Programming: Math or Writing?

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Is programming like math, or is it like writing? I think there are elements of both in it, even though programming is a discipline of its own. Maybe it will even lead to a better understanding of what programming is. A program is an instruction on how to solve a problem.

Exercises in Programming Style

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In the book club at work , we recently finished reading Exercises in Programming Style by Cristina Videira Lopes. The book consists of a simple program implemented in 33 different programming styles. Each style is defined by what constraints it imposes on the program.

Mob Programming

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Mob Programming is a software development approach where the whole team works on the same thing, at the same time, in the same space, and at the same computer

Programming for Grade 8

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For the past two months, I have been helping my son’s grade 8 class to learn to program. All students wrote Python programs and got a feel for what programming is. This year, all schools in Sweden are required to start teaching programming.

How Agile Approaches Change Project, Program, and Product Measures

Speaker: Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant, Rothman Consulting Group

Programming Languages for Students

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You do not have to enroll for a Computer Science degree to start doing some programming or coding. As a student, you can learn some programming languages that can help you achieve your dreams while still in school. If children can learn to program , why not you? Programming

5 Best Programming Languages for Kids

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The fact they are able to easily operate the gadgets, run programs on it easily shows that they are intrigued by it. We all at a point have come across children who not only enjoy the games or other softwares but have shown interest in asking questions on how the softwares are programmed.

Python CGI Programming

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Python Programming language is broadly used by developers to create standalone, desktop, enterprise and web applications these days. Here in this article, I’m going to cover trending CGI programming in python. Python CGI Programming. Writing CGI Program.

Agile Alliance Announces AGILE2019 Program

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April 23, 2019 — Today Agile Alliance is pleased to announce the program for AGILE2019, the largest annual international gathering of Agilists. Global Agile Conference in Washington, D.C. is the Industry’s Premier Event PORTLAND, Ore.,

Remote Pair Programming: A Guide for Distributed Teams

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Learn how to implement remote pair programming so that you can realize the benefits of pairing and address some challenges of distributed development. Technology pair programming subscriber

More Good Programming Quotes, Part 2

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A good programming quote captures an insight about programming, often in a funny way. Programming. “What programming continuously teaches me is that asking the right questions is infinitely more important than writing the code.” Programming quotes

Functional Programming in Swift


When and why functional programming(FP)? Swift combines several programming paradigms like object-oriented, protocol-oriented and functional programming. Functional programming methods greatly suit the model layer and wherever the business logic of your application appears.

7 Critical Tips to Learn Programming Faster

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Programming is a skill that more and more people have been learning over the past few years. In addition to the hundreds of thousands of Americans who work as computer programmers in the USA, there are thousands and thousands more who program for fun or in their spare time. Programmin

Use Mob Programming to maximize your learning


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Difference between Top-down and Bottom-up Approach in Programming

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Today we are going to have a comparative study of the two approaches being used in field of structured and object oriented programming. The top-down way of solving a program is step-by-step process of breaking down the problem into chunks for organising and solving the sole problem.

Programming Levels

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The post Programming Levels appeared first on I'm Programmer. Programming Funny Images Programming Jokes Levels of Programming Languages Low-level programming language Programming Levels

5 Principles of Programming that Every Coder Must Know

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Programming forums are awash with horror stories detailing ginormous if-else blocks, massive spaghetti-like algorithms and redundant code that serve no purpose. Below are some of the useful principles of programming that you must keep in mind while writing code. Programming

Tips for Secure Programming and Coding

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With that in mind, this article is going to look at a few tips for secure programming and coding. Whether you have programmed an app or a piece of software, it is important to monitor it going forward after the initial coding is done. Programming

Odd Women In Programming

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The post Odd Women In Programming appeared first on Coding Dojo Blog. All Posts Career Advice Bootcamp coding coding dojo computer computer programming developer impostor syndrome information system minority programming web development women in programmingIn college, I was one of a handful of females in a 100+ class of Information Systems students. In my … Read more >>.

Programming Facts

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Here are some very interesting programming facts about computer field and programming languages. Interesting facts about Programming. The first high-level (very close to real English that we use to communicate) programming language was FORTRAN.

the joy of programming

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When is the end of the world When is the end of the world The post the joy of programming appeared first on I'm Programmer. Programming Funny Images Programming Jokes programming fun Programming Funny Humor

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Programming Humors

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The post Programming Humors appeared first on I'm Programmer. Funny Videos Programming Funny Images Programming Jokes programming funny Programming HumorWhen you found a solution without spending hours on google. link].

When you’re Programming

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The post When you’re Programming appeared first on I'm Programmer. Programming Funny Images Programming Jokes Programming Funny Humor Programming HumorJS Funny Humor 1 of 3 C sharp C sharp I can't find intelligent life anywhere!

Toward the next generation of programming tools

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But programming hasn’t progressed significantly since the 1970s. Let’s start with programming itself. We’re still doing line-oriented programming with an alpha-numeric character set. I see two trends that might help us think about the future of programming.

Tools 114

Sevian Business Performance Assessment Program

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Leap ahead of the competition with the performance improvement program of leading companies. Unlock your organization’s potential. SocialMediaPosts

Use Mob Programming to Maximize your Learning

I decided to introduce Mob Programming to see whether that could help them. The first experience with Mob Programming is usually total chaos and I tried to prepare the team accordingly. Pair Programming works similarly, but then with 4 eyes on the code.

Top 10 Highest Paid Programming Languages in 2019

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If you are here that means you are thinking to learn some of the new programming languages which will help you to get the highest paying job in the market. So, here is the list of a top paying programming languages in the market. 10 Highest Paid Programming Languages in 2019.

Reactive Programming with JavaScript, Ruby and Python


Reactive programming is a concept that is finally gaining some popularity among programmers. Instead of imperative programming, you’re thinking about code as a series of processes that take place on streams. Reactive Programming.

JavaScript Programming Puns

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JavaScript Programming Puns. The post JavaScript Programming Puns appeared first on I'm Programmer. Programming Funny Images Programming Jokes JavaScript Programming Comics Javascript programming humor JavaScript Programming Meme JavaScript Programming Puns

Programming Elements

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Programming Humor. Computer Programming Loops Computer Programming Loops. the joy of programming the joy of programming. My experience with programming so far My experience with programming so far. 1 of 5.

Reactive Programming with Java


Most of the conversations about reactive programming didn’t accurately convey its meaning. In fact, reactive programming is aimed at effective resource use, asynchrony and non-blocking.

How to Automate an API Security Program Without Adding Staff

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Maths is always fun for Programming

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Maths is always fun for Programming. Maths Programming Problem Solution Maths Programming Problem Solution. Maths programming jokes Maths programming jokes. Maths fun for programming completing_the_square. 1 of 5.

Best of 2018: The Beauty of the COBOL Programming Language

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Programming languages

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Top Programming Humor. The post Programming languages appeared first on I'm Programmer. Programming Funny Images Programming Jokes Most Popular programming languages top programming languages1 of 5. This how noobs think This how noobs think.

Python programming

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Programmers are writing an essay, programmers, best programming humor, c programming jokes, java programming jokes, python programming jokes, computer programming jokes - I'm Programmer. The post Python programming appeared first on I'm Programmer.

Exceptional programming

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The post Exceptional programming appeared first on I'm Programmer. Programming Funny Images Programming Jokes Exception handling Exceptional programming Throw Exception java