Effective Technical Leadership


Some notes from the Effective Technical Leadership talk given by David Byttow. Attributes of an effective technical lead. Leadership philosophy programming project management software development technical workplaceKnowledge: “A strong tech lead’s knowledge is broad and deep…A tech lead should be a master of several technologies.”

IBM Professional Technical Leadership Exchange - Paris - May 2007

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Nurturing Design in Your Software Engineering Culture

Strategic Tech

Spread Domain Expertise Design is more than generic technical patterns that can be applied to almost software system. No generic technical patterns can help you to define the right boundaries and interaction patterns. technical-leadership software-design software-architecture

Sequencing Architecture Modernization: Risk Averse vs Risk Tolerant

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When technical, organizational, or other kinds of problem do arise, will the company divert financial resources and people away from other projects to rapidly remove blockers? enterprise-architecture technology-leadership cto software-architecture technical-leadership

Article: Transitioning into the Staff+ Engineer Role - from Player to Coach

InfoQ Articles

This article describes how staff+ engineers transition to supporters, enablers and force multipliers of others and what technical leadership looks like away from the management track.

Article: How Tech Leaders Can Leverage Their Mentoring and Teaching with Coaching

InfoQ Articles

It also shows how coaching can be incorporated into management and technical leadership roles as examples. Agile Leadership Book Review Coaching Coaching and Mentoring Culture & Methods article

Dell EMC’s 2019 Server Trends & Observations

Dell EMC

While many of our 2018 Server Trends and Observations came to fruition, and some are still ongoing, our technical leadership team has collaborated to bring you the top 10 trends and observations that will most greatly affect server technologies and adoption for 2019. As the leader of Dell EMC’s Server & Infrastructure Systems CTO team, I’m constantly drawn to the future.

Top 15 Tech Leadership Books

Dzone - DevOps

The transition to tech leadership is a huge challenge. Technical leadership is different. Leading a technical team demands more than just management skills, but also technical prowess, and the ability to navigate the tech world. leadership

TLE-2007: Attending IBMs Technology Leadership Exchange - Social Computing in the Enterprise, Where Art Thou?

elsua: The Knowledge Management Blog

The value of Agile Architecture in a modern organization


Another one to consider is technical leadership, experience in the technical domain which can be described as “know your stuff”. Driving technical change or creating a solution design, your results must get out there and make impact.

Management and Systems Thinking

Puppies, Flowers, Rainbows and Kittens

It caused me to reflect a bit on my approach to systems thinking in the context of technical leadership. Suppose the leadership team is impatient and doesn’t understand what you are trying to do. It depends on the company’s situation and how much pressure there is on the leadership team. Another challenge can be a change (losing a customer or a tough quarter) that puts pressure on the leadership team. Management and Leadership systems thinking

Your technology architecture and engineering organization should coevolve as your startup grows

Abhishek Tiwari

Skills++: Induct specialised Frontend, Backend & QA engineers, Technical Leadership 21-30 Engineers Focus: Building quality in products and continue to innovate while proactively planning team structure, incentives, and culture.

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Choosing the right technology stack for your startup


The factors to be considered in this blog have to do with technology change costs and crucial leadership decisions. Here are the top three factors for leadership to consider when choosing your technology stack: Cost of changing technologies.

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Cybersecurity Standards and Your Enterprise


This is an area requiring continued technical leadership or it will have little impact. But with technical leadership, good security standards can make a world of difference. As we have noted in the past, “The nice thing about standards is that you have so many to choose from” teaches Andrew S. Tanebaum in his classic text on Computer Networks. This adage is especially true when it comes to cybersecurity.

ICYMI: How Honeycomb Can Help You Achieve the Deployment Part of CI/CD


I think the failure to adopt continuous deployment more widely is the single biggest failure of our technical leadership class of the past two decades.” .

Transition Coaching After Executive Search Placement Increases Success in India

N2Growth Blog

They usually possess a tangible set of management, decision-making, and other technical leadership skills that were the primary criterion for their selection and placement. By Kunal Jha & Kelli Vukelic. Executive coaching was nearly unheard of in India 15 or so years ago.

A short pause along the path to celebrate being on the Forbes Cloud 100


Legendary technologist Ulfar Erlingsson joined as Chief Architect to elevate our technical leadership team. So much happened that by July, we realized that it was time to expand the leadership team even further. For fifteen years, the cloud has been gaining steam.

How to find product-market fit with the right startup tools


Looking to gain more insight on finding the best product-market fit for your startup (and my 14 rules of technical leadership)? Download my latest ebook, Choosing a Tech Stack You Won’t regret: A Guide To Technical Leadership in Fast-Growing Startups

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Software architecture insights: interview with Eoin Woods


This month Apiumhub team has interviewed Eoin Woods – Global Software Architecture Summit Speaker and CTO at Endava, where he leads the technical strategy for the firm, guides capability development and directs investment in emerging technologies.

Navy Acquisition Can Easily Be Fixed

Marv's Smart Future

Long acquisition programs also insure that nobody in the acquisition system is personally responsible for failure because a Program Manager’s (PM) 3-4-year leadership tour only covers a portion of the full requirement-to-IOC (Initial Operational Capability) timeline. Using a series of prototypes to validate POC capabilities enables the technical crawl, walk, run needed to support speed to capability. Strong Technical Leadership.

HumanGeo: Data, Services and Products positioned at the intersection of Big Data applications, social media analytics, and geospatial visualization


Al Di Leonardo and Abe Usher are both mission-focused executives with a background in both technology and military leadership. This is reflected in the fact that both are recipients of numerous awards, including the Fed 100 award for innovative ideas and technical leadership.

Tech Leadership books


The transition to tech leadership is a huge challenge. Technical leadership is different. Leading a technical team demands more than just management skills, but also technical prowess, and the ability to navigate the tech world.

Measuring and managing technical debt with DevOps


Every technical team in the software industry is familiar with technical debt. That is because every software team incurs technical debt along the way. This article answers some critical questions about technical debt. What is technical debt? Technical debt ratio.

Should You Build in-house or Outsource Development of Your Mobile Apps?


Execution: With ownership and budget established, the project owner along with senior technical leadership should evaluate and select a vendor to outsource the development. Since the project has two goals, in parallel the owner along with senior technical leadership should put hiring plans in place to build a small in-house team in place. Sunil Thomas.

Why give a conference talk (or, why give a Postgres talk)

The Citus Data

A conference talk gives your boss an additional proof point when promoting you, as evidence of your technical leadership, your communication skills, and your willingness to share your expertise with others in the community.

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Bringing an AI Product to Market

O'Reilly on Data

Work with senior management to design and align on appropriate metrics, and make sure that executive leadership agrees and consents to using them before starting your experiments and developing your AI products in earnest. Lack of clarity about metrics is technical debt worth paying down.

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Choosing a Cyber Threat Intelligence Provider with Josh Ray


Josh also held technical leadership roles with the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) and the Northrop Grumman Corporation at the Joint Task Force – Global Network Operations (JTF-GNO), providing intelligence support to focused operations. Katie Kennedy. The content for the article below is provided by Josh Ray, Vice President for Verisign iDefense.

Remote Team Flow EventStorming for Retrospectives

Strategic Tech

Topics I cover including Domain-Driven Design, Architecture, Technical Leadership, Organisation Design, Process Improvement for Self-organising Teams.

The Top Tech Conferences You Don’t Want to Miss in 2019


They provide the opportunity to receive expert guidance on managing technical teams and learn about best practices for hiring (and retaining) talented developers, engineers, and designers. Conferences have also proven to be a key part of my professional growth, helping me hone and maintain my technical skills. The conference covers approaches and technologies such as chaos engineering, serverless, and cloud, in addition to a range of leadership and business skills.

Effective DoD Acquisition Needs Less Noise … Part 2

Marv's Smart Future

If there is any good news for future DoD acquisition it is that Congress, through the National Defense Authorization Acts ( NDAAs ) from 2016-2018, have passed several new laws designed to regain DoD’s technical edge and empower Program Managers to speed up acquisition and take advantage of as much commercial technology development as possible. DoD Acquisition DoD IT Acquisition Global Perspectives Leadership Technology Evolution

How to Make Agile Work in Fast-Growing Startups


You build it, ship it, run it: DevOps, Probably a micro-service architecture, Test automation (TDD, BDD), Continuous integration, Probably continuous delivery, You need to keep technical debt at bay. TL; DR: How to Make Agile Work in Fast-Growing Startups.

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How engineering managers can effectively support engineers, teams, and organizations


It is a mix of hands-on coding, technical leadership and decision making, process and project management, product oversight, people management, finding and hiring talent … the list goes on. Asking questions helps us adjust our leadership style to the people we are leading.

Three parts to the mission

Marcus Blankenship - Daily Writing

We’ll create books, workshops, training programs, tools, frameworks, programs, and processes to teach the core tenants of excellent technical leadership. Last week a lot of you told me you were on board with the ideas about a future where all programmers had a great boss, on a safe team, in a productive environment. This week I’ve been wordsmithing a vision and mission and wanted to share a working draft with you.

How IT and the Role of the CIO is Changing in the Era of Networked Organizations

Dion Hinchcliffe's Web 2.0 Blog

Instead, I mean power in the sense of genuine, highly effective influence through trusted collaboration, proactive enablement, orchestration of bottom-up change agency, and new forms of digital leadership. Support tech leadership across the company.

Founder Challenges with Startup Development Teams and CTOs


I''m spending more of my time recently working with non-technical startup founders who are having challenges with their software/web/mobile development teams. CTO Knowledge and Skill I personally believe that the best CTOs will have a technical/developer background. It''s hard to manage a development team when you are not very technical. Unfortunately, having a technical background and being a good coder doesn''t necessarily translate well into being a good CTO.

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Pitfalls of Agile Transformations


The technical heart of agile is embodied in the practices articulated by Jez Humble and Dave Farley in Continuous Delivery : acceptance test-driven development; automated builds, automated testing, automated database migration, and automated deployment; everyone checks their code into the mainline at least daily (there are no branches!); If you aren’t heading toward these or similar technical practices and you think you are doing an agile transformation, think again.

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High-Touch Leadership in Buffer’s Fully Remote Culture


GitPrime elevates engineering leadership with objective data. Two (equal) leadership paths. We see two routes towards leadership ,” she says. “We We see people leadership, which is what traditional management might look like. Second, we see technical leadership as an equal track,” she adds. It’s quite okay to lead a team for a while and decide you’d rather not have that people leadership,” she says. “It’s

The ‘Chocolate Sauce’ Design Heuristic

Strategic Tech

Importantly, we need to be aware that cohesion and co-change are not intrinsic technical characteristics. The domain expertise required in each context, the existing organisational structure, technical debt, the long-term business strategy, and hundreds of other factors can determine the optimal design at any point in time. A trip to the supermarket can teach you a lot about designing software systems and shaping teams to build them… I was recently in need of some chocolate sauce.

How Buffer.com Develops Engineering Leadership Skills From Day 1 With Katie Womersley

Marcus Blankenship - Podcasts

Setting expectations for leadership growth. Katie’s favorite resources on leadership & management. Announcer: Welcome to the Programming Leadership podcast, where we help great coders become skilled leaders and build happy, high-performing software teams. Marcus: Welcome to the Programming Leadership podcast. Showing leadership is something that I want to see everybody do in every interaction. It’s a type of leadership. Episode 11.

Advice from 3 Engineering Leaders on Becoming a Manager of Managers


The discussion was moderated by Marcus Blankenship , Technical Leadership Coach at marcusblankenship.com. I don’t know which leadership book I read it in (editor’s note: our research points us to * The Trusted Advisor , by David Maister).* ” This sense of personal growth motivates me, where I know other people are much more interested in solving hard technical problems for their sense of personal growth.