functions

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Google Cloud Functions is a serverless compute platform from Google which became generally available in August 2018. Along with virtual machines and containers, functions offer a mechanism to execute code in the cloud. Triggers connect events to Cloud Functions.

5 Tips to Become a Google Cloud Certified Professional Architect

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One of my 2018 resolutions was to become a Google Cloud Certifed Professional Cloud Architect. Having cleared multiple certifications from Microsoft and Amazon, I was curious to see how Google structured the exam. Understand the Concepts of the Hybrid Cloud.

Google Cloud Users - On-Prem and Cloud Compute Integration


Thought I'd share that Cisco and Google have an interesting integration capability for On-Prem and Cloud workloads. The new Cisco reference design for Google Cloud’s Anthos will help you build, deploy, and manage modern applications across on-premises and public cloud environments. cloud IT Services SaaSHappy Friday Spice Heads!! Hope you have had a fun and productive week where ever you are.

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CloudBees, Atos Partner to Offer a CI/CD Stack for Google Cloud

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For those organizations opting for Google Cloud as well as new on-premise deployments, services and solutions provider Atos and Jenkins provider CloudBees say they have begun to jointly offer an integrated service as a managed platform for continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD).

Announcing Confluent Cloud for Apache Kafka as a Native Service on Google Cloud Platform


I’m excited to announce that we’re partnering with Google Cloud to make Confluent Cloud, our fully managed offering of Apache Kafka ® , available as a native offering on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Cloud Confluent Cloud GCP

3 Things to Look Forward to at Google Cloud Next 2019


Google Cloud Next 2019 will be our first Google event – and we’re looking forward to it! Google hopes to attract 30,000 attendees this year – up from 23,000 last year – to the San Francisco conference. Life at Google. Cloud Services

This Week in Programming: Google Cloud’s Shock and Awe Campaign

The New Stack

Maybe it’s an insensitive metaphor to compare Google’s announcements this week at its Cloud Next 2019 conference to a U.S. Cloud Next 2019 for Developers. Google Cloud Run: For those people that want to go Serverless, but really can't let go of their Dockerfiles.

Accessing Google Cloud APIs via Google Partner Interconnect and Megaport


With the emergence of new and innovative cloud computing technologies, companies have the ability to drive digital transformation initiatives with completely different economics, pace, and scale. Cloud applications are changing rapidly to support these strategies, with the increased adoption of micro-services based architectures, typically utilising containers and container orchestration.

Accessing Google Cloud APIs via Google Partner Interconnect and Megaport


With the emergence of new and innovative cloud computing technologies, companies have the ability to drive digital transformation initiatives with completely different economics, pace, and scale. Cloud applications are changing rapidly to support these strategies, with the increased adoption of micro-services based architectures, typically utilising containers and container orchestration.

Google Cloud’s Emma Haruka Iwao Sets a New Record for Calculating Pi

The New Stack

Emma Haruka Iwao is one of Google’s Cloud Developer Advocates, and she’s saved a very special announcement for “Pi Day.”. So could anybody go into Google’s Compute Engine, and set aside some space in Google Cloud, and try to do the same thing?

Case Study: Pokémon GO on Google Cloud Load Balancing

High Scalability

There are a lot of cool nuggets in Google's New Book: The Site Reliability Workbook. In addition, many engineers across Google provided their assis? Load Balancing google

Google Revamps Hybrid Cloud Strategy


At the Google Cloud Next 2019 conference, Google announced it will make available cloud services based on Kubernetes under the brand name Anthos on its own cloud and on-premises platforms, as well as on third-party cloud services.

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CI/CD for Node.js projects: using CircleCI, Kubernetes, and Docker with deployment to the Google Cloud Platform


The tutorial will feature the use of several tools: Docker to help us in containerization, Kubernetes will be used as our orchestration tool, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) will be the cloud service provider, and finally, CircleCI Photo credit: Meshstudio.

A Better Approach to Google Cloud Continuous Deployment


Continuous deployment is the practice of automatically deploying new code to production. Most continuous deployment systems validate that the code to be deployed with tests, and then build and deploy if everything looks good. However, there’s a better way. In this article, Toptal Freelance DevOps Engineer Antoine Reversat builds an event-driven continuous deployment pipeline that builds first and then runs tests on our final deployment artifact before deploying.

Kentik for Google Cloud VPC Flow Logs


It’s no secret that the migration of applications from traditional data centers to cloud infrastructure is well underway. And it’s tempting to think that “the network” is just one of the many infrastructure management headaches that disappear after migrating to the cloud.

Symantec Partners with Google Cloud to Improve Zero Trust Cloud Access


With enterprises migrating to the cloud, the traditional network-based perimeter model might not be sufficient for some workloads. A new approach is needed to ensure more secure access to cloud resources

Google and Hortonworks Team Up: HDP Now Part of Google Cloud


Hortonworks'' Hadoop Data Platform (HDP) is now a supported feature on Google Cloud. This new feature will allow dynamic provisioning of HDP clusters on the Google Cloud Platform, providing scalability for enterprise-wide solutions employing HDP, as well as providing a means for rapidly setting up prototyping and development environments. Jason Verge, "Hortonworks Becomes Official Google Cloud Feature". By Charles Hall.

Implementing Serverless Node.js Functions Using Google Cloud


Serverless computing is an architecture style in which the code is executed in a cloud platform where we don’t need to worry about the hardware and software setup, security, performance, and CPU idle time costs. It's an advancement of cloud computing that goes beyond infrastructure that abstracts the software environment as well.

How Google Cloud’s health care advisor thinks data and machine learning can transform health care, without privacy risks


Earlier this year, Toby Cosgrove became an executive advisor to the Google Cloud health care team after a long and distinguished tenure at the Cleveland Clinic. He’s taking some of the lessons learned at the latter to help his new employer affect big changes to health care. He explained to CNBC that there was a tremendous […]. Artificial Intelligence News

Effective Cloud Security Requires a Cloud-Native Mindset


Thousands of developers and cloud security professionals will fill the Moscone Center in San Francisco next week for the sold-out Google Cloud Next ’19 conference. It’s all designed to help organizations embrace the cloud.

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CloudBees Allies with Atos to Accelerate DevOps Adoption


In a move that should accelerate adoption of best DevOps practices in the enterprise, CloudBees and Atos announced this week that the two are collaborating to advance adoption of continuous integration/continuous development (CI/CD) platforms on the Google public cloud.

Google Next ’19 After Party

Linux Academy

You are cordially invited to the Linux Academy Google Next After Party ! We’re packing our bags and heading to Google Next 2019 in San Francisco! Join us on Thursday night for the official Linux Academy Google Next After Party on April 11th from 6 – 9 PM PDT.

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How Pandora Leverages VPC Flow Logs + Kentik for Google Cloud Visibility


Not just because of its non-stop, personalized music, or because they’re a long-time Kentik customer, but also because of the modern, cloud-native approach they’ve taken to running the infrastructure behind their booming music streaming service. At Kentik, we’re big fans of Pandora.

New in Cloudera Labs: Google Cloud Dataflow on Apache Spark

Cloudera Engineering

Cloudera and Google are collaborating to bring Google Cloud Dataflow to Apache Spark users (and vice-versa). For the past decade, a lot of the future has been concentrated at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View. Because of the scale of its operations, Google usually bumped up against the limitations of the current state-of-the-art before anyone else, Read more.

Carnegie Mellon’s Andrew Moore to join Google Cloud as new head of AI later this year


Alphabet is taking artificial intelligence seriously and this can be seen in the chopping and churning that happening in Google’s AI unit. As per reports, Carnegie Mellon’s Andrew Moore will join Google Cloud as the new head of AI later this year, as current leader Fei Fei Li returns to Stanford. Artificial Intelligence News Google

Google Cloud NEXT '18: A Growing Event with Much to Offer


If you want to learn what's up and coming for Google Cloud and make some great connections, Google Cloud NEXT is an informative, lively event to prioritize on your conference calendar. Coalfire attended the recent Google Cloud NEXT '18 conference in San Francisco (July 24-27) and found it to be a good venue to meet existing customers, make new contacts, and attend informative technical sessions.

HyperFlex 3.5, Google Cloud, and more: Presidio sees it all at Cisco Live


to the announcement of a hybrid cloud offering from Cisco and Google, Presidio saw all kinds of transformative technology at Cisco Live 2018. The Cisco Flex Plan enables customers to future-proof next-generation cloud consumption. In Flex, the customer is entitled to both the cloud and traditional products, placing the entire portfolio under a single umbrella. Google Cloud takes center stage. complements Google and Cisco’s hybrid cloud architecture.