How Big Data Is Helping Professional Sports


Big data has made its way across many different areas of industry, including the professional sports industry where the use of analytics is making a major change in how athletes and sports teams are preparing for games. Big Data CTO News SportsThe use of analytical data is not solely limited to being used as a development tool for individuals […].

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AI Simplified: Sports Analytics


Whether it’s building a winning March Madness bracket or predicting who will win the Stanley Cup , sports analytics is an ever growing field within AI and machine learning. Now, more than a decade and a half after the events of Moneyball the world of sports has evolved by leaps. It has increasingly incorporated different forms of technology, the most significant being the use of big data for sports analytics.” ( Forbes ).

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How Big Data Has Transformed Sports

BrainStation Technology

In a relatively short period of time, big data has become a big business in professional sports. The market for sports analytics is expected to reach almost $4 billion by 2022, and teams around the world are racing to find a competitive advantage. Let’s take a closer look at how four sports have been radically changed by big data – and how forward-thinking teams leveraged new tools to reach greater heights of success.

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Professional Sports Franchise Valuation


Professional sports franchises continue to see record sale prices. But what drives a team like the Dallas Cowboys, who haven't won a Super Bowl in over 20 years, to top the list of the most valuable sports franchises in the United States?

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Larry H Miller Sports & Entertainment


The Utah Jazz create winning customer experiences using Teradata Vantage on AWS with consumption pricing for flexible and elastic modern cloud analytics

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Why Sports Builds Leadership

Lead on Purpose

However, there seems to be something of a consensus regarding the relationship between sports and leadership, at least as acknowledged by governments and industry. Not just any sport will do, however. Team participation is often cited as an important aspect in using sports to develop leadership skills. Sports are highly competitive, and their nature is to push enthusiastic participants to achieve more than their rivals. Guest post by Jordan Spindler.

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Odisha leading the sustainable culture of developing players and sports infrastructure in India

CEO Insider

The Indian state of Odisha which has established itself as the ‘Sports Capital of India’ will now boast of having a local Indian Super League (ISL) football team – Odisha FC. Dev, Odisha Sports and Tourism secretary to know more about the new team. Vishal said: Amongst other sports […].

Customer Experience is a Team Sport


Customer Experience (CX) will have a greater influence over future purchase decisions, say 93% of tech buyers. CX improvement must become a top initiative for CMOs or marketing will be the proverbial canary in the coal mine – the first to be blamed if the pipeline erodes due to customers’ poor experience. The CMO’s conundrum? Marketing can’t do this alone. To succeed, companies must integrate into an adaptable, team-based, organization focused on customer success.

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Connecting Data is a Team Sport

TIBCO - Connected Intelligence

Erik, I enjoyed our conversation, and thank you for helping communicate why connecting data is a team sport. Reading Time: 3 minutes. I recently teamed up with Austrian customer Raiffeisen Bank , Dutch partner Connected Data Group , and German partner QuinScape to deliver a webinar entitled “Next-Generation Data Virtualization Has Arrived.”

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Creativity is a Contact Sport

Talent Anarchy

How to maximize Inquiry over Advocacy Within Workplace Dynamics. I am a bit of a loner.

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AI-Driven Predictions for Super Bowl LIV: A Touchdown for Sports Analytics


In Super Bowl LIV this Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs will face the San Francisco 49ers in Miami, Florida. This will be the first Super Bowl appearance for the Chiefs in 50 years.

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Webinar: 5 Ways Sports Teams are Hitting Home Runs with Text Messaging


PST as we dive into some of the key ways sports teams are using texting to drive business. We’ll be joined by Matt Bruhn , a senior account executive here at Zipwhip who works closely with some of the most recognizable sports teams in the nation. Learn how sports teams use texting to: Increase ticket sales. This small school in Indiana is doing big things when it comes to communicating with their sports fans. Join us on March 21 st at 10 a.m.

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How the University of Evansville Uses Texting to Sell More Sporting Event Tickets


This small school in Indiana is doing big things when it comes to communicating with their sports fans. Communication professionals of all industries (not just sports) will be inspired by some of the unique ways this university incorporates texting into their fan engagement and overall marketing strategy. This small school in Indiana is doing big things when it comes to communicating with their sports fans. We offer 17 varsity sports, just football is not one of those.

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Data Science Is a Team Sport: Enabling Team Success on Shared AI Projects


When working on group data projects, one of the most common challenges that teams face is difficulty sharing work in a transparent and efficient way.

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Why Sports Analytics Matters


Further, it really resonates with the challenges I’ve seen many companies face as they work to incorporate data science throughout their businesses, as well as the experiences I have had working with various sports teams as they begin using DataRobot. I think that there is a lot to learn from all sports analytics for all types of businesses. Sports Analytics

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Legal Sports Betting: A New Economy Built on Vice


In a hotly anticipated move on May 14, 2018, the US Supreme Court struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, paving the way for states to legalize sports betting. This article covers the foundations of sports betting, including its $150 billion market size, implementation timeline, and revenue distribution. In the last Super Bowl when the New England Patriots faced off against the Philadelphia Eagles, Americans bet a staggering $4.76 billion on the game.

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NSA leader to hackers: Cybersecurity’s a team sport

The Parallax

Cybersecurity really is a team sport. LAS VEGAS—It wasn’t so long ago that DefCon attendees enthusiastically engaged in the conference pastime “ Spot the Fed ”—clearly separating themselves from employees of federal organizations like the National Security Agency, if not demonizing them.

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Why Secure Adoption of Cloud Apps is a Team Sport


There is a battle on right now in every enterprise. It’s a nearly inevitable three-way battle between IT, Security, and Individual Business units – but we can end it. Let me explain

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COVID-19 and Sports: Six Professional Teams Share Fan Engagement Tips


sports industry, which brings together millions of loyal fans each year, has had to take significant proactive measures to help slow the spread of COVID-19. From providing updates, answering questions and maintaining engagement, sports teams across the country are looking for effective ways to stay in touch. In addition to sharing their creative uses of texting, they provided tips for other sports teams that may be struggling to reach fans. The U.S.

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Creating an Immersive Fan Experience for a Global Sports Audience


Learn how the 2016 NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers use technology to engage their global fan base

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Nice Teams Don’t Win in Sports or Business

Women on Business

The post Nice Teams Don’t Win in Sports or Business appeared first on Women on Business. Conflict can be good. That’s according to an insightful email message that I received this week on behalf of Dr. Robyn Odegaard, CEO of Champion Performance Development , founder of the Stop The Drama! Campaign , and author of the book Stop The Drama! The Ultimate Guide to Female Teams.

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Spear phishing: a dangerous sport


Hacks, Cracks, and Malware Attacks The term “spear fishing” might conjure up images of an ancient method of hunting an aquatic dinner, a sport once considered (but rejected) as an Olympic category, but the alternate spelling means something very different to those in the IT field.

The Utah Jazz Uses Pervasive Data Intelligence for Next Generation Sports Analytics


Larry H. Miller is using data and analytics to successfully increase customer satisfaction from a multitude of data sources and customer touchpoints

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The Utah Jazz Uses Pervasive Data Intelligence for Next Generation Sports Analytics


Larry H. Miller is using data and analytics to successfully increase customer satisfaction from a multitude of data sources and customer touchpoints

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The Three Loves Of The Savannah Bananas With Jesse Cole

Steve Farber

Podcast Baseball Team Entertainment Business Entertainment Sports Fans First Savannah Bananas Team CultureNo matter what industry you are in, if you don’t know how to make your business stand out, then you are easily out. Today’s guest took this to heart and transformed a baseball team. Read more.

TIBCO, Technology, and Sports For the Win

TIBCO - Connected Intelligence

You might be wondering what TIBCO and sports have in common. Within the sports industry, there is no shortage of data that teams and other organizations are using to discover valuable insights about their fans, transactions, and third-party partners. We’ve leveraged technology and apply it to some of the world’s most popular sports and sports organizations to help them compete and win. Read how it provided customers with the sports data they desired.

A Few Parallels Between Sports, Life and Leadership


Home Go to Guest Posts Disclaimer A Few Parallels Between Sports, Life and Leadership Last few months, I have been playing Table Tennis regularly. That’s what every sport teaches us!

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Resilience: Lex Gillette, U.S. Track & Field

Experience to Lead

Experiential Learning Gold Medal Leadership Lessons from Sports Meet Our Gold Medal LeadersDuring final training and preparation for the upcoming Summer Paralympic Games, current long jump world record holder Lex Gillette got the news that the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics were being postponed. Instead of being devastated, Gillette focused on the positive by saying, "I have another year to get ready." Click below for inspiration on how to [.]. The post Resilience: Lex Gillette, U.S.

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Sports, Life and Leadership: A Game and a Few Lessons


When it comes to playing table tennis (ping pong), I like hitting hard smacks. But in this particular game, the opponents were playing defensively. The first few times I tried smacking the ball, I lost the points. Just then, my doubles partner whispered something in my ears, “Reciprocate your game. Don’t just play your style,

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Champions Don’t Take Shortcuts

General Leadership

Sports are a great metaphor for life and I’ve gleaned countless leadership lessons from it. Guest Posts attitude Challenge character courage fields of friendly strife Inspiration Leadership leadership lessons from sports Lombardi macarthur Play Like A Champion Today success Team Texas high school football work and the General Leadership Foundation bring Leadership Advice from America's Most Trusted Leaders to You! Read more at [link].

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Super Bowl Beer Recommendation Engines


recommendation sports analytics beerThe Super Bowl has a lot of traditions: great ads , good comfort food , and if you’re unlucky, a free cab home. But there is an important question that is likely to impact your overall happiness and satisfaction this Sunday: what awesome brew should I buy to get us through the game?

What is the difference between community managers and sports referees? #cmgr

Rapid BI

About $200,000… Some of the readers of my blog know that I also moderate and manage a small number of communities. This week has culminated in me reluctantly removing some members from one group. This action, along with the run-up of events has caused me to reflect on the role, and how group members perceive […]. Business collaboration Management #cmgr community management community manager culture moderation referee

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Resilience: From Corporate America to the Bobsled Track

Experience to Lead

Gold Medal Leadership Lessons from Sports Meet Our Gold Medal LeadersLauren Gibbs seems fearless. When you watch her TEDx talk, it’s easy to think she’s effortlessly courageous and resilient. Hearing her reflect back on her experience of becoming an Olympic silver medalist in bobsled, it sounds like she took the huge leap from her 6-figure corporate job to the U.S. Olympic bobsled team without a [.].

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Compose, Don’t Impose

General Leadership

Guest Posts Athletics ESPN Hirneisen Leadership NFL and the General Leadership Foundation bring Leadership Advice from America's Most Trusted Leaders to You! Read more at [link]. Men and women want to do a good job. If they are provided the proper environment, they will do so.”. Bill Hewlett. As leaders, we are always looking for leadership strategies that work.

Follow-Up on Hackers Taking Over Your Car


The list of affected vehicles includes : 2013-2015 MY Dodge Viper specialty vehicles 2013-2015 Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500 pickups 2013-2015 Ram 3500, 4500, 5500 Chassis Cabs 2014-2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Cherokee SUVs 2014-2015 Dodge Durango SUVs 2015 MY Chrysler 200, Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger sedans 2015 Dodge Challenger sports coupes. Cyber Security News Chrysler Dodge Dodge Challenger Dodge Durango Dodge Ram Jeep Sport utility vehicle SRT Viper USB flash drive Wired (magazine