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Database Languages in DBMS – DDL, DML, DCL, DQL

The Crazy Programmer

Programming languages which are used to create and operate database, known as database language like Structured Query language aka SQL etc. Most of database languages are non-procedural, means the language focus on “what to do instead of how to do?”.

Divert the Flow

Martin Fowler

Yesterday Ian Cartwright, Rob Horn, and James Lewis. described the Critical Aggregator and how it can metastasize into an invasive form.

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Two Phase Commit

Martin Fowler

Continuing his exploration of important patterns to maintain consistency across a cluster, Unmesh Joshi now looks at Two Phase Commit. It's broadly the most familiar approach, but comes with lots of complexities to make it work in practice over unreliable networks.

Enterprise Design Cheat Sheet


The trends relevant for organisations for the next few years will be (1) resilience and (2) human-centric. These two topics will result in impactful change in most organisations. As support for this change I want to share my Enterprise Design Cheatsheet with you.

The Complete R&D Funding Guide: How to Get the Funding You Need!

Speaker: Kevin Goldsmith, Chief Technology Officer at Anaconda | Peyman Pouryekta, CEO and Technology Advisor | Bob Webber, VP Product Flow Optimization, Construx

In this interactive panel discussion, we will address common pitfalls of investments for CTOs and VPs of Engineering and will teach you how to manage your investments with confidence and properly allocate resources across business priorities.

Can you be Agile with fixed-bid Projects?

I always get one question from the candidates: Can Agile be applied in a fixed-bid project? When I ask them more information, their context is. They have. Fixed Date: A new or change request must be delivered by a defined deadline.

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Critical Aggregator

Martin Fowler

Business Leaders often need to make decisions that are influenced by a wide range of activity throughout the whole enterprise.

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What is Collision in Networking? – Detection & Avoidance

The Crazy Programmer

Do you want to learn about collisions in networking? If yes, stay on this article because we have covered this topic in detail. And in this article, you will learn collision in computer networking and how it works. We will also discover some brief information about collision detection and avoidance.

A Guide to the Agile Approach and Why It Matters to Your Company

Agile Alliance

Many companies have trouble adopting Agile, so let’s revisit the fundamentals, its importance to organizations, and what you need to know to start applying it. The post A Guide to the Agile Approach and Why It Matters to Your Company first appeared on Agile Alliance. Business Process Basics Feature

Top 10 Challenges Faced by Scrum Masters and Ways to Overcome them

. The portrayal of a Scrum Master on a Scrum Team is barely the same as the role of the traditional Project Manager. A project manager generally has to go through a hierarchy of a pyramidical system.


Optimize the Performance of Your Serverless Functions

Run mission-critical applications on serverless without sacrificing visibility.

White House Meeting Puts Spotlight on OSS Sustainability

A recent meeting between IT industry leaders and White House officials highlighted open source software sustainability concerns as high-profile breaches and zero-day attacks have many organizations reviewing their software supply chains.

Learning Python for Healthcare – Is Python HIPAA Compliant?

The Crazy Programmer

Python coding language is prominent among developers. It’s mainly used for the creation of applications. The language is easy to learn, and that’s why most developers prefer it. In fact, some giant applications such as Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify are written in Python language.

What Socrates Got Right About Engagement & Wellbeing

Nathan Magnuson

Wellbeing Wins – 3 min, from the 10 Day Engagement Challenge. There’s a legend about Socrates that one day a young man approached him asking his help to find knowledge. Socrates took him out to the beach and waded into the water.

Video 99

How to Fail as an Agile Coach in Scrum

Scrum defines three specific accountabilities within the Scrum Team: the Developers, the Product Owner, and the Scrum Master. Scrum Guide 2020. When it comes to the Scrum framework, these three roles with their accountabilities are the minimum required to deliver a potentially “done” Increment.

The Big Payoff of Application Analytics

Outdated or absent analytics won’t cut it in today's data-driven applications. And they won’t cut it for your end users, your development team, or your business. Learn how 5 companies used embedded analytics to achieve huge returns and greater value than anticipated.

Using Open Source to Secure Software Supply Chains

Recently, there’s been a lot of attention paid to software supply chain security.

More Awesome Git Aliases

David Walsh

In the last article in this series, Awesome Git Aliases , we took a look at some awesome aliases for Git. However, the true power of Git aliases comes from writing custom scripts. These allow you to build Git commands that can do anything you can imagine.

Ten Pathfinding Principles for Risk-Taking Career Decisions

CEO Insider

“A ship is safe in harbour, but that’s not what ships are for.” On July 20, 1850, a young man named John Graves Shedd was born on a New Hampshire farm. By age 16, he had begun work as a clerk in a grocery store in Vermont. A year later, he found work at a […].

3 Skills For Digital Transformation In 2022 and How to Hire for Them

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

The race for qualified talent is on. As your digital transformation journey continues, it’s important that your new hires have the skills necessary to integrate into a growing and changing organization.

The Importance of PCI Compliance and Data Ownership When Issuing Payment Cards

This eBook provides a practical explanation of the different PCI compliance approaches that payment card issuers can adopt, as well as the importance of both protecting user PII and gaining ownership and portability of their sensitive data.

Sprint Goals: Do you need whiskey?

. Does whiskey really help with Sprint Goals? Well, maybe not, but it sure would have helped my nerves creating this simple video about them. The basic idea is that Sprint Goals come first, and they will help the team focus

Video 135

How Are API Management and Service Mesh Different?

The use of APIs and microservices is increasing—a recent study from F5 estimated that the industry is approaching 200 million total APIs. As organizations expand their use of APIs and microservices, they inevitably require some form of service management architecture.

Study 103

Using team sentiment and process health metrics to identify developer burnout


Mental health is at the forefront of everyone’s radar, and Allstack is here for it. In the summer of 2021, we published an article on preventing developer burnout and tech culture’s historical tendency to glamorize being “so busy.” But our interest in the topic is more than a passing trend.

CodeSOD: Commentary

The Daily WTF

"Include descriptive comments for each method," isn't bad advice. I mean, ideally, the method name and parameters would be descriptive enough that you don't need to add lots of comments, but more comments is rarely going to hurt things.

Data-Driven Performance Feedback Helps Teams Improve Customer Outcomes

Speaker: Mickey Mantle, Founder and CEO at Wanderful Interactive Storybooks | Ron Lichty, Consultant: Interim VP Engineering, Author, Ron Lichty Consulting, Inc.

In this webinar Mickey Mantle and Ron Lichty will teach you why its important to have data driven performance reviews, the most effective way to use data in performance reviews, and how this data helps to align your employee proficiency with your company goals.

Top 5 configuration management tools in DevOps


The post Top 5 configuration management tools in DevOps appeared first on OpenXcell. DevOps

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Use Kanban and Flow Metrics to Reclaim Your Daily Scrum

Every Scrum Team, at some point, will struggle with how to facilitate the Daily Scrum. This event is the source of endless misunderstandings, even including what it's called. It's the Daily Scrum, not the "stand-up.". Purpose.

Testlio Adds Fused Testing to Automate Testing Platform

Testlio announced today it is adding fused testing capability to its application testing platform; Testlio is used by IT organizations to manage application testing teams consisting of internal employees and external contractors vetted by Testlio.

Compassionate Conversation Starters: How to Help Your Team Connect More Deeply

Let's Grow Leaders

These conversation starters make caring dialogue a bit easier. For most teams, having genuine caring conversations takes practice. It can feel easier to keep the conversations light, particularly if that’s your team culture.

Monitoring AWS Container Environments at Scale

In this eBook, learn how to monitor AWS container environments at scale with Datadog and which key metrics to monitor when leveraging two container orchestration systems (ECS and EKS).

CodeSOD: Classic WTF: The Old Ways

The Daily WTF

It's a holiday in the US today, so we're taking a trip into the past for a haunting classic about how things used to be. Original. -- Remy. Greg never thought he’d meet a real-life mentat. “We’re We’re so happy to have you aboard,” said Jordan, the CEO of IniTech.

SMB 82

Want to Become the Type of Leader Other People Want to Work For? Start by Mastering 3 Powerful Strategies.

CEO Insider

Have you ever worked for a leader who doesn’t handle stress well? Trust me, it’s not a great experience—and it certainly doesn’t bring out the best in people. On the other hand, working for a leader who responds well under pressure is a great experience.

¿Qué es un Agile Coach?

En un panorama empresarial complejo, globalizado y tecnológicamente competitivo, las organizaciones buscan cada vez más ser más ágiles en todos los sentidos. Los beneficios son numerosos.