5 Games in 5 Minutes

Agile Alliance

Learn 5 games in 5 minutes that help your teams to do just that. . People gamesAgilists strive to help teams work together on small slices, experiment and constantly learn.

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Patient Game iPad App

Cabot Solutions

NN Patient Game is an interactive branching narrative game for iPad The game was to be provided on a wi-fi network for 400 conference attendees to play simultaneously The game required the players to study a simulated patient case scenario and then plan treatment for the patient

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4 Best Game Engines For Making Games


4 Best Game Engines. Do you know why do we need a game engine for developing the games? Well, Designing a game from scratch is really hard. So game engines will help you to save your time, money and effort. Even kids can create a game if they use these game engines.

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The Importance of Real-time Analysis in your Multiplayer Game


The toughest part, dear game developers, is not the development and deployment in the app stores. Hundreds of games are being deployed every day in app stores. The real journey begins once your game has been released.

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How King Crushes New Product Development using Data-Driven Insights

Speaker: Ian Thompson, Head of Business Intelligence at King, and Zara Wells, Strategic Customer Success Manager at Looker

Product Managers looking to leverage data to make informed product design decisions can learn a lot from renowned gaming company King, maker of Candy Crush and many other games - even if their product has seemingly no overlap with games.

On-Demand Webinar: Reframing the Dev vs. Ops Blame Game


The New Dev and Ops Collaboration: Reframing the Dev vs. Ops Blame Game. Is DevOps really a common practice fueling Dev and Ops collaboration, or just another buzzword? How many enterprises have actually adopted CI/CD workflows, and what Ops tools do they use to support faster releases?

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Adding Real-time Communication in Unity3D Multiplayer Games


Thousands of game developers in more than 150 countries have built amazing multiplayer games on multiple platforms using AppWarp. The post Adding Real-time Communication in Unity3D Multiplayer Games appeared first on ShepHertz App42 Blog.

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The Golden Age of x86 Gaming

Coding Horror

The golden age of x86 gaming is well upon us. That's why the future of PC gaming is looking brighter every day. I hate to break this to PS4 enthusiasts, but as big of an upgrade as that is – and it really is – it's still nowhere near enough power to drive modern games at 4k.

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A Shell Game

The Daily WTF

When the big banks and brokerages on Wall Street first got the idea that UNIX systems could replace mainframes, one of them decided to take the plunge - Big Bang style. They had hundreds of programmers cranking out as much of the mainframe functionality as they could.

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FluencyByDesign Game is a Bootleg Copy of Agile Fluency Game

James Shore

The real game. I was shocked and disappointed to learn yesterday that Steve Holyer has made an unauthorized copy of The Agile Fluency * Game called "The FluencyByDesign * Simulation." I created this game with Arlo Belshee in 2012 and spent five years playtesting and refining it. The Agile Fluency Project , which I co-founded with Diana Larsen, is the only authorized publisher of the Agile Fluency Game. Arlo and I give Steve permission to use the game in his workshops.

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The 5 Levels of Analytics Maturity

thought processes of employees, they can be game changers for. FROM BASIC BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE REQUIREMENTS TO. SOPHISTICATED PRODUCT DIFFERENTIATORS Do the analytic offerings in your application make you stand out from the crowd? See where.

Show FPS for Steam Games

David Walsh

There’s nothing more frustrating to a top gamer (outside of bugs in a game) than dropped frames in a video game. If you’re playing a competitive multiplayer game like PUBG or Fortnite, where up to 100 people are simultaneously competing, dropped frames can be the difference between ecstasy or a bullet between the eyes. Let me show you how to direct Steam to output the frame rate of a game! Games Quick Tips

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Here's The Programming Game You Never Asked For

Coding Horror

As its creator notes, this is the assembly language programming game you never asked for! I was surprised to discover my co-founder Robin Ward liked TIS-100 so much that he not only played the game (presumably to completion) but wrote a TIS-100 emulator in C.

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The Power of a Game: What I Learned from Facilitating The Phoenix Project Simulation


The realistic scenarios, challenges and pain points embedded in the game built a creative tension in a safe environment […]. The post The Power of a Game: What I Learned from Facilitating The Phoenix Project Simulation appeared first on DevOps.com.

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Seven Ways to Play a Bigger Game This Year

Next Level Blog

One of the themes that I hear a lot from senior executives talking about high potential leaders is that the client needs to play a bigger game. I’ve boiled their answers down to seven ways to play a bigger game. If you’re ready to play a bigger game, you’ll want to take a look.

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March Madness: How to Up Your Game by Building a Better Bracket


The 2019 NCAA March Madness tournament has arrived! This is one of the most famous annual sports events in the United States, bringing together the best Division 1 men’s and women’s college basketball teams from 68 schools to compete against each other for the NCAA Champion title. AI in the News

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A Game Changer for Containers | cgroups

Linux Academy

The game changer is the unified hierarchy that version 2 provides. The post A Game Changer for Containers | cgroups appeared first on Linux Academy Blog. Containers are only increasing in popularity. Here at Linux Academy, we’ve seen an over 30% increase in demand for container-related courses. Containers help simplify building applications by providing a way to package up the software and all the necessary dependencies and components.

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Changing the game with decisive action

Lead on Purpose

You have created the vision for your products; you’ve built trust among your teams; you’re working hard to motivate team members to do great things; and you’re working to develop your teams with insight and direction. The final step in … Continue reading → Leadership Product Management action build change decisiveness influential leadership market sell service success

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How Elevating Security’s Game ‘Hacker’s Mind’ Teaches Security

The New Stack

In this episode of the The New Stack Makers podcast, we speak with Masha Sedova , co-founder and Chief Privacy Officer of Elevate Security , one of this year’s winner of CloudNOW ’s Top Women in Cloud Innovation award, and the creator of the game Hacker’s Mind. “It

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Game based learning vs gamification

Rapid BI

Game based learning and gamification are the same thing? Some basic definitions to get us started: Gamification definition: “Gamification takes game elements (such as points, badges, leaderboards, competition, achievements) and applies them to a non-game setting. The post Game based learning vs gamification appeared first on. Management game based learning gamification Learning motivationRight? They are based on the same origins, but are very different things.

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How much does it cost to make a video game?


How much does it cost to develop a game project? The process of game development is complicated and the cost depends on many factors, the most important being the complexity of the game. There are casual, AAA level and MMO games. […]. It was an issue on the minds of many of our customers as well. Posts

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AppWarp (Cloud) vs AppWarp S2 (On-Premise): When Should You Use Which for Game Development?


Gaming industry is one of the few industries that have always been in growth stage. Value of the global video games market is increasing by 5% every year and in few years is expected to cross $100 Billion US Dollars. […]. Multiplayer Gaming Platform

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Playing a Game to Self-assess Your Agility


Teams can play the Agile Self-assessment Game to reflect on their own team interworking and agree upon the next steps for their agile journey. In 2016 I created a game for teams to do Agile Self-assessments. The first version of the game was based on the 42 point test by Kelly Waters, and inspired by the Unofficial Scrum Checklist from Henrik Kniberg and the Team barometer by Jimmy Janlén. Playing the Game. Agile Game Kanban SAFe Scrum Software Methodology

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Virtual Reality Next Game-Changer for Medicine

Armughan Ahmad - Dell EMC

Edgar Sosa was born with a condition called Craniosynostosis where one or more of the sutures in a child’s skull fuses or closes too early. Untreated, it could have hurt his brain development.

How artificial intelligence will revolutionize the way video games are developed and played


To better understand how AI might become more intertwined with video games in the future, it’s important to know the two fields’ shared history. Since the earliest days of the medium, game developers have been programming software both to pretend like it’s a human and to help create virtual worlds without a human designer needing […].

The Agile Fluency Game: Now Available!

James Shore

Five years ago, Arlo Belshee and I created a game about agile adoption. The ideas in that game influenced the Agile Fluency™ Model , Arlo's Agile Engineering Fluency map , and the Agile Fluency Diagnostic. We always intended to publish the game more widely, but the time and money required to do professional publishing job was just too much. Every participant will get a professional-produced box set of the game to take home. 01 Mar 2017. James Shore/Blog.

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Gaming is Eating Media… and Pokemon is Just the Start

Battery Ventures

Recently, we have noticed an interesting phenomenon in the media world in which online gaming is conquering consumer attention at the cost of other, more-traditional forms of media, like television and the Internet. Put more succinctly, gaming is eating media.

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For Amazon’s Next Trick — a Cloud Gaming Service


The company also is pursuing growth in digital advertising, streaming video, business-to-business (B2B) commerce, video game streaming, and a growing host of electronic devices. Amazon is the well known as the leading online retailer, as well as being the undisputed champ in cloud computing. Now, the digital sales leader wants to combine the best aspects of […]. CTO News

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Deep Learning AI Generates Realistic Game Graphics by Learning from Videos

The New Stack

The video game design industry has evolved immensely since its early, pixellated days: nowadays, games often feature high-end graphics, underpinning immersive worlds that are populated with non-player characters that one can interact with.

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Game-Changing Analytics: How the Philadelphia 76ers Scored Big Wins Off the Court


For the Philadelphia 76ers, data is an integral part of how they work, helping them make strategic decisions on both the sports and corporate sides of the organization.

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Gamification: A Game Insurers Must Play


Gamification applies a game-design approach and various gaming mechanics and dynamics to a non-game application like insurance. When it comes to influencing customer behavior, gamification is one of the most powerful digital levers for insurance agents and insurers.

How to Run a Successful Video Game Development Company

Strategy Driven

If you grew up as a gamer or are still an active player, they you may have dreamed of being a game developer one day. Or maybe you saw the success of a seemingly simple game like Angry Birds and thought you’d have a go at it. Create the Gaming Company You’ve Always Wanted.

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6 Keys to Game-Changing Leadership

Terry Starbucker

What’s your game plan? “Morale is poor, turnover is high, and our performance has been dismal. Can you fix all this for us?” ” Leadership has its challenges, and there’s none more daunting than walking into a difficult “turn around” situation.

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Future of Gaming: 5 Tips to Keep Your Gamers Connected

Digital Realty

Whether your customers are avid gamers or just dabble from time to time in a mobile game, there’s no escaping the gaming industry’s influence as one of the largest and most popular forms of entertainment. Growing Market In fact, gaming has become

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A Tale of Two Engines – Algolia & Unity


A search engine inside a game engine? Our idea was to implement a search-as-you-type experience inside a Unity game scene. We decided to create a marketplace , a common use case for searching within a game. Before digging into the game design, we had to create a dataset.

Balbix: Breach avoidance gets you ahead of the game


Balbix’s predictive breach risk platform is the industry’s first system to leverage predictive analytics and AI to provide enterprises with a comprehensive and continuous risk and resilience calculation visualized via a searchable and clickable heat map.

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Upping Your Game If Your Business Is Under Strain

Strategy Driven

Let’s talk about upping your business game to help relieve some of the strain. Work on building your online presence if you want to up your game and compete with other businesses on the market. You just finished reading Upping Your Game If Your Business Is Under Strain !

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Game Changers | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

It’s what I call a “ Game Changer. ” A game changer is that ah-ha moment that creates an extreme, disruptive advantage or improvement. What’s interesting is that the best leaders proactively focus on looking for game changers. By definition, a game changer causes change.

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Why success is a positive-sum game

Lead on Purpose

In game theory and economic theory, zero-sum describes a situation in which one person’s gain is exactly balanced by another person’s loss. In games like chess, one person wins and the other loses. The win (+1) added to the loss … Continue reading → Trust Uncategorized achievement positive success

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Why success is a positive-sum game

Lead on Purpose

In game theory and economic theory, zero-sum describes a situation in which one person’s gain is exactly balanced by another person’s loss. In games like chess, one person wins and the other loses. The win (+1) added to the loss … Continue reading → Trust Uncategorized achievement positive success

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