Virtual Agile Transformations

equipped not only to transform an organization to agile but also apply an agile minutes using a virtual tool set? COVID-19 forces millions of Scrum teams members currently to work from home. Online collaboration tools are getting a real stress test through an influx of new users these days.

Upcoming Event: Time Series Data Virtual Summit

The Time Series Data Virtual Summit will bring together InfluxData community members for an unique learning experience focused on the impact of time series data. Presented in a virtual reality environment, the event will take place on July 16, from 10 a.m.

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Configuring Microsoft Teams for Live Virtual Training

Currently, I have run more than 6 Live Virtual Training in Microsoft Teams and in a few hours, my 7th will start. To date, I have facilitated a couple of Live Virtual F2F for the other trainers at to show them how it works, but we did not go into the configuration.

Virtual Open Space and Experience Report

Now take the simplicity and concerns of an Open Space and try it in a virtual environment? How does the energy of an in-person marketplace translate into a virtual setting? . On JUN 19th, you can experience a Virtual Open Space live in action from 10.30am - 3pm EDT.

Live Virtual Classroom's and the new normal

With the change in business model in the current crisis, many training organizations have had to do the unthinkable and move to Live Virtual training options. Existing wisdom was that training online, just as running teams virtually would be a disaster and reduce the student's experience.

VMware Extends Network Virtualization Reach

VMware today announced the general availability of an update to its NSX-T network virtualization software that adds support for NSX Federation, which enables IT teams to apply global policies and isolate domains to contain problems to a single zone.

Remote Agile (Part 2): Virtual Liberating Structures

TL; DR: Remote Agile (Part 2): Virtual Liberating Structures. Based on that article, I also ran a live virtual class, the recording of which will be made available soon on the Age-of-Product’s Youtube channel. This follow-up post now delves into virtual Liberating Structures, answering the question of how we can make use of the powerful toolbox of inclusive and collaborative practices in a remote setting. Design Elements of Virtual Liberating Structures.

3 Things Virtual Teams Need from a Scrum Master

When they are working in a virtual environment, there can be additional complexities and challenges to navigate. In this post, I will share the 3 things every Scrum Master can focus on to support their virtual teams. #1 1 - Virtual team members need one-on-one time.

Our 10 Tips to Have Productive and Engaging Virtual Meetings

With everything that is happening around the world, teams now face the challenge of doing most of their work virtually. Virtual meetings are an essential platform for this. In this post, we share our tips for making virtual meetings a useful, productive and engaging experience.

Virtual, Self-Paced, Interactive A-CSM Training Is Here


You asked for live, virtual Q&A sessions with expert Scrum trainers. For this reason, our A-CSM Training is specifically designed to foster interactive learning from peers and experts in an easily accessible, virtual environment. Sign up now for virtual, interactive A-CSM Training.

Why a Virtual Environment May Be Your Best Bet for Backup and Disaster Recovery


Virtualization is already ubiquitous, with 92 percent of businesses reporting that they used some form of server virtualization according to Spiceworks’ 2020 State of Virtualization Technology report.

Pluralsight LIVE 2020 is Going Virtual


Pluralsight LIVE 2020 is going virtual—find out more now

5 Can’t-Miss Virtual Events for the DevOps Community


Network and collaborate with your fellow software development and delivery peers at one of these virtual events. We hope to (virtually) see you there!

Delivering Live Virtual Classes in Microsoft Teams and Mural

Both Virtual and In-Person Classrooms. This is what we have always done for in-person classes, and it can be even more powerful for virtual as, just in the real world of work, there is no indication of the end of the timebox for participants.

DevSecOps Days Virtual Summit on April 2nd

The post DevSecOps Days Virtual Summit on April 2nd appeared first on Blogs DevSecOps Features devsecops DevSecOps Days MediaOps Event rsa conference RSAC virtual summitThank you to everyone who attended our 5th Annual DevSecOps Days @ RSA Conference.

Intelligent Virtual Assistants and Their Role in Helping Brands Transform Customer Experiences

The post Intelligent Virtual Assistants and Their Role in Helping Brands Transform Customer Experiences appeared first on The relationship between computers and humans has undergone a significant paradigm shift over several decades.

Teradici Brings Virtual Desktops to Azure Stack

The post Teradici Brings Virtual Desktops to Azure Stack appeared first on Blogs IT Administration IT as Code Azure cloud Hybrid IT remote desktop protocol virtual desktops

Azure 71

Using Data Virtualization to Simplify Microservice Architectures

Data Virtualization

In a previous post, we reviewed the value of APIs and how the data virtualization layer can be used as a data service provider. Another powerful way to use data virtualization and data services is to use the data virtualization.

Agile Goes Virtual


Virtual work has recently received a lot of attention for obvious reasons, but the truth is remote work has been hot the last few years. Janel Lanza encourages people to spend time with their teams virtually, even more than usual. Which may prompt the question: “Do we need to revisit our work agreement for virtual purposes?”. More ways to get more value out of virtual work. The post Agile Goes Virtual appeared first on SolutionsIQ

Building a SQL Server Virtual Lab in Windows: Virtualization Concepts


With the advent of virtualization in the early 2000s, the computing world changed for good. The series topics covered will include: Virtualization concepts. Virtual network for the virtual lab. Testing the virtual lab. Virtualization Concepts.

Using Data Virtualization in Your API Initiatives

Data Virtualization

Technology API API integration caching Data Governance Data Security Data Services Layer data virtualization Dynamic Query Optimization technologyMany of us are addicted to technology.

New Feature: CodeSignal Virtual Whiteboard


We are excited to launch a highly anticipated feature: CodeSignal Virtual Whiteboard! To evaluate system design skills in particular, you will need a feature like CodeSignal Virtual Whiteboard to enable your teams to conduct this style of interview.

Building a SQL Server Virtual Lab in Windows: Virtual Network for the Virtual Lab


In the previous and first blog of this blog series “Building a SQL Server Virtual Lab in Windows,” we had covered Virtualization Concepts. In this blog, we will explore the virtual network for the virtual lab. Network Connectivity in the Virtual Lab.

Today: Predict 2019 Virtual Summit

Predict 2019 Virtual Summit is finally here! The post Today: Predict 2019 Virtual Summit appeared first on Blogs Business of DevOps Events Features devops devsecops MediaOps Predict2019 security virtual summitThe summit is happening today, Tuesday, Dec. 18 at 10 a.m.

What’s the difference between containers and virtual machines?


I was at a conference recently when I realized the person I was talking with thought that containers were just smaller versions of virtual machines (VM). Applications Cloud cloud virtual machine containers cloud computing VirtualizationAh, no. No, they’re not. Yes, they can function in the same ways from a practical viewpoint. For example, they’re both commonly used to run server applications. How they […].

Mechanics of Adapting Virtual Work, Health, and Safety

Agile Alliance

Given the risk that public policies and practices will be less than ideal or reliable in many jurisdictions, firms will need to be ready where appropriate to make their own assessments of the risks and innovate rapidly to develop new solutions to specific health and safety challenges. webcast

Using MIT’s Unhangout to Host a Virtual Barcamp or Open Space

TL; DR: Results of a Test of Using Unhangout to Host Virtual Barcamps. Last week, 30-plus attendees of the 24th Hands-on Agile meetup ran a virtual Barcamp experiment w/ MIT’s Unhangout, an open-source platform for organizing attendee-driven virtual open space events.

6 Virtual DevOps Conferences You Can?t Afford to Miss in June 2020

The post 6 Virtual DevOps Conferences You Can’t Afford to Miss in June 2020 appeared first on Conferences and events make up to a trillion-dollar industry and have been playing a major role in connecting people from different parts of the world and exchange ideas.

Announcing Jamstack Conf Virtual Schedule and Registration


During the Jamstack virtual conference, we’ll share the results of the most comprehensive Jamstack survey to date. We’ve also substantially reframed our sponsorship opportunities for the virtual conference. Let’s talk about web scale.

HPE Expects Increased Reliance on Virtual Desktops

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) is making it easier for organizations to migrate to virtual desktops that can be deployed on servers in an on-premises IT environment. The post HPE Expects Increased Reliance on Virtual Desktops appeared first on

Overcoming Cloud Data Silos with Data Virtualization

TIBCO - Connected Intelligence

My friend Rick van der Lans, the world’s most published author on data virtualization, and I have collaborated dozens of times—on whitepapers, articles, seminars, webinars, and more—over the past 15 years. The latest is Rick’s whitepaper, Overcoming Cloud Data Silos with Data Virtualization.

How delivering the live virtual Professional Scrum Master II class surprised us

If someone would have asked us one year ago to create a Live Virtual Class (online) of the Professional Scrum Master II class , I would have responded with a: “No way! March — “Let’s experiment with virtual meetups”. Hosting a virtual meeting takes effort.

A Virtual Portal for COVID-19 Information

Data Virtualization

Technology Coronavirus Coronavirus Data Portal COVID-19 data virtualization Denodo Coronavirus Data Portal pmOne Real-time-dataThe current situation poses unprecedented challenges to our global community, even as the heroes of our healthcare systems fight tirelessly for our wellbeing.

Quo Vadis, Scrum Master: The Results of Our Virtual Strategy Session

TL; DR: Results of a Virtual Strategy Session for Scrum Masters Regarding Remote Work. Last week, 30-plus participants in the 23rd Hands-on Agile meetup had a virtual strategy session where they explored Liberating Structures’ Critical Uncertainties microstructure.

It’s Almost Here: Predict 2020 Virtual Summit

We’re a little less than two weeks away from Predict 2020 Virtual Summit, our annual online event during which we ponder the future of DevOps, serverless, cybersecurity, digital transformation and IT. Features cloud devops online event Predict 2020 Virtual Summit security

Bringing GPU Virtualization to Analytics, AI and HPC

Dell EMC

NVIDIA vComputeServer software is now available with Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, provides GPU virtualization to speed analytics, AI and high-performance computing. Artificial Intelligence Data Analytics High Performance Computing News Servers Big Data Virtualization

8 Tips for Holding Virtual Meetings During the COVID-19 Pandemic


In this short post, we'd like to take a moment to share some best practices for holding virtual meetings during these times. In light of the increasing threat of the COVID-19 virus , a large number of nonprofits have temporarily transitioned to a remote workforce if possible.