Benefits of Continuous Delivery

Henrik Warne

For the past two years, we have been using continuous delivery at work. Continuous delivery is by far the best way in my opinion, and here is why: Benefits. For continuous deployment to work, there are many preconditions that have to be met.

The Linux Foundation Launches Continuous Delivery Foundation

The Linux Foundation announced it will provide the home base for a vendor-neutral Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) committed to making it easier to build and reuse DevOps pipelines across multiple continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) platforms.

Kubernetes-native continuous delivery pipelines with Brigade


In my quest for the ultimate tool for continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines on a Kubernetes cluster, I’ve previously looked at well-known options such as Gitlab and Jenkins. The post Kubernetes-native continuous delivery pipelines with Brigade appeared first on Xebia Blog. CD CI Containerized Delivery Continuous delivery;architecture Kubernetes brigade CICD continuous delivery docker kubernetes Testing

Death of the Release: The Move to Continuous Delivery and Experimentation

As we move from continuous delivery to continuous experimentation, we also must develop new practices As software development processes have evolved, we have mostly said goodbye to the idea of defined product versions.

Best Practices for Micro-Services Management, Traceability and Visualization

Speaker: Robert Starmer, Cloud Advisor, Founding Partner at Kumulus Technologies

This session will cover: Service Mesh - managing distributed systems communications for continuous delivery environments.

Always-on Development: Why Continuous Delivery Relies on Security by Design

How continuous delivery can help organizations in their application security efforts The old model of developing secure applications followed a structured, siloed, step-by-step process—build, check, release.

How Continuous Delivery Broke Your Application Reliability – and What You Need to Do to Fix It


NEW POST How Continuous Delivery Broke Your Application Reliability – and What You Need to Do to Fix It [link] And indeed, introducing Continuous Integration into the mix helps us merge and deploy code faster.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery on AWS

Mike Roberts

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) are techniques that I’ve had a passion about for a long time. we help people create a Continuous Deployment pipeline before they start getting into the nitty-gritty of Serverless Architecture.

Continuous Delivery in the World of Serverless


Here at CloudZero we're building the world's first Serverless Reliability Management platform, enabling our customers to forecast reliability and address weaknesses in their cloud deployments before they become incidents. Serverless

On-Demand Webinar: Quality Gates and Feedback Loops in Continuous Delivery


Code quality gates and contextual feedback loops are the CI/CD building blocks that define the emerging practice of Continuous Reliability (CR). They can be the difference between hoping your code might work in production to knowing it will.

Machine Learning Is Ready to Help You Avoid Continuous Delivery Errors

The New Stack

Machine learning and continuous delivery (CD): is it an awesome concept, or just the latest grating set of marketing buzzwords? Consider referring to Steps six and seven as “continuous verification (CV)” — and then use unsupervised machine learning to automate these steps.

How Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery will Help You Get Your Organization Ready to Deliver Great Software

Cabot Solutions

In this article we discuss how Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery can help you get your organization ready to deliver great software


Industry group creates foundation for development and promotion of open source CD-related projects LONDON, UK – March 12, 2019 4:05PM – CloudBees, the enterprise DevOps leader powering the continuous economy, today announced the launch of the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CD Foundation or CDF), a new foundation that will operate under the umbrella of the Linux […].

The Real World, Enterprise Road to Continuous Delivery


True, the road to continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), DevOps’ core processes, can be a long one. Given the dynamic competitive environment, executive management decided to undergo a broad, corporate digital transformation, including a ‘digital rejuvenation’ of its consumer bank – while continuing the steady pace of acquisition. Guest post by Jason Bloomberg , of Intellyx LLC.

On continuous delivery

Utpal Writes

It doesn’t have to be a perfect delivery. Not delivering is usually the wrong delivery. Just make one. In fact, make quite a lot of. Decide to deliver early and often. Just deliver. It’s okay if your software still needs some improvement. Whether you delivered it or not, matters. Certainly, it’s unsafe and throbbing. That’s what. That’s why it’s a most valuable tool. and did someone tell you that you’re part of an agile project?

EventStorming and how to monitor Domain Events for product management


Continuous Delivery Domain Driven Design EventStorming Monitoring Product Management continuous delivery Domain Events EventstormingWe design, model, and create software to solve a problem for our customer (this can also be a customer from within the same company). Only when we do so, we focus naturally on solving the happy path and want to deliver that value as soon as possible. The only problem here is that we will […].

How to Overcome the Nine Deadly Continuous Delivery Pipeline Mistakes

CollabNet VersionOne

A successful continuous delivery pipeline is not achieved by following a specific linear chain of events. Start the webinar now: The post How to Overcome the Nine Deadly Continuous Delivery Pipeline Mistakes appeared first on CollabNet VersionOne Blog.

4 Steps to Improving Your Team’s Continuous Security

The post 4 Steps to Improving Your Team’s Continuous Security appeared first on Blogs Continuous Delivery DevSecOps application security automation continuous security devsecops

Deploying into Azure App Service using Azure DevOps CI/CD Pipeline

This article demonstrates how to deploy an application into Azure App Service using Azure DevOps (VSTS) continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. Blogs Continuous Delivery application development CI/CD cloud application Microsoft Azure

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SoulCycle Flexes Its Muscles with DevOps and CI/CD

Blogs Business of DevOps Continuous Delivery DevOps Practice Features News application development AWS CI/CD containers devops Google Cloud Platform Harness kubernetes Podium SoulCycle

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How CI/CD Can Fast-Track Next-Gen Media Rollouts

Blogs Continuous Delivery DevOps Practice Doin' DevOps automated delivery pipeline CI/CD CRQ media rollouts open source

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‘DevOoops’ Moves: SCM Conflicts

DevOps’ ultimate aim is to create efficiencies in the software delivery process. Blogs Continuous Delivery DevOps Toolbox CI/CD Devops or DevOoops GIT github SCMBut it doesn’t always work out that way.

How to protect your code against malicious hackers without spending days on refactoring


CD Continuous delivery;architecture Continuous deployment Security UncategorizedDuring our work as penetration testers, we found that there are lots of vulnerabilities being introduced in applications. Vulnerabilities that could have been prevented in an early stage of development. Sadly these are often the same vulnerabilities over and over again. Luckily the IT development landscape is changing. We can see the latest trend in […].

Nullable Types

Continuous Delivery ROELBOBThe post Nullable Types appeared first on

SauceCon Speaker Profile: Phil Wells

SauceCon brings together the global community of Sauce Labs users and continuous testing experts to learn from each other and level up their automated testing and continuous delivery skills. This is the seventh in a series of articles highlighting speakers at SauceCon 2019.

Akamai Extends Scope of DevOps Reach

Akamai today moved to further extended the number of capabilities it exposes via its content delivery network (CDN) that are designed to appeal to DevOps teams. Blogs DevOps Toolbox News Akamai cdn CI/CD content delivery network continuous delivery continuous integration devops

Build and secure containers to support your CI/CD pipeline


CD CI Containers Continuous Delivery Decentralized Design Patterns Devops DevSecOps Docker Git Infrastructure as code Learning Monitoring Security Software Development UncategorizedThere are 2 systems in any company that are critical: the payroll system, and the CI/CD system. You may ask… If the payroll system doesn’t work, people will leave the company and the company (may) face legal problems; the CI/CD system is the gateway to production. If it is down and there is a […].

Going from a Value Stream Map to Value Stream Optimisation


CD CI Continuous Delivery Continuous deployment DevopsRead this blog if you already have a Value Stream Map (VSM) and you are wondering how to reap its benefits using a structured process. If you need to know why and how you should make a VSM, please read the article ‘How to create a Value Stream Map’ written by my colleague Michiel Sens. Don’t […]. The post Going from a Value Stream Map to Value Stream Optimisation appeared first on Xebia Blog.

7 DevOps Lessons in 2018: The Path to DevOps Success in 2019

Blogs Continuous Delivery DevOps Culture DevOps Practice News culture devops implementation lessons learned processes toolsWe all learn from mistakes, right? But it would be better if we learned faster and didn’t repeat them in our future exercises.

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‘DevOoops’ Moves: Poorly Defined KPIs

DevOps’ ultimate aim is to create efficiencies in the software delivery process. Blogs Continuous Delivery DevOps Culture DevOps Practice cloudbees devops key performance indicators KPIs testingBut, it doesn’t always work out that way.

Survey: DevOps Progress Slow, but Steady

On the plus side, the survey found that more than half of respondents (57 percent) are encountering fewer bugs and outages after deploying a continuous integration/continuous […].

Atlassian Adds Pre-Configured Pipelines to Bitbucket CI/CD

Blogs Continuous Delivery DevOps Toolbox News Bitbucket CI/CD DevOps processes pipeline toolsOne of the primary reasons DevOps processes have not been widely adopted across the enterprise is that building pipelines across all the tools required is a painstaking effort.

DevOps Chat: JFrog Acquires Shippable

Blogs Business of DevOps DevOps Chat Features Podcasts acquisition application development CI/CD continuous delivery continuous integration devops chat jfrog ShippableThe big news in DevOps today was the acquisition of Shippable by JFrog.

How to Automate HIPAA Compliance with DevOps

Blogs Continuous Delivery DevOps Practice automation healthcare HIPAA regulatory complianceDevOps can help make HIPAA compliance more achievable Automating the provisioning of HIPAA-compliant server infrastructure enables compliant hosting service providers with the ability to provision and deploy infrastructure-as-code with minimal human intervention.

Life of a C# Developer: How to build and test an AWS Lambda locally


The post Life of a C# Developer: How to build and test an AWS Lambda locally appeared first on Xebia Blog.NET.NET Core Behaviour Driven Development CI Serverless AWS Lambda bdd C# continuous delivery docker Serverless testing test automation TestingToday Serverless is a thing.

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Control: For the User, by the User, of the User


As mentioned in the preceding articles in this series “ Continuous Development: ‘Times Are a-Changin’” and “How to Deploy Like Nobody’s Watching , ” developers are using feature flags as a best practice to reduce risk in development cycles by separating code deployments from feature releases. For older methods of software delivery, this risk is exacerbated due to longer dev cycles and bigger releases. Continuous Delivery is the idea of moving from monthly forecasting to hourly.

Continuous Development: ‘Times Are a-Changin’


In 2014, I left VMware for GitHub, and I was in awe of how they sometimes released multiple updates per day using practices like automated testing and continuous integration, short-lived branching, and continuous deployment. Create a Continuous Experiment. The primary goal for teams moving to a Continuous Delivery development model is agility. Continuous Delivery DevOps continuous delivery SDLC waterfall

How to Deploy Like Nobody’s Watching


There is a continuous desire in DevOps to have a greater connection between the development of a service or application and the operation of the code in production. But this independent delivery of services has also shed light on the tight coupling that often persists after services are separated. Enterprises are also being confronted with an increasing number of use cases that require the delivery of a personalized application experience.

How Atlassian Uses Feature Management to Continuously Deliver


Continuous Delivery. These improvements have been driven by a cultural shift to a continuous delivery approach. While LaunchDarkly is not the only continuous delivery tool in use, they recognize that feature flagging and feature management are an integral part of making the continuous delivery process successful. Without a continuous delivery approach, this recent project could have been a multiyear project.

The Cost Center Trap


1] But when an organization adopts continuous delivery practices, the concept of final operating capability – not to mention maintenance – disappears. Just as in the days when JIT was young, continuous delivery has introduced a paradigm shift that messes up the balance sheet.