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YouTube relaxes advertiser-friendly guidelines around controversial topics, like abortion, abuse and eating disorders


YouTube today announced an update to its advertiser-friendly guidelines that relaxes some of its rules around controversial issues, including sexual and domestic abuse, abortions and eating disorders. YouTube monetization policy lead […]

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Web Content Accessibility Guidelines


Web Content Accessibility Guidelines ( WCAG ) are a set of guidelines developed by the World Wide Web Consortium ( W3C ) to ensure that websites and web content are accessible to all users, regardless of their abilities or disabilities. The latest version of the WCAG guidelines is 2.2, What is WCAG? The WCAG 2.2


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Federal Agencies Share DevSecOps Guidelines

The post Federal Agencies Share DevSecOps Guidelines appeared first on Developed by a public-private cross-sector working group led by NSA and CISA, the ESF framework was created in the wake […].

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I Guess This is Growing Up: Devs and CISA’s Secure-by-Design Guidelines

We have rolled with the punches of escalating cybercrime and data breaches; the collective, […] The post I Guess This is Growing Up: Devs and CISA’s Secure-by-Design Guidelines appeared first on

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Modern Data Architecture for Embedded Analytics

Expert guidelines for a high-performance, analytics-ready modern data architecture. You’ll learn: 7 approaches to data architecture for embedded analytics—from a transactional database to a columnar or in memory database. 9 questions to ask yourself when planning your ideal architecture.

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Navigating Container Security within the FedRAMP Guidelines

Aqua Security

The digital transformation journey of many organizations heavily leans on cloud technologies. As they migrate to the cloud, adhering to stringent security protocols becomes paramount. Enter FedRAMP (R) (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program).

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The 5 unit testing guidelines


The post The 5 unit testing guidelines appeared first on Xebia Blog. They are commonly being triggered automatically when somebody submits code to a repository so that the quality of the software is being validated, automatically, before […].