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agile42 is proud to present a new TV series format: Scrum Survivor! Continue reading Scrum Survivor at agile42. Scrum Survivor agile April Fools scrumThree software development teams of 7±2 people will battle it out on reality TV. Who will be the winner?


Reflections from a Non-Technical Scrum Master

Agile Alliance

Process agile software development extreme programming scrum scrum master video


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Reflections of an Undercover Scrum Master

Agile Alliance

Dane took a two-year break from his job as a Scrum Master to join a development team. His perspectives as both a developer and Scrum Master are insightful. People scrum scrum masterOur latest conversation is with Dane Weber.


The Scrum Framework, Illustrated

With the launch of the new Scrum Guide, we also created a new illustration of the Scrum framework. The focus on one Scrum Team that includes the Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Developers.


A Masterclass in How to Navigate the Messy Connection Between Work and Value in Your Team

Speaker: Dave West, CEO of

In this talk, Dave West, CEO of, discusses the interesting, messy connection between work and value. He outlines how changes to the Scrum Guide have shone a spotlight on the challenge that many teams face when delivering more value.

Scrum Framework 2020 Poster

On November 18, 2020 Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland published a new version of the Scrum Guide. We updated our Scrum Framework poster to reflect the Scrum Guide 2020. You can download our free Scrum Framework poster here.


Scrum and Micro-Retrospectives

Agile Alliance

Process continuous improvement retrospective scrumOne of the twelve principles behind the Agile Manifesto says: “At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjusts its behavior accordingly”.


Scrum Guide 101: Scrum in a Nutshell Requires a Scrum Master

In this episode of Scrum Guide 101 , let's take a look at " Scrum in a Nutshell " as described in Scrum Guide 2020. The Scrum Team turns a selection of the work into an Increment of value during a Sprint. Want to learn more about Scrum?


Scrumban Should NOT Just Be a Hybrid of Scrum and Kanban

Agile Alliance

The post Scrumban Should NOT Just Be a Hybrid of Scrum and Kanban first appeared on Agile Alliance. Process hybrid just in time kaizen kanban kanban board lean lean kanban scrum


Scrum Masters are People Too – Give ‘Em a Break, and a Hand

Agile Alliance

There are great Scrum Masters and lousy Scrum Masters. Scrum Masters are people too. People agile teams scrum scrum masterThere are also great and lousy managers, developers, testers, salespeople, and neighbors.


Team Leadership in the Age of Agile

Speaker: Roy Osherove, Technology and Leadership Consultant

To do this, you've learned a wide variety of techniques and methodologies - SCRUM, Kanban, TDD, DevOps, self-organized teams, and much more.

Scrum I Got

. . Scrum I Got (parody of What I Got by Sublime). Chad teaches many courses - whether you are new to Scrum or ready to take Scrum to the next level. Early in the morning, time for our Daily Scrum. Scrum’s what I got, a framework I teach. Scrum’s what I got.


Growing as a Scrum Master and Beyond


Last Wednesday, the 11th of November, we ran our webinar "Growing as a Scrum Master and Beyond"! Continue reading Growing as a Scrum Master and Beyond at agile42. This topic clearly resonated with many, as we.


Scrum Guide: A Sacred Text?


As practitioners, the Scrum Guide is an important document and embodies core shared values, aims, and language. Specifically: should we view the Scrum Guide as something like a Sacred Text, or in some other way? Free your mind and your Scrum will follow.


6 - Evénements Scrum : Daily Scrum

Le Daily Scrum est un évènement quotidien destiné à l'Équipe de Développement et qui a pour but de planifier le travail des prochaines 24 heures. Le Daily Scrum a lieu toujours au même endroit et à la même heure, pour réduire la complexité. Le Daily Scrum n'est pas.


La Guía Scrum 2020 (Scrum Guide 2020)

En noviembre de 2020, los co-creadores de Scrum, Ken Schwaber y Jeff Sutherland, han publicado una actualización de la Guía de Scrum. . Para ayudar a ver y comprender estos cambios, creamos esta comparación lado a lado de la Guía Scrum 2020 y la Guía Scrum 2017. .


Using Scrum for Improving Operations

I'm encountering more and more people that are trying to solve different kind of problems with Scrum: People designing Consumer Goods. One of the key questions I start a conversation about Scrum with is Why - Why do we need Scrum? Should we use Scrum for Operational Processes?


YDS: Does the Scrum Master Attend the Daily Scrum?

On today’s episode of YOUR DAILY SCRUM: Does the Scrum Master attend the Daily Scrum? Today's question is about the Daily Scrum and whether or not a Scrum Master should attend this Scrum Event.


Scrum Master Interview Questions (4): From Metrics to Kicking off Scrum to Scrum Anti-Patterns

Some time ago, someone on Reddit asked whether there would be any other profession that requires attending a 2-day training class and would then pay as well as a Scrum Master job. So far, this Scrum Master interview guide has been downloaded more than 18,000 times. ??


YDS: How Does a Scrum Master Protect a Scrum Team?

On today’s episode of YOUR DAILY SCRUM: How does a Scrum Master protect a Scrum Team? Today's question is from a viewer who wants to know how a Scrum Master protects a Scrum Team.


Scrum as Superhero


How Scrum Saved the Day. That’s the Scrum way. A very small and very focused Scrum Team came in to get the job done. The Scrum Team used an incremental and iterative approach to: Respond to changes in requirements as they arose. Think your company could use a little superhero help from Scrum? We’ve got Scrum 3.0 Scrum Tips 3back 3Back Training Courses complex projects complex software Product Ownership scrum Scrum 3.0


Posturas del Scrum Master

El Scrum Master es un líder servicial, un rol transformador, un rol de cambio. Su forma de actuar es indirecta, facilitando en todo momento la autogestión del Equipo Scrum para lograr el Objetivo del Producto. El Scrum Master brinda servicios a todo el Equipo Scrum y la Organización.


Growing as a Scrum Master and Beyond


Last Wednesday, the 11th of November, we ran our webinar "Growing as a Scrum Master and Beyond"! Continue reading Growing as a Scrum Master and Beyond at agile42. This topic clearly resonated with many, as we.


YDS: What Does a Scrum Master Care About?

On today’s episode of YOUR DAILY SCRUM: What does a Scrum Master care about? Today's question asks what a Scrum Master truly cares about when working with a Scrum Team and the wider organization. Join Ryan and Todd in a Professional Scrum training course: [link


The Simple Guide To Scrum - 1 Pager

has created The Simple Guide To Scrum – 1 Pager. A condensed and visual representation of Scrum on 1 page. When I was learning Scrum I always wanted a Scrum 1 Pager or cheat sheet to help, but nothing I found was very useful.


Hey, Scrum Master!

Hey, Scrum Masters! Hey, Scrum Master (parody of Hey, Soul Sister by Train). Chad teaches many courses - whether you are new to Scrum or ready to take Scrum to the next level. Hey, Scrum Master Lyrics. Hey, Scrum Master, I know we're a disaster.


The Scrum Values from the Scrum Master’s perspective

Therein lies the importance of the Scrum Values, for different people and roles involved in Scrum. Having explored the Scrum Values from a Product Owner perspective and from Stakeholders perspective , I want to now consider the Scrum Values from the Scrum Master’s perspective. . . .


Alternative Scrum Framework Poster

We have redesigned our Scrum Framework poster and have made some changes. . . . Scrum Events . The heart of Scrum is a Sprint, a time-box of one month or less” [2]. Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review & Sprint Retrospective . Scrum Artifacts .


New Scrum Sticker!

I love Ruck & Roll Sticker Scrum Teams love Ruck + Roll ! Share your passion for Scrum on your laptop or office environment with this conversation piece. . We will also add a Scrum Poster which is based on the latest Scrum Guide 2020. . Scrum Poster


Article: Surviving Zombie Scrum

InfoQ Articles

The book Zombie Scrum Survival Guide by Christiaan Verwijs, Johannes Schartau, and Barry Overeem aims to support teams that are stuck in Zombie Scrum. Scrum Teamwork Agile Practices Assessment Adopting Agile Book Review Culture & Methods article


Sleepwalking Through Scrum


How do we recognize when the way we’re “doing Scrum“ is impeding our Agility? Two alternative scenarios are possible: The Team has fully internalized Agile [1] practice in the past but now seems to be sleepwalking through the Ceremonies [2] : the Team’s Agile practice has gotten stale, we’re sleepwalking through Scrum. This can happen even with Scrum, the whole purpose of which is to help deal with reality in Scrum. Scrum Mastering.


Daily Scrum: Is it a Waste of Time?

Agile Alliance

Daily Scrum? Daily Scrum is just a chance for the Scrum Master to show up and micromanage. Daily Scrum is for reporting status, but I could do that in an email. People collaboration scrumIt’s a waste of time and interrupts my work. Do any of these complaints sound familiar? These days, it’s become rather trendy to deride … Continued.


YDS: Which Marvel Superhero Would Be the Best Scrum Master?

On today’s episode of YOUR DAILY SCRUM: Which Marvel superhero would be the best Scrum Master? A view asked us to figure out which Marvel superhero would be the best Scrum Master. They are the co-founders of Agile for Humans , the premiere Scrum and Kanban training organization.


Scrum Guide Upgrade Kit

As many of you probably already know, the Scrum Guide 2020 will be officially launched this Wednesday NOV 18 by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland. Scrum is also turning 25!


Scrum 101: An Introduction to Scrum

During a People Side of Software meetup in Chicago, Robert Pieper, Principal Advisor of Responsive Advisors shared the basics of Scrum.


Scrum in Healthcare


Scrum in Healthcare: Operating Room Process Improvements Lead to Better Outcomes for Patients and More Revenue for Providers. And they partnered with Scrum Inc. Joining the Scrum Inc. We and our partners began using Scrum in a single pod of three operating rooms.

YDS: How Does a Scrum Team Handle Scope Creep?

On today’s episode of YOUR DAILY SCRUM: How does a Scrum Team handle scope creep? Today's question asks how a Scrum Team can handle scope creep. Ryan Ripley and Todd Miller are the author of Fixing Your Scrum: Practical Solutions to Common Scrum Problems.


Scrum Master or The Scrum Master

If you are new to Scrum Framework or would like to visit Scrum quickly, here is 3 minutes watch for you to get an idea about essential elements of Scrum. . . . What do we want to see our Scrum Masters doing most of the time? . .


Fix Your Boring Daily Scrums

Imagine Developers arriving at the Daily Scrum feeling like they want the monotony of it to end. The developers mechanically answering the three question format of the Daily Scrum: What have I done since yesterday to make progress towards the Sprint Goal?


YDS: Can We Do Scrum with a Distributed (Remote) Scrum Team?

On today’s episode of YOUR DAILY SCRUM: Can we do Scrum with a distributed (remote) Scrum Team? Today's question is all about distributed Scrum Teams. Ryan Ripley and Todd Miller are the author of Fixing Your Scrum: Practical Solutions to Common Scrum Problems.