Nurturing Design in Your Software Engineering Culture

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There are a few qualities that differentiate average from high performing software engineering organisations. In my experience, the culture is better and the results are better in orgs where engineers and architects obsess over the design of code and architecture.

How CloudZero Built an Engineering Culture of Cost Autonomy


As a cloud cost intelligence company, we often like to say “every line of code is a buying decision”. If you’re running on AWS or one of the other big cloud providers, you know that a simple decision about how to architect an application can have a significant impact on your future cost of goods sold (COGS). DevOps


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Micro-promotions and mentorship: the big impact of small actions in an engineering culture


For the last decade, I have worked in male-dominated environments. While during this time I’ve encountered many nitwits and detractors, I’ve also been fortunate to encounter many proponents and advocates. Although no company is perfect, at CircleCI I’ve had opportunities to grow my career in an environment I enjoy. Some of that is thanks to me, and a good slug of that is thanks to my coworkers.

Chaos Engineering as management practice


Chaos Engineering is perceived as a technical practice. The post Chaos Engineering as management practice appeared first on Xebia Blog. Chaos Engineering chaos engineering culture leadership management organisation

Article: Agile Development Applied to Machine Learning Projects

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Agile Practices Agile Software Development Development AI, ML & Data Engineering Culture & Methods articleMachine learning is a powerful new tool, but how does it fit in your agile development?

How to Rethink Sprint Retrospectives to Shape a Better Culture

The post How to Rethink Sprint Retrospectives to Shape a Better Culture appeared first on Blogs DevOps Culture Enterprise DevOps Leadership Suite business alignment devops teams engineering culture Sprint retrospectivesIf you have been in a scrum team (or even an agile software development team), you most certainly have had or heard about sprint retrospectives or gone through them.

The Fallacy of Move Fast and Break Things


You need two things to effectively move fast: a culture of psychological safety and smart investments in tooling. The culture and tools are part of the equation; the final piece is having the right processes in place to effectively use the tools and support the people.

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Tips for Onboarding New Hires Remotely


Traditionally, we do our first week “on-site” in our Oakland headquarters, which allows the new hire to feel out the culture of the company, meet colleagues, have water cooler chats, and my personal favorite, enjoy 1:1 walks along Lake Merritt. DevOps employee onboarding engineering culture

The Rise of the Front-End Developer


On May 21, for the Test in Production Meetup on Twitch , Yoz Grahame, Developer Advocate at LaunchDarkly, moderated a panel discussion featuring Rebecca Murphey, Senior Technical PM at Indeed, and Ben Vinegar, VP of Engineering at Sentry. DevOps engineering culture engineers front-end

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What Is DevOps Culture?

Dzone - DevOps

At its essence, a DevOps culture involves closer collaboration and a shared responsibility between development and operations for the products they create and maintain. DevOps teams work autonomously and embrace a software engineering culture, workflow, and toolset that elevates operational requirements to the same level of importance as architecture, design and development. agile devops software agile methodologies work culture

Panel Discussion: Teams, Processes, and Practices in DevOps


At the November Test in Production Meetup in San Francisco, LaunchDarkly’s Yoz Grahame (a Developer Advocate) moderated a panel discussion featuring Larry Lancaster, Founder and CTO at Zebrium, and Ramin Khatibi, a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) and infrastructure consultant.

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18 Signs of a Systemic Toxic Team Culture

TL; DR: 18 Signs of a Systemic Toxic Team Culture. While they try to become more appealing to product and software developers, they still have difficulties understanding what it takes to build an attractive product/engineering culture.

Four short links: 18 March 2020

O'Reilly Media - Ideas

Software Engineering at Google — a new O’Reilly book. Covers Google’s unique engineering culture, processes, and tools, and how these aspects contribute to the effectiveness of an engineering organization.

Commerce Tomorrow Podcast

Joel Crabb

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Kelly Goetsch and Dirk Hoerig to record an interview on Target’s engineering culture as part of their Commerce Tomorrow podcast. I’ve been using the studio to create an internal podcast for Target Engineering so we had an audio engineer and figured out how to include Dirk from Germany.

“Spotify Model” – 10 lessons in transplantology

In the meantime companies keep trying to transplant this structure, which comes from a specific organizational culture built on a mixture of national and multicultural elements, having their own specific values and their own specific people. Are you focused on culture?

Employee Spotlight: Zayo Engineer Mark Jensen


Mark Jensen is Zayo’s senior director of Engineering, Lit Services, responsible for strategic and tactical planning for Zayo’s lit optical networks and solutions. Mark, who graduated as a Petroleum Engineer from Montana Tech, came to Zayo via the 360networks acquisition in 2011.

Bringing AIOps to Machine Learning & Analytics


The Hyperpilot team is also well at home with Cloudera’s strong engineering culture and focus on providing customers an open platform for innovation. Two years ago I founded Hyperpilot with the mission to enable autopilot for container infrastructure. We learned a lot about data center automation based on real-time application and diagnostic feedback using applied machine learning.

Forbes names CircleCI to America's Best Startup Employers list


A few years ago, the engineering team at CircleCI had doubled year over year and became more globally distributed. After all this growth, we were running into challenges around evolving our engineering culture. Engineer Onboarding checklist.

On Learning New Things

Joel Crabb

Second, I gave a presentation on technical culture rather than technology. It was a first to talk about building engineering culture , even though it’s what I’ve done for most of my career. Holiday is mostly past us going into the new year of 2019 which means we retailers are starting to have some time again. The start of the year is when people think about making resolutions with the intent of improving themselves.

Why organizations should commit to innersource in 2020


As enterprises increase their investments in open source, they’re also looking behind the code at new ways for their engineering teams to work together quickly, globally, and at scale.

Scrum’s Nature: It Is a Tool; It Is Not About Love or Hate

It comprises of everything necessary to ship the Product Increment to our customers, including but not limited to engineering standards, governance, and legal requirements. Finally, remember the adage: If you reward firefighters, you create a culture of arsonists.

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3 Ways Cluster Sprawl Creates Significant Waste and Risk For Your Organization


Empowering Both Developers and Operators When adopting Kubernetes and other cloud native services, it’s important to think about how they’ll impact the engineering culture.

You are what you Git: how your VCS branching model affects your delivery cadence


The path of a software engineer is one of constant learning. Before joining CircleCI, my years of experience led me to believe that I was an engineer with a firm understanding of the technical aspects of the craft, as well as what is considered good practice.

DevOps vs. SRE: What’s the Difference Between Them, and Which One Are You?


The official definition of DevOps is “a software engineering culture and practice, that aims at unifying software development and software operation.” The concept of Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) has been around since 2003, making it even older than DevOps. According to Treynor, SRE is “what happens when a software engineer is tasked with what used to be called operations.” DevOps or SRE?

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Socracan 2020 Experience Report


This tries to set up a base understanding of characteristics that make up a healthy Engineering Culture. I’ve had a wonderful time at the Socracan 2020. Here’s my Experience Report about it. What’s an Open Space? An Open Space (a.k.a Open Space Technology, a.k.a

Learn how to build a resilient software team


The minute COVID-19 hit and everyone had to become not just remote-first, but remote-only, many engineering teams were forced to reckon with the number of manual processes they had in place. After all this growth, we were running into challenges around evolving our engineering culture.

Kafka Summit London 2019 Session Videos


Keith Davidson (Director of Group TV Distribution Platforms, Sky) told us how to “Grow a Great Engineering Culture with Apache Kafka.” We rightly spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to build things, so it was good to step back and see how our engineering work can drive internal cultural change as well. Privacy Engineering for the World of Kafka by Alexander Cook of Privitar. Let us cut to the chase: Kafka Summit London session videos are available!

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How we hosted one of the most memorable open source hackathons of 2018

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

Early 2018, we promised ourselves to create an environment which would bring a culture of positivity and change in the developer ecosystem. HackerEarth Djangothon is stepping to a culture of open innovation. Our engineering culture embodies the essence of open source, and it’s a small contribution to the community ? For example, an engineer who buckled down free food and did not win may go home. by Anagaha, Software Engineer from Suki).

The Netflix Cosmos Platform

The Netflix TechBlog

Background The Media Cloud Engineering and Encoding Technologies teams at Netflix jointly operate a system to process incoming media files from our partners and studios to make them playable on all devices. We couldn’t have done that in a top-down engineering environment.

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Principal Engineer: role & responsibilities


Today’s article is about the role of a Principal Engineer as many people still have doubts who is this person and what is his/her responsibilities in a company. Here I would like to share with you the outcomes of the “Path to Principal: Defining the Modern Principal Engineer” panel discussion that I had a chance to attend. So, in this article, you will find common patterns as well as our definition of Principal Engineer based on our experience.

Building strong distributed teams, one pixel at a time


As engineering leaders, we’re like the mortar between the bricks: We connect structures, teams, and people. When I joined CircleCI in 2018, I met with everyone in our engineering organization because I wanted to get to know the people we were working with.

Shipping Node.js at Netlify


These are built on three key principles: Automation : By automating recurring tasks whenever possible, we reduce the margin for human error and free up our engineers to focus on the right things. At Netlify, we use a diverse set of technologies, languages and paradigms to build our product.

Steering DevOps: a leader’s role on deck


DevOps represents a change in IT culture. Leaders need to be culture builders by carrying the mission and strategy into the team and creating goals. In periods of both smooth sailing and rough waters, organizations depend on their leaders to steer the vessel.

How Data Inspires Building a Scalable, Resilient and Secure Cloud Infrastructure At Netflix

The Netflix TechBlog

Netflix’s engineering culture is predicated on Freedom & Responsibility, the idea that everyone (and every team) at Netflix is entrusted with a core responsibility and they are free to operate with freedom to satisfy their mission. Central engineering teams enable this operational model by reducing the cognitive burden on innovation teams through solutions related to securing, scaling and strengthening (resilience) the infrastructure.

Why is Hiring so Hard? How to Improve Your Hiring Fortunes

Strategic Tech

finding good software engineers takes so long and requires so much effort… but it doesn’t have to. If you like the ideas in the post, then why not come and join me at Navico and help us to build a highly-innovative engineering culture and a brilliant place to work. Make Your Organisation Irresistible to Software Engineers The easiest and cheapest way to hire good engineers is to let them come to you. leadership software-engineering hiring

Making the Internet faster at Netflix

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

Sachin: Hello everyone and welcome to the 04th episode of Breaking 404, a podcast by HackerEarth for all engineering enthusiasts and professionals to learn from top influencers in the tech world. And as of today, I’m a hands-on engineering leader.

A Commitment to Diversity: Reflections on GHC


It seems every week there is an article or blog post decrying the lack of women and people of color in software engineering, or on the other side defending the gap. Upon reflecting on the conference, and my experience now two months into my first software engineering job at LaunchDarkly, I wanted to share a smattering of thoughts with you as a woman in tech. Intellectual honesty at LaunchDarkly is also supported by a culture of blamelessness.

2020: The Year Bee-hind Us


At the start of lockdown, many companies doubled down on their butts-in-seats culture with Zoom surveillance and other creeptastic endeavors. We’ve doubled the size of the company this year, with growth on all fronts: engineering, product, design, marketing, sales. Engineering.

Leading Remote and Distributed Engineering Teams – Top Takeaways from the Panel


Leaders of distributed engineering teams shouldn’t have to work up solutions to these problems from scratch. So we held a panel discussion with three of today’s top engineering leaders to discuss approaches and lessons learned in building, growing, and maintaining remote and distributed teams. Mailchimp’s engineering team is about 350 people, both distributed and remote, across the United States. Katie Womersley , VP of Engineering at Buffer. ONBOARD FOR CULTURE.

2020: The Year Bee-hind Us


At the start of lockdown, many companies doubled down on their butts-in-seats culture with Zoom surveillance and other creeptastic endeavors. We’ve doubled the size of the company this year, with growth on all fronts: engineering, product, design, marketing, sales. Engineering.