Biohacker’s latest answer to health care hurdles: Homebrew meds

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The chemical reactor “can synthesize household poisons into literally a life-saving drug,” Laufer told The Parallax in a phone interview before the conference. On stage at HOPE in 2016 , Laufer debuted the chemical reactor in public and synthesized the toxoplasmosis medication pyrimethamine.

Dallas Police Used Robot With Bomb to Kill Ambush Suspect


There have been other reports of robotics being used to deploy chemical munitions against armed suspects, but this is the first known use by domestic police of a robot with a bomb. Bob Gourley.

DeepMind AI Makes Breakthrough with ‘Protein Folding Problem’

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This training data eventually allowed it to predict the three-dimensional structure of a new protein, as well as the distances between the amino acids and the angles of their chemical bonds — just by knowing the constituent amino acids.

Gradually, then suddenly

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Could we replace chemical dyes with bacterial by-products ? Technological change often happens gradually, then suddenly. Tim O'Reilly explores the areas poised for sudden shifts.

Triaging modern medicine’s cybersecurity issues

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Pharmaceutical manufacturers like Merck, part of the chemical sector of critical infrastructure, for example, are also part of the public-health sector.

Data's day of reckoning

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Chemists and biologists have had to address the use of their research for chemical and biological weapons. We can build a future we want to live in, or we can build a nightmare. The choice is up to us.

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More recommender algorithms

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Justice Gorillaz Deadmau5 The Chemical Brothers Fatboy Slim. I wanted to share some more insight into the algorithms we use at Spotify. One matrix factorization algorithm we have used for a while assumes that we have user vectors and item vectors. The next track for a user is now given by the relation. . Where is a normalization constant to make sure the probabilities add up to one. This essentially means we treat the tracks choices as outputs of a softmax.

Viruses or worms haven’t killed anyone – control system cyber incidents have


The incidents have occurred globally in electric grid, power plants, nuclear, water/wastewater, pipelines, oil/gas, chemicals, food, manufacturing, and transportation. The prevailing feeling about why there has been so little focus on securing control systems is that it isn’t real. What I constantly hear is “once there is a real control system cyber incident I will spend the time and money to address the problem”.

What I Took Away From The Operation Cleaver (#OpCleaver) report


The group successfully leveraged both publicly available and customized tools to attack and compromise targets around the globe, including military, oil and gas, energy and utilities, transportation, hospitals, telecommunications, technology, education, aerospace, defense contractors, chemical, companies, and governments. By Bob Gourley. If you track cyber security you have no doubt heard of the recently published report by Cylance titled Operation Cleaver.


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Th ey’re tiny nickel disks with identifying numbers chemically etched into them that link owners and property through a database. POPULAR SCIENCE HONORS THE 50 GREATEST INNOVATIONS OF THE YEAR. BRILLIANT, REVOLUTIONARY, AND BOUND TO SHAPE THE FUTURE—THESE ARE THE BEST OF WHAT’S NEW.

Iran: Maximum Pressure and Perfect Storms

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The First Quantum Revolution: Foundational information for the enterprise CTO


Quantum physics helped us understand the periodic table, chemical interactions, and electronic wave functions that underpin the electronic semiconductor physics. Bob Gourley. Our report on Naturally Better Security dove deep into ways quantum effects can be leveraged to enhance real world cybersecurity. It was our most popular post in November 2016 and the feedback we received was taken as a signal that we should produce more on what CTOs should know about the quantum world.

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A team consisting of University faculty members in multiple disciplines and students of all levels has been developing this new imaging technology since 2008, said Prabhas Moghe, a distinguished professor in the Department of Chemical and Biochemical … Read more on RU Daily Targum. By Bob Gourley. Here is the latest technology news from across the tech community: What’s the right relationship between technology companies and journalism?

TechNet Augusta 2016 “Cyber in the Combined Arms Fight”


Chemical Biological. ChrisScott. This is the first in our series of posts based on our attendance at AFCEA’s TechNet in Augusta. Other coming posts will dive into details of Army Mission Needs for Networking, Integrated Electronic Warfare, Tactical Radios, Defensive Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity Training, and the Army’s Cybersecurity Center of Excellence.

MYCIN, Watson, and AI History


It was derived from an earlier system, DENDRAL , specialized for chemical research. By AdamElkus. Over at Wired , a headline blares “Artificial Intelligence Is Now Telling Doctors How To Treat You.” ” Sounds unique, novel, and even scary.

How Are CIOs Looking at Today’s Disruptive Tech Trends?

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In attendance were the CIOs from American Express, Bechtel, Chevron, Eastman Chemical, Eaton Corporation, the Hilti Group, Holcim, Nestle, Sysco, and Time Warner Cable, as well as executives from CompuWare, the Dachis Group (myself), Dell|KACE, and ViON. Last October I was invited as a guest to participate in the Tuck School of Business 10th anniversary session of their Roundtable on Digital Strategies.

The Three Rules of the DevOps Game


On the other end of the spectrum are industries where responsiveness is a distant second to safety: avionics, medical devices, chemical plant control systems. “Of course we do agile development,” she told me. That’s just table stakes. What we need to do now is learn how to play the DevOps game. We need to know how to construct a deployment pipeline, how to keep test automation from turning into a big ball of mud, whether micro-services are just another fad, what containers are all about.

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The Programmer's Paradox

It's likely that behaviour is a simple chemical process that gradually accumulates over a period of time to act as a boolean switch. I've always been curious about intelligence; both as it relates to our species's ability to reason about its surroundings and to how much we can actually fit into software. I've done little bits of reading, here or there, for years but it's never been intentional.

What is Complexity?

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Particles form molecules, which form chemicals, which form into materials, which we manipulate in our world. This is going to be a long and winding post, as there are always fundamental questions that do not have easy or short answers. Complexity is one of those concepts that may seem simple on its surface, but it encompasses a profoundly deep perspective on the nature of our existence.