Leadership Drives Digital Transformation Success


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21st Century Leadership - Prologue


A number of people inside and outside Scrum.org collaborated with me in 2018 and early 2019, to talk about 21st-century executive leadership. 21st-century executive leadership, what to stop doing . For executives and for change agents who deal with executives in large contexts.

Leadership – No Talent Required

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Here’s the thing – the foundational elements of leadership require no skill or talent whatsoever. In today’s post I’ll share 6 leadership characteristics that require zero talent or skill. In the list that follows I’m going to share with you 6 leadership characteristics that require absolutely no talent or ability, but that must be present in order to succeed over the long-haul as a leader.

Motherhood and Leadership


You taught me vision, tenacity, servant leadership, giving autonomy, empathy, and vulnerability. My mother was the first person who showed me unconditional love. My mother gave me direction and supported me along whatever journey or passion I was chasing. She picked me up when I fell.

How to Package and Price Embedded Analytics

industry as a whole, with their leadership involved in the. HOW TO PACKAGE & PRICE EMBEDDED ANALYTICS. Practical Frameworks to Monetize Embedded Analytics Table of Contents Embedding Analytics to Lift Value and Revenue. 1 Customize to Monetize: The Strategic Way to Create Tiered Offerings.

Servant Leadership at Vistaprint

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I met with them along with Serena Godfrey (who the report was about) and some members of her leadership team. Earlier in the day, Serena and three members of her leadership team — Bryan Stewart, Nigel Thomas, and Randy Malcom — were … Continued. At Agile2018, I had a conversation with experience report authors David Grabel and David Reichert.

The Qualities of Leadership


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Leadership is the Connective Tissue


Leadership means having the responsibility to enable an environment that harnesses the full intellectual talent of an organization. However, this type of collaboration at the leadership level only brings awareness.

A Tale of two Leadership Styles


Recently, experts declared that when a work is done, under an individual who carries a good leadership skill in this troublesome habitat, it is likely to bear good fruit, unlike a surrounding that is much more peaceful. How To Understand The Individuals With Leadership Skills?

Agile Leadership — A Brief Overview of Concepts and Ideas


TL; DR: Agile Leadership. I recently started aggregating my notes, links, and references related to agile leadership to understand better what it — in the context of an agile transition — may look like. Let’s examine some favorite ideas and concepts around agile leadership.

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Driving Discovery and Experimentation in your Organization

Speaker: Teresa Torres, Product Discovery Coach, Product Talk, David Bland, Founder and CEO, Precoil, and Hope Gurion, Product Coach and Advisor, Fearless Product LLC

The Journey of Servant Leadership: Iron Sharpens Iron

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Each day I reflecting upon the journey of servant leadership , what I now define as “relational leadership”. You will find that the premise with every leadership book is the attempt to improve yourself or your organization to achieve higher levels of performance.

Leadership?—?Succession Planning and Philanthropy


I have spoken countless times on leadership, organizational change, and innovation, but never exclusively on Cerebral Palsy. I have been fortunate enough to have a successful career as a change agent. I leverage my experience of navigating the world with Cerebral Palsy?—?a

6 Defining Values of a Leadership Culture

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Twelve years after launching culture change consulting services, I am finally sitting down to write about six defining values of a leadership culture. No surprise that all six values rise and fall on leadership. I was already delivering strategic planning, sales and marketing strategy and leadership recruiting services, all of which helped grow organizations, but the culture cog was missing. Here are six leadership values that impact culture: Leadership Cares.

Workplace Wellbeing—A Strategy for Leadership

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A focus on continuous professional development will help employees authentically link wellbeing to leadership, ethics and integrity; allowing your business to thrive, remain highly competitive and have a strong social responsibility ethic underpinning all that it does.

How Top Engineering Leaders Build High-Performance Teams That Deliver Results

How Communities of Practice and Leadership Build Your Workforce Leadership Skills


Communities of Practice and Leadership. Now the question is, how does CoP help in developing leadership skills among your employees? Is it possible to integrate leadership training in a CoP even if the centre of conversation of its members is all about their respective domains?

11 Inspiring Leadership Secrets from Bonsai

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As I’ve studied bonsai, I realized there are many leadership secrets available for leaders who want […]. The post 11 Inspiring Leadership Secrets from Bonsai appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. A mature bonsai tree commands attention.

Extreme Leadership BBQ

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This is perhaps my favorite part of our Extreme Leadership Certification classes. They’ve all gone through the Extreme Leadership workshop. They’ve all developed an Extreme Leadership action plan. Everyone enjoys a great barbecue, right?

Leadership and Digital Transformation

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Encouraging Innovation in an Established Product Culture

Speaker: Richard Cardran, Chief Creative Officer and VP Strategy, HIA Technologies

The Hidden Leadership Problem with Passion

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One problem with passion is that it’s no substitute for good leadership Passion is good. The post The Hidden Leadership Problem with Passion appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. You want team members who love their work and serve their customers with passion.

Easy Button Leadership (EBL)

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In my book Ignite Your Leadership Expertise , I wrote that leaders make life easier, less complicated and more fun for those around them. Here are some of the ways you can employ Easy Button Leadership (or, EBL for short) for the leaders you serve.

Connections - Leadership isn't enough

Ron Jeffries

I think it's about transformation and 'Agile Leadership Training'. A short little thing that I tweeted recently. Dark-Scrum success

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Scrum 3.0: Servant Leadership And Scrum Mastering


Scrum Mastering is a servant-leadership role. While traditional leadership generally involves the accumulation and exercise of power by one at the ‘top of the pyramid,’ servant leadership is different. The 3 Servant Leadership Roles of a ScrumMaster.


Team Leadership in the Age of Agile

Speaker: Roy Osherove, Technology and Leadership Consultant

Roy Osherove, the author of Elastic Leadership, is going to provide some answers that come from his experience seeing this across many different organizations. And the answers focus on leadership. Which leadership styles are most effective for each mode.

Leadership styles for directing small teams

Lead on Purpose

Leadership differs depending on the size of the group you’re leading. Regardless of whether the people you … Continue reading → Leadership Product Management organization people principles strategy

Leadership reading list

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Leadership is its own craft, not simply an extension of other crafts. Leadership reading list was originally published in Range on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Scrum Handbook: Servant Leadership And Scrum Mastering


Scrum Mastering is a servant-leadership role. While traditional leadership generally involves the accumulation and exercise of power by one at the ‘top of the pyramid,’ servant leadership is different. The 3 Servant Leadership Roles of a ScrumMaster.

Following Leadership’s Qs

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Before starting as CFO, I repeatedly scanned through my leadership qualities, considering how I would present myself to my new colleagues. After serving in a variety of leadership roles over the last two decades, I still have a lot to learn. What makes a good leader?

Connecting Leadership and Storytelling

Steve Farber

They were a thousand miles away, but the magic of modern technology allowed us to see each other and have a lively discussion about the connection between two of my favorite topics – leadership and storytelling. But you don’t have to be a leadership speaker to use stories.

Leadership Unchained Interview with Sara Canaday

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The world has changed – has your leadership changed with it? Join me for an interview with Sara Canaday where we discuss conventional leadership wisdom that hurts you – and what to do instead. We dive into her latest book, Leadership Unchained, where […].

The Best Leadership Culture

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The post The Best Leadership Culture appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. Is there a best leadership culture? Podcast Culture leadership management podcastYou hear so much about the power of culture – so what is culture exactly?

Best Practices in Leadership and Productivity: A Frontline Festival

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This month, our contributors share their best practices in leadership and productivity. The post Best Practices in Leadership and Productivity: A Frontline Festival appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. Frontline Festival Winning Well best practices in leadership Productivity

Leadership & History

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Earlier this week we launched a new project: The History of Leadership. Since history has been recorded, so have great lessons in leadership. The ultimate test of leadership has always been, and will always be, whether or not it can endure the test of time.

The Leadership Dance

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Not everyone will respond to your leadership. Leadership is a human endeavor and humans have choices. The same is true in leadership. By Brian Layer , Chair, Organizational Development, N2growth. No matter how good you are, there will be skeptics.

Bridging the leadership gap in innovation

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For example, according … Continue reading → Innovation Leadership Learning mission visionGuest post by Jesse Nieminen We’re living in an age where many industries are facing big changes. To thrive, or even survive, most companies need to find ways to innovate. Yet, most companies fail to do that.