Can’t-miss sessions for AWS Summit Chicago


A Culture of Rapid Innovation with DevOps, Microservices, and Serverless. AWS Summit Chicago on the horizon, and while there’s no explicit serverless track, there are some amazing sessions to check out.

Five Microservices Worst Practices

Microservices are moving to the mainstream. The IDC FutureScape: Worldwide IT Industry 2019 Predictions states that by 2022, 90% of all new apps will feature microservices architecture that “improve the ability to design, debug, update and leverage third-party code.”

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The Purpose of Microservice Architecture

Microservice is an architectural style that can be implemented during complex application development within an organization. In another way, the microservice architecture can be explained quite easily. The post The Purpose of Microservice Architecture appeared first on

WSO2 Advances Microservices Gateway

At the Open Source and Software Development Conference (OSCON), WSO2 this week announced it has updated an open source microservices gateway to make it possible to expose multiple microservices through a single application programming interface (API).

How to break a Monolith into Microservices

Martin Fowler

As monolithic systems become too large to deal with, many enterprises are drawn to breaking them down into the microservices architectural style. It is a worthwhile journey, but not an easy one.

When Should You Go for Microservice Architecture?

There is steady increase in the adoption of microservice architecture style since 2014 (Figure 1). Microservice architectural style structures an application as a collection of loosely coupled services that implement business capabilities.

Are Your Microservices Overly Chatty?

The New Stack

Follow up with him to chat about: Empathy, Yoga, Hiking, Startups, AdTech, Machine Learning, Stream Processing, Continuous Delivery & MicroServices. Using a microservices approach to application development enables us to improve resilience and expedite our time to market.

Wavefront Provides Map for Microservices

Stela Udovicic, senior director of product marketing for Wavefront, said Wavefront Service Maps will make it easier for IT organizations to visualize what will soon be thousands of microservices running highly […].

5 You’re Probably F**king Up Your Microservices


It seems like everyone is into microservices these days, and monolith architectures are slowly fading into obscurity. With Microservices, though, there seems to be more consensus that the trend is here to stay. The flip side of microservices.

The Changing Role of APM in a Microservices World

Microservices usage has skyrocketed. Fully 91 percent of organizations are using or have plans to use microservices and 92 percent expect to grow their use of microservices in the coming year.

Kubernetes and Microservices

Linux Academy

Microservices are a great way to architect your applications. Today, however, more and more people are designing their applications using a series of many relatively independent and decoupled services, known as microservices. Why Microservices? A microservice architecture comes with a host of benefits. Another benefit of microservices is that they allow individual application components to be separately scaled. A Microservice Application in Kubernetes.

Are microservices a security threat?

O'Reilly Media - Ideas

Liz Rice outlines the security implications of microservices, containers, and serverless. Continue reading Are microservices a security threat

What is Serverless Microservices ?

Daffodil Software

Microservices and Serverless architecture has been gaining a lot of traction in the recent past. While Microservices ensure fault isolation, continuous development & deployment, and manages codebase seamlessly; Serverless architecture takes care of infra, server, and cost optimization.

The Cake is NOT a Lie: 5 Java Frameworks to Support Your Microservices Architecture


The microservices trend is becoming impossible to ignore,” I wrote in 2016. For teams dealing with loads of technical debt, microservices offer a path to the promised land. Since 2016, many additional open source projects have been started to support microservices built in JEE.

How AI and Microservices Create a Reliable Enterprise of the Future

The Rise of Microservices Enterprise adoption of microservices is continuing to rise. Its popularity is so strong that 86% of development professionals internationally expect microservices to become the default application architecture within the next five years.

Kong Applies Machine Learning to Microservice Management

The New Stack

Enterprises are moving to microservices, but don’t have the right platform in place to learn from the traffic these microservices are executing,” said Marco Palladino, Kong Chief Technology Officer. “We’re With one configuration can enforce this for any microservice.

How Redis Fits with a Microservices Architecture

The New Stack

This blog post was adapted from our new book “Redis Microservices for Dummies” by Kyle Davis with Loris Cro. A microservices architecture has related goals: each service is designed to fit a particular use — not to run everything in the business. Redis Labs sponsored this post. Kyle J.

Four Steps to Implement an Observability Strategy for Microservices

You’re making the move to microservices and re-architecting your entire infrastructure. The post Four Steps to Implement an Observability Strategy for Microservices appeared first on You’ve finally decided.

Microservices, Apache Kafka, and Domain-Driven Design


Microservices have a symbiotic relationship with domain-driven design (DDD)—a design approach where the business domain is carefully modeled in software and evolved over time, independently of the plumbing that makes the system work. Microservices.

The Next Movement to Follow Microservices

The New Stack

They take you on the historical journey from our origins of service-oriented architecture and Waterfall program management through to the microservices architecture, event-driven design and agile practices of today. Microservices Podcast Sponsored The New Stack Makers

The New Stack Context: Microservices for Dummies

The New Stack

This week, we chat with Kyle Davis , Redis Labs ‘ head of developer advocacy and Loris Cro , Redis Labs’ developer advocacy manager, about their new e-book, “ Redis Microservices for Dummies.” Microservices Podcast Sponsored The New Stack Context

Implementing Service Discovery of Microservices with Consul

The New Stack

Each microservice can provide an endpoint that Consul probes to check the health. This tutorial explores the concepts of Consul through a simple scenario based on three microservices. Let’s populate it with our microservices. Registering Microservices with Consul.

Divide and Conquer with Microservices


How microservices are changing the way we make applications. Thinking about microservices definitely helped me to be a better programmer and take on new challenges, especially since the programming language takes a secondary role. So, what is a microservice?

This Week in Programming: When NOT to Do Microservices

The New Stack

Microservices, microservices, microservices, microservices. After all, everything’s better as a microservice, right? ” This article is spot on about microservice vs monolith trade-offs. Development Microservices This Week in Programming

Why Monitoring Can Save Microservices

The New Stack

All too often during the development phase of microservices applications, monitoring is critically missing from the process. However, developers can and should also make monitoring more robust and effective throughout the process when creating microservices. Microservices Sponsored

What are Microservices?


Today let’s break down what we mean when we talk about Microservices. See the Pen Microservices by Sarah Drasner ( @sdras ) on CodePen. In my opinion, if a microservice is built well, it offers the same clarity as a pure function , meaning each service owns its unique inputs and outputs. Microservices don’t always necessarily accomplish this, but many have found that they have a better chance of doing so with this approach. How do Microservices relate to Netlify?

Microservice Architecture Benefits And Its Business Value

Sunflower Lab

Benefits of microservices architecture and business value it delivers to organizations planning to embrace enterprise agility through automated processes. What are microservices? The microservice architecture helps to reduce development complexity. When to use microservices.

The Business Benefits of Reactive Microservices


Companies looking to develop microservices can find they’ve bitten off more than they can chew if they don’t properly anticipate several hurdles that come with microservices. In some situations, microservices can actually just be monoliths in disguise if teams aren’t careful.

The Limiting Factors of Microservices Also Apply to FaaS

A big monolithic application is targeted for re-architecting as a microservices architecture. People excited about microservices get together and break up the design to make it far less monolithic and far more loosely coupled.

Buoyant Launches Dive, a ‘Team Control Plane’ for Microservice Identification

The New Stack

With Dive, each microservice has its own linkable page, as do all changes to infrastructure, that displays all of this information and can be commented on and shared with others in Slack, for example. Microservices Service Mesh News Sponsored

Q&A: Epsagon Brings Automated Distributed Tracing to Microservices, Serverless

The New Stack

With the move to a distributed, microservice software architecture, there can be more to take into consideration than you might first realize. Everything you hear these days is about the move from monolith to microservices — how are organizations making this move?

Top Disadvantages to Adopting Microservices (And Why You Should Do It Anyway)


Microservices is a thought model that promises to bring us closer to that goal. By breaking up an application into specialized containers designed to perform a specific task or process, microservices enable each component to operate independently. What Makes Microservices Hard?

‘Microservices for the Enterprise’: A Book about Real-World Challenges

The New Stack

Kasun is the director of integration architecture at WSO2 and is an author/evangelist on Microservices Architecture and Enterprise Integration Architecture. He has authored Microservices for Enterprise and Beginning WSO2 ESB. Microservices Tools SponsoredWSO2 sponsored this post.

DevOps’ role in reaping the benefits of microservices


In the world of “one-up” IT, it seems like almost everyone is wanting to understand how to integrate microservices into their solution architecture. The benefits of using microservices are numerous and varied. Cloud DevOps Azure microservices

Microservices and NoSQL: A Great Match

The New Stack

Why do we need microservices? Where SOA was a luxury then, microservices are a necessity now. So What are Microservices? Microservices takes an application and splits it up into functions called services. Microservices Runs Like a Good Restaurant. Oren Eini.

How Netflix microservices tackle dataset pub-sub

Netflix TechBlog

By Ammar Khaku Introduction In a microservice architecture such as Netflix’s, propagating datasets from a single source to multiple downstream destinations can be challenging. pub-sub software-engineering microservices netflix

Context: Microservices for the Enterprise, Docker’s Latest Vulnerability

The New Stack

This week on The New Stack Context podcast we discuss how the enterprise can deploy microservices, with two authors of the recently published book, “ Microservices for the Enterprise: Designing, Developing, and Deploying.” Microservices The New Stack Context

WSO2 Updates Microgateway to Boot Faster, Serve Multiple Microservices

The New Stack

The distributed nature of microservices means a centralized gateway can be a choke point. A microgateway sits out in front of one or a handful of microservices. It’s all is propelling the market space to go more distributed, more microservice, more multicloud, he said.

Micro Frontends: The Microservices Approach to Web App Development

Daffodil Software

The microservices architecture is gaining traction for breaking down the limitations of monolithic backends. Fault isolation, technology independence, continuous development & deployment, easy scaling are some of the significant benefits that microservices brings in.

Why Cloud Native Storage Requires Tightly-Coupled Containers and Microservices

The New Stack

In parallel, there has been an evolution in application architecture, of what started a couple of decades ago as service-oriented architecture (SOA) to microservices architecture. Each microservice is independently deployable and scalable. Enter Microservices.