Can’t-miss sessions for AWS Summit Chicago


A Culture of Rapid Innovation with DevOps, Microservices, and Serverless. AWS Summit Chicago on the horizon, and while there’s no explicit serverless track, there are some amazing sessions to check out.

How to break a Monolith into Microservices

Martin Fowler

As monolithic systems become too large to deal with, many enterprises are drawn to breaking them down into the microservices architectural style. It is a worthwhile journey, but not an easy one.

Wavefront Provides Map for Microservices

Stela Udovicic, senior director of product marketing for Wavefront, said Wavefront Service Maps will make it easier for IT organizations to visualize what will soon be thousands of microservices running highly […].

Kubernetes and Microservices

Linux Academy

Microservices are a great way to architect your applications. Today, however, more and more people are designing their applications using a series of many relatively independent and decoupled services, known as microservices. Why Microservices? A microservice architecture comes with a host of benefits. Another benefit of microservices is that they allow individual application components to be separately scaled. A Microservice Application in Kubernetes.

Forget monoliths vs. microservices. Cognitive load is what matters.


The "monoliths versus microservices" debate often focuses on technological aspects, ignoring strategy and team dynamics. App Dev & Testing, App Dev, Microservices, Special Coverage: DevOps Enterprise Summit London 2019

The Cake is NOT a Lie: 5 Java Frameworks to Support Your Microservices Architecture


The microservices trend is becoming impossible to ignore,” I wrote in 2016. For teams dealing with loads of technical debt, microservices offer a path to the promised land. Since 2016, many additional open source projects have been started to support microservices built in JEE.

The Business Benefits of Reactive Microservices


Companies looking to develop microservices can find they’ve bitten off more than they can chew if they don’t properly anticipate several hurdles that come with microservices. In some situations, microservices can actually just be monoliths in disguise if teams aren’t careful.

Kong Applies Machine Learning to Microservice Management

The New Stack

Enterprises are moving to microservices, but don’t have the right platform in place to learn from the traffic these microservices are executing,” said Marco Palladino, Kong Chief Technology Officer. “We’re With one configuration can enforce this for any microservice.

The Changing Role of APM in a Microservices World

Microservices usage has skyrocketed. Fully 91 percent of organizations are using or have plans to use microservices and 92 percent expect to grow their use of microservices in the coming year.

Are microservices a security threat?

O'Reilly Media - Ideas

Liz Rice outlines the security implications of microservices, containers, and serverless. Continue reading Are microservices a security threat

DevOps’ role in reaping the benefits of microservices


In the world of “one-up” IT, it seems like almost everyone is wanting to understand how to integrate microservices into their solution architecture. The benefits of using microservices are numerous and varied. Cloud DevOps Azure microservices

Context: Microservices for the Enterprise, Docker’s Latest Vulnerability

The New Stack

This week on The New Stack Context podcast we discuss how the enterprise can deploy microservices, with two authors of the recently published book, “ Microservices for the Enterprise: Designing, Developing, and Deploying.” Microservices The New Stack Context

‘Microservices for the Enterprise’: A Book about Real-World Challenges

The New Stack

Kasun is the director of integration architecture at WSO2 and is an author/evangelist on Microservices Architecture and Enterprise Integration Architecture. He has authored Microservices for Enterprise and Beginning WSO2 ESB. Microservices Tools SponsoredWSO2 sponsored this post.

Build, Test, Run Microservices Integration

Beyond B2B

Everyone likes a free trial, especially when it involves something you can actually use to do something really useful. Integration & APIs

5 You’re Probably F**king Up Your Microservices


It seems like everyone is into microservices these days, and monolith architectures are slowly fading into obscurity. With Microservices, though, there seems to be more consensus that the trend is here to stay. The flip side of microservices.

Why Monitoring Can Save Microservices

The New Stack

All too often during the development phase of microservices applications, monitoring is critically missing from the process. However, developers can and should also make monitoring more robust and effective throughout the process when creating microservices. Microservices Sponsored

Why Cloud Native Storage Requires Tightly-Coupled Containers and Microservices

The New Stack

In parallel, there has been an evolution in application architecture, of what started a couple of decades ago as service-oriented architecture (SOA) to microservices architecture. Each microservice is independently deployable and scalable. Enter Microservices.

Microservice Architecture Benefits And Its Business Value

Sunflower Lab

Benefits of microservices architecture and business value it delivers to organizations planning to embrace enterprise agility through automated processes. What are microservices? The microservice architecture helps to reduce development complexity. When to use microservices.

Microservices and NoSQL: A Great Match

The New Stack

Why do we need microservices? Where SOA was a luxury then, microservices are a necessity now. So What are Microservices? Microservices takes an application and splits it up into functions called services. Microservices Runs Like a Good Restaurant. Oren Eini.

Top Disadvantages to Adopting Microservices (And Why You Should Do It Anyway)


Microservices is a thought model that promises to bring us closer to that goal. By breaking up an application into specialized containers designed to perform a specific task or process, microservices enable each component to operate independently. What Makes Microservices Hard?

Divide and Conquer with Microservices


How microservices are changing the way we make applications. Thinking about microservices definitely helped me to be a better programmer and take on new challenges, especially since the programming language takes a secondary role. So, what is a microservice?

The Limiting Factors of Microservices Also Apply to FaaS

A big monolithic application is targeted for re-architecting as a microservices architecture. People excited about microservices get together and break up the design to make it far less monolithic and far more loosely coupled.

Steeltoe: Modernize.Net Apps for a Microservices Architecture

The New Stack

If your goal is greater feature velocity for your.NET apps, then you need to adopt tried-and-true patterns like microservices, service discovery, circuit breakers, 12-factor and modern platforms. In fact, this is a big reason why enterprises adopt microservices.)

How Service Meshes Are a Missing Link for Microservices

The New Stack

It is now widely assumed that making the shift to microservices and cloud native environments will only lead to great things — and yet. For instance, like logging or like debugging microservices is a big problem and so on.”.

The challenges of migrating 150+ microservices to Kubernetes

O'Reilly Media - Ideas

Sarah Wells explains how the Financial Times migrated microservices between container stacks without affecting production users. Continue reading The challenges of migrating 150+ microservices to Kubernetes

Scaling Microservices with Kubernetes

Linux Academy

With microservice architecture, the application is broken down into separate pieces —microservices— that update and deploy independently. This microservice approach provides freedom and flexibility for the programming language used as well as the tools and frameworks that are implemented to administer the application. In the remainder of this post, we will walk through the process of scaling microservices in Kubernetes using both manual and automatic scaling.

Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud Developer Tutorial

Gorilla Logic

In this developer tutorial, we are going to understand the basic concepts of microservices, in what ways microservice architectures are better than monolithic ones, and how we can implement a microservice architecture using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud. What are Microservices?

Kubernetes-based Hammerspace Debuts Data-as-a-Microservice

The New Stack

The first thing David Flynn wants you to know about Hammerspace is that it isn’t just another storage company: The company is the first one out there to provide Data-as-a-Microservice. Stateless microservices only get you so far,” said Flynn. Microservices Storage News

Why a Microservices Hybrid Model Is What You Probably Need Instead

The New Stack

If you listen to most folks talk about microservices , you’ll notice that they tend to discuss them as an either-or proposition: either you refactor your app to run on microservices or you stick with your monolith. Doing so means taking a hybrid approach to microservices.

Survey reveals the opportunities and realities of microservices

O'Reilly Media - Ideas

A new report explores how far companies have come with microservices. Microservices are evolving from fad to trend. Several years ago, many companies experimented with microservices but had doubts about the operational complexity and engineering maturity required to achieve success.

VMware Extends Istio into the ‘NSX Service Mesh’ for Microservices

The New Stack

Using the open source Istio as a foundation, VMware has introduced the VMware NSX Service Mesh to provide application-level visibility, control, and security for enterprise-grade microservices, all managed through a developer-friendly application interface (API). Microservices Events

Reduxio Launches a Microservices-Based, Container-Native Storage Platform

The New Stack

In the containerized age, however, applications are broken into microservices and may only run long enough to perform their duty. When a microservice starts up again, it is a clean slate, knowing nothing of its former or parallel instances. Containers Microservices News

Introduction to microservices for IBM i


While there is no standard or formal definition of the term “microservice,” one can essentially view microservices as a method of developing software systems as a suite of independently deployable, small, modular services that work together.

Microservices Done Right, Part 3: Quantifying the Benefits of Microservices


Microservices architecture has become popular over the last several years. Many organizations have seen significant improvements in critical metrics such as time to market, quality, and productivity as a result of implementing microservices. Impact of Microservices.

What is a Microservice?


A microservice is a service that can be deployed independently, often in support of just a single step in a business process or the entirety of one simple business process. Microservices Are a Critical Component of a Serverless Architecture. Microservices have been around for a lot longer than serverless architecture. Although microservices are not unique to serverless architecture, they are a critical building block of it and they have very specific characteristics.