Hitachi Vantara’s API Strategy for The Smart Data Center

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I will cover our strategy for utilizing it in our products and provide some example of how it is utilized to enable the Smart Data Center. REST enables plain-text exchanges of data assets.

Right-Sizing Data Center Resources


One of the perennial problems of data centers is monitoring server utilization to ensure right-sizing of resources. To download a free ebook on Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), click here , or visit Nlyte's web site. Charles Hall.

Dynamic Data Centers


Big Data and high performance computing (HPC) are on a collision course – from machine learning to business intelligence, the combined power of clustered servers, advanced networking and massive datasets are merging, and a new Big Data reality is on the rise. Big Data News

Kubernetes: Good or evil? The ethics of data centers

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Anne Currie says excessive and dirty energy use in data centers is one of the biggest ethical issues facing the tech industry. The ethics of data centers

AI, ML, and the IoT will destroy the data center and the cloud (just not in the way you think)

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DD Dasgupta explores the edge-cloud continuum, explaining how the roles of data centers and cloud infrastructure are redefined through the mainstream adoption of AI, ML, and IoT technologies.

Is Sprawl Killing Your Data Center?

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Data Center Opinions Servers Dell EMC PowerEdgeSprawl (verb): to spread or develop irregularly or without restraint.”[1] 1] Sprawl can strike fear in the hearts of IT administrators everywhere. Adding resources to meet reactive business needs can create sprawl.

The New Data Center Stack

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Opinions Data Center Innovation NetworkingOne of the many benefits of working at Dell Technologies is simultaneously having access to the brightest minds in compute, storage and networking. Even better, we get to put these big brains together to think about IT in terms of end-to-end infrastructure, not discrete silos. The breadth of our portfolio provides us with the opportunity to think about how to solve our customers’ problems rather than how to protect our own technology silos.

Cheap Ways To Connect Data Centers

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Data centers are only valuable if they can share data Image Credit: Sean Ellis. As the person with the CIO job at your company, you have the added responsibility of maintaining your company’s data centers. Facebook’s Data Center Problem.

Nlyte: For Data Center Infrastructure Management


The modern data center is key to so many enterprise missions. Well run data centers make direct contributions to mission. Nlyte’s proven platform is used in the data centers of some of the largest and most valued companies in the world. Research Team.

Server Automation – Your Key to a Faster, Secure, & More Efficient Data Center

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Data Center Opinions Servers PowerEdgeThere’s a lot of truth to the old saying, “you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone.” Then again, the opposite is often true as well.

Data Center Modernization - Transforming Data Center Focus from Infrastructure to Information

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While the acronym IT stands for Information Technology and is synonymous with the data center, in reality the focus of IT has often been more on infrastructure since infrastructure represented the bulk of a data center’s capital and operational costs.

Private Data Center Trends for 2014 and Beyond


Today’s data centers are being built at the forefront of industry standards. Within the past five years, the way we construct data centers has changed dramatically. David Cappuccio, the Chief of Infrastructure Research at Gartner, told CIO that “Data centers will no longer be constrained by one specific site. This new breed of data centers presents some inherit advantages for organizations that wish to become early adopters.

Questions CIOs Need To Ask When Building New Data Centers

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New data centers are expensive and must be planned correctly Image Credit: Intel Free Press. As the person with the CIO job, one of the most expensive decisions that you may ever make will have to do with the decision to build a new data center for your company.

Data center automation/performance management and optimization


With this post we provide information on the need for enhanced performance management and optimization solutions for data centers. Enterprise data centers exist to deliver computing power to enterprise missions. They hold data, host applications and are key hubs in corporate communications. The larger the enterprise the more complex the data center is.

Solarflare: Revolutionizing the way enterprises scale, manage and secure data centers


Solarflare is a leading provider of application-intelligent networking I/O software and hardware that facilitate the acceleration, monitoring and security of network data. Research Team. With this post we are initializing our coverage of Solarflare.

World Bank and GSA Discuss Data Center Optimization and Consolidation 9 June


Learn best practices and lessons learned on data center optimization and consolidation from leaders who have proven past performance in this domain. Join Frank Butler of The World Bank and Dan Pomeroy of the GSA on 9 June at the Tower Club in Tysons Corner for a discussion of how they and their teams optimized and consolidated their data centers, resulting in increased efficiency and lower costs. Nlyte: For Data Center Infrastructure Management (

Modernize Your Data Center with An Award-Winning Object Storage Solution

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Digital transformation revolves around our ability to modernize our data center because that is where our data resides. The data center is no longer a physical location. Data holds the key to our success in this new digital era.

@MeriTalk Hosts Data Center Brainstorm 13 March 2014


Join MeriTalk’s Data Center Exchange for the third annual Data Center Brainstorm on Thursday, March 13, 2014 at the Knight Conference Center at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. CTO Data Events By Bob Gourley.

Navy Data Center Consolidation (DCC) Ashore - CTOvision


I recently heard the update given to the Gulf Coast Government Contractors Association (GCGCA) on 12 DEC about how the Navy plans to consolidate their data centers. I think this is important work and have been following

DriveScale Introduction – Smarter Data Center Infrastructure for Scale-Out


Big Data Cloud Computing VideoMichael Johnson. The video below provides context on DriveScale. DriveScale provides the only scale-out solution that enables administrators to bring the full benefit of their scale-out investment to their organizations.

If You Have A Data Center, Leverage Nlyte: Best in Gartner DCIM Magic Quadrant


Gartner has positioned Nlyte Software as the Leader within the Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Tools Magic Quadrant. Deferring build of new or expansion of existing data centers. Bob Gourley. Gartner calls out Nlyte benefits such as: Migration, consolidation and technology refresh. Improved availability and efficiency. Compliance with regulatory and legislation. Extension of SDDC management. Integration into all leading ITSM and virtualization platforms.

Netflix Closed Their Last Data Center – Should You Do The Same?

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The company sent an email out that announced that in a month they planned on shutting down their very last operational data center. They moved their Big Data platform into the cloud back in 2013 and their billing and payments processing made the trip in 2014.

The future of IT: Snapshot of a modern multi-cloud data center

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The death knell of the traditional corporate data center continues apace outside of a few rarified domains, as powerful new types of cloud data centers emerge that are designed to help enterprises regain control and flexibility in an operating universe now mostly dominated by large commercial clouds

Join Cognitio, the World Bank and Nlyte 9 June in an Examination of Data Center Optimization Strategies and Best Practices


On 9 June 2016 Cognitio and Nlyte are hosting a data center optimization leadership breakfast that will feature a moderated exchange of real world lessons learned and best practices. Hear from Frank Butler of The World Bank on how he and his team optimized and consolidated their data centers resulting in getting even more out of their operations. To request an invite to this dynamic exchange of lessons learned visit: Data Center Optimization Breakfast Invite Request.

DISA Tackling Hard Work And Making Tough Choices In Data Center Consolidation


The sunk cost of this infrastructure gives the DoD reliable and secure data transport, internal computer services and private cloud computing capabilities. These guys know data centers well. DISA TAKES STEP TOWARD DATA CENTER CONSOLIDATION.

NIH commits $24 million annually for Big Data Centers of Excellence


By Bob Gourley In what might be the best deployment of resources the government has made in decades, the National Institute of Health (NIH) is establishing a small number of “centers of excellence” to help researchers from throughout the nation improve their ability to ask bigger questions of data, including incredibly large datasets that have never been fully addressable before. In response, NIH launched the Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) initiative in December.

5 Trends Transforming Digital and IT Operations Management

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Facebook Scaling Out across Data Centers

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Jason Sobel has an interesting post on scaling out of Facebook on to a new data center in the East Coast at Virginia. Just wondering that Facebook still writes in one data center. A really interesting insight into some of the design decisions that have given us one of the most trafficked sites on the face of the planet today. Here are two points that struck me on reading the post.

The Death of Moore’s Law.  The Birth of Software-Defined Servers.


in-memory software-defined server in-memory performance infrastructure data center in-memory computing software-defined data center composable infrastructureIt has been over 50 years since Gordon Moore saw that transistor density doubles every two years. Over the decades, the interpretation of “Moore’s Law” has evolved to represent that the performance of microprocessors, and computers in general, is doubling every 18 months.

The State of Enterprise Compute

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Data Center Opinions ServersDuring the holiday break, and as we enter into a new year, I always like to reflect on the world of technology–where we have been and where we are heading.

Magic Three-peat: Gartner Recognizes Dell EMC as a Leader in Distributed File and Object Storage for Third Year in a Row

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We feel the report evaluates Distributed File and Object Storage vendors that help enterprises manage the rapid growth in unstructured data. Around the world, organizations are realizing that data is their most valuable asset. Data Center News Storage Awards

Customers and Partners Help Dell EMC Storage Finish Strong in 2018

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It’s been a year jam-packed with new innovations, products, industry accolades and recognitions, and based on recent IDC Worldwide Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker data – now three quarters of share gain in a row.

Making Large Data Sets Easy like Sunday Morning with the New PowerEdge R740xd2

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When we think of large data sets, Monday morning spilled coffee, traffic congestion and unpredictable delays come to mind. Cars and trains represent data traveling over the network at a rate that creates budgetary, space and performance constraints in the data center.

Save Time and Resources with Server Automation

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Data Center OpinionsDiscover how built-in automation and intelligent systems management technology in the Dell EMC PowerEdge server portfolio can help drive enterprise productivity. Today’s IT departments face significant challenges on several fronts.

Server Security: What to Look for in 2019

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Data Center Opinions Security Servers Security SolutionsFollowing a challenging year for server security, one big question remains: where is the industry headed in 2019? How do we rethink our approach in the wake of Spectre & Meltdown?

Mainframe modernization is key: How to make it happen in your organization


Enterprise IT, Data Centers, Legacy Code, Modernization, MainframeIn today's era of digital transformation, the mainframe's continuity stands out against a backdrop of near-constant change in global enterprise IT. But in 2019 it will also be key to your organization's transformation—as long as you take full advantage of the opportunity.

Making the Most of Data – and the Opportunity it Represents

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But what’s really driving it is data: management of it, access to it, and the ability to analyse it and put it to use. According to Gartner, by 2022, more than 80% of enterprise data will be stored in scale-out storage systems in enterprise and cloud data centers, up from 40% in 2018¹.

FPGAs vs. GPUs: A Tale of Two Accelerators

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Data Center Opinions ServersIn deep learning applications, FPGA accelerators offer unique advantages for certain use cases. In artificial intelligence applications, including machine learning and deep learning, speed is everything.

Making Headlines at SC18 with Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards

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Dell EMC brings homes three HPCwire awards — for workforce diversity, data analytics and HPC in life sciences. Data Center News Storage High Performance Computing

CIOs Are Asking: Why The Cloud and Why Now?

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In fact, 94% – 95% of all corporate data currently resides in private data centers. Why would a company consider moving from the familiar confines of their own private data centers and instead start to use the computing power offered by the cloud?

Cloud 68