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Managing multiple environments in the AWS CDK using YAML configuration files


One specific area where the deployment of Infrastructure as Code holds immense importance is in the context of a DTAP (Development, Testing, Acceptance, Production) environment. The DTAP street refers to the progression of software through different stages, starting from development and testing to final deployment in the production environment. By adopting IaC principles across the DTAP street, organizations can unlock numerous benefits and overcome the challenges associated with manual infrastr

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5 Best Cross Platform App Development Frameworks of 2023

The Crazy Programmer

In the realm of technology and business, it is evident that expanding one’s user base is crucial for driving revenue growth. In addition, having a robust cross-platform app has become increasingly essential in today’s rapidly advancing technological landscape. The rationale behind this is quite clear: by creating a cross-platform app, you can effectively reach a larger audience while maintaining cost-effectiveness.


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Privacy Enhancing Technologies: An Introduction for Technologists

Martin Fowler

Making data open and available to all helps us all understand our world and are thus better informed to shape the policies to run it. But such openness does come with problems - one in particular is the invasion of people's privacy. Detailed census information about household income helps debate and planning for local government, but can reveal personal information that citizens reasonably prefer to keep private.

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Remote Team Communication: How to Send Memorable Messages

Let's Grow Leaders

Capture Attention Through Better Remote Team Communication With so many people working from anywhere, effective remote team communication has never been more critical. But with so many digital distractions and competing priorities, how can you ensure that your team is paying attention to what matters most? In our leadership development programs, we help managers get better at remote team communication by tapping into four key principles of memory: recency, repetition, recall, and emotion.

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Apache Cassandra® NoSQL for the Relational DBA

Unleash the power of NoSQL with "Apache Cassandra® NoSQL for the Relational DBA." Learn from Lewis DiFelice, an experienced Professional Services Consultant at Instaclustr, as he shares his journey transitioning from SQL to managing a 40-node Cassandra cluster. Gain insights into Cassandra's architecture, configuration strategies, and best practices.

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Checkmarx Brings Generative AI to SAST and IaC Security Tools

Under an early access program, Checkmarx today made available query builder and guided automation tools that take advantage of OpenAI’s generative artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to make it simpler for developers to resolve application security issues. AI Guided Remediation surfaces actionable remediation recommendations for vulnerability issues such as misconfigurations directly from within integrated development environments […] The post Checkmarx Brings Generative AI to

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Large Language Models and Their Use Cases


The term “LLM” has been generating a lot of buzz on social media, with mentions often carrying an air of mystery or awe. What are LLMs exactly, and in which areas are they making a significant impact? This blog is an attempt to shed light on these questions. For many new to AI, an introduction […] The post Large Language Models and Their Use Cases appeared first on QBurst Blog.

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Sweat the details on your resume, especially if you are a developer or technology leader

Puppies, Flowers, Rainbows and Kittens

Photo by Vanessa Garcia Every hiring manager has things that will influence them positively or negatively about a person when reading their resume or CV. Given how critical attention to detail is for developers and technical leaders, lacking attention to detail is a warning flag for me and many other leaders I speak to. Your resume is a simple enumeration of your experience and the first sample of work you present to a potential employer.

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What Is a Cloud Operations Engineer?

CloudOps, short for cloud operations, refers to the processes, tools and strategies employed to manage, monitor and optimize the performance, security and availability of cloud-based infrastructure, applications and services. It encompasses a set of best practices and methodologies that ensure the smooth functioning of cloud environments, including resource provisioning, configuration management, automation, deployment, monitoring and […] The post What Is a Cloud Operations Engineer?

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Microservices With Apache Camel and Quarkus

Dzone - DevOps

Apache Camel is everything but a new arrival in the area of the Java enterprise stacks. Created by James Strachan in 2007, it aimed at being the implementation of the famous "EIP book" ( Enterprise Integration Patterns by Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf, published by Addison Wesley in October 2003). After having become one of the most popular Java integration frameworks in early 2010, Apache Camel was on the point of getting lost in the folds of history in favor of a new architecture model known as

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Future Focus: Constructing Unshakeable Stability in Your Manufacturing Supply Chain

Speaker: Jay Black, Senior Account Executive

We’ve all heard the buzzwords to describe new supply chain trends: resiliency, sustainability, AI, machine learning. But what do these really mean today? Over the past few years, manufacturing has had to adapt to and overcome a wide variety of supply chain trends and disruptions to stay as stable as possible. Stability has become key in this post-COVID world, and will remain key moving forward.

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4 Reasons Bulgaria is an Up-and-Coming Business Destination

CEO Insider

From the black sand beaches of Iceland to the Dolomites, the Eiffel Tower to the Colosseum, there is no shortage of wonders–both natural and man-made–in Europe. While these destinations are popular for a reason, often overlooked, underestimated, and forgotten are the less mainstream countries that boast equally beautiful and wondrous landmarks, culture, and history.

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Install Docker on a Linux system using the yum package manager


To install Docker on a Linux system using the yum package manager In Linux we have various packages manager for our use case use yum or dnf package manager (since amazon ec2 Linux recommend using the yum package manager for easy installation) we can follow these steps to install docker on Linux. Update the package manager by running the following command: step 1: sudo yum update step 2: sudo yum-config-manager –add-repo [link] After running the above command, we will get the below Error:

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Linux Foundation Europe to Host RISE Open Source Project

The Linux Foundation Europe, in collaboration with RISC-V International, announced today it will host a RISC-V Software Ecosystem (RISE) Project. Through the project, multiple organizations will contribute engineering and financial resources to harden critical open source software for use in commercial applications and enterprise IT environments. Founding members of the project include Andes, Google, Intel, […] The post Linux Foundation Europe to Host RISE Open Source Project appeared firs

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Database Integration Tests With Spring Boot and Testcontainers

Dzone - DevOps

With Spring Data JPA, you can easily create database queries and test them with an embedded H2 database. But sometimes, testing against a real database is much more useful, especially if we use queries tied to a specific database implementation.

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Finding The Application Modernization Strategy That Is Right For Your Business

As a business leader, you understand the importance of modernizing your applications. However, it can be difficult to find the right strategy. This whitepaper can help you modernize your apps without disrupting your business.

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Tenable Cyber Watch: OpenAI CEO Testifies Before Congress; Meet DarkBERT, New AI Trained on the Dark Web; and more


Curious to know how OpenAI CEO Sam Altman thinks AI should be regulated? Is your organization reporting cyber incidents after they happen? Interested in learning about DarkBERT, a new AI trained on the Dark Web? We’ve got you covered in this week’s edition of the Tenable Cyber Watch, our weekly video news digest highlighting three cybersecurity topics that matter right now.

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Prepare for the End of the Fiscal Year


For many nonprofits, the end of the fiscal year is fast approaching. If your financial calendar resets on July 1, you will no doubt already be working hard to ensure that budgets are met, reports are submitted, and you're ready for the next fiscal year.

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Five Great DevOps Job Opportunities is now providing a weekly DevOps jobs report through which opportunities for DevOps professionals will be highlighted to better serve our audience. Our goal in these challenging economic times is to make it easier for DevOps professionals to advance their careers. Of course, the pool of available DevOps talent is still relatively constrained, so […] The post Five Great DevOps Job Opportunities appeared first on

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Enhancing Collaboration and Efficiency in DataOps With Git

Dzone - DevOps

Recently, ChatGPT has gained popularity, sparking a wave of enthusiasm for large-scale model products. As a result, major companies have been introducing or planning to launch their own large-scale model products. As someone who witnessed the previous AI wave, I have been thrilled because I have always hoped that AI could intelligently handle complex data governance tasks, freeing data professionals from cumbersome data operations.

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From Hadoop to Data Lakehouse

Getting off of Hadoop is a critical objective for organizations, with data executives well aware of the significant benefits of doing so. The problem is, there are few options available that minimize the risk to the business during the migration process and that’s one of the reasons why many organizations are still using Hadoop today. By migrating to the data lakehouse, you can get immediate benefits from day one using Dremio’s phased migration approach.

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Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning in Higher Education


In this article, we will discuss how MentorMate and our partner eLumen leveraged natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) for data-driven decision-making to tame the curriculum beast in higher education. Here, we will primarily focus on drawing insights from structured and unstructured (text) data. Data Challenges in Higher Education To begin with, let’s look at the problem in the domain.

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Create a Custom 404 Error Page in Optimizely CMS 12


Errors may frustrate website users, but they can also reveal important information about how the site is being used and where it needs to be improved. You can use error pages to find broken links, find missing material, and diagnose other problems. Custom error pages can be made with the aid of Optimizely, which can assist website owners in troubleshooting difficulties and enhance user experience in general.

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Forget Change, Embrace Stability

DevOps is about change. It was introduced to accelerate change, and it has opened up a whole new world of tools and possibilities that are all based on the premise of changing IT. Starting with Agile, we now have DevOps variants and subprocesses that run the entire software development life cycle (SDLC) process. Want to […] The post Forget Change, Embrace Stability appeared first on

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Transactional Outbox Patterns Step by Step With Spring and Kotlin

Dzone - DevOps

The reason why we need a Transactional Outbox is that a service often needs to publish messages as part of a transaction that updates the database. Both the database update and the sending of the message must happen within a transaction. Otherwise, if the service doesn’t perform these two operations automatically, a failure could leave the system in an inconsistent state.

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Feedback Frenzy: Restoring Customer and Internal Alignment for Product Success

Speaker: Evan Leong - CEO & Founder, Product Signals

Customer feedback is integral to effective problem management and product development for senior product professionals. Despite its significance, many organizations struggle to collect and utilize feedback appropriately. How do industry leaders like Apple and Amazon successfully leverage customer and market insights to enhance their products, even with vast customer bases and extensive market data?

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There’s No Such Thing as an Insignificant Turn


Discover the significance of unexpected career turns. See how choices shape your path. Today’s guest post is by Steve McKee, author of TURNS: Where Business is Won and Lost (CLICK HERE to get your copy). If I were to ask you to identify three turning points in your career, it probably wouldn’t require too much thought for you to come up with them.

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Generative AI for the Enterprise


Riding the wave of the generative AI revolution, third party large language model (LLM) services like ChatGPT and Bard have swiftly emerged as the talk of the town, converting AI skeptics to evangelists and transforming the way we interact with technology. For proof of this megatrend look no further than the instant success of ChatGPT, where it set the record for the fastest-growing user base, reaching 100 million users in just 2 months after its launch.

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I Guess This is Growing Up: Devs and CISA’s Secure-by-Design Guidelines

With the downward pressure of a global recession, inflation and general post-pandemic turbulence underpinning disruption to multiple facets of life, it seems only fair that we in the IT, software and security industry would eventually feel the winds of change, too. We have rolled with the punches of escalating cybercrime and data breaches; the collective, […] The post I Guess This is Growing Up: Devs and CISA’s Secure-by-Design Guidelines appeared first on

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Send Email Using Spring Boot (SMTP Integration)

Dzone - DevOps

This article explores how to send emails from your very own Spring Boot application. Yes, you can have a dedicated REST API, which accepts the email sender's and receiver's email addresses, the subject, and the body — the classic attributes that make up a business email. This API can then be invoked at will from your front-end team by passing in the necessary parameters, and Voila!

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The Definitive Guide to Dashboard Design

Dashboard design can mean the difference between users excitedly embracing your product or ignoring it altogether. Great dashboards lead to richer user experiences and significant return on investment (ROI), while poorly designed dashboards distract users, suppress adoption, and can even tarnish your project or brand. That’s one of the many reasons we wrote The Definitive Guide to Dashboard Design—to help you avoid common pitfalls, including… Cramming too much onto one screen and expecting the u

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Aqua CNAPP Integrates with Amazon Security Lake

Aqua Security

Enabling Customers with Visibility and Remediation at Scale As the pioneer in cloud native security, Aqua has been at the forefront of CNAPP innovation. Today, we are pleased to announce our integration with Amazon Security Lake. This integration allows customers the insights needed to determine their risk posture across all their AWS cloud workloads.

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What is a Box and Whiskers Plot? Understanding a Powerful Tool for Data Visualization


What is a Box and Whiskers Plot? Understanding a Powerful Tool for Data Visualization. 1. Introduction Welcome to our exploration of the Box and Whiskers Plot, a fundamental tool in the world of data visualization. This type of plot, also known as a box plot, gives us a unique way to understand a dataset’s distribution and summary statistics in a graphical manner.

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Dinohead Chooses D2iQ Kubernetes Platform for Military Modernization


Among the system integrators that have chosen the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP) is Dinohead, an IT services and consulting firm that applies high levels of engineering expertise to commercial and government projects.After choosing the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP) as the basis for its container management solutions, Dinohead created production-ready Kubernetes management solutions for three U.S.