Microservices on AWS [Video]

Dzone - DevOps

This is part 1 of 2 videos: cloud tutorial aws spring boot video pipeline dev ops aws and devops video tutorialIntroduction. In this tutorial, I will explain different CI/CD concepts and tools provided by AWS for continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Video 110

How to do effective video calls

Martin Fowler

When we needed to communicate while separated we used to do telephone meetings, but within a year the telephone disappeared and we started using video calls instead. Now Covid-19 has struck, a lot more people are getting acquainted with remote working and the video calls that come with them.

Video 278

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PSI Video

Clint Padgett – Project Success

The post PSI Video appeared first on Project Success

Video 40

The Power of Circles and Soup [Video]


This is the third and final video in the series about responsibility. Here are the items referenced in this Unstuck Leadership Moment video: The first Responsiblity video in this series, "Responsibility Wreckers for People and Teams".

Video 138

Data & Analytics Maturity Model Workshop Series

Speaker: Dave Mariani, Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer, AtScale; Bob Kelly, Director of Education and Enablement, AtScale

Check out this new instructor-led training workshop series to help advance your organization's data & analytics maturity. It includes on-demand video modules and a free assessment tool for prescriptive guidance on how to further improve your capabilities.

Unwrecking Responsibility - A Leader's Role [Video]


In this second video in the series about responsibility, Professional Scrum Trainer Mark Wavle explores the leader's role in unwrecking responsibility issues. You can sign up for my newsletter to get: A regular stream of content, videos, and blogs from Mark.

Video 137

How to Become A Pro Video Game Developer in 2021

The Crazy Programmer

There are several important steps to become a pro video game developer in 2021. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, video game revenue has surged over 20%. Indeed, consumers are to video games on web, mobile, and console formats to stay entertained through the pandemic.

Games 148

Responsibility Wreckers for Teams and Leaders [Video]


Extremes of responsibility are wreckers of teams and leaders. In this Unstuck Leadership Moment, Mark explores two unhelpful and unhealthy responsibility stances

Video 154

Microservices on AWS: Part 2 [Video]

Dzone - DevOps

cloud tutorial aws spring boot video microservice pipeline dev ops amazon web serviceIntroduction. In this AWSome Pipeline tutorial, I will deploy a Spring Boot microservice to AWS Cloud using the different CI/CD tools provided by AWS.

Testcontainers: From Zero To Hero [Video]

Dzone - DevOps

java docker video integration testing presentation testcontainersIn this #noslides live-coding session , you will learn about the popular Testcontainers library from the ground up.

Video 87

How to Accelerate Product Sales Virtually

Everyone sells online these days, but outselling the (virtual) competition requires following a few key principles. Yellowfin CEO Glen Rabie shares his insights on resonating with buyers in this short video.

Everything you need to know about Video Watermarki

Andy Francis

In the last 10 years, over 100 unique streaming services have launched around the world, with a mass acceleration of new services launched in 2020 as a result of the pandemic.

Hourly Data Consumption of Popular Video Conferencing Applications


Building on our prior work , this investigation explores the hourly data consumption of popular video conferencing applications: Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Video conferencing sessions were set up and data consumption was measured over time.

Video 74

Salah Elleithy – Listening to Acknowledge the Different Voices

Agile Alliance


Video 170

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

The Crazy Programmer

Working on videos isn’t always as easy as making them. Editing, converting, recreating and enhancing the videos might be a very essential task of our day to day activities but it is not always the easier one. It sounds good to have a video edited within the spur of a moment, but in reality it takes a lot of hard work, focus, dedication and concentration. Burn video to DVD: It helps to burn videos to dvd and bluray discs.

Video 126

3 Great Videos about GraphQL


So here are 3 great videos on YouTube that explain why your team should explore GraphQL and consider it as a viable technology for your next project. This video shows you how to use it with an Angular app. The post 3 Great Videos about GraphQL appeared first on NeverFriday Software Expertise.

Video 139

Zoom Video Communications Floating $1.5 Billion Stock Issue


Zoom Video Communications is calling on the stock market for $1.5 The popular video conferencing services provider announced Tuesday that it is floating a new issue […]. News zoom Zoom Video Communicationsbillion in fresh capital.

Video 69

MediaOps Video Productions Wins 2020 dotCOMM Awards


We are pleased to announce that MediaOps is the recipient of not one, not two, but three 2020 dotCOMM Awards for excellence, in multiple video categories: TechStrong TV in the category of video series, DevOps Unbound for video podcast and CISO Talk in video news and information.

Video 92

Thunderbolting Your Video Card

Coding Horror

When I wrote about The Golden Age of x86 Gaming , I implied that, in the future, it might be an interesting, albeit expensive, idea to upgrade your video card via an external Thunderbolt 3 enclosure. Yes, that's right, I paid $500 for an external Thunderbolt 3 enclosure to fit a $600 video card, all to enable a plug-in upgrade of a GPU on a Skull Canyon NUC that itself cost around $1000 fully built.

Video 127

Video: How Microsoft 365 Can Help Your Nonprofit


To keep you more informed, we created a short, helpful video about this powerful subscription that's available through TechSoup. Microsoft 365 is an all-in-one solution that includes Office applications and features to help you collaborate more effectively and keep your systems secure.

How to do Planning Poker online with video conferencing?


The post How to do Planning Poker online with video conferencing? The most ideal tool to do Planning Poker online in Zoom or Teams. appeared first on Xebia Blog. Agile Testing Estimates Planning Poker Refinement Sprint Planning Teams Zoom

Video 130

Explore the Video Surveillance Market with IDC


Smart cameras and video analytics are just two examples of the innovations changing the video surveillance market. Markets and Trends cctv video video surveillance

Video 52

Test for video pop-up

Let's Grow Leaders

The post Test for video pop-up appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders

Video 57

Benefits of Video Surveillance and Security Cameras for Business


Reasons and Benefits of Video Surveillance & Security Cameras for your Business. Video surveillance provides many benefits to the business owner. When someone suspicious enters the building, you will be quickly notified to check out the video footage.

Video 60

Asking for a Friend 2021 Video Highlights Part 3

Let's Grow Leaders

The post Asking for a Friend 2021 Video Highlights Part 3 appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. What matters most now? askingforafriend.

Video 68

ULM: The Power of Ownership [Video]


In this Unstuck Careers Leadership Moment, PST Mark Wavle explores the power of building a sense of ownership with the people we lead. Three primary questions are explored: What does lack of ownership look like? What does ownership look like? How do I build it?

Video 101

Twilio Provides 90-Day Free Developer Access to Video Service


Twilio this week announced it will make its video services available for free for three months to developers who are building applications to address COVID-19 pandemic uses cases in the health care, education and nonprofit sectors if they sign up to use the platform before June 30.

Video 83

Cloud-Native Workloads: Object Detection in Video Streams

Dell EMC

See containers and Kubernetes in action with a streaming video analysis Advanced Driver Assistance System on APEX Cloud Services

4 Tips for Acing Video Interviews

Coding Dojo

The post 4 Tips for Acing Video Interviews appeared first on Coding Dojo Blog. All Posts Career Advice Popular Posts career career change Career in Programming interview interview tips technology video conferencing video interview

Video 52

Building Better Connections over Video Conferences at Your Nonprofit


It's no surprise that video conferencing platforms gained popularity during the pandemic. Whether you are meeting a new client, holding a weekly check-in, or even adding new hires at your nonprofit, video conferencing likely helped you complete these tasks.

Cherie Silas – The Truth of My BIPOC Family Experiences

Agile Alliance


Video 152

Expanded Testing of Video Conferencing Bandwidth Usage Over 50/5 Mbps Broadband Service


As working from home and remote schooling remain the norm for most of us, we wanted to build on and extend our prior investigation of the bandwidth usage of popular video conferencing applications. HFC Network bandwidth broadband downstream upstream video conference

Video 101

Remote Agile: Practices and Tools [Video]


Otherwise, the video accurately reflects how one way of collaborating with a distributed team using Zoom breakout rooms may work. Watch the Replay of the Remote Agile Practices & Tools Live Virtual Class.

Video 160

Asking for a Friend 2021 Video Highlights (Part 1)

Let's Grow Leaders

The post Asking for a Friend 2021 Video Highlights (Part 1) appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. Asking for a Friend: How do I Lead Well Through Uncertainty? Thanks to all of you who have joined our Asking for a Friend community this year!

Video 67

Testing Bandwidth Usage of Popular Video Conferencing Applications


Specifically, most of us use video conferencing for work, school and everyday communications. With that in mind, we looked at how much video conferencing a broadband connection can support. Pinning” a speaker’s video can cause higher bandwidth out of a home.

Video 75

Improving our video encodes for legacy devices

The Netflix TechBlog

by Mariana Afonso , Anush Moorthy , Liwei Guo , Lishan Zhu , Anne Aaron Netflix has been one of the pioneers of streaming video-on-demand content?—?we we announced our intention to stream video over 13 years ago, in January 2007?—?and video-encoding encoding netflix video-quality

Video 75

Why Your Brand Needs To Invest In Video

Strategy Driven

If you’re not already on YouTube train and making the most of video marketing for your business, then you need to get a move on and get involved before your business gets left behind. Video is well worth putting your time into. Video Is More Engaging.

Video 37

What to Do When a High-Performer Quits (With Video)

Let's Grow Leaders

If their mind is made up, here are some thoughts on what to do next and a video of why it matters. The post What to Do When a High-Performer Quits (With Video) appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. Everyone is watching how you respond when a high-performer quits.

MediaOps Wins Two Gold Hermes Creative Awards for Video and Podcast


TechStrong TV won the Gold Award in the video/informational category and DevOps Chats won the Gold Award for audio/podcast series. The post MediaOps Wins Two Gold Hermes Creative Awards for Video and Podcast appeared first on DevOps.com.

Video 69

Top 8 Video Analytics Tools That Can Help Your Business Grow


There is constant growth in online video consumption has led to the expansion of various online video analytics tools. According to a survey , the video analytics market is expected to grow from the valuation of USD 3.2 These tools pull data from videos.

Video 52