Airline Marketing and Advertising Use Cases from American Airlines, Ryanair, Air France, and Others


Airline industry made an impact on how we buy things today, and how those things are marketed. Just a couple of examples: electronic tickets were first developed for fare ticketing, while one of the first online booking systems was built by airline distribution company SABRE.

Airline Consolidators Overview: Their Role, Advantages, and Key Players


Flight consolidators are brokers that book airline seats in bulk at discount rates and then resell them to travel agencies. Airline consolidator business model: how it works. Travel agencies add their own markups but still keep the prices lower than market rates offered by airlines.

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5 ways airlines can turn flight delays into positive experiences


Airlines know all too well that disruptions will take place. But while they are inevitable, there are ways for airlines to turn these travel downers into positive experiences. Airlines have valuable data for merchants at the airport or in the local areas where travelers are congregating. Analytics Travel, Transportation & Hospitality airlines customer experience disruption management

23 Airlines That Have Gone Out of Business: Report 2018-2019

CEO Insider

23 Airlines That Have Gone Out of Business: Report 2018-2019. To identify airlines that went out of Business in 2018-2019, CEOWORLD magazine reviewed numerous national […]. 23 Airlines That Have Gone Out of Business: Report 2018-2019. CEOWORLD magazine.

Airline Reporting Corporation and IATA Billing and Settlement Plan: How they Work


In this article, we’ll figure out what BSP and ARC mean and — more importantly — why you should care, if you are a travel agent that wants to issue flight tickets on behalf of airlines. Without it, each travel agent would have to connect individually with every single airline.

Low-?ost Airline Distribution Channels: Direct Distribution, NDC, GDSs, and Low-cost Airline Consolidators


Airline distribution has always been a complex subject. On one side of the airline industry, we have legacy carriers mostly represented by full-service airlines. How airline distribution works in a nutshell. Spirit Airlines) and hybrid carriers (Hop!

Airline seats now equipped with cameras


The traveling public should pay attention to this one. Is this a violation of your privacy? Not in any legal sense, you are pretty much in a public place when on commercial air. But still it could be so creepy and such a violation of what we believe should be a private time that it […]. CTO Cyber Security News

5 ways airlines benefit by integrating digital agents with live ones


Many of us have had an experience similar to this: You call an airline to make a reservation and get a digital agent on the phone. Robotics Travel, Transportation & Hospitality AI airlines CSR customer experienceThe call starts off fine, but when you ask if your friend can sit next to you on the flight, the digital agent stalls and sends you to a […].

Navigate the airline labor shortage through MRO modernization


The airline industry is facing a potential labor shortage. lawmakers that nearly 40 percent of the airline industry’s […]. A large percentage of the work force is set for retirement in the next five years. In testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee, Justin Welner, vice president of human resources for Spirit AeroSystems, told U.S. Travel, Transportation & Hospitality talent shortage

CIOs Struggle To Keep Their Airlines In The Air

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Airlines run on their IT systems and CIOs have to keep these running. However, when it comes to airlines, their CIOs are spending their time thinking about more practical things like just exactly how to go about keeping their critical IT systems up and running.

Low-cost Airline Distribution Channels: Direct Distribution, NDC, GDSs, and Low-cost Airline Consolidators


Airline distribution is complex. On one side of the airline industry, we have legacy carriers mostly represented by full-service airlines. How airline distribution works in a nutshell. Travelfusion works with such carriers as Eurowings, Flybe, and Spirit Airlines.

Next Generation Storefront for Airlines and Travel Sales Channels: Building a Consistent Shopping Display


When IATA introduced New Distribution Capability (NDC) in 2015, airlines rejoiced. So four years later, ATPCO offered a solution – Next Generation Storefront or NGS – a new standard for airline data presentation. NGS benefits for airlines, sales channels, and passengers.

Optimizing Oracle Databases at a Global Airline


One such Fortune 100 company is the client in our recent case study: a major global airline company undergoing serious design and performance issues with its Oracle applications, including Oracle Database. Global Airline Database Challenges.

New Distribution Capability (NDC) in Air Travel: Airlines, GDSs, and the Impact on the Industry


Two fundamental needs connect all airlines: revenue and passenger satisfaction. To be able to sell ancillaries to the passengers and be more profitable, airlines struggle to deliver personalized content to their travelers. Third-party players in airline distribution.

Global Connected Aircraft Summit: Airlines, operators, integrators, and technology providers


The Global Connected Aircraft Summit (7-9 June 2017) provides airlines, operators, integrators, and technology vendors with a venue for advancing the state of the entire aviation community. Bob Gourley. This fourth annual event connects business, technology, and industry perspectives and goes beyond just in-flight entertainment, to include operations, communications and technologies that impacts the aircraft and the traveling public.

What Can A CIO Do About The Problem Of Airline Overbooking?

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Times have been tough for United airlines in the past. A bit before that the airline had had to delay 500 of their flights because of a second glitch in two weeks of the computer systems that run the airline. United airlines has been dealing with some bad press as of late.

How AI-driven ‘voicebots’ can help airline personnel — and their companies


Airline workers have it tough. Airline employees, whether pilots, flight attendants or maintenance/repair/overhaul (MRO) technicians, are often called on to perform challenging tasks — and in a hurry. A new generation of voice-driven software bots promises to make their work easier. Think of a pilot dealing with mechanical failure, a flight attendant who can’t make […]. Robotics Travel, Transportation & Hospitality artificial intelligence voice assistants

All United Airlines flights in US grounded: Computer “glitch” cited as cause


For more on the outage see: All United Airlines flights in US grounded due to computer system glitch . The post All United Airlines flights in US grounded: Computer “glitch” cited as cause appeared first on The entire U.S. travel system is under strain today causing a major disruption to business and pleasure travel on all carriers do to what United is calling a computer systems "glitch". What is a glitch? We have all seen those before.

Airline CIOs Show How To Move From The Old To The New

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Combining airlines can teach CIO some lessons Image Credit: Luke Ma. Just imagine if you were handed the additional responsibility of creating a plan to merge the IT operations of two large airlines. In late 2013 American Airlines announced that it was buying US Airways.

Airline Flight Booking APIs: GDSs, Specialized Data Providers, OTAs and Metasearch Engines


IATA’s recent passenger survey reports reveal interesting data about traveler’s preferences: international travel accounts for 64 percent of all airline traffic with Asia-Pacific, African, Latin American and Middle Eastern regions experience rise in demand. How does airline distribution work?

How One Airline Won Customer Loyalty with an API-First Strategy

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There are so many factors and variables on the customer journey, many of which are out of an airline’s control. So how is Air France-KLM working toward accomplishing its goal of becoming the most customer-centric airline group in Europe? . Reading Time: 2 minutes.

Can Small Business learn from the American Airlines Merger?

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The American Airlines merger gives us a great example of what do look for in a partnership and what we should avoid. The post Can Small Business learn from the American Airlines Merger?

Gaining altitude: How to deliver higher value to airline customers


Ironically, at a time when there is greater choice of destinations, accommodation and carriers than ever before – combined with a significant reduction in the cost of airline tickets – the romance of travel is wearing […].

Cyber Security in Aviation


With multiple systems providers, airlines and IFC providers managing various components of an airplane, gaps are becoming more frequent in the aviation landscape. Airline to Award Hackers for Finding Hidden Bugs ( CTO Strategy Aircraft engine Airline Computer security Cyber Threats Hacker (computer security) United AirlinesWith the public inundated with reports of an alarming number of computer hacks, the question in everyone’s mind is “what is next?”

Optimizing transportation runs and customer experience


Analytics Digital Transformation IoT Platform Travel, Transportation & Hospitality airline cargo connected transportation platform customer experience freight shipping traveler

Cinco formas de traducir los retrasos aéreos en experiencias positivas


Analytics Travel, Transportation & Hospitality airlines customer experienceLas aerolíneas saben muy bien que habrá retrasos. Pero aún siendo inevitables, hay formas de traducirlos en experiencias positivas. Todas ellas cuentan con datos comerciales muy valiosos (de los comercios del aeropuerto, áreas de descanso y del comportamiento de los viajeros) en este recinto acotado. Conocen sus preferencias. Con esta información, pueden mejorar mucho los […].

New Distribution Capability (NDC) for Airlines: Key Providers and Implementation Scenarios


Today, airlines still use third parties for their flight distribution. Although some airlines strive to inspire loyalty in their customers and encourage them to buy tickets directly from their sites, it can hardly be a working scheme for every airline. Airline Profile.

What a Diverted United Airlines Flight Can Teach You about Conflict Resolution

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Shock and dismay are the best words I can use to describe my initial response to the news that a United Airlines flight from Newark to Denver had been diverted to Chicago due to a dispute between passengers over leg room.

Optimizing ETL Processes at a Major Global Airline


Datavail recently partnered with a Fortune 500 airline company that was experiencing a variety of ETL design and performance issues. The airline in this case study was running ETL jobs for excessively long periods of time—up to 14 hours and even greater.

Crew management in airlines: planning and scheduling with Sabre, Jeppesen, and others


On par with fuel, crew related costs are the major operating expense for airlines. European airlines usually let personnel request for destinations, day-offs, reserve periods, trip lengths and other elements to create individual rosters. Source: Team-Oriented Airline Crew Rostering.

Airline Reservation Systems and Passenger Service Systems: Navitaire, Amadeus Altea, SabreSonic and more


In this article, we’ll discuss airline software suites, their major modules, and available modern solutions, created to change the current state of things for the better. But the main issue associated with legacy systems is that they hinder airlines from increasing profits.

EasyJet data breach: 9 million customers affected


British low-cost airline group EasyJet has revealed on Tuesday that it “has been the target of an attack from a highly sophisticated source” and that it has suffered a data […].

All airlines are the same, except for their people.

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Mostly on major airlines, but because I’m more interested in flying non-stop than getting travel miles or points, I take whatever airline is most convenient for my schedule. This past Friday I found myself flying Alaska Airlines from Atlanta, Georgia, to Portland, Oregon.

Lessons Learnt From Airline Retail Programs


Dr Schlitz’s views on airline ecommerce programs would prove insightful. Twenty years ago this month, I attended my first airline vendor ‘shopping’ product sales pitch. billion, meanwhile airlines are still struggling to capture their full slice of the retailing pie.

5 modi attraverso i quali le compagnie aeree possono trasformare i ritardi dei voli in esperienze positive


Uncategorized airlines esperienza cliente gestione dei disagiLe compagnie aeree sanno fin troppo bene che molto spesso si verificheranno problemi e ritardi. Ma, essenso alcuni inevitabili, ci sono modi che gli permetteranno di trasformare questi downers di viaggio in esperienze positive. Le compagnie aeree sono in possesso di dati preziosi per i commercianti che si trovano nei pressi dell’aeroporto o nelle aree […].

News in Networking: 160-Tbit/s Cable, Airline Network Issues, and a Patched-Mac Vuln


A “network issue” in a global flight-booking system caused major airline delays. Airlines Suffer Worldwide Delays After “Network Issue” (Bloomberg). This week’s top story picks from the Kentik team. Microsoft, Facebook and teleco provider Telxius announced this week that their high-capacity subsea cable project is complete. And an “alarming number” of patched Macs are vulnerable to an issue in the Extensible Firmware Interface.


Aegean Airlines, BNP Paribas, Elaw, ExxonMobil and Home Trust Select IBM Cloud

today announced that clients in highly regulated industries, including Aegean Airlines, BNP Paribas, Elaw Tecnologia SA and Home Trust, are selecting IBM Cloud as their preferred destination for mission-critical workloads.