3 Great Videos about GraphQL


So here are 3 great videos on YouTube that explain why your team should explore GraphQL and consider it as a viable technology for your next project. This video shows you how to use it with an Angular app.

Video 181

Thunderbolting Your Video Card

Coding Horror

When I wrote about The Golden Age of x86 Gaming , I implied that, in the future, it might be an interesting, albeit expensive, idea to upgrade your video card via an external Thunderbolt 3 enclosure.

Video 165

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

The Crazy Programmer

Working on videos isn’t always as easy as making them. Editing, converting, recreating and enhancing the videos might be a very essential task of our day to day activities but it is not always the easier one. Burn video to DVD: It helps to burn videos to dvd and bluray discs.

Video 164

Automating Video Marketing with ML

Cabot Solutions

Machine Learning is one of the biggest breakthroughs that transformed the way people do business In this article we look at automating video marketing with ML

Video 76

Mobile Video Experience: Part Two

Linux Academy

Following a previous post, the mobile team continued our mission of fine-tuning the video player experience on Android and iOS. Below I will detail the most prominent features of our new video player, along with its development process. Hello, fellow Linux Academy learners.

Kafka Summit London 2019 Session Videos


Let us cut to the chase: Kafka Summit London session videos are available! He is the co-presenter of various O’Reilly training videos on topics ranging from Git to distributed systems, and is the author of “Gradle Beyond the Basics.”

Video 99

Mobile Video Experience: Part Two

Linux Academy

Following a previous post, the mobile team continued our mission of fine-tuning the video player experience on Android and iOS. Below I will detail the most prominent features of our new video player, along with its development process. Hello, fellow Linux Academy learners.

Learn about data governance with these books, videos, and tutorials

O'Reilly Media - Data

Continue reading Learn about data governance with these books, videos, and tutorials This collection of data governance resources will get you up to speed on the basics and best practices.

Support Best Practices Video

Cloudera Engineering

The post Support Best Practices Video appeared first on Cloudera Engineering Blog. Customer Success Best practices communication customer experience Support videoCloudera Support recently received Service Capability & Performance (SCP) certification for the third consecutive year. In order to earn this industry-leading mark of distinction, a support organization must demonstrate an ongoing commitment to exemplary standards and methodologies in over 100 major performance areas.

Video 42

Performance comparison of video coding standards: an adaptive streaming perspective

Netflix TechBlog

An essential element in this dish is the video encoding technology we use to transform our video content into compressed bitstreams (suitable for whatever bandwidth you happen to be enjoying Netflix at). It showed a 25% in BD-rate savings for multiple-shot videos.

Kafka Summit New York 2019 Session Videos


We now have the Kafka Summit New York in the books, and the session videos are available in record time. It seems like there’s a Kafka Summit every other month. Of course there’s not—it’s every fourth month—but hey, close enough.

Video 85

Re-Architecting the Video Gatekeeper

Netflix TechBlog

Gatekeeper is the system at Netflix responsible for evaluating the “liveness” of videos and assets on the site. When a change for a video occurred in any one of its upstream systems, that system would send an event to Gatekeeper.

Video 72

Set Video Playback Speed with JavaScript

David Walsh

I love that media has moved from custom plugins (Flash…gross) to basic HTML <video> and <audio> elements. I’ve been noticing that many video sites have implemented a feature to adjust video playback speed, which is awesome if you’re trying to get through some sports highlights faster or to see that monster slam dunk in super slow motion. const video = document.querySelector("video"); // Slow it to 50% speed video.playbackRate = 0.5; // Twice as fast!

Video 81

Multi-Lingual Support Video YouTube Series

Armughan Ahmad - Dell EMC

The Dell EMC Support YouTube Playlist publishes helpful troubleshooting, how to’s, problem solving and product demo videos to demonstrate how to resolve common technical challenges with Dell EMC high-end storage products.

Video 82

Pre-roll video ads

I'm Programmer

The post Pre-roll video ads appeared first on I'm Programmer. Programming Funny Images Programming Jokes Pre-roll video ads Pre-Roll Video Advertising YouTube Advertising

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[Video] Continuous Reliability: An Agile Process to Deliver Higher Quality Applications


Watch the video to get the full scoop on achieving the impossible and adding Continuous Reliability to your workflow! Our favorite VP Solution Engineering Eric Mizell gave a talk at DevNexus this year, and we think he rocked it , so naturally we have to share with all of you. (S

Video 147

Convert Video to Grayscale

David Walsh

One type of art I’ve always enjoyed was black and white (/grayscale) video. To convert a video to black and white, you can utilize ffmpeg with a few simple arguments: ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -vf hue=s=0 output.mp4. The preceding command turns this color video: … to the following grayscale video: If you were to search ffmpeg on this blog, you’d find dozens of tutorials about how amazing the tool is.

Video 52

6 Video Editing Apps for Your Phone


Thanks to modern and highly portable technologies, many people feel like well-equipped filmmakers due to the video-shooting capabilities of phones. Fortunately, numerous video editing apps are available on smartphones. Top 6 video editing apps. This app lives up to its name by demonstrating that video editing isn’t necessarily time-consuming. When subscribing to the lowest-priced subscription plan, you can include up to 60 clips in your final version of a video.

Video 71

Using Video to Boost Online Sales

Strategy Driven

Video is becoming a much bigger part of the internet, with even the most casual of users viewing videos online. We watch video advertisements. You might use instant videos to communicate with your friends and followers on platforms like SnapChat.

Video 39

Download a YouTube Channel’s Videos

David Walsh

I watch a lot of YouTube in hotels and on flights when I don’t have internet access, so I use youtube-dl to download YouTube videos ; it’s quick, easy, and makes online content available offline. The post Download a YouTube Channel’s Videos appeared first on David Walsh Blog.

Video 97

What is Kubernetes: A video overview


The video below provides an introduction into Kubernetes and the benefits it provides to firms in terms of scalable cloud architecture. Kubernetes is a platform for working with computing containers (like Docker).

Video 51

The ‘King of Quarters’ Defends His Video Game Records

The New Stack

Video games may represent the secret culture of geeks, a magical netherworld which gave so many of us our first exposure to computers. But Billy’s entire evidence package is like a walk through the history of video game records.

Games 61

What are the Main Factors that Determine Video File Size

I'm Programmer

What are the Main Factors that Determine Video File Size Have you ever wondered why the file size of some videos are much bigger than others? It can help to know exactly what factors determine video file size, and in some cases it may even allow you to reduce the size of some of yours.

Video 36

Top 8 Questions About Video Marketing Answered

Women on Business

Marketing online marketing online video video marketing We''ve Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: [link] If you haven''t already done so, update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us. link].

Video 105

AI-Based Video Preview from Cloudinary (Sponsored)

David Walsh

The early days of video on the web weren’t great. We started with custom browser plugins and codecs, then moved to Flash, and eventually we found our way HTML <video> Once we solved the technology problem, we started using more video for content and advertising. The next problem to solve became conversion; i.e. getting people to click the video thumbnail to watch it. Using AI-Based Video Preview. to automate the video upload process.

Video 66

The New Highlight Video

Steve Farber

Since most meeting planners would never book a speaker without seeing a video first, the “highlight&# or “promo&# video, which showcases the speaker in front of a live audience, is a staple of the industry.

Video 93

New Mobile Video Player Experience and Fire TV

Linux Academy

A new video player and all the new features that come with it. New Mobile Video Player UI. That said, here’s a sneak peek of the new video player that we’re working on. Taking inspiration from our favorite apps, we have restructured the UI to make it easier to access the controls and to allow more options for video playback: Most obvious is the new playlist feature. Zoom and pan on a video.

Deep Learning AI Generates Convincing Deepfake Videos of Mona Lisa

The New Stack

A great example of this is the phenomenon of deepfakes — where images and videos of real people can be synthesized into fake videos using deep learning AI techniques. The post Deep Learning AI Generates Convincing Deepfake Videos of Mona Lisa appeared first on The New Stack.

Video 99

How to Reverse a Video

David Walsh

This command line utility allows us to do some pretty amazing stuff like; Slice videos Convert video formats Modify video speed Combine audio and video. Every once in a while I see a meme or funny video that reverses a video for effect. To reverse a video, use the following ffmpeg command: ffmpeg -i my-video.mp4 -vf reverse my-video.mp4. The post How to Reverse a Video appeared first on David Walsh Blog.

Video 47

DevOps Video Chat: DevOps Transformation with Tasktop’s Carmen DeArdo


In this DevOps Video Chat, […]. The post DevOps Video Chat: DevOps Transformation with Tasktop’s Carmen DeArdo appeared first on DevOps.com.

Can I Use That Video on My Website?


The Internet has "gone video." Within the next couple of years, video will account for 82 percent of Internet traffic, business and consumer. Let's face it. People just like it.

Off-The-Shelf Hacker: Open Source Video Production with Kdenlive

The New Stack

The Generation-5 badge has a Raspberry Pi 2, a 3.5-inch color LCD touchscreen and is capable of running short informational videos without freezes or flicker. I use kdenlive to create tech demo videos. Video promos work great Raspberry Pi machines. The videos run in a loop.

DevOps Video Chat: DevOps Testing with Ryan Lloyd of SmartBear


The post DevOps Video Chat: DevOps Testing with Ryan Lloyd of SmartBear appeared first on DevOps.com. The testing landscape in DevOps is a big one, with lots of established players feeding the machine. SmartBear is one of those companies.

Video Blog: An Introduction to the Professional Scrum with Kanban Course


In this video, Scrum.org Professional Scrum Trainer and Professional Scrum with Kanban (PSK) course steward Yuval Yeret talks about the PSK course, helping viewers to understand more about the structure and what they will learn when attending.

Course 168

Embedding YouTube Videos in Android Applications

Atomic Spin

YouTube is the largest video sharing platform in the world, so it makes sense to include its videos in a mobile app. The YouTubePlayerSupportFragment is the simplest option for embedding YouTube videos in an application. The cueVideo method tells the YouTubePlayer the ID of the video that you want to start playing. The ID is located at the end of a video’s URL, like this: [link].

Video 40

[Updated] 5 epic video resumes that will make your jaw drop

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

Video resumes are incredibly interactive — each minute of a video, if used well, is worth a thousand words. It is so easy to go with a 3-minute video resumes, and you would have conveyed more than what you could have with a 100-page booklet about yourself. Have a video resume?

Video 166

Off-The-Shelf Hacker: Capture a Screen Demo on Video

The New Stack

Using your cell phone video camera to document the movements of a physical computing gadget is pretty straightforward. Upload the video to your Linux notebook or directly to YouTube and then embed it in your article copy, for readers to view. SimpleScreenRecorder record video screen.