How to use AR and VR in education industry?

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How to use AR and VR in education industry? Artificial intelligence (AI) is beginning to disrupt the education system by allowing academic programs to become personalized through augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). It is also making education more convenient.

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CodeSOD: A Profitable Education

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I suspect the variable names betray the author’s actual goal for the book: not education, no the respect of their peers, but simply put: profit. Today’s anonymous submitter is an experienced Python developer. Their team is significantly less experienced. In the interests of training, someone suggested, “Perhaps we should buy books for everyone.” Our submitter was handed a stack of possible books, and asked to pick the best one to help the team mature.

Education and technology – Innovating our future generations


Education and technology are the main factor for the success of the future generations. And the current education has to face the situation where most of the young kids are growing up with the use of internet and cutting-edge technologies. Current government has to realize that technologies will have an impact on our personal and professional life and change the landscape of education, making it more automotive and different than it was before with the use of books.

Please Spread The Word: Cybersecurity Scholarships From (ISC)² and the Center for Cyber Safety and Education


The following info comes via friends at, please share this with any you believe eligible: Each year, (ISC)² and the Center for Cyber Safety and Education partner together to offer scholarships to students around the world. CTO Cyber Security News Training and Education

Customer Education Through DTV, the YouTube Digital Transformation Channel

One of the most valuable functions a services provider can perform for its customers is education. High-level education about industry and technology trends is generally not part of any contract, but, as odd as that may seem, keeping customers apprised of important industry trends can help them make wiser choices in the selection of products, […]. The post Customer Education Through DTV, the YouTube Digital Transformation Channel appeared first on

4 Ways Consumer Education Affects E-Commerce


Because of these factors that contribute to today’s businesses, it’s important that the e-commerce industry invests in their consumer’s education. Furthermore, in order to develop and gain consumers trust and loyalty, companies need to constantly educate their users about their products and services. Below are four ways consumer education can help e-commerce grow. That’s why many corporations spend millions and millions of dollars in educational advertisements.

VR app development for medical training and education


Nowadays, however, virtual reality app development will become the new standard for medical training and education. For hundreds of years, medical students have been dissecting cadavers to learn about the inner workings of the human body.

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Can computer science education be fun?

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Accepting that reality, though, means that a lot has to change about how we educate kids. Retail sales and truck driving are two of the most common jobs in America. They are also jobs that may eventually be automated. That's why David Delmar, executive director and founder of Resilient Coders , said, "Coding is the new blue-collar job."

Security and education in the wake of WannaCry, Petya

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Attacks occur for a variety of reasons, and in the wake of the most widespread ransomware attacks, WannaCry and Petya , many organizations are re-evaluating their security practices to figure out what went wrong. While those who were hit are still trying to understand where their security gaps are, others enterprises that rely on legacy systems and can't be patched are looking for ways to prevent being the next victim. To read this article in full, please click here

Advance Your Organizations Cyber Intelligence Training and Education With This INSA Reference


The Task forces under this council examine issues on topics including cyber intelligence, the insider threat, cyber research and development and training/education. The latest paper from the INSA Cyber Council is on the topic of education and training for cyber intelligence.

zSpace: Immersive Exploration For Collaboration, Design, Training and Education


We see great potential for this firm in enterprise IT including workforce training and education, product marketing/sales, product design and executive level decision support. With this post we are initiating coverage of zSpace, an incredible capability delivering new ways to collaborate, learn, design and create through immersive exploration.

Toptal Global Mentors: Education Everywhere


The Toptal Global Mentors program is designed to help novice developers around the world improve their skills and create new career opportunities. In our diverse, yet interconnected global industry, cutting-edge skills are always in short supply. The program aims to bridge the gap between skilled software engineers in developed countries and students from across the globe, who aspire to join the industry


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Education is a means to understand the world we live in and to create a better world for those that … Read more >>. The post 7 CODING TIPS FOR PARENTS appeared first on Coding Dojo Blog.

Army defends its mobile device security plan, Cyber education key.


Army Here are the top cyber news and stories of the day. Army defends its mobile device security plan ? ?The The Department of Defense's inspector general has reposted and updated a report critical of the Army's shortcomings in

A Conversation With Marc Andreessen: The impact of emerging tech on jobs, training, education and home life


Gourley : Can you provide more context on what kind of education and training? All of us should seek to self educate on these when we can and this is what we should encourage our youth to pursue. But we need to take steps to accelerate this approach into education, healthcare, transportation, farming, finance and all the services sectors to expand opportunities for all. Bob Gourley. This post is the second in a series based on a discussion with Marc Andreessen.

Dell Helps Prepare Texas A&M Students for the Digital Era

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To prepare students for a constantly changing, connected world, higher education is creating more personalized and collaborative learning environments. Opinions Artificial Intelligence Education Precision Virtualization

The Growing Importance Of Cyber Security Skills


CTO Cyber Security News Training and EducationAs data breaches have become the order of the day, Adi Gaskell explains the growing importance of having cyber security talent in your company on Forbes : Cybercrime costs the UK several billion pounds per year. Indeed, a recent government report showed that 46% of all businesses identified at least one cyber attack in the last […].

Opinion: Anyone with desire and a computer can have a successful career in AI


Artificial Intelligence Training and EducationAn opinion on Artificial Intelligence. Everything I have observed for decades leads me to believe that with hard work anyone can succeed in a career in AI. Of course this is a technical field, but it is actually not the most technical field. Everything a person needs to know about the tech of AI can […].

In the gig economy, a cybersecurity divide

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The gig economy’s investment in cybersecurity education and protection is hard to quantify, but it isn’t hard to see that it’s important. Features culture cybersecurity education Enigma 2018 Enigma Conference gig economy phishing security TaskRabbit Uber

Driving Innovation and Student Success through Digital Transformation

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We’re excited to further discuss these major transformations and advancements at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference in Denver, where leading industry professionals, IT administrators and campus leaders come together to discuss topics facing the higher education IT industry.

Don’t Worry, We Now Have Three Old Ideas for Solving the Cybersecurity Skills Gap


CTO News Tech Careers Training and EducationThe Wall Street Journal proves once again that anyone can claim to be an expert in cybersecurity challenges and even provide us with solutions to enduring problems. One enduring problem is that businesses need more cybersecurity talent. The Wall Street Journal cites a career website for cybersecurity professionals in saying there are 300,000 unfilled cybersecurity jobs […].

Reflecting on the Impact of Social Computing in Education and Learning

elsua: The Knowledge Management Blog

How Traditional Training Is Weakening Businesses’ Cybersecurity


Cyber Security News Training and EducationRead why James Hadley (CEO of training company Immersive Labs) says that instead of orthodox methods, companies need to come up with out of the box solutions to deal with cybersecurity: Just a decade ago, cybersecurity was a relative myth to the public – something taken care of by any old antivirus and certainly nothing […].

Everyday Threats That Can Fool Even The Savviest Of Techies


CTO Cyber Security News Tech Advice Training and EducationIf you consider yourself an expert in cybersecurity - or even if you’re somewhat knowledgeable about how to protect yourself online, you probably won’t fall for the standard Nigerian prince email scam. Enter your bank account information below, and we’ll send you a whole bunch of money. Those kinds of tricks are old news, and [.].

Balbix: Breach avoidance gets you ahead of the game


Governance, Training, Education, Process Security Companies Security Scanning And Testing Balbix

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Want to Learn Big Data? These Courses Can Help


Big Data CTO News Online Education technologyOne of the best things about the explosion of different kinds of technology across the world, is the fact that many tech-related courses can be easily accessed. Whether you are looking to build your knowledge about big data or build a skill that could help you in your job, there are lots of ways to […].

5 Online Resources for Learning AngularJS


Cloud Computing CTO News Training and EducationIf you’re a confident front-end web developer, fluent in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, you may wish to expand what your web apps can do without writing custom code yourself. Learning AngularJS can help speed up the development of web apps dramatically, but before diving into Angular development, you’ll need a bit of background knowledge of […].

Google Assistant sounds eerily human, The White House forms AI committee, Carnegie Mellon launches AI degree


Artificial Intelligence CTO News Training and EducationThese are some of the hot topics we are tracking in the domain of Artificial Intelligence: Google Grapples With ‘Horrifying’ Reaction to Uncanny AI Tech We provided our thoughts on Google Duplex here (we think it is cool tech but needs bounding). This is consistent with how others seem to be viewing it. From Boomberg: […].

Innovation: Lip Service Is Not Enough

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Opinions Artificial Intelligence EducationGermany alone has 1,000 publicly financed research institutes, not to mention numerous companies and organizations that operate their own research and development centers. So is Germany a paradise for researchers and innovators?

Upgrade to CTOvision Servers


Training and EducationAdmin note: We are upgrading our servers to handle the growing needs of our site portfolio, migrating all our sites to the platform provided by

Upgrade to CTOvision Servers


Training and EducationAdmin note: We are upgrading our servers to handle the growing needs of our site portfolio, migrating all our sites to the platform provided by

How Algorithms Can Be Used to Predict Great Literature


Big Data Education literatureJust like in music industries, book publishing bases its popularity on hits. More importantly, most experts feel that the process of predicting best-selling work is an art by itself. Most of the time, the aforementioned faculties serve the institution well. However, in other situations, they do not perform so well. For instance, when it comes […].

Tips on How to Present Your Visual Data Effectively


Big Data CTO News Training and Education Business data Management presentationFor any in the business world, presentation, especially visual data presentation, is key. You can have great facts and data to back up your proposals and ideas, but if the presentation goes bad or is not understood, they will have much less of an impact, if any at all. While this may seem a bit […].

A Fierce Domain: Conflict in Cyberspace


CTO Cyber Security News Training and EducationA Fierce Domain: Conflict in Cyberspace, 1986 to 2012 by Jason Healey is a well researched, well history of how humanity is using the Internet to seek to impose their will on others. It contains the lessons learned in previous episodes of our history. This book is a first of its kind. It provides a comprehensive history […].

How to Keep Your Company’s Information Organized


CTO Cyber Security News Training and Education Business Information assurance Standards organizationThe larger that your company grows, the more vital that it is for all the information your company processes to be properly organized at all times. Information organization quality is directly correlated with just how actionable the information is. Accurate information organization puts your company in the best position to develop fully customized white label […].

A Tutorial For Enhancing Your Home DNS Protection


CTO Cyber Security News Training and Education CognitioBob Gourley. Editor's note: We are aiming this tutorial at the non-technical person. Please share with anyone in your life who could benefit from this. -bg. Have you ever seen a picture of an old fashioned telephone operator?

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Cyber Stars

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After company command is staff jobs (more paperwork), and higher civilian and military education. computer security Cybercom Defense education Intelligence military National Security Reform Security technology army cybercom cybersecurity Navy talent/* Warning: Extensive over-use of the word “cyber” ahead. */. The other day my old friend and colleague Bob Gourley Tweeted: Random thought: There are 24 four-star flag officers in the U.S. military.

The best and the worst thing when doing science

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career formal education PhD science thoughtsA few months ago, I returned (partially) to the university. I'm working in the project in the field of the computer vision for Google company. The project is related to Google Tango technology and is really interesting.

Microlearning – Training Your Employees More Effectively


In the process, you will realize lots of the techniques in use within the microlearning framework, especially to educate fast and draw attention are currently in use within the world of marketing and can be adapted and incorporated into training. Education Technology E-learning LearningAn important thing in every company is employee training if the organization is to continue reaping from its important resource—employees.

Jumpstart Your Architecture Modernization Efforts With Repeatable Big Data Blueprints


Analysis Big Data Cyber Security DoD and IC Education Technology Health IT ApacheHadoop Data integration Data warehouse MapReduce MongoDB NoSQL Pentaho By Bob Gourley. Enterprises everywhere have been seeking improved ways to make use of their data.