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Dell EMC

Some 20 years ago, on a film called “Happy Texas,” I had a problem the night before shooting. The following is a guest post from Glenn Gainor, President and Director Innovation Studios, Sony Entertainment & Technology.

Film 90

Stretchable Gold Film for Electronics


By Kimberly Kelly Stretchable Gold Film. While researchers from all over the world have been working with different kinds of stretchable conductors, it was the University of Michigan that first came up with a solution to the elastic conductor problem, a stretchable gold film.

Film 106

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Leadership and Films that Make Change

Women on Business

to take time to rethink women’s roles in film. In my research for “ GUTSY: How Women Leaders Make Change ” I have been honored to meet, through books and film, the types of females I offer to the younger generation as role models. Her 2005 film “ WATER ” is an experience I promise you will never forget. I offer a “GUTSY AWARD” to writer and director Deepa Mehta who had to withstand the ire of Hindu fundamentalists attempting to stop the production of the film.

Film 55

Protecting a Story’s Future with History and Science

Netflix TechBlog

This year they celebrated 40 years of marriage, so both photos were shot on film. By reaching beyond film and television art and into the realms of history and science, we’ve been working on solving this issue for Netflix projects. Some remastered films are missing entire scenes.

Film 104

Sundance Film Festival: Powered by Passion, Creativity, and Lots of Technology

Dell EMC

During this season, nowhere is the vibrancy and impact of storytelling felt more than through the work of the Sundance Institute and onsite at the Sundance Film Festival, happening in Park City, Utah from January 23 until February 2.

Film 16

Just Released: A New “Near Future” Film Takes a Look at How Innovation Will Affect the Way You Work


Titled The Near Future: Diverse Thinkers Wanted , this short film explores the aspect of life that takes up most of our time and energy: work. The film’s narrative is centered on Nikki, an ambitious go-getter who’s about to deliver an important presentation.

Film 16

Why is OTT the Next Logical Step for Movie Theaters?

Daffodil Software

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a big void in the film industry and certainly, the road back to normalcy will be a long one. Film exhibitors are unpredictable about how long it will take customers to return to a crowded, enclosed space, even after there is an ease in lockdown restrictions.

Film 56

A preview of 2030 media content creation


Analytics Cloud Technology, Media & Entertainment, Telecommunications content film storytellingGreat stories have always been popular, but today’s demand for engaging, original content is unprecedented.

Media 17

“Data Science Pioneers” Documentary Skyrockets to a Global Sensation


Read further for additional highlights from the film. Dataiku’s compelling documentary, “Data Science Pioneers,” has been viewed by more than 6,000 people in over 40 countries globally. Dataiku Company Scaling AI Featured

Film 72

Deploy a Clojure web application to AWS using Terraform


I’ve used film_ratings_key_pair in the Terraform so if you don’t want to edit the Terraform, use that as the name. ssh/film_ratings_key_pair.pem. Then change the Dockerfile in the film ratings web application project to read like so: FROM openjdk:8u181-alpine3.8 film_ratings_app.

Film 101

Purpose-Driven Leaders are Unstoppable

Experience to Lead

The Oscar-winning film 1917 illustrates three key leadership lessons demonstrating how passionate, purpose-driven leaders accomplish their goals – even in the face of extreme adversity. Leaders with purpose and personal commitment to a goal are hard to stop.

Film 52

Three Ways C19 Is Impacting The Entertainment Industry

CEO Insider

The current moment has led to delays in production schedules, industry office closures, mass layoffs, premiere delays, industry events like the Cannes Film Festival, SXWS, Coachella, the Olympics and more to be either delayed or canceled. Coronavirus is impacting all industries.

Film 52

What “The Hunger Games” Can Teach Business Leaders About Building Culture

CEO Insider

If you’re familiar with the popular book and film series “The Hunger Games,” you know its underlying message: Regardless of the challenge or scenario, people must always fight for equality.

Film 55

Dell Technologies Joins Sheltered Harbor Alliance Partner Program as the First Solution Provider

Dell EMC

If you’re in the data business, and even if you’re not, you know that high-profile cyberattacks in the recent past have resulted in the public leak of huge amounts of stolen data, including employee and customer personal information, corporate intellectual property, and even unreleased films and scripts.

Film 92

Taking the Fear Factor Out of AI

Dell EMC

For decades, films like Space Odyssey, War Games, Terminator and The Matrix have depicted the future and what it would be like if artificial intelligence (AI) took over the world.

Film 113

Barriers to effective insider threat monitoring


read like something out of an action film. Read Michael Daly’s article about the barriers companies face while monitoring insider threat on FCW : The August headlines surrounding General Electric Co. An engineer accused of stealing intellectual property was arrested, and the FBI is investigating whether the theft compromised any of the company’s trade secrets. Unfortunately, […]. Cyber Security News

Film 69

3 Lessons in Network Visibility from the A-List

They can appear out of nowhere halfway through the film or remain a complete mystery until behind-the-scenes footage reveals the masked […]. The network can be host to multiple performance killers.

Rendezvous with Emotion: And its Vital Role in Decision Making


Making short films is a hobby — and I’ve used it effectively over the years. Finding an emotional anchor within work is not something to shy away from, but rather something to actively search for. Today’s post is by Raghu Kalé, author of Loyalty and Sacrifice (CLICK HERE to get your copy).

Film 67

Andre LeBlank on Artificial Intelligence and the future


The video at this link and embedded below by Andre LeBlanc on Artificial Intelligence (filmed at a TEDx event) captures the many points technologists (specially Ray Kurzweil ) have been articulating on the future for quite a while, but is notable for Andre's focus on AI vice just the future of computing.

Why Security and IT Ops must team up in 2019


Neil Simon's play and film The Odd Couple hinged on two characters, Oscar and Felix, who had entirely different priorities but found themselves living together—and creating frustration for each other. Security, Information Security, IT Operations, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Information Security (Info Sec

Film 66

Leadership Inspirations – Defeat is Only a State of Mind

Strategy Driven

StrategyDriven effective executives, efficient employees Home About The StrategyDriven Organization Our Company Our Contributors Karen K. Juliano Howard T. Dickens Jr. Lucas D. Ives Sharon Drew Morgen Hank Moore Jamie P.

The Dual Pillars of Character: Strength & Honor

General Leadership

So much so, in fact, that particular scenes and lessons from these memorable films linger long after the closing credits roll. After all, the film portrays the ultimate characterization of a selfless, courageous, and inspirational leader.…

Film 121

The Last Jedi and Suspension of Disbelief

Scott Berkun

[There’s no askberkun post today – hope you enjoy this timely essay on films and expectations. We love or hate films based on what we expect of them. Two decades and ten films into the world of Star Wars I find my expectations hard to manage.

Film 66

Frozen Leadership

General Leadership

What I will do, though, is try to look at a reason I think the film resonates so well with our audiences and our guests. “That’s when you put someone else’s needs before your own. You know, like when Kristoff brought you back here and left you forever.”

Want me to make a virtual book tour visit at your organization?

Scott Berkun

Here’s a short film that might help get you inspired. Does your team need a morale boost? Something to inspire their creativity and recharge in these unusual times?

Film 52

7 Things A Master Sushi Chef Can Teach Us About Leadership

Terry Starbucker

But as I watched more closely as the film traced the origins of his success and his methods to keep the restaurant at at 3-star level, there were many valuable leadership lessons revealed that are well worth sharing here (but I would recommend that you rent the film too).

Film 160

Mindful Mondays Video: Two Minutes That Will Make You Feel More Relaxed

Next Level Blog

I was lucky enough to take an anniversary trip to Pebble Beach this past weekend and took a couple of minutes to film the waves lapping against the beach so I could share them with you.

Film 82

GitHub’s Plan to Freeze Your Code for Thousands of Years

The New Stack

” The Norwegian data-storing company Piql, whose custom film and archiving technologies will allow the project to store terabytes of data for over 1,000 years, brags that code is now headed into the “gold standard of long-term data storage.”

Film 105

The Visual Microphone: Passive Recovery of Sound from Video


The camera recording this was filmed form outside behind soundproof glass. By Bob Gourley. This post deals with exciting science that is fun to watch.

Video 169

A List of Things It Took Me Fifty Years to Learn

Next Level Blog

When I think of 50th birthdays, I think of those films you see sometimes about the 50th birthday of Disneyland. Today is my 50th birthday. It’s a little strange to write that down. You know the ones. Please click the headline to read the whole story. Personal Presence Random observations

Film 63

How IBM’s Corporate Culture Evolved: Work Songs, Muppets, and AI

The New Stack

In 2010 Technologizer, the site founded by Fast Company editor Harry McCracken, remembered how back in 1966, IBM hired Jim Henson to produce a series of humorous short in-house films for their sales staff.

Film 86

Women Leadership and Reshaping

Women on Business

There is a scene in the film “The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio” starring Julianne Moore and Woody Harrelson that struck me like a bolt of lightning. They are the parents of ten children just living their lives in a small town. She is a housewife and he is a machinist. The era is the

Film 58

Why I Cringe When People Say Kubernetes Is the New Virtualization Layer

The New Stack

How many times have you seen a diagram like this one? Maybe some cloud vendor showed it to you, or you saw it in an analyst presentation. See how infrastructure went from bare metal to virtualization to cloud and now containers and Kubernetes?

Error'd: This Movie is Rated S for Safe for SQL

The Daily WTF

"Clearly the Light Cinema decided to ban unsafe sql characters from the cinema," wrote Simon , "Let's hope no one makes a film called 'Drop Table' " .

Film 70

The Near Future. Diverse Thinkers Wanted: 10 Fun Facts


This week, at our Summer Conference , we released a short film titled The Near Future. Here are ten fun facts about our film: The autonomous cars in the film appear to have no steering wheel. The café in the film does not exist.

Film 15

Available now: How Design Makes The World (+trailer)

Scott Berkun

We also made a short film about everyday bad designs, that also celebrates all the good designers who often don’t get the recognition they deserve. The day is here. You can now buy How Design Makes The World in various formats and from all the usual stores.

Film 54

Embracing Change Webinar Recap

Modus Create

She also offered a lot of great insights into her writing process and how the film industry might look in the “new normal” Another panelist, John Couch , is the VP of Design at Hulu and he recently published a book called the Art of Creative Rebellion.

Film 66