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Business Intelligence tooling showdown


Recently, I tried out different tools in the Business Intelligence (BI) space in order to find one that suited my needs. I’d like to share this journey, and while it’s not intended to be the most thorough research, it may save you some time.

Thank YOU for an Awesome Agile2022 Conference!

Agile Alliance

Managing Director Teresa Foster reflects on her experience at Agile2022, highlighting some things that made the conference great, and thanking those that made it all happen. The post Thank YOU for an Awesome Agile2022 Conference! first appeared on Agile Alliance. The Alliance Featured


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Role of AI In Hiring Software Engineers

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

Artificial intelligence has generated a lot of buzz lately. Popular AI techniques like computer vision and object recognition have revolutionized the scope of working across healthcare, science, retail, and education to improve the accuracy of success.

In-Depth: How To Create Better Work Agreements For Your Team

A while ago I was taking a walk with my partner Lisanne. A noisy flock of geese flew overhead in a messy V formation. We laughed at the amount of noise they produced. It all looked very chaotic. Then another flock flew overhead. It was a similar number of birds. But their formation was tight.


Build Your Open Data Lakehouse on Apache Iceberg

Speaker: Veena Vasudevan and Jason Hughes

In this webinar, Dremio and AWS will discuss the most common challenges in data architecture and how to overcome them with an open data lakehouse architecture on AWS. Sign up now!

A Guide to Cloud Migration Trends and Strategies

For several years, we have witnessed widescale cloud adoption as a software infrastructure growth and maintenance strategy. Spending on cloud application services (SaaS) continues to grow as monolithic applications are replaced by microservices-based apps and monoliths become relics of the past.

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Three Calls To Action for Security On AWS


The first week of August was dedicated to re:Inforce, a two-day annual AWS conference where security and encryption announcements take the stage. Kurt Kufeld, Vice President Platform AWS, closed the first keynote with three AWS encryption calls to action.

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The new normal AO concepts and patterns of 21-st century agile organizations

Agile Alliance

Using agile in project management

As a project manager, I have delivered many complex initiatives, from re-platforming a consumer products website to doubling the size of a line of business. My most successful projects have one thing in common; I used an agile approach to deliver them.

Who Controls Your Build Process?

We have come a long way in a short time in IT, and are currently in a ‘digestive’ state, where we take a bit of a break and prepare for the next wave of changes. Okay, not really a break, just a change in what we’re looking at. In the old days, CPU, memory speed, […].

7 Winning Lead Generation Strategies to Drive Growth

As B2B companies pivot to keep pace with a quickly changing marketplace, a data-centric approach to lead generation can be the difference between remaining competitive or being left behind. Get real-world examples and inspiration from leading B2B businesses in this whitepaper.

How To Keep Your Application Process Mobile Friendly

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

Mobile phones are no longer just a ‘telephony device’ used for communicating with your friends and family. It has transformed into a robust channel that helps in accomplishing a wide array of tasks in a multitude of domains.

Three Calls To Action for Encryption On AWS


This week in AWS is dedicated to re:Inforce, a two-day annual conference where security and encryption announcements take the stage. Kurt Kufeld, Vice President Platform AWS, closed the first keynote with three AWS encryption calls to action.

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Email Best Practices: How to Send a Better, More Effective Email

Let's Grow Leaders

Do This, Not That For Better Team Email Communication. When you’re working in a remote or hybrid team, having a common agreement on your email best practices will save you gobs of time and frustration. Start with subject lines that tell the reader exactly what you need from them and when.

What does Cross-Functional really bring to your Sprint Backlog? ?? (62)

We started this Scrum foundation series explaining we see four underlying concepts of the Scrum framework. In the past series of mails we covered the three pillars of Empiricism, the Scrum Values, and Self-Management. A self-managing team is taking decisions about who does what, when, and how.


Omnichannel is Multichannel 2.0

Multichannel and omnichannel marketing are not the same. Many organizations are striving for omnichannel, but it can be a daunting journey—unless you have a map. Download your copy of the ultimate omnichannel guide today!

GitHub Adds Tools to Simplify Management of Software Development

GitHub has made generally available Projects powered by GitHub Issues, a set of tools for managing application development projects based on a spreadsheet interface.

AI for Time Travel? Well, Almost


AI predictions compress time: Reduce credit card refunds from 60 to 30 days or time to detect chip manufacturing problems from 36 hours to zero.

TOR 2022 – A Weekend To Remember


Can you think of a better way to spend a summer weekend than racing through the mountains with your friends and colleagues? If you share our passion for nature, competition, and adventure the answer is simple.

Why We Must Move Beyond Performance as a Top Criterion for Determining Leadership Potential

CEO Insider

It takes a special person to be a leader. Yet, when we look around today, we’re surrounded by inept, self-focused, under-skilled people in leadership roles. It appears we have a mismatch between people who hold leadership positions and the type of people needed for these roles.

Data Value Scorecard Report

This report examines the quantitative research of data leaders on data value and return on investment.

Claves de una Transformación Ágil

. La Agilidad es un cambio cultural. Implica moverse de entornos de control y jerarquía a equipos autogestionados para entregar valor.


API Gateway Vs. Service Mesh: What’s the Difference?

In the average microservices architecture, app programs trade the stability and rigidity a call stack offers for the network’s flexibility. Consequently, latency, security and traceability issues that were previously absent become a service call concern.

Complex navigation in SwiftUI


Navigation in SwiftUI has been a major focus of the framework from day one, however when we tried to create an app that had a bit more navigation and view complexity we ran into the first problems. Given the importance of navigation within an app, it has been revised and improved.

Security is Hard and the Stakes are High


How decision support tools improve both speed and accuracy for your security operations teams. It has been said that cybersecurity is an asymmetric game where the attackers have the advantage. An attacker must only be right once; while the defender must be right all the time.

Put Your Data to Work: The Complete Playbook

Turn your data into a competitive advantage. This playbook contains: Exclusive stats, research & insights on how the pandemic affected businesses. A comprehensive “Request For Proposal” (RFP) checklist and an interactive quiz to test your data knowledge.

A new era of leadership – The DNA of the Chief Data Officer

CEO Insider

By 2025, global data creation is expected to reach 175 zettabytes and the global big data and analytics market is on pace to reach $135.71 billion. Data will fuel global economic development throughout the remainder of the 21st century.

Kein Sprint-Ziel? Making Your Scrum Work #26

In Kürze: Kein Sprint-Ziel. In einem Scrum-Projekt gibt es viele Möglichkeiten des Scheiterns. Angesichts der Umstand, dass Scrum ein Rahmenwerk mit einem angemessenen, aber kurzen „Handbuch“ ist, sollte dieser Effekt niemanden überraschen.


Recession! DevOps Hiring Freeze | Data Centers Suck (Power) | Intel to ‘be’ Wi-Fi 7

In this week’s The Long View: Engineer jobs are being cut, cloud infrastructure is using too much energy, and Intel’s 802.11be silicon is alive. The post Recession! DevOps Hiring Freeze | Data Centers Suck (Power) | Intel to ‘be’ Wi-Fi 7 appeared first on

Threat Alert: Cloud Network Bandwidth Now Stolen through Cryptojacking

Aqua Security

Threat actors are looking to increase their financial gain and thus deploy cryptominers which are considered easy to use and lucrative. Cryptomining involves complex calculations leading to high computation power and consequently increased CPU consumption and electricity (or cloud) bill.

TCO Considerations of Using a Cloud Data Warehouse for BI and Analytics

Enterprises poured $73 billion into data management software in 2020 – but are seeing very little return on their data investments. 22% of data leaders surveyed have fully realized ROI in the past two years, with 56% having no consistent way of measuring it.

Introducing the Unified Cloud Fabric


In 2022 we are witnessing many forms of cloud networking pioneered a decade ago by Arista. Cloud models continue to take precedence through the new network as organizations address the scale of machines and network traffic. Anshul Sadana 2022

Analyzing the Vulnerabilities Associated with the Top Malware Strains of 2021


Analyzing the Vulnerabilities Associated with the Top Malware Strains of 2021. International cybersecurity agencies issue a joint alert outlining the top malware strains of 2021. We identified vulnerabilities associated with these strains. Background.

The Ecocycle of Growth for Product Owners: How it Works and Why You Should Care

Product Owners are often misunderstood as tactical roles but in reality, they are extremely strategic positions. Product Owners are responsible for maximizing the value of the Product. It's easy to get trapped into the busyness of Product Ownership without being effective.

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