Why contribute to open source?

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Julia Meinwald outlines effective ways to support the unseen labor maintaining a healthy open source ecosystem. Continue reading Why contribute to open source

Open Source Versioning: The Race to Stay Up-to-Date


Open source libraries, once shunned as risky and not ready for prime time, are now used extensively across major corporations, including insurers. The post Open Source Versioning: The Race to Stay Up-to-Date appeared first on DevOps.com.

Logz.io Unveils Azure Open Source ELK Monitoring Solution


Needless to say, DevOps as a practice is largely fueled by open source. The growth and popularity of open source tools such as Elasticsearch, Kubernetes and others are driven largely by the increased flexibility, innovation and familiarity of options.

Open source the secret sauce in secure, affordable voting tech

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The company, which currently is hosted by another nonprofit Adida declined to name in a conversation after the event that eventually will become its own 501(c)3 , has one goal: to build a secure, affordable, open-source voting machine for use in general, public elections.

New Study: 2018 State of Embedded Analytics Report

BUILD: By relying on open-source components and custom code, build solutions empower developers. data sources in the application. As we outlined in the introduction: • BUILD: By relying on open-source components and custom code, build solutions empower developers.

Chef Commits to 100 Percent Open Source Code


Chef has decided to open source its entire portfolio of IT automation software as part of an effort to make it easier for organizations to construct a DevOps pipeline using the company’s software. The post Chef Commits to 100 Percent Open Source Code appeared first on DevOps.com.

DevOps Chat: Chef Goes All-In on Open Source


Affirming and clarifying its commitment to open source business models, Chef will now and in the future release all of its software as open source. The post DevOps Chat: Chef Goes All-In on Open Source appeared first on DevOps.com.

How Google Is Part of the Cloudification of Open Source

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Picking “best of breed” open source databases to feature as managed services is a response to the on-going antagonism between open source and AWS that has practical and commercial advantages. Open Source Without the Ops.

Compensating Open Source Maintainers, Tidelift’s on a Roll

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Tidelift , the Boston-based startup focused on “making open source software better for everyone,” has expanded rapidly and has added new capabilities for application development teams. Tidelift announced : The subscription database monitors 3 million open source projects.

Open Source Vulnerabilities: Minding Your Blind Spots

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Rami Sass is CEO and co-founder of WhiteSource, the leading open source security and compliance management platform. So Many Open Source Vulnerabilities, So Little Time. This discovery provides us with a new way to address open source vulnerability management.

Why “Build or Buy?” Is the Wrong Question for Analytics

build exactly what they want with the help of open- source code libraries and charting components. of open-source and paid components that will power your. WHY “BUILD OR BUY?” IS THE WRONG QUESTION FOR ANALYTICS Introduction.1 When to Build Your Own Analytics.

How Cloudera Uses Open Source

Cloudera Engineering

Doug Cutting, Chief Architect at Cloudera , shares how the company uses open-source software to help companies use data to improve their business. What does your company use open-source software to accomplish? The post How Cloudera Uses Open Source appeared first on Cloudera Engineering Blog. CDH apache hadoop developers DZone Hive impala Kudu linux open source open source ecosystem open source software Sentry solr spark

Open Source PostgreSQL Offers Boon to Business


For that reason, many are migrating their database management system (DBMS) to open-source PostgreSQL. The Values Embedded in Open-source Programming. Going Open-Source: Why and How to Migrate from Oracle to PostgreSQL.

Open source on CircleCI: SciPy


A large and growing community of open source software (OSS) projects count on CircleCI to keep their projects running. Recently, we reached out to some of the most interesting OSS projects building on CircleCI to ask them about the importance of their project being open source, the importance of CI for their projects, and tips from their configs that other OSS projects can benefit from. Why is it important for this project to be open source?

Profit Sharing Creates Sustainable & Independent Open Source

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More and more, Open Source Software (OSS) is powering the world. Open Source libraries and operating systems run devices that you interact with every day. It’s been 20 years since the term Open Source emerged. The fundamental difference between OSS and proprietary software is the availability of the source code , but at what price? Corporate Source. Maintainers’ independence is incredibly essential for the open source community.

The Central Security Project: Vulnerability Reporting for Open Source Java

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We run the Maven Central Repository, the default location for any Java open source components. David Blevins , Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Tomitribe , said he sees this as a critical step for the Java open source community in securing its components.

Microsoft Windows Gets an Open Source Terminal with Tabs, Rich Text Rendering

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You can open multiple tabs, each connected to a command line shell or app, and you can drag a tab to tear it away as a new window. Windows components that Microsoft has already open sourced have been more self-contained offerings like the Calculator. Tools Feature Open Source

2019: The Cloud’s Impact on Open Source

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By the end of 2018, the discussion and debate over the relationship between open source communities and the large cloud providers reached a new level of urgency, driven by a notable series of announcements and acquisitions. Data Contributed Open SourceKarthik Ramasamy.

Decrease the Costs and Risks of Managing Open Source Languages

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As the adoption of open source languages increases, the challenges of deploying, managing and updating them is exploding. Enterprises need to implement a systematic and automated workflow to decrease the costs and risks of managing open source languages. My team and I have defined four phases to Open Source Language Automation. ActiveState helps enterprises scale securely with open source languages and gives developers the kinds of tools they love to use.

Can an Open Source Foundation Fix Continuous Delivery Pipelines?

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The podcast discussions recorded at the Open Source Leadership Summit also covered hopes, as well as concerns, about what such a foundation might represent. When announcing the CDF during the Open Source Leadership summit, Jim Zemlin , the Linux Foundation’s executive director, describe how “the ability to quickly create code, test it and continuously delivery is something that’s really important to modern developer velocity. “I GitLab sponsored this podcast.

The Case for Data-Driven Open Source Development

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Eiso Kant is the CEO and co-founder of source{d} where he considers himself very privileged to work alongside an incredible team. Every year the number of Open Source companies and developer communities continues to grow. Open Source Metrics That Actually Matter.

When Good Data Team Hiring & Open Source Aren’t Enough


Smart hiring (and retention ) of data scientists combined with the power of open source can get companies started in their machine learning (ML) efforts. data governance Open Source Enterprise Ai

The 2019 Open Source Security and Risk Analysis report is here!


Analysis of over 1,200 codebases reveals trends in open source use, security, and license compliance that affect your development, security, and legal teams. The post The 2019 Open Source Security and Risk Analysis report is here! Featured Open Source Security

What is IBM PASE and how does it relate to open source solutions?


This post offers an understanding of the IBM PASE architecture that facilitates both the execution of open source solutions and the leveraging of the ILE by those solutions. The post What is IBM PASE and how does it relate to open source solutions?

What Open Source Really Means Today

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The state of open source over the course of the past few decades has certainly changed. But the original open source spirit of sharing remains intact — though the extent to which that is the case remains a subject of debate. Twistlock sponsored this post.

WhiteSource: Open Source Security Management for Containers

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Chances are, you’re using an open source library. One recent survey reports that 92 percent of applications use at least one open source library. Point being, open source is ubiquitous.

Open Source Investment: Show Me the Money (and Time)

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Self-interest and guilt are the main reasons companies invest in open source. Without a clear connection to self-interest, an ongoing challenge is justifying investments of time and money to open source projects. The battle for open source acceptance has been won.

Boundless: Commercial open source geospatial software


Boundless’ global customer base uses the OpenGeo Suite, a complete open source geospatial web services stack, to deploy solutions for web mapping, transportation, telecommunications, open government, and a diverse range of other solutions.

Storybook wins an open source award


The post Storybook wins an open source award appeared first on Xebia Blog. Storybook received the “most impactful contribution to the community” award at the React Amsterdam conference ( the biggest react conference in the world, with 1200+ attendees ). Runners up included: ‘bundle-size’, ‘How to GraphQL’ and ‘NativeBase’. Philipp and I received the award on behalf of the maintainers and gave short speeches. I talked about maintaining Storybook together […].

Sorting through open source license risks


Software audits are the best way to uncover open source license risks before you go to production. Our customers are focused primarily on open source license compliance. The post Sorting through open source license risks appeared first on Software Integrity Blog.

Helping the Little Guy: The Power of Open Source Software for Startups


It’s no secret that open source software holds many benefits for businesses looking to reap the rewards of these innovative, collaborative and incidentally free efforts of developers around the world. Other huge players that run on open […].

Best Free and Open-Source Database Software

G2 Crowd Software

Free and open-source database tools are typically more appealing to the everyday small business and app creator, so we’ve outlined some of the best ones, according to user reviews on G2 Crowd. Source. Open source, mature, robust and great developer and community support.

Pinterest open sources Pinball

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Pinterest just open sourced Pinball which seems like an interesting Luigi alternative. There’s two blog posts: Pinball: Building workflow management (from 2014) and Open-sourcing Pinball (from this week). The author has a comment in the comments thread on Hacker News: Luigi was not available in public, when Pinball starts. So not sure the pros and cons between Pinball and Luigi.

Linux Foundation Unveils CommunityBridge, an Open Source Funding Platform

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The Linux Foundation has launched a new platform , called CommunityBridge , designed to help open source projects secure the funding they need for development and maintenance and upkeep. We need everyone to make open source communities sustainable.”

This Week in Programming: Open Source or Merely Ajar?

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When you think of open source software, do you think of fully free software that is able to be used, copied, altered, and reproduced freely, or does your definition have some wiggle room? Can open source be merely ajar?