Secure Continuous Integration Part 1: OWASP ZAP Tutorial

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Well, you can start in your design or planning session, but my recommendation is to start in the continuous integration process. A high-level diagram of secure continuous integration process. Are you executing automated tests as part of the continuous integration process?

FlexDeploy Loves APEX : Continuous Integration for APEX


FlexDeploy is a DevOps platform for Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Release Automation which supports Oracle APEX out of the box. The post FlexDeploy Loves APEX : Continuous Integration for APEX appeared first on Flexagon.

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Our DevOps Methodologies: Continuous Integration


Continuous integration (CI) is an approach that allows teams to automate the process of software development by utilizing specific methodologies, tools, and applications that help developers to make changes to their code more quickly and more easily.

Secure Continuous Integration Part 2: A ZAP and Docker Tutorial

Gorilla Logic

In the first blog post in this series, we covered how to set up our Selenium tests with OWASP ZAP within our local environment as a way of including security vulnerability assessment in our continuous integration process.

How KeyBank achieved continuous integration and delivery


DevOps, DevOps Transformation, Special Coverage: DevOps Enterprise Summit London 2019, Continuous Delivery (CD), Continuous Integration (CI), DevOps CultureDevOps has brought fundamental, positive changes to how we deliver software at KeyBank.

Shift-Left Testing, Continuous Integration and the Mainframe

The post Shift-Left Testing, Continuous Integration and the Mainframe appeared first on DevOps at IBM continuous integration ibm mainframes shift left shift-left testing Z Open Unit Test z/OS“Mainframe” is one of the oldest terms in tech.

Continuous integration for Django projects


This article focuses on setting up a continuous integration pipeline for a Django project, but the information here can be extended to other Python projects, too. From now on I will take us step by step through setting up our continuous integration pipeline.

Continuous Integration Testing Using Selenium

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Continuous Integration testing is very important for developing good quality software Read this article to know about using Selenium for this software testing

Continuous integration for Salesforce applications


Now, you can create an automated development pipeline with the help of our integration with Salesforce, the Salesforce SFDX CLI orb. We have not yet added our config file with our integration nor set up our environment variables. Great news Salesforce application developers! ??

FlexDeploy for Continuous: Continuous Integration and Issue Tracking


Recently I started a blog series regarding FlexDeploy’s support for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, specifically for SOA/MDS, OSB, WebLogic Resource Management, and Oracle Integration Cloud.

Continuous Integration vs Continuous Delivery: Which is Right for Your Business?


Continuous integration or continuous delivery? Both continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) embody the culture and. The post Continuous Integration vs Continuous Delivery: Which is Right for Your Business?

Benefits of Continuous Integration for Businesses and IT Teams


As such, development teams adopt continuous integration (CI) to speed up and. The post Benefits of Continuous Integration for Businesses and IT Teams appeared first on Flexagon. Featured Test Automation Continuous Delivery Continuous Integration testingSoftware is a key competitive differentiator for companies across industries. The faster companies can get new enhancements and functionality to market, the wider their competitive edge.

5 Best Practices for Implementing Continuous Integration


Continuous integration, or CI, is the practice of integrating code from multiple developers into a central location frequently, ideally several times per day or any time a developer commits a change. DevOps Featured Integration Test Automation

Why continuous integration is key to increasing deployment frequency


As we share in our recent report, The Data-Driven Case for CI: What 30 Million Workflows Reveal About DevOps in Practice , deployment frequency, along with other key metrics like lead time and change fail percentage, can be improved with continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD).

The New Stack Context: Optimize Your Continuous Integration and Delivery

The New Stack

This week, on The New Stack Context podcast we discuss ways of improving continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) systems, with TNS London correspondent Jennifer Riggins. Continuous delivery , continuous verification or testing , continuous security.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery on AWS

Mike Roberts

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) are techniques that I’ve had a passion about for a long time. we help people create a Continuous Deployment pipeline before they start getting into the nitty-gritty of Serverless Architecture.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery on AWS

Mike Roberts

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) are techniques that I’ve had a passion about for a long time. we help people create a Continuous Deployment pipeline before they start getting into the nitty-gritty of Serverless Architecture.

How to Implement Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery with Legacy Oracle EBS Systems


The future of software development is continuous. But how do you implement methodologies like continuous integration and continuous delivery with legacy systems? Featured Oracle EBS Uncategorized Continuous Delivery Continuous Integration E-Business Suite

iOS Continuous Integration with Xcode Server Explained


Continuous integration using nothing but Apple tools used to be tedious and time-consuming. This changed with the launch of Xcode 9.0 last September. In this article, Toptal iOS Developer Nemanja Stosic explains how you can harness the potential of new Xcode features to streamline iOS development

Continuous integration with the Google Cloud Run orb


In both cases, I’ll demonstrate how to integrate Google Cloud Run deployments into your CI/CD pipelines using the Google Cloud Run orb. This post will demonstrate how to use the Google Cloud Run platform in a CI/CD pipeline.

How Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery will Help You Get Your Organization Ready to Deliver Great Software

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In this article we discuss how Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery can help you get your organization ready to deliver great software

Why You Need Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

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Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment are already ruling the software industry. Why Do You Need Continuous Integration? devops continuous deployment continuous integratinonSince the objective of every software organization is to bring their product and features to the market as soon as possible, it’s very important to automate most of the tasks to enable the frictionless delivery.

Comparison of Most Popular Continuous Integration Tools: Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo, Travis CI and more


Today’s practice of continuous integration (CI) rolls out program updates even faster, within days or hours. In our dedicated article, we explain in detail the benefits of continuous integration , how to approach its adoption, and what challenges to expect along the way.

Our DevOps Methodologies: The Continuous Integration Interview


There is a wealth of information out there on how to implement continuous integration (CI) as a process. What exactly is continuous integration? By integrating regularly, you can detect and locate errors quickly and easily. Mikhail ?ndrushkevich. ndrushkevich.

Java in the Cloud: Continuous Integration Setup Tutorial


Today, Java developers have at their disposal a whole set of tools, such as Spring Boot, Docker, Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Continuous Delivery, to take development and delivery to a whole new universe. In this article, Toptal Freelance Software Engineer Matko Šuflaj presents all these technologies and guides us through a step-by-step tutorial on how to build a small microservice and prepare it for continuous integration in the cloud

GitHub Expands into Continuous Integration and Deployment

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Actions are stored in repositories and are referable, meaning you can edit, reuse, share, and fork them like code, and are, of course, integrated with other GitHub features, such as GitHub Package Registry, which users will gain access to alongside GitHub Actions.

How to Implement an Effective CI/CD Pipeline

Continuous integration/continuous delivery/continuous deployment (CI/CD/CD) help developers and testers ship the software faster and safer in a structured environment. DevOps bridges the gap between development, operations and IT services teams efficiently.

You’re Not Failing Fast Enough: Tips & Tricks for an Agile Build System

Agile Alliance

Technology automated build continuous integrationIn this session, Sarah Goff-Dupont discusses ways to shorten the feedback cycle related to system builds. She describes these techniques via examples.

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Best Practices for DevOps in the Cloud

Developers often struggle with continuous integration (CI) […]. Blogs Continuous Delivery Continuous Testing DevOps in the Cloud DevOps Practice Enterprise DevOps continuous delivery continuous integration DevOps practices functional testing software development source code

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Automated Multiplatform Deployment for DevOps

Blogs DevOps at IBM continuous delivery continuous integration IBM Z multi-tier applications multiplatform multiplatform deployment urbancode z/OSIn a simpler world, every CI/CD pipeline would need to support only one deployment platform.

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GitLab Updates Advance Its CI/CD Platform

GitLab has expanded the capabilities of its continuous integration/continuous development (CI/CD) platform to include tighter integration with collaboration platforms from Slack and Mattermost along with the ability to support Docker containers running on Windows.

CloudBees Allies with Atos to Accelerate DevOps Adoption

In a move that should accelerate adoption of best DevOps practices in the enterprise, CloudBees and Atos announced this week that the two are collaborating to advance adoption of continuous integration/continuous development (CI/CD) platforms on the Google public cloud.

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Measuring Success in DevOps: Top Four DevOps KPIs

Many companies have integrated DevOps to improve and accelerate software development and help drive their digital transformation, and that number continues to grow exponentially. There is no news in DevOps concept.

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Predictions 2020: How to Make the Case for Adopting CI/CD in Your Organization

The practice of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) is fundamental to modern software development. Blogs DevOps Culture DevOps Practice Enterprise DevOps CI/CD continuous delivery continuous integration Predict 2020 Predict 2020 Virtual Summit

Why Is QA so Important in Executing a DevOps Implementation Strategy?

Blogs DevOps Culture DevOps Practice Enterprise DevOps agile automation continuous delivery continuous integration devops QAIn a rapidly growing global digital landscape, enterprises are facing many challenges.

Weighing the Cost of Improper DevSecOps

And, the costs associated with such attacks continue to escalate. Blogs DevOps Practice DevSecOps Enterprise DevOps CD ci continuous deployment continuous integration devsecops Istio kubernetesSimply put, data breaches are terrible news for companies.

Continuous integration's impact on lead time


Thanks to the information we’ve gathered from 30 million CircleCI workflows, we can say with confidence that the data supports these metrics as benchmarks for success – and that continuous integration (CI) , which lets teams automate the time-consuming manual steps involved in software delivery, makes the difference. days that we noticed likely shows a lot of testing, like regression suites, integration suites, and perhaps cross-compiling for multiple platforms.

The Linux Foundation Launches Continuous Delivery Foundation

The Linux Foundation announced it will provide the home base for a vendor-neutral Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) committed to making it easier to build and reuse DevOps pipelines across multiple continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) platforms.

Top 12 DevOps Tools for Your DevOps Implementation Plan

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devops devops adoption devops tools devops digital transformation devops 2020 devops continuous integrationTop 12 DevOps tools.

Achieving Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery CI CD using AWS

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To develop test and release software in a quick and consistent way developers and organisations have created three related but distinct strategies to manage and automate these processes These strategies are referred to as CI CD Read on to know more about achieving Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery using AWS