Branching Patterns: Continuous Integration

Martin Fowler

Continuous Integration: Developers do mainline integration as soon as they have a healthy commit they can share, usually less than a day's work.

Modernizing Continuous Integration

In the duality of continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD), CI focuses on build automation. The post Modernizing Continuous Integration appeared first on


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What Is Continuous Integration?


The post What Is Continuous Integration? DevOps FlexDeploy Integration Continuous Delivery Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration and Deployment for Salesforce


Salesforce continues to be at the core of business operations for companies large and small around the world. The post Continuous Integration and Deployment for Salesforce appeared first on Flexagon.

Branching Patterns: Comparing Feature Branching and Continuous Integration

Martin Fowler

Feature Branching appears to be the most common branching strategy in the industry at the moment, but there is a vocal group of practitioners who argue that Continuous Integration is usually a superior approach.

AoAD2 Practice: Continuous Integration

James Shore

Continuous Integration. Continuous integration is a better approach. Teams using continuous integration keep everyone’s code working together and ready to release. Continuous integration is also essential for collective code ownership and refactoring.

Continuous Integration And Delivery

Dzone - DevOps

devops continuous delivery git continuous integration jenkins salesforce continuous deployment bitbucket sonarqube sourcetreeCI/CD are the two cornerstones of any DevOps operation designed to yield fast and robust software.

Continuous integration for Angular applications


Automating Angular tests with continuous integration. Automated testing is the foundation of your continuous integration practice. This tutorial covers: Setting up a sample Angular application. Creating and running tests for your Angular application.

Running KIND Inside A Kubernetes Cluster For Continuous Integration

Jie Yu & Steven Chung

Continuous integration with GitOps


On one hand, you must quickly adapt to evolving requirements, while on the other, your applications need to operate continuously without downtime. Among other initiatives, continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) are intgegral to any DevOps practice.

Continuous Integration Tools to Look forward in 2022


The post Continuous Integration Tools to Look forward in 2022 appeared first on OpenXcell. DevOps

FlexDeploy Loves OIC: Continuous Integration


FlexDeploy Loves OIC: Series Overview FlexDeploy Loves OIC: Manage integrations with connections FlexDeploy Loves OIC: Manage connection property replacement FlexDeploy Loves OIC: Continuous Integration FlexDeploy Loves OIC: Automated testing FlexDeploy Loves OIC: Continuous Delivery with. The post FlexDeploy Loves OIC: Continuous Integration appeared first on Flexagon.

How Continuous Integration Plays a Crucial Role In Business Agility

Dzone - DevOps

Well, to show practical aspects and explain why continuous integration plays such an important role. agile devops continuous integration agile approach agile and devops business agility ci advancementThere Was a Lot of Hype About Business Agility.

Top 5 Continuous Integration Tools for DevOps

Kovair - DevOps

Continuous Integration is a main part of DevOps. Continuous Integration DevOpsA DevOps has already turned out to be one of the most meaningful and useful techniques for.

Continuous Integration vs. Continuous Delivery

Dzone - DevOps

Continuous integration or continuous delivery? Both continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) embody the culture and principles of development in a fast-paced marketplace, speeding up and automating the software delivery lifecycle. devops continuous delivery continuous integration comparison time to marketOr both? It’s a question many IT teams are asking themselves.

Continuous integration for Go applications


Go , an open-source programming language backed by Google, makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software. Go’s efficiency with network servers and its friendly syntax make it a useful alternative to Node.js.

The Role of Continuous Integration in Agile


Today, let’s cover what role continuous integration has in Agile. We’ll dip our toe into continuous delivery, continuous deployment, and even DevOps, without drowning in the deep end of technicality. What is continuous.

Continuous integration for.NET applications


High performing.NET teams can accelerate their development cycles and ship code more consistently and reliably by adopting DevOps principles and a mature, dedicated continuous integration platform. Configuring a continuous integration pipeline for.NET with orbs.

Exploring continuous integration in DevOps inside out


The main goal of continuous integration is to reduce the risk of integration challenges that often daunts the developers at the end of a sprint or a project. Owing to these benefits, continuous integration is gaining significant momentum in the software development market.

Continuous Integration From The Trenches #1 — Hadi Hariri and Ktor

Dzone - DevOps

Hadi Hariri, among many other things, is responsible for Ktor's product management @ JetBrains and in this opening episode of the Continuous Integration From The Trench series, we're chatting about how the Ktor project is being developed and built.

Introduction to Feature Flags in Continuous Integration

Dzone - DevOps

Continuous integration (CI) and feature flags look like a match made in heaven. Integrating code regularly, combined with the ability to isolate new features and turn them on and off at will, means you can move fast and still manage risk.

Benefits of Continuous Integration for Businesses and IT Teams


As such, development teams adopt continuous integration (CI) to speed up and. The post Benefits of Continuous Integration for Businesses and IT Teams appeared first on Flexagon. Featured Test Automation Continuous Delivery Continuous Integration testingSoftware is a key competitive differentiator for companies across industries. The faster companies can get new enhancements and functionality to market, the wider their competitive edge.

Continuous integration for LoopBack APIs


Continuous integration (CI) is one of the best practices that high-performing development teams have adopted. CI is the repeatable process of integrating changes from multiple contributors to create a single software project. This tutorial covers: Getting started with LoopBack.

Continuous integration for Symfony applications with Behat


In this tutorial, we will set up a continuous integration pipeline for a Symfony application with a functional test powered by Behat. Behat is an open-source testing framework that supports Behavior-Driven Development.

Benefits of Continuous Integration for Businesses and IT Teams

Dzone - DevOps

As such, development teams adopt continuous integration (CI) to speed up and automate the software delivery lifecycle. CI, a DevOps process that is integral to continuous delivery (CD), has code committed into source control and builds automatically performed “continuously.” Continuously integrating code improves processes in a way that benefits both IT teams and their business counterparts.

3 test design principles to get you to continuous integration

TechBeacon Testing

App Dev & Testing, Testing, Test Design, Special Coverage: STAREAST, Continuous Delivery (CD), Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous TestingIf your test case is causing more harm than good, is it truly useful?

FlexDeploy for Continuous: Continuous Integration and Issue Tracking


Recently I started a blog series regarding FlexDeploy’s support for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, specifically for SOA/MDS, OSB, WebLogic Resource Management, and Oracle Integration Cloud. The post FlexDeploy for Continuous: Continuous Integration and Issue Tracking appeared first on Flexagon. DevOps Featured FlexDeploy Integration SOA SOA Suite Continuous Integration Fusion Middleware

Deploying web applications on Kubernetes with continuous integration


This tutorial covers: Creating a continous integration pipeline using CircleCI orbs. application on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) with continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD). application to your GitHub and continue with the rest of the process.

Continuous Integration vs Continuous Delivery: Which is Right for Your Business?


Continuous integration or continuous delivery? Both continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) embody the culture and. The post Continuous Integration vs Continuous Delivery: Which is Right for Your Business? DevOps Featured Continuous Delivery Continuous IntegrationOr both? It’s a question many IT teams are asking themselves.

Secure Continuous Integration Part 1: OWASP ZAP Tutorial

Gorilla Logic

Well, you can start in your design or planning session, but my recommendation is to start in the continuous integration process. According to the OWASP Latam Tour 2018 presentation called “ Reduzca la fricción del escaneo de vulnerabilidades en integración continua ,” you can enhance the security of your continuous integration process by executing the following steps: Figure 1. A high-level diagram of secure continuous integration process.

Continuous integration for Svelte applications


In this tutorial, we will create an automated continuous integration (CI) pipeline that automates the process of running tests written for Svelte apps. Let’s continuously integrate more tests by creating another test suite AppTest.js

Achieving Continuous Integration and Delivery through Jenkins


As mentioned, one of the notable aspects of Jenkins is the fact that it enables continuous integration and continuous delivery. Integrating this plugin with Jenkins simplifies and automates CI/CD processes.

Intelligent quality engineering (QE) in continuous integration and delivery


With digital adoption being on an accelerated path than ever before, faster launch to the market and continuous delivery have become a prerequisite for competitive differentiation. Intelligent prioritization for continuous integration and continuous delivery with QE.

Continuous integration of Deno APIs


Unforeseen downtime due to human error is common for any manual integration processes your team uses to manage codebases. This kind of unexpected interruption can be one of the key drivers for a team to take on the challenge of automating their integration process.

Continuous integration for Rust applications


With no runtime or garbage collector, it easily runs in any environment and can be integrated into any existing language or framework. Many web developers would rather write Rust than have to learn/write C++ or C for WebAssembly integrations. Introduction.

Continuous integration for Android projects


We will also add a condition to continue on to the release build only if new work has been commited to the “main” branch, and only following successful emulator tests on every Android version from 23 to 30.

Continuous integration for a Bazel Android project


In this tutorial, you will learn how to build a Bazel Android project and set it up for continuous integration with CircleCI. Another nice feature of Bazel is the sha256 argument for verifying the integrity of downloaded files.

Continuous integration for CodeIgniter APIs


Continuous integration (CI) aims to solve these problems. Using CI, you can trigger integration by simply pushing the relevant code for the new feature to the main branch of the repository. If you are unclear on any concept, you can review the linked material before continuing.

Webhooks Part I: Continuous Integration with Source Control


The post Webhooks Part I: Continuous Integration with Source Control appeared first on Flexagon. Automation DevOps FlexDeploy Integration Git WebhooksDoes your current development process involve constantly going back and forth updating statuses between applications?

Benefits of scheduling continuous integration pipelines


Scheduling is an integral part of software development practices. Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) is another important tool that allows developers to automate recurring processes like building, testing, deploying, and releasing software.