Machine learning: Research & industry

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Having worked in both research and industry, Mikio Braun shares insights into what's the same, what's different, and how deep learning might change the game. Continue reading Machine learning: Research & industry

How Blockchain is Reshaping Market Research


Read Jasal Shah’s article about how blockchain is reshaping the market research sector on CXO Today : The most significant fallout of cryptocurrency crash of 2018 was that decision-makers across industries sat up to take notice of the blockchain technology.

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Using the right data methods in product research

Lead on Purpose

prodmgmt #Leadership Continue reading → Product Management Techology analyze data market research markets methodology qualitative quantitativeDelivering a solid product that customers love requires an up-front knowledge of the market in which customers and potential customers operate.

Research Results: Key software architecture metrics


as well as feedback from various Fitness Functions you might have running, but the four key metrics, backed by incredibly sound research and statistical work are the place to start. ” I think this is really an active area of research (or could be).

GitLab Research Reveals DevOps and Cybersecurity Disconnects

DevOps and cybersecurity teams have a complicated relationship, which impacts code quality, research shows Finger-pointing has long been the name of the game when it comes to cybersecurity failures.

Apache Struts research at scale, Part 3: Exploitation


During our CVE-2018-11776 research, we created our own proofs-of-concept so they’d work in a variety of configurations at scale (115 versions of Struts). The post Apache Struts research at scale, Part 3: Exploitation appeared first on Software Integrity Blog.

Google looks ahead to the next decade of AI research


This week, Google showcased a variety of AI research projects it’s pursuing as an “AI first” company. In some cases, such as Google’s translation research, the commercial applications for Google already exist.

Counting on AI: The right time for researchers to embrace Artificial Intelligence


While Artificial General Intelligence, or “singularity” as they call it, may be decades away, we have already reached a point where AI can significantly augment our intelligence and help us […].

Researchers Look at How ‘Algorithmic Coloniality’ May Hamper Artificial Intelligence

The New Stack

” Mohamed is a research scientist in statistical machine learning and AI at DeepMind , an AI research company. He teamed up with DeepMind senior research scientist William Isaac, and with Marie-Therese Png, a Ph.D.

Dell Technologies Advances Blockchain Research Through BlockLAB

Dell EMC

SDSC’s BlockLAB Director and Lead Scientist Dr. Jim Short explains the need for primary research on blockchains, distributed ledgers, and smart contracts. This is not the first time that Dell Technologies has sponsored research at SDSC.

Instacart Patches SMS Spoofing Vulnerability Discovered by Tenable Research


As grocery delivery services have seen an increase in traffic from users during the coronavirus pandemic, Tenable Research identified an SMS spoofing flaw that could have allowed an attacker to send spoofed messages to any mobile number. Tenable Research Advisory (TRA-2020-30).

Could Classifying AI Research Prevent Public Harm?


But some individuals are concerned about what could happen if information about AI research falls into the wrong hands. Headlines frequently feature news about advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). These developments collectively boost public interest in AI and help people imagine what’s possible. Hackers Are Typically One Step Ahead The increase in cybersecurity attacks has […]. Artificial Intelligence News

Researchers Prove Some Commonly Used AI Models Don?t Work as Intended

The New Stack

In particular, the machine learning technique known as low-dimensional embeddings was the focus of the research paper , which was recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Machine Learning Technology News Research

Research Shows Open Source Program Offices Improve Software Practices

The New Stack

Hopefully, our research will enable enterprises to justify increased contributions to a healthy community of software maintainers, contributors and end-users. The post Research Shows Open Source Program Offices Improve Software Practices appeared first on The New Stack.

Researchers Say Google Fiber Has Nationwide Potential


Bernstein Research, an equ. CTO Cyber Security DoD and IC Government Research Tech Trends Comcast Federal Communications Commission Google Google Fiber Internet service provider Net neutrality Sanford Bernstein Wall Street

Design Talks: Research in Action with UX Researcher Caitria O'Neill


On this week’s Design Talks we discuss research in action with Caitria O'Neill, a UX researcher at Airbnb. She studies people’s relationships with technology and how they behave with digital products

Tenable Research Discloses Multiple Vulnerabilities in Plex Media Server


Tenable Research discovered multiple vulnerabilities in Plex Media Server, a popular media streaming and sharing service, that could allow attackers to gain full system privileges and access to personal files. Tenable Research Advisory: CVE-2020-5740.

OODA Research Report – The Iranian Threat


OODA has released the next report in our threat briefing series, this on focused on the country of Iran. This special report captures insights into the capabilities and intent of the Islamic Republic of Iran, with a special focus on the cyber domain. Our objective: provide insights that are actionable for business and government leaders […]. CTO Cyber War News

UX Research Techniques and Their Applications


UX research techniques and their applications will result in better designs that avoid costly mistakes such as cost overruns, guesswork, following best practices, and reliance on industry knowledge

New botnet Torii showcases next stage of IoT abuse, researchers say

The Parallax

Security researchers have caught hackers lashing together Internet-connected devices in a botnet they’re calling Torii, which uses techniques not seen in an IoT botnet before—including intercepting and stealing data, and using the Tor Project network to hide its network traffic.

IoT 201

Researchers Use Microwaves to Connect Distant Silicon Quantum Bits

The New Stack

“Being able to couple qubits with each other is a very important ingredient of a quantum computer, as the power of quantum computing lies in the entanglement of quantum states,” explained Princeton University researcher and paper co-author Felix Borjans. Edge / IoT Research

Cracked Apple: iOS security researchers intimidated into silence


Corellium is causing trouble in the world of independent security researchers. Apple v. The lawsuit about tools that emulate iPhones might outlaw them—even for legitimate testing. Security, Information Security, Security Blogwatch

A Security Researcher’s Dream: Free version of Recorded Future Available In Your Browser


Today Recorded Future announced a free version of their solution, called Recorded Future Express. This is accessible by a browser plugin and overlays on top of any webpage or web […]. CTO News Recorded Future

Virginia Announces Research Commercialization Awards


The Commonwealth of Virginia announced research commercialization awards today, including many friends and readers of CTOvision, so we wanted to share this announcement. Governor McAuliffe Announces Research Commercialization Awards. Investments target research and commercialization activities to spur innovation ~ . RICHMOND – Governor Terry McAuliffe announced today 38 Commonwealth Research Commercialization Fund (CRCF) awards totaling more than $2.8

Bloor Research identifies what makes a Modern Data Warehouse champion


In a recent “MarketUpdate” report published by Bloor Research , they looked at options for analytics databases and data warehouses. Read Options for Analytic Databases and Warehousing Update 2020 by Bloor Research.

5 Essential Tips for Writing Computer Science Research Project

The Crazy Programmer

Working on computer science research projects can be a difficult task, partly because computer science projects are unlike research projects in any other discipline. Depending on the area of study, a research project can be defined differently. Social media research.

451 Research: Additions for Better Governance

Cloud Tamer

451 Research just released a new report highlighting some updates since their analysts last took a look at Here's a deeper dive into some of the topics mentioned in the 451 Research report. The post 451 Research:

The Value of User Research


User research will shape and define the guidelines for creating a product with great user experience UX designers must understand the needs and goals of potential users, their tasks, and context of use.

Not All Research is Valid Research

N2Growth Blog

What I take great exception to is the research study conducted by Harvard Business School that was cited in Jennifer’s post. The point I want to make here is just because research is produced at a business school, shouldn’t automatically qualify it as good research.

Nvidia announces $99 AI computer for developers, makers, and researchers


In recent years, advances in AI have produced algorithms for everything from image recognition to instantaneous translation. But when it comes to applying these advances in the real world, we’re only just getting started. A new product from Nvidia announced today at GTC — a $99 AI computer called the Jetson Nano — should help […]. Artificial Intelligence News

Independent Research Firm Releases 2020 Enterprise Data Fabric Wave Report – What’s New?

Data Virtualization

Independent technology and market research company – Forrester Research has published The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Data Fabric, Q2 2020 report.

IBM Research – Confidentiality and Governance of Cloud Services?

The post IBM Research – Confidentiality and Governance of Cloud Services? Our team has spent months developing, tuning and perfecting a complex deep neural network to classify important financial, medical or government data.

Apache Struts research at scale, Part 2: Execution environments


During our CVE-2018-11776 research, after building 115 versions of Apache Struts, we had to address the challenges of recreating the execution environments. The post Apache Struts research at scale, Part 2: Execution environments appeared first on Software Integrity Blog.

Counter Threat Unit Researchers Publish Threat Group Definitions


Counter Threat Unit Researchers Publish Threat Group Definitions The goals of sharing these profiles are to provide insight into CTU characterizations, encourage feedback, and promote discussions within the security community. The goals of sharing these profiles are to provide insight into CTU characterizations, encourage feedback, and promote discussions within the security community. Fundamentals

RapidValue Featured as a Key Industry Player in DevOps Market Research Report


RapidValue has been featured as one of the Key Industry Players in the Fortune Business Insights’ DevOps Market Research Report. The post RapidValue Featured as a Key Industry Player in DevOps Market Research Report appeared first on RapidValue.

Working with External User Researchers: Part II

A List Apart

In the first installment of the Working with External User Researchers series, we explored the reasons why you might hire a user researcher on contract and helpful things to consider in choosing one. You’ve hired a user researcher for your project. Conducting the research.

Will You Help With My Research?

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You have an opportunity to get leadership clarity, insight, and knowledge–and help with my research at the same time. business Extreme Leadership Leadership Leadership Development leadership research