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5 Games in 5 Minutes

Agile Alliance

Learn 5 games in 5 minutes that help your teams to do just that. . People gamesAgilists strive to help teams work together on small slices, experiment and constantly learn.

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Let?s play the Game of Scrum

. As a Scrum practitioner you may have read the famous paper The New New Product Development Game published by Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka in Jan’ 1986 issue of HBR. The paper was inspired by the game of Rugby, the way ball passed within the team as it moves as a unit up the field.

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Game of Code

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Game On: Gamification for the Win

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How to Play Retro Game ROMs on Windows

David Walsh

Video games are always a fun time, something we desperately need during our COVID lockdown. A few years back I shared how to play retro games on Mac , as well as how to patch games to play popular ROM hacks like Grand Poo World and Invictus. Game ROMs. Happy gaming!

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5 Examples of 2D Mobile Games Built Using Unity Game Engine

Daffodil Software

In 2019, the App Store offered 903,489 gaming apps. With such an astronomical rise in the number of gamers, new gaming ideas and their development are high in demand. Game Development

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View some of the games we have developed


Here you can view a video digest of games we worked on lately. Game dev game development mobile game development mobile gamesThis is a very short post. Please, estimate my article. I did my best! (No No Ratings Yet) Loading… Stay tuned.

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Birds, Nerds and Turds – The Agile Retrospective Game

Agile Alliance

Actually it’s a game, a playing card game, a pack made up of 52 cards. Some Birds, some Nerds and some are yes Turds, you got it! And yes is a physical product, an actual pack of cards

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Innovation Games: Creating Breakthrough Products Through Collaborative Play

Agile Alliance

Innovation Games will be indispensable for anyone who wants to drive more successful, customer-focused product development: product and R&D managers, CTOs and development leaders, marketers, and senior business executives alike

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Virtual Reality App/Game Developer Survey: More Enterprises Embracing VR Training and Sims


IDC's latest virtual reality app/game developer survey shows more enterprises are embracing VR training and sims. Tech Perspectives developers gaming virtual reality VRExplore these results with IDC's Lewis Ward.

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Your Guide to Get Started with Mobile Game Development

Daffodil Software

Gaming is the third most popular category amongst apps on the play store. By 2021, it is estimated that mobile gaming will generate the largest proportion of total gaming revenue worldwide. Game Development

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4 Best Game Engines For Making Games


4 Best Game Engines. Do you know why do we need a game engine for developing the games? Well, Designing a game from scratch is really hard. So game engines will help you to save your time, money and effort. Even kids can create a game if they use these game engines.

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The New Scrum Game

Net Objectives

Ken Schwaber & Jeff Sutherland created the Scrum Agile Framework based on The New New Product Development Game (TNNPDG) & empirical process control. In addition, while Scrum was designed for single product teams, … Continue reading "The New Scrum Game". Getting Back to the Original Scrum New Scrum Game Scrum Team Level AgileIn the 20+ years since Scrum’s ascension, other useful methods – Flow, Theory of Constraints, Kanban and Lean Management have come to the forefront.

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Article: Game Based Learning - The 5 Dysfunctions of a Daily Stand-up Meeting

InfoQ Culture Methods

The authors prescribe a cure with an Agile Game especially designed to improve your Daily Scrum: The Daily Stand-up Game. Daily Stand-ups Scrum Teamwork learning Game Agile Culture & Methods article

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Helping Everyone Contribute Game-Changing Ideas

Let's Grow Leaders

The post Helping Everyone Contribute Game-Changing Ideas appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. In this episode, you’ll get strategies to help you bring in your reluctant team members and help them contribute their game-changing ideas.

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Changing the Game for Nol-Tec Systems

Dell EMC

Deploying VMware Cloud Foundation with PowerEdge servers changed the game for this company and their. Meeting customer expectations in heavily regulated industries can be a massive challenge, especially if you’re doing so with an inconsistent, aging infrastructure.

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Good One Game Developer, You Got Me

I'm Programmer

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The Importance of Real-time Analysis in your Multiplayer Game


The toughest part, dear game developers, is not the development and deployment in the app stores. Hundreds of games are being deployed every day in app stores. The real journey begins once your game has been released.

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AI and security: Machine learning is a threat detection game-changer


Read why Ramsés Gallego feels that machine learning is a game-changer in threat detection on Tech Beacon : Organizations are deluged with billions of security events every day, far too […].

AIOps 2020: IT Talent Is the Game-Changer

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Show FPS for Steam Games

David Walsh

There’s nothing more frustrating to a top gamer (outside of bugs in a game) than dropped frames in a video game. If you’re playing a competitive multiplayer game like PUBG or Fortnite, where up to 100 people are simultaneously competing, dropped frames can be the difference between ecstasy or a bullet between the eyes. Let me show you how to direct Steam to output the frame rate of a game! Games Quick Tips

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The Top 10 Game Developers

I'm Programmer

AIn this article we see the top 10 game developer. The developers below didn’t just ride the trends of the modern video game market, but they helped set those trends. And by the studio’s own account, it is no longer a game developer. game designer game developer

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Patient Game iPad App

Cabot Solutions

NN Patient Game is an interactive branching narrative game for iPad The game was to be provided on a wi-fi network for 400 conference attendees to play simultaneously The game required the players to study a simulated patient case scenario and then plan treatment for the patient

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The Golden Age of x86 Gaming

Coding Horror

The golden age of x86 gaming is well upon us. That's why the future of PC gaming is looking brighter every day. I hate to break this to PS4 enthusiasts, but as big of an upgrade as that is – and it really is – it's still nowhere near enough power to drive modern games at 4k.

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How One Game Hack Turned Into the OBS Streaming Revolution

The New Stack

Although he loves playing video games, his inspiration for creating OBS wasn’t fame. Instead, he had the simple need to capture part of his gaming screen on StarCraft so as to gain a bigger view of the minimap that displays enemy activity. Amazon Web Services (AWS) sponsored this post.

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How AI can be a COVID-19 game-changer


With most US states now reporting sustained increases in new coronavirus cases, fear about the pandemic's resurgence is on the rise. That is placing renewed pressure on the key elements in this healthcare battle, including early detection, containment, triage and diagnosis, and vaccine development.

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Using Game Thinking for Rapid Product Innovation – Amy Jo Kim

Agile Alliance


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How to Get Your Digital Data Game on with DataOps

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‘Cards Against Containers’: A DevOps Card Game from Sysdig

The New Stack

” There’s a new version of the game “Cards Against Humanity” — but in this edition the hilariously horrible combinations it can generate are aimed at the DevOps community. “Don’t take this game seriously.”

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Game Development: How to Develop a Game


If you're interested in game development, Pluralsight can help. Learn how to develop a game and check out beginner game development courses and resources

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Game Theory: Why System Security Is Like Poker, Not Chess

The New Stack

Game theory is a branch of mathematics that allows us to reason through cyberattack/defense scenarios without spinning in philosophical circles. Game theory was created by a polyglot and computer scientist named John von Neumann. It’s a game of poker. Let’s play a game.

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The Score Isn’t the Game

Let's Grow Leaders

Gaming. I’m always astounded by the creativity and lengths some employees will go to game the system. Talking only to metrics encourages such gaming, which wastes time and often gets people fired.

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On-Demand Webinar: Reframing the Dev vs. Ops Blame Game


The New Dev and Ops Collaboration: Reframing the Dev vs. Ops Blame Game. Is DevOps really a common practice fueling Dev and Ops collaboration, or just another buzzword? How many enterprises have actually adopted CI/CD workflows, and what Ops tools do they use to support faster releases?

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Software Testing Is a Zero-Sum Game

Dzone - DevOps

Software Testing Is a Zero-Sum Game. One thing I sometimes hear from developers or managers, that do not have much experience in Quality Assurance, is that we need to test everything. The refrain that comes is “but what if that one case we don’t test breaks?”. This sounds pretty reasonable!

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Game Development Patterns in C#


In the gaming industry, you need to solve a lot of complex tasks all the time, such as performance degradation or “spaghetti” code. The industry has now developed many practices and generalized architectural solutions to the problems often encountered in game projects around the globe.

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Seven Ways to Play a Bigger Game This Year

Next Level Blog

One of the themes that I hear a lot from senior executives talking about high potential leaders is that the client needs to play a bigger game. I’ve boiled their answers down to seven ways to play a bigger game. If you’re ready to play a bigger game, you’ll want to take a look.

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