Flipping the Script: Sundance Film Festival Goes Online

Dell EMC

A look back at how Dell Technologies helped Sundance Film Festival deliver their event online for the first time

Film 61

Film, Pixel, Point

Dell EMC

Some 20 years ago, on a film called “Happy Texas,” I had a problem the night before shooting. The following is a guest post from Glenn Gainor, President and Director Innovation Studios, Sony Entertainment & Technology. Let me take you on a journey and start off by telling you that I’ve never publicly shared this story… until now.

Film 59

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Stretchable Gold Film for Electronics


By Kimberly Kelly Stretchable Gold Film. While researchers from all over the world have been working with different kinds of stretchable conductors, it was the University of Michigan that first came up with a solution to the elastic conductor problem, a stretchable gold film. To hear more about the Gold Nano-particle Film, click here. The Future Gold Film. The Future Gold Film. The Future Gold Film

Film 81

The Return To Senselessness With Richard Dreyfuss

Steve Farber

Leadership Podcast civic discourse civics education film industry self awareness senselessness veteran actorWill society ever be able to reach its full potential?

Film 99

Leadership and Films that Make Change

Women on Business

to take time to rethink women’s roles in film. In my research for “ GUTSY: How Women Leaders Make Change ” I have been honored to meet, through books and film, the types of females I offer to the younger generation as role models. Her 2005 film “ WATER ” is an experience I promise you will never forget. I offer a “GUTSY AWARD” to writer and director Deepa Mehta who had to withstand the ire of Hindu fundamentalists attempting to stop the production of the film.

Film 55

Protecting a Story’s Future with History and Science

Netflix TechBlog

This year they celebrated 40 years of marriage, so both photos were shot on film. By reaching beyond film and television art and into the realms of history and science, we’ve been working on solving this issue for Netflix projects. To understand where these terms and processes come from, we have to go back to film class. But in fact, our NAM, GAM and VDM archival assets have their roots in over a hundred years of film history.

Film 79

Supporting content decision makers with machine learning

The Netflix TechBlog

Our catalog of thousands of films and series caters to 195M+ members in over 190 countries who span a broad and diverse range of tastes. The commissioning of a series or film, which we refer to as a title , is a creative decision. machine-learning data-science tv-series film netflix

Just Released: A New “Near Future” Film Takes a Look at How Innovation Will Affect the Way You Work


Titled The Near Future: Diverse Thinkers Wanted , this short film explores the aspect of life that takes up most of our time and energy: work. The film’s narrative is centered on Nikki, an ambitious go-getter who’s about to deliver an important presentation. The technology shown in the film will shape the way we think about work in the future. You can view the film in its entirety below. This week, CableLabs released the fourth installment in its Near Future series.

Film 11

Stop Building the Wrong APIs

Beyond B2B

The oft-repeated phrase (from the film Field of Dreams ), “If you build it, [they] will come” does not apply to APIs. Integration & APIs

Film 77

Why is OTT the Next Logical Step for Movie Theaters?

Daffodil Software

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a big void in the film industry and certainly, the road back to normalcy will be a long one. Film exhibitors are unpredictable about how long it will take customers to return to a crowded, enclosed space, even after there is an ease in lockdown restrictions.

Film 57

“Data Science Pioneers” Documentary Skyrockets to a Global Sensation


Read further for additional highlights from the film. Dataiku’s compelling documentary, “Data Science Pioneers,” has been viewed by more than 6,000 people in over 40 countries globally. Dataiku Company Scaling AI Featured

Film 72

A preview of 2030 media content creation


Analytics Cloud Technology, Media & Entertainment, Telecommunications content film storytellingGreat stories have always been popular, but today’s demand for engaging, original content is unprecedented. Content consumption in all forms has grown dramatically over the last decade, thanks to the proliferation of digital distribution channels and devices. Today truly is a remarkable time for storytellers, and the appetite for their work shows no sign of […].

Media 13

History of Computer Graphics – 1950s to 2010s

The Crazy Programmer

Zajac, of the Bell Telephone Laboratory created a film using animations and graphics which could show the movement of satellites and their change in altitudes around the orbit of the Earth.

3D 224

PLA's DigitalLead Helps Libraries Address the Digital Divide


More than just repositories of books, music, films, and information in general, they also serve as community centers and educational hubs, helping people connect and advance despite the distances between them.

Film 83

Deploy a Clojure web application to AWS using Terraform


I’ve used film_ratings_key_pair in the Terraform so if you don’t want to edit the Terraform, use that as the name. ssh/film_ratings_key_pair.pem. Then change the Dockerfile in the film ratings web application project to read like so: FROM openjdk:8u181-alpine3.8 COPY target/film-ratings.jar film-ratings.jar EXPOSE 3000 RUN chmod +x wait-for-it.sh wait-for-it.sh --timeout=90 $DB_HOST:5432 -- java -jar film-ratings.jar"]. name = "film_ratings_app_service".

Film 77

The World is What We Make of It

CEO Insider

Twenty-five years ago, in the feature film Contact, Ellie Arroway (Jodie Foster) responded to her former mentor and nemesis, Dr. David Drumlin (Tom Skerritt), after having had a tough day testifying before Congress.

Film 69

How Leaders Can Embrace New Technology in Filmmaking

CEO Insider

Aside from these high-stakes situations, the film industry still […]. Filmmakers, whether they’re directing a commercial or a three-hour cinematic epic, rely on proven technology.

Film 88

Getting back to a State of Unitedness …

CEO Insider

Film 67

Three Ways C19 Is Impacting The Entertainment Industry

CEO Insider

The current moment has led to delays in production schedules, industry office closures, mass layoffs, premiere delays, industry events like the Cannes Film Festival, SXWS, Coachella, the Olympics and more to be either delayed or canceled. Coronavirus is impacting all industries.

Film 52

What “The Hunger Games” Can Teach Business Leaders About Building Culture

CEO Insider

If you’re familiar with the popular book and film series “The Hunger Games,” you know its underlying message: Regardless of the challenge or scenario, people must always fight for equality.

Film 52

Humanize Your Leadership Brand to Impact, Influence and Inspire Others

CEO Insider

There are celebrities including film stars, cricketers and sportspersons who hire marketing people […]. These are the days of branding and marketing whether you are a spiritual leader, religious leader, business leader, political leader or an academic leader.

Film 81

The Metaverse and the Future of Video Production Content

Strategy Driven

The impact of the metaverse on the film industry is already being felt, with production companies scrambling to adapt their business models to a world where traditional distribution channels are no longer relevant. enjoy films on screen or in Virtual or Augmented Reality, and may even ?interact

Film 37

Dell Technologies Joins Sheltered Harbor Alliance Partner Program as the First Solution Provider

Dell EMC

If you’re in the data business, and even if you’re not, you know that high-profile cyberattacks in the recent past have resulted in the public leak of huge amounts of stolen data, including employee and customer personal information, corporate intellectual property, and even unreleased films and scripts.

Film 84

Error'd: Untimely Ripp'd

The Daily WTF

Nostalgia for his youth lead Michael to first seek, then shun a classic film. "Do This week we bring you a whole set of submissions that prove, once again, that web programmers just can't keep track of time. first, a sop with a regular. Is a flying NaN safer than a Camel?

Film 84

Purpose-Driven Leaders are Unstoppable

Experience to Lead

The Oscar-winning film 1917 illustrates three key leadership lessons demonstrating how passionate, purpose-driven leaders accomplish their goals – even in the face of extreme adversity. Leaders with purpose and personal commitment to a goal are hard to stop.

Film 52

Certainty Is Poisonous. Curiosity Gives Life.


In 1975, Kodak leaders believed the digital camera one of their engineers invented would decimate their core massive, dominant film business. In a twist of irony, they were right - in the coming years, digital cameras took over, and the film business dissolved.

Film 163

Taking the Fear Factor Out of AI

Dell EMC

For decades, films like Space Odyssey, War Games, Terminator and The Matrix have depicted the future and what it would be like if artificial intelligence (AI) took over the world. Fast forward to 2019 and AI is quickly becoming a reality. The things we only used to see in the movies are improving our daily lives and we often don’t realize it. We’ve been living with AI assistance for quite some time.

Film 78

Sale Today: 50% off Paperback edition of How Design Makes The World

Scott Berkun

You can learn more about the book, including reviews, sample chapters, the short film and fun social media images here. You can now get my latest book, How Design Makes The World, for 50% of the paperback price here in the U.S. It’s just $9.99 on Amazon in the U.S.

Film 55

How To Ease Burn Out Using Quantum Colors

CEO Insider

When I first started running my company, The Film Festival Doctor, during the first two years of trading, I began to work extremely long hours which consisted of 16-hour days, seven days a week and surviving on five hours sleep each night.

Film 52

3 Lessons in Network Visibility from the A-List


They can appear out of nowhere halfway through the film or remain a complete mystery until behind-the-scenes footage reveals the masked […]. The network can be host to multiple performance killers.

Film 67

Barriers to effective insider threat monitoring


read like something out of an action film. Read Michael Daly’s article about the barriers companies face while monitoring insider threat on FCW : The August headlines surrounding General Electric Co. An engineer accused of stealing intellectual property was arrested, and the FBI is investigating whether the theft compromised any of the company’s trade secrets. Unfortunately, […]. Cyber Security News

Film 64

Inside The Most Luxurious Private Jet Models In The World

CEO Insider

The media often report on the use of private jets by film stars and royalty, and even then we may never see inside these luxury planes. The rich and famous who own private jets are usually cautious about revealing too many details about their aircraft.

Film 52

Leadership Inspirations – Defeat is Only a State of Mind

Strategy Driven

Bruce Lee (1940 – 1973) Chinese American actor, martial arts instructor, philosopher, film director and producer, screenwriter, and founder of the Jeet Kune Do martial arts movement; considered one of the most influential martial artists of the 20th century and a cultural icon Email This Post | Print Post | Sign up for our Email Newsletter Speak Your Mind Tell us what youre thinking.

The Dual Pillars of Character: Strength & Honor

General Leadership

So much so, in fact, that particular scenes and lessons from these memorable films linger long after the closing credits roll. After all, the film portrays the ultimate characterization of a selfless, courageous, and inspirational leader.… GeneralLeadership.com and the General Leadership Foundation bring Leadership Advice from America's Most Trusted Leaders to You! Read more at [link].

Film 101

Why Security and IT Ops must team up in 2019


Neil Simon's play and film The Odd Couple hinged on two characters, Oscar and Felix, who had entirely different priorities but found themselves living together—and creating frustration for each other. Security, Information Security, IT Operations, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Information Security (Info Sec

Film 51

Worried the machines are out to get you? Relax. They aren’t.


Is it when the film’s hero-in-waiting, Neo, gains self-awareness and frees himself from the machines? When water cooler conversation turns to movies and lands on The Matrix, what scene first comes to mind? Or Agent Smith’s speech that compares humans to a “virus?” Or maybe the vision of a future ruled by machines? It’s all pretty […]. The post Worried the machines are out to get you? Relax. They aren’t. appeared first on DXC Blogs. Analytics AI ethics

The Last Jedi and Suspension of Disbelief

Scott Berkun

[There’s no askberkun post today – hope you enjoy this timely essay on films and expectations. We love or hate films based on what we expect of them. Two decades and ten films into the world of Star Wars I find my expectations hard to manage. I thought Rogue One , The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi were good “Star Wars films” but what does that even mean? It’s evidence that everyone has reverence for the powerful shared escape of film.

Film 57

Rendezvous with Emotion: And its Vital Role in Decision Making


Making short films is a hobby — and I’ve used it effectively over the years. Finding an emotional anchor within work is not something to shy away from, but rather something to actively search for. Today’s post is by Raghu Kalé, author of Loyalty and Sacrifice (CLICK HERE to get your copy).

Film 59

Frozen Leadership

General Leadership

What I will do, though, is try to look at a reason I think the film resonates so well with our audiences and our guests. “That’s when you put someone else’s needs before your own. You know, like when Kristoff brought you back here and left you forever.” ” Olaf, Disney’s “ Frozen “ Day in and day out here at Walt Disney World, I continue to be impressed by impact of our latest animated hit, “ Frozen.”

Error'd: Guantanamera

The Daily WTF

Google has blended the publicity photos for one film with the. Gringo Timothy W. shivers "It's going to be a cold time in Havana tonight!" " . Frequent flyer. Rob Hoffman notes. "The

Film 52