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Fiber Optic vs Coaxial Cable – Which is Better?

The Crazy Programmer

Devices like computers share or exchange data using signals or transmission technologies. These transmission technologies can be classified into two categories such as guided and unguided.

Five Simple Rules About Problems

Agile Alliance

Problem solving is central to a product team. But how do you know which problems to solve? More importantly, how can you tell which problems you shouldn't? Lean product management is all about reducing waste and maximizing value. But waste still abounds.

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Structured concurrency: will Java Loom beat Kotlin’s coroutines?


Kotlin and Java Loom: structured concurrency for the masses Java, as slow adopter of new concepts is getting structured concurrency as part of the Loom project. This addition enables native support for coroutines (termed virtual threads) in Java. What does that mean for Java & Kotlin developers?

Closing the Education Gap for IoT Developers

The most common thing I hear from developers who are building internet of things (IoT) solutions is: It isn’t easy. And it’s not. Not because of a lack of skill—the developers I interact with are incredibly talented.

Monitoring AWS Container Environments at Scale

In this eBook, learn how to monitor AWS container environments at scale with Datadog and which key metrics to monitor when leveraging two container orchestration systems (ECS and EKS).

The Scrum Guide - A Leader’s Perspective

Scrum - The Leader’s Perspective. If you’re leading Scrum Teams or generally are a leader in an organization that’s leveraging Scrum? Are you feeling a bit left out after reading the Scrum Guide ?


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Microsoft’s October 2021 Patch Tuesday Addresses 74 CVEs (CVE-2021-40449)


3 Critical. 70 Important. 0 Moderate. 1 Low. Microsoft patched 74 CVEs in the October 2021 Patch Tuesday release, including three rated as critical, 70 rated as important and one rated as low. This is the eighth month in 2021 that Microsoft patched fewer than 100 CVEs.

Accessible Developer Experience

Agile Alliance

Conway’s Law states an organization will design systems that reflect that organization’s communication structure. In other words, how we make a product manifests in the product itself. Is it any surprise that overall our industry is terrible at accessibility?

The Torture Never Stops

The post The Torture Never Stops appeared first on ROELBOB GraphQL gRPC humor parody REST satire SOAP


What is the difference between USABLE and USEFUL?

This question comes up when discussing the accountabilities of the Scrum Team and the Developers. The Scrum Guide says on page 5: . The entire Scrum Team is accountable for creating a valuable, useful Increment every Sprint.


Data & Analytics Maturity Model Workshop Series

Speaker: Dave Mariani, Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer, AtScale; Bob Kelly, Director of Education and Enablement, AtScale

Check out this new instructor-led training workshop series to help advance your organization's data & analytics maturity. It includes on-demand video modules and a free assessment tool for prescriptive guidance on how to further improve your capabilities.

Difference between Data Warehousing and Data Mining

The Crazy Programmer

Data warehousing and data mining are two popular and essential techniques to store and analyze data. Data warehousing refers to the compiling and organizing of the stored data in the company’s database. However, data mining represents extracting essential and relevant data from the database.

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Data Governance is Helping Save Lives


An Alexion Pharmaceutical Story

2021 Annual Members Meeting

Agile Alliance

MEMBER? PLEASE LOG IN. To view the content on this page, you must be a Member of the Agile Alliance. Learn more about becoming a Member of the Agile Alliance, or visit our Membership Options and join today! Username Password Remember Me Forgot Password.

Trust in Cloud Providers is a Developer Issue

Earlier this summer, we worked with ClearPath Strategies to ask developers about the level of trust they have in their various cloud service providers.

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The Importance of PCI Compliance and Data Ownership When Issuing Payment Cards

This eBook provides a practical explanation of the different PCI compliance approaches that payment card issuers can adopt, as well as the importance of both protecting user PII and gaining ownership and portability of their sensitive data.

The Surprising Reason for the name ‘Scrum Master’

The term ' Scrum Master ' seems to have been around as long as Scrum. But has it? In this article I talk about where the term came from and why it was initially used. What Does Scrum Master Mean? Scrum Master at the Scrum Board.


BOOTP vs DHCP – Difference between BOOTP and DHCP

The Crazy Programmer

BOOTP and DHCP are both protocols used to get the IP address of the host device with some bootstrap information. Still, these two protocols are entirely different, and their working process is also different. The common difference between BOOTP and DHCP is the extended form of BOOTP.

Data Observability: Data Management Best-Practice


The best practices and methodologies to manage data quickly

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#ClouderaLife Spotlight: Bryan Bottinelli, Commercial Account Executive


As we continue to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we’d like to shine a spotlight on yet another one of Cloudera’s high performing employees who contributes to the culture and community both in and outside of the Cloudera walls. .

How to Scale a Data Literacy Program at Your Organization

Speaker: Megan Brown, Director, Data Literacy at Starbucks; Mariska Veenhof-Bulten, Business Intelligence Lead at; and Jennifer Wheeler, Director, IT Data and Analytics at Cardinal Health

Join data & analytics leaders from Starbucks, Cardinal Health, and for a webinar panel discussion on scaling data literacy skills across your organization with a clear strategy, a pragmatic roadmap, and executive buy-in.

Top 5 Must-Haves for IaC Automation Tools

These days, there are a lot of different DevOps tools to accomplish a lot of different jobs. Almost daily another startup comes out with a new and innovative product or a newer (maybe even better) version of existing tools. One of the biggest innovations has been infrastructure-as-code (IaC).

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Cómo seguir luchando por la transparencia

Un número cada vez mayor de organizaciones se esfuerza por lograr e implementar la agilidad y si vale la pena seguir luchando por la transparencia. . Estas organizaciones pretenden progresar con una transformación ágil para mejorar su entrega de valor.


LAN vs Ethernet Cable – Difference, Advantages & Disadvantages

The Crazy Programmer

Are you also looking to understand the difference between LAN and Ethernet? In this article, we are going to explore some significant terms of both and find critical differences. Ethernet and LAN are both widely used technologies to connect the network.

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Data Catalog Tools Should Catalog More Than Just D


Catalog reports, AI models and more with Zaloni Arena

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Assess and Advance Your Organization’s DevSecOps Practices

In this white paper, a DevSecOps maturity model is laid out for technical leaders to use to enable their organizations to stay competitive in the digital economy.

How a Customized Platform Built on Salesforce Made a World of Difference For This Financial…

Robots and Pencils

How a Customized Platform Built on Salesforce Made a World of Difference For This Financial Institution A private portfolio lender, Level Capital needed to create an improved loan management system to support ongoing nationwide growth.

Does Shift Left Matter to SREs?

If you’re a software engineer, you’ve likely heard all about shift left, a practice that can streamline certain aspects of software development. But shift left isn’t just for developers. It can be equally valuable for site reliability engineers (SREs).

How Do I Know If My Measures Are The Best Ones?

In this Unstuck Careers Leadership Moment, PST Mark Wavle explores the question, "How do I know if my measures are the best ones?".

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wireless Network

The Crazy Programmer

Wireless networking is one of the most commonly used networking systems these days. As there are many advantages of wireless networking for its users. It costs less and increases productivity, but it also has some cons, such as it may not cover a large area.

Make Payment Optimization a Part of Your Core Payment Strategy

Everything you need to know about payment optimization – an easy-to-integrate, PCI-compliant solution that enables companies to take control of their PSPs, minimize processing costs, maximize approval rates, and keep control over their payments data.

CEOWORLD magazine Announces the Appointment of Lance Mortlock as New Board Member

CEO Insider

The Board of Directors of CEOWORLD magazine announce the appointment of its newest External Advisory Board (EAB) Member, Lance Mortlock, Ernst & Young Canada Managing Partner, Energy, who officially joined the board in November.

Simplifying AI at the University of Pisa

Dell EMC

The University of Pisa shows how organizations can accelerate AI with the combination of Dell EMC VxRail, Dell EMC PowerScale and NVIDIA AI Enterprise

Rethinking Your Approach to Ops Governance

The “You build it, you run it” approach has changed the mindset of modern organizations that are increasingly adopting DevOps practices. No longer completely beholden to the requirements of operations, engineering teams are continually acquiring more autonomy to deliver rapid innovation.