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The Real Reasons for Doing Test-Driven Development ??


Here’s a secret: it’s not for the tests. Learn about the actual goal and values hidden under the surface of Test-Driven Development. Test-Driven Development (TDD) is a controversial topic amongst developers. It is a vehicle to drive development. Why do people apply TDD?

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Test-Driven Development in Cobol

Agile Alliance

The post Test-Driven Development in Cobol first appeared on Agile Alliance. Mainframe systems have always been around, quietly processing 80% or more of financial transactions worldwide while people's attention was focused on colorful and innovative front-ends. Now mainframes are enjoying a resurgence.


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Test Driven Development with Databricks


I don’t like testing Databricks notebooks and that’s a problem. I like Test Driven Development. Databricks has documentation for unit testing. I tried to test one notebook using another notebook. I like Databricks. Not in an evangelical; 100% code coverage or fail kind of way.

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React Test-driven Development: From User Stories to Production


Employing a test-driven development (TDD) approach in React projects tends to be straightforward, especially with the aid of Jest and Enzyme. In this article, Toptal JavaScript Developer Dave Hyungmok Lee demonstrates his React TDD process, from epics and user stories to development and production.

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Effortlessly Streamlining Test-Driven Development and CI Testing for Kafka Developers

Dzone - DevOps

Test-driven development has gained popularity among developers as it gives developers instant feedback and can identify defects and problems early.

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Applying Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) in a Bank

Agile Alliance

My guest for this interview was Sebastián Ismael, a software professional and visiting lecturer from Argentina. Sebastián has been been with Grupo Esfera, a boutique software consulting company in Buenos Aires, for eight years. The firm serves very large companies in Argentina and elsewhere.

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Agile Book Club: Test-Driven Development (with Mike “GeePaw” Hill and J.B. Rainsberger)

James Shore

Test-Driven Development is one of the few truly new Agile ideas. Test-Driven Development. ?? Fast, Reliable Tests. ?? He’s a software development coach who works with software organizations around the world. Discussion prompts: Test-Driven Development works best when you take small steps.