Best Free Virtual DevOps Conferences to Attend in 2021

New year, new beginnings and new conferences. Of course, given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we’ll cover only virtual conferences. Here are the top five best DevOps virtual conferences you can attend for free.

Agile Conferences and Communities -Then & Now

Agile Alliance

You are attending this Agile2021 conference. The conference actually has two beginnings, as the Agile2005 conference was the merger of the Agile Development Conference and XP/Agile Universe. Ever wonder how it got started? How it has evolved?


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Testing Assumptions at the Minimum Viable Conference

Agile Alliance

A quick recap of our Minimum Viable Conference event, a warm-up to THE Agile event of the year, Agile2021, happening online around the world from July 19-22, 2021. The post Testing Assumptions at the Minimum Viable Conference first appeared on Agile Alliance.

Agile Alliance Conference Updates

Agile Alliance

What happens when you can’t hold a physical conference event? Conference organizers put in incredible amounts of work to invite speakers, review submissions, shape a program, and mold the experience-to-be for attendees.

What Virtual Conferences (Still) Miss


COVID-19 has forced meetings, conferences, and other industry events to go virtual. Leadership Strategies COVID-19 featured virtual conferences virtual eventsExplore what makes a virtual event work with IDC's Wayne Kurtzman.

The best DevOps conferences of 2022


Each year, several DevOps conferences offer attendees information on the latest trends, practices, frameworks, platforms, and skills in DevOps. App Dev & Testing, DevOps, Conferences

The best security conferences of 2022


Security, Information Security, ConferencesTo keep ahead of the security curve, you have to be constantly learning. As malicious threats become more sophisticated on an almost daily basis, continuously evolving your security knowledge is really the only way to keep up.

Tableau Conference: From Dashboards to a Platform

Tableau’s yearly conference is back after a two-year shift to a virtual-only format. The post Tableau Conference: From Dashboards to a Platform appeared first on

The best software engineering conferences of 2022


One of the best ways for software engineers to keep up to date with trends in the field is to attend conferences. App Dev & Testing, App Dev, Conferences

The Best Developer Conferences of 2022

Dzone - DevOps

Unlike a lot of industries, conferences for developers are actually worth it. devops events developer netflix leadership development conferences stack overflow cto interact conference interactThey aren’t just an excuse to spend your T&E budget, stay in a new hotel and see some bands that are over the hill. Between learning the actual skills of programming and the actual work of b uilding, leading and creating teams of developers, there is a massive skills gap.

Global SKILup Festival: Not Your Ordinary Conference

Global SKILup festival offers the Humans of DevOps a career fair, numerous upskilling opportunities, and a full-day conference, featuring keynote speakers Mirco Hering and Patrick Debois and many more 2020 has been the year focused on the human.

The best AI, analytics, and big data conferences of 2022


Attending AI, analytics, big data, and machine-learning conferences helps you learn about the latest advancements and achievements in these technologies, things that would likely take too long and too much effort to research and master on your own.

The best security conferences of 2021


The COVID-19 pandemic certainly threw a monkey wrench into the best-laid plans of organizers who were looking forward to holding in-person security conferences in 2020. Security, Information Security, Conferences

Global Next-Generation Software Engineering Conference

The post Global Next-Generation Software Engineering Conference appeared first on Blogs DevOps and Open Technologies DevOps in the Cloud DevOps Practice DevOps Toolbox Enterprise DevOps Features Agile software development GNGSEC software engineering conference

The best DevOps conferences of 2021


DevOps is a fast moving space, so whether conferences are held virtually or in person, it's important that you participate to keep up. DevOps, DevOps Trends, Conferences

Acting Rationally Regarding Coronavirus: RSAC Conference Update

With all the hype surrounding the coronavirus, let’s take a step back, take a breath and not give in to emotional conference mob fear-mongering We have all read the headlines: Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has been canceled.

The best agile and lean development conferences of 2022


This year some organizers are holding their agile and lean development conferences in person, some are opting to present their events online, and still others are offering hybrid events. App Dev & Testing, Agile, Lean Software Development, Enterprise Agile, Conferences

Conference Sponsorship Initiative Update for Q1 2021

Agile Alliance

As a member of the Agile Alliance, did you know that your membership dues are supporting agile conferences worldwide? The post Conference Sponsorship Initiative Update for Q1 2021 first appeared on Agile Alliance.

Agile 133

Manage Agile 2020 Conference


agile42 is Gold Sponsor of the Manage Agile 2020 conference taking place from November 23rd to 26th, 2020. This conference will cover all things "Agile Leadership". Continue reading Manage Agile 2020 Conference at agile42.

Apiumhub supports Craft Conference one more year


One more year we support Craft Conference as we believe this is a very interesting event. You can read more about our collaboration and past edition of the conference here. . About Craft Conference. Craft Conference returns in person for the first time since 2019!

Business Conferences Amid the COVID Crisis

The post Business Conferences Amid the COVID Crisis appeared first on Blogs Business of DevOps DevOps Culture business conferences coronavirus COVID virtual eventsWe’re all hunkered down in quarantine, so major trade shows have been cancelled.

The best Digital Product conferences to attend in 2022


This is where conferences come in. Conferences are designed specifically to help you sharpen your skills, learn from your industry peers, and network with successful thought leaders. Attending digital product conferences is one of the best ways you can help your online business succeed.

The best cloud and IT Ops conferences of 2022


After two years of mainly virtual events, the majority of cloud and IT Ops conferences in 2022 will be in-person events, although some organizers have decided to hold a combination of in-person and virtual events.

The best AI, analytics, and big data conferences of 2021


As in 2020, most conference organizers are once again opting to hold their events virtually, althoug some events scheduled for the latter half of the year are optimistically scheduled to be in-person events.

6 Virtual DevOps Conferences You Can?t Afford to Miss in June 2020

Conferences and events make up to a trillion-dollar industry and have been playing a major role in connecting people from different parts of the world and exchange ideas. The post 6 Virtual DevOps Conferences You Can’t Afford to Miss in June 2020 appeared first on

Four tips for attending RSA Conference 2022


It’s been a while since most of us have attended a big conference in person, so here are a few tips to help you get the most from a jam packed week. People come from all over the globe to attend this conference. RSA did a great job last year delivering the conference digitally.

Reflections from Emma Armstrong, Agile2020 Conference Chair

Agile Alliance

I appreciate in this difficult time in the world, people have a lot more to contend with than a conference being cancelled. Hello everyone! However I want to extend a personal message to all the people who have worked tirelessly to put together what would have been an amazing Agile2020.

The best software QA and testing conferences of 2022

TechBeacon Testing

Attending software testing conferences offers you an opportunity to improve your software testing skills and techniques and allows you to hear about real-life use cases and solutions that you can apply in your organization. App Dev & Testing, Testing, Quality Assurance (QA), Conferences

The best software engineering conferences of 2021


When it came to developer (and other) conferences, 2020 wasn't a very good year. One thing is for sure: As in 2020, some conferences will again be virtual. App Dev & Testing, App Dev, ConferencesMany were canceled, while others moved online.

Women in Agile Conference Online November 2020

HackerEarth introduces Full-stack Assessments at Hire10(1) Conference

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

HackerEarth’s CEO, Sachin Gupta, made the announcement today at Hire10(1) , HackerEarth’s flagship virtual conference to help recruiters and engineering leaders hire top developers and build great tech teams.

Team ’22 Recap — Highlights from Atlassian’s Flagship Conference

Modus Create

Atlassian was back with its annual flagship conference – Team ‘22. The post Team ’22 Recap — Highlights from Atlassian’s Flagship Conference appeared first on Modus Create. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Planbox Announces 2022 Imagine Innovation Conference


Wilmington, Delaware — Planbox is hosting its upcoming Imagine Innovation Conference online from May 10 to 11, 2022. Last year’s conference centered on the Future-Fit Manifesto , a strategic framework that lends itself to this year’s theme on sustainable transformation.

The best cloud and IT Ops conferences of 2021


Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the organizers of cloud and IT Ops conferences, along with organizers of all the other conferences scheduled for 2020, were forced to move their events online or cancel them altogether.

The best agile and lean development conferences of 2021


Postpone/reschedule, go virtual, or cancel outright—these were the options many conference organizers faced in 2020 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. App Dev & Testing, Agile, Lean Software Development, Conferences, Agile

The Least Worst Online Conference Ever


I can barely rouse myself to give a s**t about one more virtual conference. You get the feeling that everybody has the “conference” open in a background tab throughout their day—if you’re lucky. The post The Least Worst Online Conference Ever appeared first on Honeycomb.

Lightning Talks: Your Chance to Share at the Agile2020 Conference

Agile Alliance

One of my favorite tracks at Agile conferences has always been the Lightning Talks. Lightning Talks are created and presented by the attendees of the conference, … Continued.

Agile 161

Love Letter to Conferences (And What Makes Some Truly Amazing)

Dzone - DevOps

I share everything I've learned about what makes my favorite conference experiences so great and meaningful, and try to understand which elements are universal, applying to both physical and virtual events, and which ones can be changed. Great physical conferences are magical.

Sencha Announces Release of Ext JS 7.4 at Annual SenchaCon Virtual Conference

The Crazy Programmer

during its annual virtual developer conference, SenchaCon. We grew our business year over year and the increased participation at our annual conference by over 50% demonstrates that we are well positioned for future success.”. Austin, Texas – Apr.

The best software QA and testing conferences of 2021

TechBeacon Testing

Software QA and testing conferences scheduled for 2020 were thrown into turmoil amid the coronavirus pandemic. And conference organizers are still trying to figure out what to do about their 2021 events. App Dev & Testing, Testing, Conferences