Life of a Software Engineer.!!!

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Software engineering pro-tip

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Guide to Software Engineering Job Posts

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The software engineering rule of 3

Erik Bernhardsson

Here’s a dumb extremely accurate rule I’m postulating* for software engineering projects: you need at least 3 examples before you solve the right problem. Engineers often focus way too much on reducing duplicated code. This is what I’ve noticed: Don’t factor out shared code between two classes. Wait until you have at least three. The two first attempts to solve a problem will fail because you misunderstood the problem. The third time it will work.

The 5 Levels of Analytics Maturity

software market. As a result, the new world of software development is. software. Application teams and software. value you’ll add to your software application. these sophisticated capabilities within their existing software apps.

Software Engineering

The Programmer's Paradox

The standard definition for engineering from Wikipedia is: Engineering is the application of mathematics, empirical evidence and scientific, economic, social, and practical knowledge in order to invent, design, build, maintain, research, and improve structures, machines, tools, systems, components, materials, and processes. The tricky part about engineering good software is acquiring enough deep knowledge. At some point software engineering will become mandated.

Software Engineers and Automation

Erik Bernhardsson

What about software engineers? I just ran into another one of these arguments: Software Engineers will be obsolete by 2060. Think about how much around us is currently powered by software and how much could be powered by software. The opportunity to apply software is probably 100x larger than what’s currently being used. So why aren’t we using software 100x more? Because software engineers are expensive.

Principles of Software Engineering

The Plain Programmer

I recently watched a presentation by Peter Campbell from 2016’s O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference in London. The talk’s emphasis was on identifying and discussing the fundamental principles that underly decision-making as software architects.

The best software engineering conferences of 2019


As a developer, you expect to get practical, technical content when you go to a conference, but you also want to network with other engineers in your field—hopefully, with people who are dealing with some of the same challenges as you. App Dev & Testing, App Dev, Lean Software Development, Conferences, Enterprise Applications, Cloud Application Development, App Dev

Defining Principles for Software Engineering

The Plain Programmer

Several months ago I wrote about my personal principles of software engineering. To help bring these various ideas together I want to start at what I think is the most fundamental and address how to define the principles that drive software engineering efforts.

New Study: 2018 State of Embedded Analytics Report

The company was making a shift to a SaaS (Software as a Service) model— which requires adopting new ways of thinking, changing organizational models, constantly measuring, and. If a software company grows less than 20 percent annually, there is a 92 percent chance of failure.

Why is it Important for a Software Engineer to be Self-sufficient?

Coding Dojo

The post Why is it Important for a Software Engineer to be Self-sufficient? All Posts Career Advice Coding Tips & Resources code coding coding bootcamp coding dojo high paying job in-demand job programmers programming self-sufficiency software software developer software engineer workLast 2011, the co-founder of Mosaic web browser, and a venture capitalist, Marc Andreessen wrote a somewhat prediction in his … Read more >>.

Software Engineer Qualification Levels: Junior, Middle, and Senior


A software developer’s career ladder consists basically of three rungs : junior, middle, and senior. Being aware of the developer seniority levels will help set more accurate expectations for a particular engineer. Approaches to the expertise evaluation in software development.

Software Engineering Daily: Feature Flags with Edith Harbaugh


In episode 729 of Software Engineering Daily, Jeff Meyerson talks with our own Edith Harbaugh, CEO and Co-founder of LaunchDarkly, about feature flagging. This episode was originally published on December 11, 2018 on the Software Engineering Daily site. Jeff Meyerson (JM): Releasing software has inherent risk. If a software bug makes it into production, it can crash your entire application. Releasing software gradually has many benefits.

Functional programming is the libertarianism of software engineering

Erik Bernhardsson

This is a pretty dumb post, in which I argue that functional programming has a lot of the bad parts of libertarianism and a lot of the good parts: Both ideologies strive to eliminate [the] state. (ok, ok, dumb dad joke). Both ideologies are driven by a set of dogmatic axioms rather than a practical goal: Libertarianism wants to reduce the government because any involvement distorts free markets.

Improve Interviews for Software Engineers

Professor Beekums

What was interesting was that here was an engineer that I would have hired in a heartbeat and yet his performance during the interview was incredibly mediocre. I recently gave a friend a mock interview. He was trying to prepare for a big interview and needed practice.

The best software engineering conferences of 2019


As a developer, you expect to get practical, technical content when you go to a conference, but you also want to network with other engineers in your field—hopefully, with people who are dealing with some of the same challenges as you. App Dev & Testing, App Dev, Lean Software Development, Conferences, Enterprise Applications, Cloud Application Development

HPI Event: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Software Engineering


Jürgen Döllner, professor for Computer Graphics Systems at the Hasso-Plattner Institute in Potsdam, Germany recently spoke of the potential for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform the structure, code analysis and perhaps finally code production of software development. Speaker: Prof.

Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute CERT Insider Threat Program Manager Certification


The Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute is a national treasure. One of the great bastions of the discipline of enterprise grade software engineering.This By Bob Gourley.

7 Business Drivers for More Software Engineering Excellence


It’s becoming more and more difficult to identify areas of life that don’t depend on software. Agile software developers are among a small group of people who care about code quality and treat it like an art. SolutionsIQ’s Dave Wylie has a passion for excellence in software engineering.

Software Engineering Daily - Podcast interview with Matt Biilmann


We’re big fans of the Software Engineering Daily podcast here at Netlify. Head over to Software Engineering Daily to hear the entire interview. In this episode Matt Biilmann, our very own co-founder and CEO, talks at length about the reasons for and the challenges of building the Netlify infrastructure. About evolving for scale. And about the lessons learned from a background in music.

Broad vs. Narrow Skillsets: Software Engineering Skills Demystified


In this article, Toptal Freelance Software Engineer Tiberius Florea outlines the difference between deep and broad skillsets and explains why broadening your skillset may further your career

Project SENECA: Making cloud-based software engineering faster, more sustainable and energy efficient


An interview with Dr. Magiel Bruntink, Head of Research at SIG, on how this EU-funded research project is advancing software development in the cloud Project SENECA, an EU-funded research project coordinated by Software Improvement Group (SIG), brought together three leading universities and three commercial organizations from 2015-2018 to address key issues in software engineering and computing […].

SQL Job Interview Questions And Answers

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Tech jobs are the most in-demand jobs of 2019 based on data provided by recruiters and career site experts. It’s … Read more >>. The post SQL Job Interview Questions And Answers appeared first on Coding Dojo Blog.

Software Engineering Matters!

elsua: The Knowledge Management Blog

I discovered this blog, Software Engineering Matters , via one of my Google Search Bots  / Google Alerts. If your discipline is software engineering, it's definitely work a look and RSS subscription.  in software engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I have added this blog to the " blogs and pods section " of the Engineering Learning Wiki.

React vs. Angular

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reflect-metadata polyfill ruby SALARY RATES Scrolling Module software development software engineer software engineers three full-stack curriculum top programming languages Virtual DOM web developer web development web frameworksWhen we talk of JavaScript and its popularity to million users around the world, there’s no way that Angular and … Read more >>. The post React vs. Angular appeared first on Coding Dojo Blog.

Top 8 Web Development Trends of 2019

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Satoshi Nakamoto Security Single Page Application Siri smartphones software developer software engineer Stack Overflow 2018 report TechStyle Fashion Group TIOBE Index user interface Voxpro Vue Vue.js AI or Bots. JavaScript. Progressive Web App. Single Page Application. Mobile-Friendly Website. Motion UI. … Read more >>. The post Top 8 Web Development Trends of 2019 appeared first on Coding Dojo Blog.

SauceCon Speaker Profile: Phil Wells

Blogs Continuous Delivery Events SauceCon 2019 SauceCon software development software engineer The New York Times The New York Times CrosswordThis is the seventh in a series of articles highlighting speakers at SauceCon 2019.

Dynamic Sampling by Example


Instrumentation Sampling Software EngineeringLast week, Rachel published a guide describing the advantages of dynamic sampling. In it, we discussed varying sample rates to achieve a target collection rate overall, and having different sample rates for distinct kinds of keys. We also teased the idea of combining the two techniques to preserve the most important events and traces for debugging without drowning them out in a sea of noise.

It’s a marathon

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Anatomy of a Cascading Failure


One of our engineers (lizf) dove into the golang SQL code, and discovered that the current golang SQL connection pooler essentially services queued requests in random order. Dogfooding Software Engineering

Coding with Confidence – CloudBees + Honeycomb


DevOps, Observability, Continuous Delivery, Test in Production, Chaos Engineering, and Software Ownership are all major themes in software development today, but why? Debugging Software Engineering

5 AI jobs that can make you a star now and in the future


Career Workplace AI AI ethics AI jobs artificial ingelligence Data Scientist product manager software engineerAs enterprises gear up to launch or expand artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives, they are struggling with a severe and growing shortage of AI talent. This hardly is unique as emerging technologies begin to catch on and organizations seek people with the right skill sets and knowledge to leverage these new tools. For workers on the favorable […].

Why You Should Learn Python

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Python is one of the most loved programming languages by developers, data scientists, software engineers, and even hackers because of … Read more >>. The post Why You Should Learn Python appeared first on Coding Dojo Blog.

Incident Review: Caches are Good, Except When They Are Bad


Dogfooding Software EngineeringBetween Wednesday, April 17th and Friday, April 26nd, Honeycomb had four separate periods of downtime affecting the Honeycomb API, resulting in approximately 38 minutes of total downtime. At Honeycomb, we believe that visibility into production services is important, especially when service outages are making your users unhappy.

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