Chef Achieves Multiple Compliance Mandates

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Journey to GDPR compliance

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Continue reading Journey to GDPR compliance May 25 is an important day for data protection in the EU and elsewhere. Alison Howard explains how Microsoft has prepared for May 25 and beyond.

How to Automate HIPAA Compliance with DevOps

DevOps can help make HIPAA compliance more achievable Automating the provisioning of HIPAA-compliant server infrastructure enables compliant hosting service providers with the ability to provision and deploy infrastructure-as-code with minimal human intervention. The post How to Automate HIPAA Compliance with DevOps appeared first on Blogs Continuous Delivery DevOps Practice automation healthcare HIPAA regulatory compliance

5 Must-Haves for Successful Compliance Training

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Compliance training is critical for the success of an organization. So, what makes compliance training successful? Gone are the days when compliance training was conducted in an in-classroom setting. One of the most important for compliance training is for it to be consistent.

Regulatory Compliance Requirements for Business Situations


Compliance is everybody’s business SMBs must be just as concerned with compliance as enterprises Regulatory compliance is a big focus for big businesses today. Security GDPR hipaa compliance

Does GDPR compliance reduce breach risk?


Compliance can be costly and often feels more like red tape and a barrier to business than anything that provides a benefit. A report by EY and the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) estimates that organizations have spent an average of $3 million to achieve compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation […].

Data Privacy and Compliance at Nonprofit Organizations


I was lucky enough to be in the room at the European Parliament in October 2018 when Apple CEO Tim Cook made an impassioned plea for a federal privacy law in the USA. It was something I thought I would not hear from a Silicon Valley CEO in my lifetime. IT Security Data Management

Auditing Microsoft Security Compliance Toolkit Baselines


and Nessus Professional to audit the security baselines included within the Microsoft Security Compliance Toolkit. Documents with principle statements are usually open to more interpretation, so audits usually require more effort to determine compliance.

RedTalk: Compliance in the Cloud


? Compliance in the Cloud Auditors often ask abstract questions such as, “Are you ensuring that data at rest is encrypted in your cloud platforms?” ” However, what does that mean … Continue reading "RedTalk: Compliance in the Cloud".

Should I Build or Buy Compliance and Integrations in 2019?


Our goal in building the Datica Portfolio of products was to reduce the barriers of compliance in the cloud for makers of digital health products. The TCO of Cloud Compliance. Compliance matters because it establishes the credibility of your product within the industry.

5 Questions Database Admins Should Ask About Compliance Regulations

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So what do today’s DBA’s need to ask themselves to ensure the data they are responsible for is properly managed, secure, and not sensitive to threat vectors in light of evolving compliance requirements? John Pocknell, senior solutions product marketing manager, Quest Software.

Automating Security Compliance with Ansible: DevSecOps made Easy


Facing the Challenge of Compliance. Obtaining compliance represented potentially hundreds of changes that we might have to make to harden our infrastructure. Path to Compliance: Identify, Repair, Test. We are currently building a product for clients at the Department of Defense.

Heralding a new era in GDPR compliance with Accenture and Cloudera


Traditionally, while companies have relied on time-consuming manual processes to achieve compliance, Accenture and Cloudera are harnessing advances in technology to simplify the compliance. Security, Risk, and Compliance analytics compliance GDPR machine learning

FoundationDB: A Reliable Key-Value Store with ACID Compliance

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And of the differences between FoundationDB and the plethora of other databases value stores out there is that it provides ACID compliance, which means it provides all transactional support unlike a lot of other databases,” Motivala said. KubeCon + CloudNativeCon sponsored this podcast.

ForgeRock Launches Sandbox-as-a-Service for Open Banking and PSD2 Compliance

Cloud-based Testing Environment for APIs Enables Banks to Accelerate Compliance with Open Banking and PSD2 Deadlines LONDON – March 18, 2019 – ForgeRock®, the leading platform provider of digital identity management solutions, today announced the availability of a new Sandbox-as-a-Service, designed to help banks achieve compliance with Open Banking and the Revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2). […].

4 stops on the road to PCI compliance for AWS


Ultimately, the responsibility for PCI compliance rests on you, not AWS. . With mounting pressure from regulatory, external, and internal audits, how can you achieve both compliance and security when implementing security controls?

What We Need: Compassionate Compliance


Compliance stems from our need to ensure certainty, reduce variability and adhere to a certain structure or model. Compliance may be explicit (e.g. Compliance is good because it helps us stay creative, allows us to be a part of community and gives us a direction.

Cloud Compliance Management: A Data-Driven Approach to Managing Risks in the Cloud


The downside of making benchmarking configurations the cornerstone of your cloud compliance model is that its relatively easy to get lost in the trees of security policy and lose sight of the forest, your overall risk profile and compliance against established industry standards.

The Datica book, "Complete Cloud Compliance", is now available!


I’m thrilled to share the final version of our book, Complete Cloud Compliance with you all. The biggest challenge for healthcare workloads on the cloud comes down to confusion between engineers and compliance officers.

Risk and Compliance Management: Modernizing the Cloud to Address the Realities of Security and Compliance

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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Augmented Reality, IoT, 5G – some of the current buzzwords and trends in the industry. It’s “what all the cool kids” are talking about. Every time I meet with partners around the world, these are the topics they want to talk about.

DFARS 7012 Compliance


At Coalfire, we field a lot of questions from government contractors about compliance with National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) Special Publication (SP) 800-171. We also address requests for help with “DFARS 7012,” which is a commonly used shorthand for Defense Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) 252.204-7012. The information below should help to clarify some common questions around the purpose of each and links between them

Exploring Digital Health? Here’s What FDA Compliance Means to You


Whatever the business perspective, properly aligning solution development with related industry regulations is no joke — the FDA has every right to shut down a business’s operations at any hint of non-compliance. A Pre-certified Firm isn’t an Excuse to Slack Off on Compliance.

The ABCs of Cloud Governance: Compliance Automation

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Here are the important requirements for the last pillar: compliance automation. For compliance to be effective, it’s critical to have a consistent set of policies that govern usage. For example, a lot of our federal customers need to maintain compliance with FedRAMP.

“Comply, you must comply!” – How Nordea Bank deals with regulatory compliance


Regulatory compliance, like death and taxes, is something that is mandatory and the cost of doing business in the financial services industry. How banks deal with regulatory compliance is actually changing for the better. The post “Comply, you must comply!” – How Nordea Bank deals with regulatory compliance appeared first on Cloudera Blog.

Addressing HIPAA Compliance in the Healthcare Cloud


The HIPAA Omnibus Rule is the biggest hurdle organizations have to overcome before using the cloud; it states that data storage companies are considered business associates, which essentially makes them responsible for following HIPAA compliance and places the liability on them in the case of a data breach. By staying ahead of possible concerns and maintaining HIPAA compliance, healthcare organizations can improve their efficiency and still protect their patients’ private records.

Optimizing your PCI Compliance Investments


Given the fact that the chance of a data breach for all merchants is nearly 1-in-4, it’s important to not only have PCI compliance in place, but also the right solutions to optimize your compliance spend Everybody knows that the cost of a breach is high.

Employee Motivation: Compliance or Commitment?

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You have to ask yourself, “Do I want compliance or commitment?&#. I would say that if you want one-time action and results in a situation where you do not have to continue working or living with the other person, then compliance is fine.

Six Ways To Improve In-House Cybersecurity Compliance


Keeping both customer information and internal information safe is a major concern for every company. Not only does hacked information potentially put clients and employees at risk, but it also makes the company and its security seem untrustworthy — fallout from which can severely impact an organization’s future. Despite the serious nature of maintaining cybersecurity measures, […]. Cyber Security News

Deploying and Troubleshooting Compliance Baselines


Most of these compliance programs require a hardened baseline to be implemented within your information systems to reduce the risk and impact of an adverse security event. If you are in the IT space, you’ve most likely encountered or are bound by some form of regulation/framework such as PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, and/or CGIS.

Staying Complaint as Compliance Moves Out of the Office

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Thanks at least in part to the banking scandals over the past few years, Reuters has recently reported that bank compliance teams are increasingly scrutinizing outside the office activities like social outings to bars and the like. By Patricia Lenkov , Chair, Executive Search, N2growth.

Compliance versus Dialogue: Which Approach is Best?

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Compliance or Dialogue? The two main styles a manager has in getting people to do work are Compliance Driven and Dialogue Driven. Compliance drivers have an authoritarian view of the manager/employee relationship. While a compliance driver might say “Do this!” Working together without feeling like they are in a straightjacket of compliance, being told every detail by people who do not have the front line knowledge of what is going on.

Apple Pay and PCI Compliance


A year ago, many retail cybersecurity discussions began and ended with PCI compliance.

CIOs And The Compliance Problems That Big Data Causes

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Too much data can cause serious compliance problems Image Credit. What kind of rules does your company operate under? Are there certain things that your employees (sales in particular) are not permitted to tell your customers? How can you determine if they are following the rules?

2018 Growth for Cloud Conformity: 450 rules, 50+ services, 5+ Compliance Standards, and new…

Cloud Conformity

2018 Growth for Cloud Conformity: 450 rules, 50+ services, 5+ Compliance Standards, and new products [Infographic] AWS Best Practices in Cloud Conformity As 2018 comes to a close, the Cloud Conformity team has continued to bolster and add to our cloud infrastructure governance tools.

Quandary: We must support strong compliance if we are to enhance security, but compliance absolutely does not mean security


We have written quite a bit about the critical importance of compliance in the corporate and government domain. One area we love exploring is the seemingly contradictory observations that we need compliance mechanisms to enhance security, but that never, ever, has compliance with rules alone meant that you are secure. At CTOvision we will continue to write about rules, standards, best practices and compliance.

PCI Compliance: Early-TLS and Cloud Service Providers


Organizations tracking their PCI compliance are likely aware of the impending June 30, 2018 deadline to disable SSLv3 and early-TLS. This blog post examines the special case of Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and how their customers should proceed to achieve compliance

DevOps, Automation, Security and Compliance


Phew, the title of this post alone sounds like it could be quite a lot to deal with! So what is DevOps? DevOps is simply the blending of infrastructure operations processes and software development to enable faster changes to business applications/technology. These processes share a lot of ideology with the Agile & Lean camps but are more fundamentally trying to bridge the traditional divide between the development world and the IT operations/Service management teams

What It Really Takes to Build Compliant Apps

If you search online for “software compliance,” you’ll be met with a seemingly endless lineup of blog posts, how-tos and explainer articles promising to tell you everything you need to know about writing and deploying software in a compliance-friendly manner.

All Companies Who Interact With European Citizens Must Check Architecture For Compliance With New Data Rules


The European Union's (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years. This is not just important for firms that operate in Europe, but any firm that interacts with European citizens. Any company that holds data on EU citizens must comply. The new rules were approved […]. Big Data CTO Cyber Security Government News

Red Owl Analytics: Enabling information security and compliance teams to proactively tackle insider risk


Red Owl Analytics is a highly regarded provider of a software solution that enables security and compliance teams to proactively tackle their most pressing problem-- insider risk. This post is part of our series providing background and context on sponsors of Cognitio's 30 April Synergy Forum.