Chef Achieves Multiple Compliance Mandates

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Journey to GDPR compliance

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Continue reading Journey to GDPR compliance May 25 is an important day for data protection in the EU and elsewhere. Alison Howard explains how Microsoft has prepared for May 25 and beyond.

Effective Compliance Requires a Security-First Approach


In the cloud, compliance and security are highly reliant upon one another, and they share a common goal: responsibility for keeping an organization’s data, users, resources, and intellectual property safe and usable. Blog cloud security compliance compliance

How to Automate HIPAA Compliance with DevOps

DevOps can help make HIPAA compliance more achievable Automating the provisioning of HIPAA-compliant server infrastructure enables compliant hosting service providers with the ability to provision and deploy infrastructure-as-code with minimal human intervention. The post How to Automate HIPAA Compliance with DevOps appeared first on Blogs Continuous Delivery DevOps Practice automation healthcare HIPAA regulatory compliance

How Are You Tackling Cloud Compliance?

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How to Ensure Compliance Speed Bumps Don’t Slow Your Public Cloud Adoption. Daily, I speak to organizations that have moved production workloads over to cloud IaaS providers but haven’t yet addressed how they will manage, measure and report on regulatory compliance controls. Amid all the concerns over whether public clouds are secure, some organizations missed a critical question: Can we demonstrate compliance without overworking our teams in the process?

Regulatory Compliance Requirements for Business Situations


Compliance is everybody’s business SMBs must be just as concerned with compliance as enterprises Regulatory compliance is a big focus for big businesses today. Security GDPR hipaa compliance

Security vs Compliance | Hacking In To Cybersecurity

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Our previous posts in this series have focused on informing you, the reader, on how to land a job in the cybersecurity career field , but we’re going to switch gears in this episode and talk about something that every security professional needs to understand: Does Compliance equal Security? Compliance Defined. Let’s start off by defining compliance. Compliance is the act of being in accordance with established guidelines or specifications.

The Basics of Configuration Compliance


The post The Basics of Configuration Compliance appeared first on Lacework. Blog compliance configurationThe public cloud has enabled customers to move fast and adapt to changing needs by allowing them to quickly spin up infrastructure programmatically or with just a few clicks.

PCI Compliance in the Public Cloud


Compliance frameworks provide a structure for how enterprises organize and secure their content and resources. They can also be onerous and burdensome which can lead to security and compliance teams falling [.]. The post PCI Compliance in the Public Cloud appeared first on Lacework.

How to protect sensitive data with PCI DSS compliance


PCI DSS compliance can help you protect sensitive data and prevent data breaches. The post How to protect sensitive data with PCI DSS compliance appeared first on Software Integrity Blog. Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) Security Standards and Compliance

Does GDPR compliance reduce breach risk?


Compliance can be costly and often feels more like red tape and a barrier to business than anything that provides a benefit. A report by EY and the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) estimates that organizations have spent an average of $3 million to achieve compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation […].

RedTalk: Compliance in the Cloud


? Compliance in the Cloud Auditors often ask abstract questions such as, “Are you ensuring that data at rest is encrypted in your cloud platforms?” ” However, what does that mean … Continue reading "RedTalk: Compliance in the Cloud".

Locking Down Kubernetes Security, Compliance with Harbor

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So that’s where these needs for security and compliance comes into and why Harbor is important there.”. But there’s not a lot of process and policy around that to ensure that enterprises get the security and compliance that they need for production-type workloads.”.

Data Privacy and Compliance at Nonprofit Organizations


I was lucky enough to be in the room at the European Parliament in October 2018 when Apple CEO Tim Cook made an impassioned plea for a federal privacy law in the USA. It was something I thought I would not hear from a Silicon Valley CEO in my lifetime. IT Security Data Management

How Change Healthcare Reimagined Compliance with Identity Governance


Dwight and his team took on the job of building an identity governance program to overcome their provisioning and compliance deficits with their identity program and meet their security goals. Addressing the Compliance Gap.

Demonstrating Continuous Compliance Across the Hybrid Enterprise


In this two-part blog series, we intend to show you how with FireMon Security Manager and Lumeta you can not only get better visibility into the state of your security policy compliance but audit your security posture to ensure compliance as your environment changes. Change.

Demonstrating Continuous Compliance Across the Hybrid Enterprise


In this two-part blog series, we intend to show you how with FireMon Security Manager and Lumeta you can not only get better visibility into the state of your security policy compliance but audit your security posture to ensure compliance as your environment changes. Change.

How Death, Taxes, and Compliance are Related


After all, failure to demonstrate compliance can be extremely costly. C-suite executives are realizing that compliance is not a part-time job. The bottom line is that compliance is everyone’s job. To learn more see our webinar on where identity meets security and compliance.

Does compliance sit with IT for collaboration platforms?


Think we can all agree collaboration platforms can be great for worker productivity and mobility, but when it comes to issues like compliance, regulations, and litigation with these services, much of the responsibility can still fall on IT.

Auditing Microsoft Security Compliance Toolkit Baselines


and Nessus Professional to audit the security baselines included within the Microsoft Security Compliance Toolkit. Documents with principle statements are usually open to more interpretation, so audits usually require more effort to determine compliance.

Why your development team should care about software compliance


Software compliance isn’t just a concern of security, development, and legal executives. The post Why your development team should care about software compliance appeared first on Software Integrity Blog. Security Standards and Compliance

NIST 800-53 IAM Compliance: Leveraging Vendor FedRAMP ATO


Legacy IAM systems fail to meet these compliance requirements, leaving agencies unable to meet stringent NIST IAM requirements. Thus, federal agencies need to find a cloud-first FedRAMP authorized vendor, like Saviynt, to ease NIST IAM compliance.

GDPR compliance and Office 365 tenant


These 5 staff have mailboxes in the US - do they have to be moved to a new Office 365 UK tenant in order to be in compliance? We have a US office and now we'll have a UK office 5 staff members. Due to the nature of our business, they quite possibly will have PII within body of their messages as well as attachments. Thanks in advance. . cloud IT Services SaaS

How to Design DevSecOps Compliance Processes to Free Up Developer Resources

DevSecOps is able to provide compliance processes far more effectively than before, and without jeopardizing security while also freeing up developer resources. The post How to Design DevSecOps Compliance Processes to Free Up Developer Resources appeared first on Anything that gets rolled out quickly in the technological world is a major step forward—as long as it doesn’t compromise security.

The Compliance Connection: The Role Of Identity Governance


The Challenge: Threats And Compliance. The compliance landscape is an equal challenge, one that some leaders don’t fully understand. But security and compliance are not separate issues. How do you achieve sustainable compliance? That’s what sustainable compliance means.

Heralding a new era in GDPR compliance with Accenture and Cloudera


Traditionally, while companies have relied on time-consuming manual processes to achieve compliance, Accenture and Cloudera are harnessing advances in technology to simplify the compliance. Security, Risk, and Compliance analytics compliance GDPR machine learning

FoundationDB: A Reliable Key-Value Store with ACID Compliance

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And of the differences between FoundationDB and the plethora of other databases value stores out there is that it provides ACID compliance, which means it provides all transactional support unlike a lot of other databases,” Motivala said. KubeCon + CloudNativeCon sponsored this podcast.

4 stops on the road to PCI compliance for AWS


Ultimately, the responsibility for PCI compliance rests on you, not AWS. . With mounting pressure from regulatory, external, and internal audits, how can you achieve both compliance and security when implementing security controls?

ePHI + 100% Cloud + 100% Remote + HIPAA compliance = ???


I’m the owner of a professional services firm in the Healthcare space with about 15 employees. We’re not a healthcare provider. Our clients are major healthcare and pharma companies. Until recently, we’ve never had possession of any ePHI. Now however, our business is changing in such a way that requires us to accept ePHI from our clients and share it with our vendors. This all needs to happen in a HIPAA-compliant way. A bit more about our company. We are 100% cloud based and 100% remote.

Staying Complaint as Compliance Moves Out of the Office

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Thanks at least in part to the banking scandals over the past few years, Reuters has recently reported that bank compliance teams are increasingly scrutinizing outside the office activities like social outings to bars and the like. By Patricia Lenkov , Chair, Executive Search, N2growth.

Automating Security Compliance with Ansible: DevSecOps made Easy


Facing the Challenge of Compliance. Obtaining compliance represented potentially hundreds of changes that we might have to make to harden our infrastructure. Path to Compliance: Identify, Repair, Test. We are currently building a product for clients at the Department of Defense.

5 Questions Database Admins Should Ask About Compliance Regulations

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So what do today’s DBA’s need to ask themselves to ensure the data they are responsible for is properly managed, secure, and not sensitive to threat vectors in light of evolving compliance requirements? John Pocknell, senior solutions product marketing manager, Quest Software.

Leveraging AWS Trusted Advisor for Security and Compliance


The benefits of undergoing mandatory or voluntary cybersecurity compliance assessments are well known throughout the cybersecurity industry. Despite the benefits, compliance assessments can be labor intensive and painful.

Cloud Compliance Management: A Data-Driven Approach to Managing Risks in the Cloud


The downside of making benchmarking configurations the cornerstone of your cloud compliance model is that its relatively easy to get lost in the trees of security policy and lose sight of the forest, your overall risk profile and compliance against established industry standards.

Should I Build or Buy Compliance and Integrations in 2019?


Our goal in building the Datica Portfolio of products was to reduce the barriers of compliance in the cloud for makers of digital health products. The TCO of Cloud Compliance. Compliance matters because it establishes the credibility of your product within the industry.