Developer On Call

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For most of the past ten years, I have been on organized on call rotations for the systems I have been developing. Why Developers Should Be On Call. In my mind, it is natural that the people developing it also support it. The number is forwarded to the developer on call.

A guide to modern mobile app development strategy

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A guide to modern mobile app development strategy. One of the areas that a lot of focus has been laid on is mobile application development. Here is what you need to know about mobile app development strategy. Cloud technology in mobile app development.

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Best Tips to Reduce Mobile App Development Cost

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Best Tips To Reduce Mobile App Development Cost. This has led to a huge demand for mobile app developers across the world. However, the cost of developing mobile applications doesn’t come any cheaper. Other tips may include: Take advantage of DevOps (development and operations).

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Developer Testing

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I recently found out about the book Developer Testing – Building Quality Into Software by Alexander Tarlinder , and I immediately wanted to read it. Even though I am a developer at heart, I have always been interested in software testing (I even worked as a tester for two years).

Why “Build or Buy?” Is the Wrong Question for Analytics

And development teams are. with a third-party analytics development platform, which. application—and because developers often assert that it’s. commit to staffing significant resources in development, support, and keeping up with advances in data. WHY “BUILD OR BUY?”

Confused developer

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The post Confused developer appeared first on I'm Programmer. Programming Funny Images Programming Jokes Are you a confused developer? confused developer Confused software developer User Confused Developer

Which technology is better for cross-platform app development?

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Which technology is better for cross-platform app development. There are quite a number of factors that if followed, can guarantee success in your application, and one of the factors that most entrepreneurs miss to focus on is the app development tool that is going to be used.

Basic Factors to Check Before Developing Mobile App

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Basic Factors to Check Before Developing Mobile App. Before developing mobile app, there are some factors you need to consider to ensure that it delivers the results you expect from it. Before you hit the market and start developing an application, proper market research should be done. Many Mobile App Developers ignore customer reviews. The same reviews help those Developing Mobile App to tell which apps people like and dislike.

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Top 4 Trends That Define Future Of iOS App Development

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Top Four Trends That Define Future Of iOS App Development. As a result, it is crucial to be in check with iOS App Development trends. In this article, you will get to learn four trends that define the future of iOS App Development. Everyone who is involved in iOS App Development knows what Swift is. Swift is a programming language that was developed by Apple to offer support to iOS and Linux Operating Systems.

Benefits of Using the Kanban Methodology for Software Development

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Benefits of Using the Kanban Methodology for Software Development. Software development is a complex, multi-step process, and this technique will effectively break it into steps for you. You Will Be Able To Develop More Software Programs.

New Study: 2018 State of Embedded Analytics Report

Part 3: Analytics Development Platforms Keep Applications Ahead of the Market. While I was at this company, new cloud services were developed in weeks and upgraded daily. development methods, and what the future of analytics looks like. development. 2018 STATE OF.

What Is The Process Of Developing Chatbot From The Beginning?

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The process of developing a Chatbot from scratch. In this article, you will get to learn the process of Chatbot Development from scratch. When designers know why they are Developing Chatbot, they can be able to create conversations with it quickly.

Consider Valuable Tips to Hire a Top Mobile App Developer

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Consider Valuable Tips to Hire a Top Mobile App Developer. Therefore, if you want a perfect app for your organization, you should hire the right expert to develop it and meet the needs of your company. Your mobile app developer will give you a great app idea for your business. This guide provides several valuable tips to hire a top mobile app developer. This step will help you understand the type of mobile applications the professional develops.

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How blockchain is a great opportunity for developers?

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Why is Blockchain a Great Opportunity for Developers? For mobile developers, blockchain developers, and blockchain engineers, the rise in public interest in blockchain technology spells massive opportunity. Blockchain technologies are no longer too sophisticated to be grasped by the new developer, either. Blockchain developers looking to monetize their knowledge should first be well-versed in what it is that blockchain technology offers as an innovation.

Successful Strategies for Hiring Full-Stack Developers

Full-stack development is a complex web programming discipline involving multiple levels of web design and coding. Due to the complexity of the skill, it may be difficult to strategize a method of attracting a full-stack developer.

5 Early Indicators Your Embedded Analytics Will Fail

lead to a whole new set of problems: Developer Grade Analytics 2 Many companies put analytics projects on the backburner. an Analytics Emergency Developer Grade Analytics 3 Indicator #1: Long Queue of Ad. Hoc Requests One irony in application development is new features.

IoT: The technology Redefining Mobile App Development Industry

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The Effect of IoT on Mobile App Development Industry. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a rapidly rising field in the realm of the computer industry that is affecting mobile app development industry. The large tech companies such as Apple, Google, and Amazon, each have their own ecosystem to serve as a base for third party developer integration. A company also has the opportunity to develop a connected ecosystem for users.

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Phases of software development

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The universal truth about being a software developer The universal truth about being a software developer. The post Phases of software development appeared first on I'm Programmer. Programming Jokes Phases of software development SDLC Software Development Life Cycle

Understanding the Core Principles of Lean Development

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This is what lean development has to offer companies that would love to perfect their craft. Having a firm grasp of how lean development works can easily make this possible. Here’s how to use the core principles of lean development to your advantage. Development

Must-have Features of iPhone app development in Weather app


Weather apps are being developed more and more by the iPhone app development companies all around the world and there is one thing, rather a feature that is common among all the weather check apps developed by any iPhone developer.

Monetizing Analytics Features: Why Data Visualizations Will Never Be Enough

development team can focus. developer resources CON Building analytics is code- intensive, which means it. requires more developer. look like your vendor’s brand, not yours Development time will depend on. the ease to develop on your chosen.

Things developers love to hate

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Here we listed some things developer love to hate. Developers frame code; QA breaks the code. It means ranking burden and projects—in no risky terms—for your developers. Developer. Developers don’t wear television because they enjoy music more than other people.

VR Development Guide: Choosing the Right Engine

The post VR Development Guide: Choosing the Right Engine appeared first on Blogs DevOps Practice virtual reality VR VR apps VR developmentCreating virtual 3D worlds has been a dream of programmers for many decades.

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Why Hiring Top Web Developers is a Good Idea

Web developers are a great addition to every organization. Having your own web developers to help you create web applications and websites can be invaluable to companies of every size. If you happen to be a software development team, they are indispensable members of your team.

Saw this on one of developers desk

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The post Saw this on one of developers desk appeared first on I'm Programmer. Programming Funny Images Programming Jokes best desk for developers developers desk How does your desk look as a programmer? Saw this on one of developers desk

How to Package and Price Embedded Analytics

Customizing embedded analytics in this way means thinking about packaging and pricing early in product development cycles. Teams of agile developers race along the product. Develop your user classes by interviewing a representative sample of users within your customer mix.

10 Useful Facts About Full Stack Development

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The post 10 Useful Facts About Full Stack Development appeared first on Coding Dojo Blog. All Posts Bootcamp Insights Career Advice back-end back-end developers Bill Gates code coding coding bootcamp coding dojo developer developers Evan Data Group facts Forbes front-end front-end developers full-stack developer Jeff Bezos Larry Ellison Mark Zuckerberg programming three full stacks U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics web development

Speed up your development with mobbing

Development Team Organises Its Own Work. The Development Team is both self-organising and cross-functional and by the end of each Sprint provides an increment that is ‘done’ and releasable. The ‘Mobbing’ or ‘Mob Programming’ Style of Development.

Top Reasons to hire a dedicated Java web development company


Java web development is one of the most sought after technologies in developing apps, websites as well as web apps. As the world advances with the latest techniques and technologies especially in the IT sector, the development of the apps and web apps is pacing fast forward with the experts of the industry. This calls the business owner to hire Java developer who has had enough experience in creating some really unique and dynamic apps for the clients across the world.

Fintech: A Profitable and Growing Developer Career Path

In the Merriam Webster dictionary, the word is defined as: “Products and companies that employ newly developed digital and online technologies in the banking […]. The post Fintech: A Profitable and Growing Developer Career Path appeared first on

UX and Design Tips for Better Dashboards: Product Manager Laura Klein Explains How to Improve Your Analytics

Speaker: Laura Klein, Principal at Users Know and Author of UX for Lean Startups

You'll learn: How to develop products that boost your business's bottom line while dramatically improving customer experience. No one makes poorly designed products on purpose. And yet we have so many of them in our lives.

Programming Language Techs: Which One Should You Use to Develop Your Business Website?

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This is why the way that you handle your website development process may have far-reaching consequences in terms of finances, personnel and public relations. Created in 1994, PHP is a representative of the older web development generation that has stood the test of time. Development

Most Popular Web Development Tools

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The best and lowest thing about being a web developer is that the web is uniformly changing. Web development tools allow web developers to test and debug their code. Web Development Tools and Resources. Behind all the web development tools is a language.

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Programmer vs Developer vs Computer Scientist

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Developer Fun. Reading code of other developer Reading code of other developer. If developers created horror movies If developers created horror movies. Life of a developer Life of a developer. Apple Developer Rule #1 Apple Developer Rule #1.

The reason India does not have enough awesome developers

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A never-ending debate is that about the quality of developers in India. It is said that most developers around the world begin coding at a ridiculously young age. Seriously, you are a senior developer and you don’t know how to use git? How to find a good developer in India?

A Guide to Designing Delightful Dashboards

Speaker: Daniel O'Sullivan, Product Designer, nCino and Jeff Hudock, Senior Product Manager, nCino

In this session, we will discuss how to design, develop, and implement successful dashboards. We’ve all seen the increasing industry trend of artificial intelligence and big data analytics.

Risk-aware Product Development (a.k.a. Scrum)

Over the years I've heard my share of these kinds of statements from various levels of executives: "When my guys run a product development release I really want to know what I will get at the end so I can make business plans accordingly". "In Types of Uncertainty in Product Development.


software testing vs software development

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The post software testing vs software development appeared first on I'm Programmer. Programming Funny Images Programming Jokes difference between software testing and development software testing vs software development tester vs developer

Developers’ side projects

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Pretty much 100% of developers working for other people end up signing some kind of “proprietary invention agreement,” but almost all of them misunderstand what’s going on with that agreement. You need a developer. New developer News

How to be successful as web developer

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Developer Humor. True story of being a developer True story of being a developer. Developing Webs is his passion! Developing Webs is his passion! web developer web developer. 1 of 5. dev testing dev testing.

Products for Product People: Best Practices in Analytics

Speaker: Andrew Wynn, Senior Product Manager, Looker

How Looker incorporates analytics in their product development process. Who builds products for the product people? As a product manager, you know how helpful custom tailored data solutions can be to doing your job well.