Puppet Deepens Windows Integration


Puppet today announced it has extended support for Windows environments across its portfolio of IT automation tools by adding an instance of the open source Chocolately package manager and a Group Policy Migration capability that enables multiple Windows configurations to be tracked simultaneously.

Windows Sandbox and Hypervisor-Based Isolation


Think of a modern laptop running a Windows 10 OS, for example. The post Windows Sandbox and Hypervisor-Based Isolation appeared first on DevOps.com. Blogs Containers DevSecOps containers hypervisor hypervisor isolation Windows Server Containers


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Chef Brings DevOps to Windows Platform Migrations


Chef and Microsoft revealed today that they are working together to apply DevOps processes to accelerate the migration of Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 to more current versions. The post Chef Brings DevOps to Windows Platform Migrations appeared first on DevOps.com. Blogs DevOps Toolbox News Chef Chef EAS devops microsoft Windows migration Windows Server

Windows Containers – What is it and why should we care?


Following the success of both Docker and containers on Linux, Microsoft developed a Windows container implementation on Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10. The post Windows Containers – What is it and why should we care? Containerized Delivery Containers Devops Docker Hyper-V Containers Windows Windows Server 2016 docker windowsThis post is originally published as article within SDN Magazine on February 28th, 2017.

Windows Updating

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windows. The post Windows Updating appeared first on I'm Programmer. Programming Funny Images Programming Jokes best programming jokes for windows Operating System Operating System Jokes windows updates Windows Updating

FlexDeploy Connectivity to Windows SSH Server


For Microsoft Windows, Cygwin was required to establish SSH connectivity. has introduced connectivity using Windows SSH server which is available. The post FlexDeploy Connectivity to Windows SSH Server appeared first on Flexagon. Automation DevOps Featured FlexDeploy SSH WindowsFlexDeploy utilizes SSH to communicate with remote server (known as Endpoint in FlexDeploy topology). I had described use of Copssh as well in a previous blog entry. Copssh is based on Cygwin.

How to Check Python Version in Windows, Linux and Mac

The Crazy Programmer

In this tutorial, we will see how to check the python version on Windows, Linux and macOS just with the help of terminal. How to Check Python Version in Windows. The post How to Check Python Version in Windows, Linux and Mac appeared first on The Crazy Programmer.

How to Uninstall Python on Windows, Mac and Linux

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So, in this post, we are going to see How to uninstall Python on Windows, Mac and Linux. Uninstall Python on Windows. Uninstalling Python on Windows is an easy task. Below are the steps to uninstall Python from Windows.

Windows 10 Evidences Transitions at Microsoft


When Microsoft released Windows 8 two years ago, its massive departure from its predecessor made a big splash in the technology community. Windows 8 represented a big change for Microsoft, which was investing heavily on the fact that desktop computers, laptops, and tablets were quickly converging toward a common platform. Announced in a blog post dated 30 September 2014, Windows 10 appears to have re-adopted many features of Windows 7, Windows 10’s grandfather.

NetApp Grabs CloudJumper to Manage Windows Desktops in the Cloud


NetApp today announced it has acquired CloudJumper, a provider of management tools for virtual desktops at a time when the rate at which Windows desktops are moving into the cloud is accelerating. The post NetApp Grabs CloudJumper to Manage Windows Desktops in the Cloud appeared first on DevOps.com. Blogs Infrastructure/Networking IT as Code cloud application CloudJumper NetApp SaaS virtual desktops Windows Virtual Desktops

A Hitchhiker?s Guide to Windows Containers

Linux Academy

This article will give you the full lowdown on Windows Containers, to prepare you to do just that. Why Windows? First, I want to acknowledge that there is a big difference between Linux and Windows containers. Windows, however, has been slow to adapt, proving a challenge (to say the least) to reduce bloat and properly isolate services. So why do we even need Windows containers? Docker on Windows is a port of Docker (not a fork). Windows Container Images.

Aqua Partners with GCP to Secure Windows Containers on GKE

Aqua Security

Windows containers have recently been gaining a lot of popularity, especially in the delivery of.NET applications and SQL server containers. Aqua Security has been working diligently with the Google Cloud team to support the launch of the new Windows GKE. This allows Aqua users to secure their GKE deployments using both Windows and Linux containers, giving them single-pane-of-glass visibility, consistent controls, and unified policy management.

How to Run Apache Kafka on Windows


Is Windows your favorite development environment? Do you want to run Apache Kafka® on Windows? Thanks to the Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 (WSL 2), now you can, and with […]. Application Linux Tutorial Apache Kafka

How Is Building Websites Different For iOS Users When Compared To Windows Users?

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Maybe you’ve thought of building an iOS app or a website for windows users but can’t decide how to go about it. The hardware you have at your disposal will influence whether you want to develop for Windows or iOS. You don’t face that problem with Windows websites.

Even Windows XP Got a Patch


The big question surrounding the vulnerability – besides how much vulnerable information it provided hackers – was whether or not Microsoft would provide assistance to Windows XP users, as the company officially stopped providing technical support for the operating system a few weeks ago. Regarding Windows XP, Microsoft’s report states that an update for the operating system is available today. By ShannonPerry.

EPM – Notable Differences Between Windows & Linux


Well, this weekend I finished standing up the Windows edition. In the Windows edition, I encountered none of those issues. Also copy aif.ear from Windows to Linux. In Windows, we still have the issue I wrote about for In Windows, it deploys just fine.

Linux 83

5 ways Ubuntu is better than Windows

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Microsoft has launched Windows 10 with the announcements that there are some great new additions to the operating system. But there are a few reasons why Ubuntu is better than Windows and can change your mind to work with Ubuntu. In this article, we discuss the difference between Ubuntu and Windows. 5 ways Ubuntu is better than Windows as follows. Currently, users using Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 Difference between Ubuntu and Windows. Windows.

That one simple difference between Windows users and Linux users

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The post That one simple difference between Windows users and Linux users appeared first on I'm Programmer. Programming Funny Images Programming Jokes Best Programming Jokes Linux Linux vs Windows software joke Windows Windows users vs Linux users Windows vs. Linux Compared

AWS Looks to Accelerate Windows Migrations to the Cloud


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is ratcheting up pressure on Microsoft by devoting more resources to enable IT organizations to migrate Windows workloads to the cloud. Fred Wurden, general manager for enterprise engineering at AWS, said a Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) for Windows, now generally available, provides IT teams with prescriptive guidance, consulting support, tools, training […].

Why Windows 10 Needs a Cloud-Ready Network


Read Nils Ullmann explain why any system running on Windows 10 needs a cloud-ready network on Computer Business Review : Digitalisation is a double-edged sword for many companies. On the […].

The eight practices for Containerized Delivery on the Microsoft stack – PRACTICE 3: Keep your Windows Containers up-to-date


The post The eight practices for Containerized Delivery on the Microsoft stack – PRACTICE 3: Keep your Windows Containers up-to-date appeared first on Xebia Blog. Containerized Delivery Containers Devops Docker Windows docker windowsThis post is originally published as article within SDN Magazine on October 13th, 2017. During the past year I supported several clients in their journey toward Containerized Delivery on the Microsoft stack.

Are You Running Windows Server 2008 or SQL Server 2008?

Dell EMC

Windows Servers 2008 support ends on January 14, 2020. If you are running this version of the Windows operating system, here’s what you need to be thinking about now. Data Center Opinions Servers PowerEdge WindowsIs it time to move? Server upgrades are moving. No one looks forward to moving, but in almost every occasion, the end result is worth it.

Applying Netflix DevOps Patterns to Windows

The Netflix TechBlog

Baking Windows with Packer By Justin Phelps and Manuel Correa Customizing Windows images at Netflix was a manual, error-prone, and time consuming process. Though the majority of our services run on Linux Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), there are still many services critical to the Netflix Playback Experience running on Windows Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances at scale. We looked at our process for creating a Windows AMI and discovered it was error-prone and full of toil.

Popular PowerShell Cmdlets for Windows Azure AD


Editor’s note: PowerShell is an object-oriented programming language and interactive command line for Microsoft Windows. It is designed with automation in mind, and remains an important element in managing and configuring Windows Azure. In this post, Natalie Lehrer provides insights into using PowerShell Cmdlets for Windows Azure AD.- Crafty Powershell scripting skills will set any cloud candidate apart from others seeking jobs that involve working with Windows Azure.

How To Make a Windows Keylogger By Yourself

Dzone - DevOps

windows tutorial devops hacking key enum recording keylogger hook keystroke recordingWhy Does an IT Security Specialist Need These Skills? Hacker world can be contingently divided into three groups: the so-called “skids” (script kiddies), “buyers”, and “black had coders”. The first group includes beginners who use well-known codes and utilities to create something resembling simple malicious software.

I love updates Windows 10!

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The post I love updates Windows 10! Programming Funny Images Programming Jokes Microsoft using AI to improve Windows 10 updates Update Windows 10 Windows 10 Updateappeared first on I'm Programmer.

JumpCloud Extends Cloud Directory Platform with New Windows App to Simplify Credential Management & Combat Phishing Attacks


11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — JumpCloud, the world’s first Directory-as-a-Service®, today announced the release of the JumpCloud App for Windows, the latest update to its patent-pending strategy for enabling secure credential and identity management from an employee’s device.

How to Prepare for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 End of Life


Time is running out for support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008/R2. Has your organization begun preparing for the Windows 7 end of life? Over 98 percent of the computers affected by the ransomware were running some version of Windows 7 which was still being supported and patched at the time. Currently, about 37 percent of users worldwide run the Windows 7 OS on their computers. Migrating to Windows 10 can be complicated.

CVE-2020-15999, CVE-2020-17087: Google Chrome FreeType and Microsoft Windows Kernel Zero Days Exploited in the Wild


A pair of zero-day vulnerabilities in Google Chrome (CVE-2020-15999) and Microsoft Windows (CVE-2020-17087) were chained together and exploited in the wild in targeted attacks. Google has addressed CVE-2020-15999 and CVE-2020-16009 in Google Chrome for Desktop for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Dell EMC and Microsoft Deliver for the Data Center with Windows Server 2019

Dell EMC

Dell EMC PowerEdge R740xd running Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2017 processed 6.7 i] Promising seamless integration on-premise, in the cloud and everywhere in between, the new Windows Server 2019 is designed to support you at every stage in your transformation journey. Dell EMC is excited to partner with Microsoft on the announcement of Windows Server 2019, with a full-range of proven solutions. Data Center News Servers Microsoft PowerEdge Windows

This is the End: Windows XP


We knew this day would come – when Windows XP, the twelve-year-old operating system for Windows, stops receiving technical support from Microsoft. While the transition does not mark the death of Windows XP necessarily , as you can still choose to use whatever operating system you want, it does mean that Microsoft will no longer provide security patches for XP to address new vulnerabilities. But most Americans encounter Windows XP way more often than they think.

Windows Server Has Arrived On Linux Academy Cloud Playground

Linux Academy

We teach the whole cloud computing technology stack including working with Linux and Windows in a business environment. Recently, Linux has started disrupting some traditional workloads, and it’s honestly thanks to Microsoft which has ported things like SQL servers and the.net framework to run natively on Linux, not to mention the availability of Windows Subsystem for Linux. The clips below show just how quickly students can spin up a Windows sandbox to practice in.

FireEye releases ThreatPursuit, a Windows VM for threat intel analysts


FireEye, a top cybersecurity company, has released a new pre-configured virtual machine (VM) that was specifically set up to help threat intelligence analysts hunt down adversaries. Named the ThreatPursuit VM, […]. News FireEye

Windows Event Log Types | Roadmap to Securing Your Infrastructure

Linux Academy

I believed that Windows systems would log all the necessary events right out of the box. So now that we can see those default logging parameters in Windows, simply aren’t enough for a security-centric organization, what do we do about it? Lastly, we all know how important the registry hive is to Windows. The post Windows Event Log Types | Roadmap to Securing Your Infrastructure appeared first on Linux Academy Blog.

CVE-2020-1350: Wormable Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in Windows DNS Server Disclosed (SIGRed)


Researchers disclose a 17-year old wormable flaw in Windows DNS servers. On July 14, Microsoft patched a critical vulnerability in Windows Domain Name System (DNS) Server as part of Patch Tuesday for July 2020. According to the researchers, the vulnerability has persisted in Windows DNS Server for 17 years. CVE-2020-1350 is a critical remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability in Windows DNS servers due to the improper handling of DNS requests.