Lacework Partners with Google Cloud


Today we are happy to share that our partnership with Google Cloud is expanding, and Lacework is now available in the Google Cloud Marketplace , with strategic integrations to come. This is a great opportunity for joint customers to improve their security posture, vulnerability management, and workload security across Google Cloud and multicloud environments from build to runtime. Lacework and Google Cloud will continue to integrate additional features.

7 Free Google Cloud Training Resources


If you’re looking to break into the cloud computing space, or just continue growing your skills and knowledge, there are an abundance of resources out there to help you get started, including free Google Cloud training. Google Cloud Free Program.


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Citrix® and Google Cloud Simplify Shift to Flexible Work

New Citrix DaaS solutions available on Google Cloud Marketplace deliver cost and time-savings in making transition from procurement to deployment. The post Citrix® and Google Cloud Simplify Shift to Flexible Work appeared first on

Learn Google Cloud by Doing with New Google Cloud Training!

Linux Academy

Ready to learn Google Cloud by doing? From new courses to new labs, we have a ton of exciting new Google Cloud updates at Linux Academy ( where you can get the most Google Cloud training on this planet! ). Google Cloud Sandboxes. You can now spin up live Google Cloud Sandboxes in our Cloud Playground! Spin up Google Cloud environments in seconds and safely test or play with new features in an environment!

Google Cloud Partners with Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks

Named as DIU Secure Cloud Management Standard. In a previous blog , I shared some news about how we partnered with Google Cloud to successfully complete the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) Secure Cloud Management (SCM) prototype evaluation.

DevOps Services Pricing: AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud

Dzone - DevOps

Cloud computing has rapidly become a strong driving factor for companies worldwide, as software is transferred out of in-house data centers in an effort to modernize, reduce costs, and boost agility.

Google Cloud Machine Types Comparison


Google Cloud Platform offers a range of machine types optimized to meet various needs. With so much to choose from, finding the right Google Cloud machine type for your workload can get complicated. What Google Cloud Machine Type should you use?

Announcing Vantage on Google Cloud


Teradata Vantage on Google Cloud is now generally available! Vantage on Google Cloud is an as-a-service offer in which customers can get the most analytic value from their data.

Broadcom and Google Cloud Collaborate to Accelerate Digital Transformation for the Enterprise

NASDAQ: AVGO) and Google Cloud today announced a strategic collaboration to accelerate innovation and strengthen cloud services integration within the core software franchises of Broadcom. Latest News Releases Broadcom Google CloudSAN JOSE and SUNNYVALE, Calif.,

Databricks Partners with Google Cloud to Deliver its Platform to Global Businesses

Databricks launches on Google Cloud with integrations to Google BigQuery and AI Platform that unify data engineering, data science, machine learning, and analytics across both companies’ services Sunnyvale and San Francisco, Calif., Blogs databricks Google Cloud

Palo Alto Networks Brings Network Threat Detection to Google Cloud

Palo Alto Networks

Imagine building applications in the cloud with the knowledge they are natively protected with industry-leading security controls. Imagine having your own personal, best-in-class threat research team at your fingertips, while taking advantage of cloud simplicity, scalability and speed.

4 Ways to Get Google Cloud Credits


Google Cloud credits are an incentive offered by Google that help you get started on Google’s Cloud Platform for free. Google Cloud Free Tier. The most basic way to use Google Cloud products is the Google Cloud Free Tier.

Introducing Google Cloud Hands-On Labs by Linux Academy

Linux Academy

Linux Academy is the industry-leading hands-on lab cloud training platform with unique hands-on labs that are not found anywhere else. Recently, we expanded the hands-on lab platform to include: instant labs , instant terminal , Cloud Playground , and Cloud Sandboxes. Today, I’m excited to announce our brand new hands-on lab offering for Google Cloud. Google Cloud is rapidly becoming a must-have tool in the enterprise toolbox.

AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud Governance Models


The deliverability of cloud governance models has improved as public cloud usage continues to grow and mature. These models allow large enterprises to tier and scale their AWS Accounts, Azure Subscriptions and Google Projects across hundreds and thousands of cloud users and services.

Google Cloud Best Practices: 2020 Roundup


There is an abundance of great resources that cover Google Cloud best practices. Cloud Health Tech Staff, 5 Best Practices For Google Cloud Data Governance , June 26, 2019. . Katie Fritchen, 5 Google Cloud Security Best Practices , May 2, 2019.

AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud: Comparing Cloud Platforms


Fueled by the shift to remote and hybrid work environments and the need to digitally transform business during the global pandemic, the adoption of cloud computing has reached an all-time high. Needless to say, cloud services are in high demand today. What Is a Public Cloud?

Streamlining Access Control in Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Security Innovation

The Google Cloud IAM resource hierarchy provides considerable flexibility for grouping and segmenting multiple levels of resources. You might, for example, allow or deny access based on: Google Cloud Access Management

Announcing Instant Hands-On Labs for Google Cloud

Linux Academy

Today, we’re happy to announce instant labs are now part of our Google Cloud Consoles in the Linux Academy Cloud Playground! Previously, we launched a unique sandbox function within Linux Academy called Cloud Playground. The Cloud Playground is an excellent tool to be able to practice in scenario-based Linux, Kubernetes, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud environments. Linux Academy is the leading hands-on Cloud training provider.

Digital Realty and Google Cloud Discuss Hybrid Cloud and Multicloud for Regulated Industries


Architecting a hybrid cloud and multicloud strategy with data compliance regulations in mind isn’t easy. Blog Partners data compliance Digital Realty Google Cloud Google Cloud Platform hybrid cloud multicloud

Digital Realty and Google Cloud Discuss Hybrid Cloud and Multicloud for Regulated Industries


Architecting a hybrid cloud and multicloud strategy with data compliance regulations in mind isn’t easy. Blog Partners data compliance Digital Realty Google Cloud Google Cloud Platform hybrid cloud multicloud

Webinar Transcript and Video: Multicloud Over Coffee With Google Cloud


Google Cloud, Megaport, Qwinix, and 1623 Farnam recently held a webinar to talk about deploying multicloud to build agile, future-proof networks in a time of increased IT complexity caused by distributed workforces and applications.

Google Cloud Sandbox Environments On Demand with Playground

Linux Academy

We’ve been talking about it for a while now during our Weekly Updates, and we’re finally ready to reveal our Google Sandbox Environment! Like our AWS environments, our Google environments are created on demand and allow you to work in a hassle-free, and compliance-friendly environment. These Google Playground Cloud Sandbox environments are available for all of our individual and business accounts! Secure Google Sandbox Environments for Learning.

Prisma Cloud Named Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year

Palo Alto Networks

Beginning a digital transformation to the cloud is like a marathon: You’ve got to be prepared for the long haul. That’s why we’re glad to be running with Google Cloud – and to have been named Technology Partner of the Year for 2020. “We’re

Data Theorem Delivers Advanced API Security through Google Cloud Marketplace

Data Theorem’s API Security Solutions Give Customers Ability to Uniquely Automate Continuous API Security Analysis and Vulnerability Inspection on Google Cloud Platform PALO ALTO, Calif., a leading provider of modern application security, today announced its availability on Google Cloud Marketplace (GCP Marketplace), providing customers with differentiated API security […]. Latest News Releases Data Theorem Google Cloud

Comparing Private Connectivity of AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud


Blog AWS Google Cloud Platform Microsoft Azure multicloud connectivityWe clarify the private connectivity differences between these major hyperscalers. This post is first in a series that accompanies our webinar on October 21, 2020.

Anthos Announced | Google Cloud Next 19 | Day One Recap

Linux Academy

Google Cloud Training Architect, Matthew Ulasien reporting to you from Google Next 2019 with the Linux Academy Google Cloud team. On day one, Google Cloud announced some new initiatives that could fundamentally change how we approach technology, especially how to migrate to the cloud. The other big announcement was that of the first cloud integrated, open source ecosystem. Google Cloud Platform Anthos Google Cloud Next

MSPs: Getting the Most From Google Cloud With StorageCraft


There are plenty of things to think about when looking at the big three public cloud services. With this comparison of its services—mapped to similar offerings in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure—Google Cloud has done a lot of the work for you.

8 Google Cloud Security Best Practices

Palo Alto Networks

If you’ll be at Google Next this week in San Francisco, stop by booth S1739 and check out a demo of how we help secure public cloud environments. Google has been making some great inroads with their cloud expansion. As with AWS and Azure, developers can adopt Google Cloud Platform (GCP) easily, seeking features for use in their application stacks. Finally, some organizations are choosing GCP to augment their multi-cloud strategy.

Google Cloud: On the Rise


Cloud Computing and Digital Transformation. Cloud computing makes it all possible. Early pioneers of cloud computing utilized cloud computing as a testing environment. They soon recognized the value and flexibility of cloud bursting. Extending the datacenter, the cloud serviced fluctuating workload demands. Today, companies are embracing the concepts of “cloud native” or “cloud first” to operate with the fullest power of the cloud.

Comparing Private Connectivity of AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud


Blog AWS Google Cloud Platform Microsoft Azure multicloud connectivityWe clarify the private connectivity differences between these major hyperscalers. This post is one of a series of blog posts that accompanies our webinar on October 21, 2020.

The 3 Must-Ask Questions When Using Google Cloud IAM


Google Cloud IAM (Identity and Access Management) is the core component of Google Cloud that keeps you secure. This can be one of several options, including: A Google account (usually used by a human). A Google group. Cloud Storage buckets.

Arista Partnering with Google Cloud to Deliver Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud Connectivity


Arista has a long history of joint development with hyper-scale cloud providers delivering innovative solutions for a broad range of customers.

22 Google Cloud Regions and 67 Zones Equals Endless Possibilities


Google Cloud offers services worldwide at locations across 200+ countries and territories, and it’s up to you to pick which of the Google Cloud Regions and Zones your applications will live in. What are Google Cloud Regions and How Many are There? Cloud EKM.

Understanding Private Connection SLAs for AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud


A thorough understanding of cloud service provider SLAs is necessary to make solid deployment decisions. Blog AWS Google Cloud Platform Microsoft Azure multicloud connectivityThis post is third in a series that accompanies our webinar on October 21, 2020.

Broadcom Software Honored With First Ever Google Cloud DevOps Award


A partnership that is optimizing for the future

Big Data & AI News | Google Cloud Next 19 | Day Two Recap

Linux Academy

Joe Lowery here, Google Cloud Training Architect, bringing you the news from the Day 2 Keynote at the Google Cloud Next ’19 conference in San Francisco. Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, introduced Traffic Director, the new global traffic management service for VMs and containers as well as Cloud Run, which allows you to run any container in a serverless environment. Cloud SQL for Microsoft SQL Server and Managed Services for Active Directory.

AgileEngine featured as a Google Cloud Partner

Agile Engine

AgileEngine is now officially a Google Cloud partner, a new milestone marking the growth of the company’s technical capabilities. The cloud projects driven by AgileEngine range from e-commerce and telecom to media, EdTech, logistics, healthcare, and real estate.

New: RightSizing Recommendations for AWS and Google Cloud


Today, we’re happy to share the latest in cost optimization: ParkMyCloud now makes RightSizing recommendations for your resources in AWS and Google Cloud. Optimize Your Cloud Infrastructure with Automated RightSizing. Choosing the right instance type for cloud resources is difficult. The cloud providers incentivize instance modernization by pricing the newest generations the lowest. Google Cloud How to Save on AWS ParkMyCloud News

StorageCraft Partners With Google Cloud to Deliver Business Continuity


StorageCraft, an Arcserve company, has partnered with Google Cloud to offer its StorageCraft Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) on the Google Cloud Marketplace (GCP).

Steps To Install WordPress On Google Cloud Compute Engine


So why don’t you try cloud hosting where you will be charged only for what you use. Today in this article will explain to you how to install WordPress site on Google Cloud. Steps To Install WordPress On Google Cloud Compute Engine. Following is the sample dashboard page how it looks when you logged into google cloud platform. You will be landed onto a page where you can select what you want to run on the cloud.